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Trish's Quest For A Tag Team Part 2: DX
by Peacealien and Kristi

Trish was in a terrible mood after days before getting turned down by Too
Cool, she was furious and humiliated at the same time. After walking past
DX's lockerroom door smirked as the idea of who next to lay her offer down
to. Trish walked down the hallway, wearing a black pair of gym shorts and
a white t-shirt. She turned the corner and walked into the fitness room and
looked around seeing no one else in the room, she sat down on of the fitness
benches and began to tie up her laces on the gym shoes she had just put on.

Then all of a sudden the 3 members of DX Billy Gunn,Road Dogg and X-Pac
walked into the gym and saw Trish by the fitness benches and then X-Pac
asked her what she was doing in the gym.

Trish looked brushing her hair out of her eyes "Ohhhh I'm uhhh, just doing
my weekly workout..."

Then Billy said "Well Trish I heard from the boys of Too Cool that you have
a very special offer for Tag Teams is this true?"

Trish looked and seemed a little pissed off "Whoa whoa, they told you!?"

Billy then said "Of course they told us Were D-X were the king of tag teams
in the WWF why wouldn't they?"

"Because it was personal!...But yeah to answer you question I do have a very
special offer, but it depends if I want to give a team that offer" Trish
smirked teasingly.

"Well Baby The Kings are here so what's your offer" Billy smirked.

Trish began to get a little snotty "Why would I give you the offer, you
three are just, well a bunch of washed up veterans that think you still have

"Oh is that so Trish?" Billy said looking pissed.

Trish smirked and shrugged "Maybe, but I'm not here to cause problems, I'm
here for my benefit."

"Well since you like being a bitch about everything seems like Ol
D-Generation X is gonna have to show you what we are all about Road Dogg,
X-Pac Get HER!"

After That Road Dogg and X-Pac Take Trish's arms and tie them up to the bench
she was on and take off her clothes as Trish is screaming and yelling "What
the hell are doing! Get your hands off of me!"

Trish yelled at Road Dogg and X-Pac As Trish is yelling for Road Dogg and
X-Pac to get off her Billy Gunn takes the initiave and penetrates Trish as
she screams and Road Dogg and X-Pac start laughing.

Trish tried to struggle free "Let me you go you bastards!"

They listen as Billy continued to penetrate Trish in and out and Road Dogg
and X-Pac both start sucking each of her breasts.

"Please let me go! Look if you untie me, I'll play by your rules" Trish said.

All three members of D-X look at each other and Decide to let Trish go as
they start to untie her and Billy pulls himself off her. Trish sits up on the
bench as she slides the rope off of her wrists, causiously looking at the
three members of DX, Billy the only one with his clothes off.

"Well Trish you just gonna sit there and stare or are you gonna do what you
said u was?"

Trish glupped and looked nervously at the three "Well...ummm..what...what do
you want me to do exactly?"

"Well let's see I'm pretty sure you can come up with something Trish" Billy

Trish looked at X-Pac and smiled a little. She stood up and came close up to
X-Pac, she then began to gently kiss X-Pac's neck. As Trish continued to kiss
and suck gently on X-Pac's neck, he placed his hands on her waist, getting
mored turned on by the minute.

Trish looked at X-Pac and smiled a little. She stood up and came close up to
X-Pac, she then began to gently kiss X-Pac's neck. As Trish continued to kiss
and suck gently on X-Pac's neck, he placed his hands on her waist, getting
mored turned on by the minute.

X-Pac then took his hands to her ass and squeezed it as Trish was kissing
X-Pac all over Trish then stops kissing X-Pac and slowly lifts his DX jersery
over his head and off of him. Trish ran her slender hands up X-Pac's muscular
chest and abs. X-Pac then takes Trish's Left breast and starts sucking on it
as Trish Moans and then X-Pac starts moving his hands all over Trish's body.
Trish then softly kissed his lips, sliding her tongue deep down into his

As Trish does this X-Pac lays down on top of Trish has a he slowly penetrates
himself inside of Trish.

Trish lets out a loud moan "Ohhhh!"

X-Pac starts fucking her faster and faster making Trish moan louder and
louder. Trish wraps her legs tightly around X-Pac's waist as she continue to
thrust deeper inside of Trish as well. X-Pac then pulls out of Trish telling
Road Dogg it's his turn then Road Dogg goes over to Trish.

