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Trish's Quest For A Tag Team Part 3: The Hardy Boyz
by Peacealien and Kristi

After her encounter with DX, Trish had picked the next team, the team of
Matt and Jeff, the Hardy Boyz. Trish had to think of the right approach to
ask them, seeing as they already had Lita, she knew this task wasn't going
to be an easy one. Trish, wearing a two piece black bikini, walked outside
of the hotel into the pool area. Trish sat down on a beach chair and began
to rub tanning oil over her lucious body, Trish laid her head back resting
under the hot sun.

All of a sudden Jeff and Matt and Lita all show up and are surprised to see
Trish and ask her how she's doing. Trish removes her sunglasses and sits up
a bit on the chair "Oh I'm doing fine, just getting a little rest, you know."

"Yeah we know" Jeff replies.

"But why are you