Trish smiles up at Road Dogg and sits up onto her knees letting Road Dogg
know what she wants Road Dogg Smiles as Trish slowly inserts his cock into
her mouth Trish wraps her hand around Road Dogg's shaft guiding his cock
into her wet, warm mouth. She slowly bobs her head back and forth giving
one of her A+ performance blowjobs on Road Dogg's cock.

Road Dogg moans loudly as Trish continues to bob her head back and fourth on
his cock Trish gradually picks up speed sucking faster and faster. Trish laps
her tongue around his cock as it gets harder inside her mouth Road Dogg says
he about ready to cum. Trish instantly tightens her grip around Road Dogg's
cock, sucking as hard as she can waiting for his precious cum. Road Dogg then
cums loads and loads into Trish's mouth and some of it falls out of her mouth
as there is too much. Trish swallows all she can of Road Dogg's hot cum.
Trish takes Road Dogg's cock out of her mouth and gently licks the cock clean
with her tongue. She then smirks and replies "Next?"

Billy then goes over to Trish and gets Behind her and starts to penetrate
Trish's pussy but has a harsher idea and then penetrate's Trish's big ass.
Trish lets out a loud moan as Billy Gunn enters her tight ass, she then
looks over at Road Dogg, who begins to get dressed. "Hey! I'm not done with
you yet!"

Road Dogg then takes off his clothes as he walks to over to Trish as X-Pac
gets underneath and enters himself into Trish's pussy. Trish gently sits
herself down onto X-Pac's cock, right away. Trish starts to grind her pussy
against X-Pac's cock as she thrusts deep into her pussy. X-Pac then starts
thrust into Trish deeper and deeper trying to go as deep as he can into Trish
and Road Dogg walks over to Trish and Sticks his Cock back into her mouth
making her gag.

Trish starts choking and coughing on Road Dogg's cock, she slowly pulls out
Road Dogg's cock for a few seconds so she can breath. Trish then speaks up
"Hey guys wait just a sec..I have an idea!"

Road Dogg then ask "What's the Idea?"

"Ok each of you sit at a different place in the fitness room, I'll come by
each of you at a time a performance whatever you want, sound good?" Trish

"Hell Yeah!" all three reply as all three members of DX go to a different
part of the gym.

Trish gets up from the floor and looks at each DX member and smiles, she has
trouble who to pick first "Hmmm...who first..."

Trish then Walks over to Road Dogg.

Trish licks her lips "Hey babe...what do you want for me?"

Road Dogg replys "I Want some of that tight ass."

Trish laughs "You want it doggystyle?"

Road Dogg laughs "Oh you know me baby I'm The D-O Double G you know I love
it DoggyStyle!"

Trish laughs again and leans down gently kissing his cheek. Trish then gets
down on her hands and knees, she also turns around, her backside facing Road
Dogg. Road Dogg then Takes the intiative and Stick his cock into Trish's big
tight ass and moans as he enters it. Trish braces herself firmly as Road
slowly guides his long, hard cock deep into Trish's lucious ass. Road Dogg
then starts pounding Trish's backside harder and faster with each thrust.

"Ohhhhhh yeah that's it fuck that ass!" Trish moans.

Road Dogg listens to Trish and Fucks her Ass as hard as he possibly can
giving the best AssFucking of her life.

"Ohhhhh shit that's good! You like that big ass Jesse?"

Road Dogg replies "Oh Trish you got the best ass in the world baby" as he
fucks her deeper and deeper.

Trish starts sweating heavily "Think I'd make a great addition to DX?"

Road Dogg says "I don't know. Me and Billy and X-Pac all got to decide but
you got my vote. Damn I love you fucking my ass, you're excellent!"

Road Dogg then warns "Ahhhhhhh I'm about to cum again where you want me to
cum at?"

"Cum in my ass!"

"You Got it Bitch!" Road Dogg takes a few more thrusts then cums right inside
Trish's ass then pulls himself out of Trish and lays down spent.

Trish gets slowly up and off of her knees "Be ready for me, I'll be back in
a bit."

Then Trish goes over to Billy Gunn.

"Hey Billy, you're looking sexy, what is it you want?"

"I want it ALL" Billy replys.

Trish raises her eyebrow "All? What do you want first then sexy?"

"I want that ass" Billy replies.

Trish smirked "You want that first?"

"Fuck Yeah!" Billy replys smirking.

Trish did as she was told and turned around, her back side facing Billy.
Billy pulls up to Trish and Stick his Big Rod into Trish's meaty backside

"Ohhhh yeah" Trish moaned as she looked back at Billy with an angelic smirk.

"Ahhhhhhh, Fuck!" Billy moaned as he fucked Trish's Ass harder and harder
with each thrust.

Trish moved her ass back against Billy's cock, making his cock go deeper
into her ass. "Ohhh yeah fuck that ass!"

Billy does as he is told and fucks her ass harder and faster at her command.

"Ohhhhhh yeah...oh damn!"

Then Billy pulls out of Trish leaving her wondering why he did that.

Trish looked a little curious and glanced back "Billy?"

Billy with out saying a word flipped Trish over and push her tits together
and stuck his dick inbetween her tits and started rocking back and fourth.

Every once in a while Billy's cock would pop up into Trish's face and she
took the advantage by licking the head of his cock.

"Ahhhhhh god damn Trish your tits are great!" as Billy continues fucking
Trish's tit's.

Then all of a sudden Billy feels the urge to cum and doesn't warn Trish and
cums all over her face and in her mouth. Trish swallows the cum in her mouth
and wipes her face clean.

She then walked over to X-Pac with a smile "Hey stud."

"I see you want some more well I'm not getting up so why don't you just ride
me baby!" X-Pac replies.

Trish laughed "That's all?"

"Well yeah I'm sore as hell from our last encounter but do a good job and
I'll be sure to give you a good ass fucking cause I know that's what you want
isn't it you anal whore?" X-Pac replies.

"Well I kind wanted to well..." Trish smiled cutely as she did the cross chop
'suck it' symbol.

"Well that's better so I don't have to move. Well what are you doing get down
and SUCK IT" as he does the suck it sign.

Trish took X-Pac's cock into her hands and guided it into her mouth. Trish
wraps her wet, warm lips around his larger, hard, throbbing cock. She started
to slowly bob her head up and down getting a good taste of his cock. Trish
starts to pick up speed sucking a bit faster. X-Pac uses his hand to guide
her as he pulls her head down deeper and deeper on his cock making her gag.
Trish took X-Pac's cock deeper into her mouth almost deep throating. Trish
started sucking faster, lapping her tongue around his cock.

"That's it Baby Suck my Cock" X-Pac moans as Trish continues sucking X-Pac's

Trish tightened her grip as she started sucking harder and slowed down a bit.
This made X-Pac tense up, but he enjoyed it. X-Pac feels the urge to cum and
Tugs at Trish's head telling her it's time. Trish shook her head no, not
wanting him to cum yet as she continue to now suck soft and slow. X-Pac then
relaxs as Trish makes him not cum Trish picks her head up slowly from his.

"I want it doggy style, but in my pussy"

"Awwwww is Trishy's ass hurting" X-Pac replys.

"Nah, I just want something different."

"Ok well you ask and you shall receive," and then he bends Trish's over and
stick his cock into her wet and tight pussy.

"Ohhhhh yeah!" Trish moaned, and then asked "Do I have your vote to be in

"Ummmmmmm Maybe" X-Pac replies.

Trish looks back "Maybe?"

"Well ya see I'm just not sure you'll fit in DX" X-Pac replies.

"But you'll get all this from me."

"Well yeah but you see I just don't think you'll fit into the whole mix that
are me and Road Dogg and Billy Sorry" X-Pac replied.

Trish looks down a little disappointed "Ohh..maybe I should just leave then."

"Well maybe you should then you stupid Bitch" X-Pac replies with anger and he
pulls out off Trish angered.

Trish looks a little hurt and walks over near Road Dogg, where her stuff was
and started to gather it, as she was in tears. Road Dogg was always the more
considerate member of DX.

"Trish I know X-Pac upset but he speaks the truth. We just don't think you'll
be the perfect fit for DX sorry Trish" Road Dogg replies.

Trish shakes her head pissed off "Whatever...I shouldn't have even offered
you guys."

Trish then picks up her clothes and gets dressed and storms out of the gym
and she reminds herself that their is still the Hardy Boyz and goes and
searches for them.

To Be Continued...

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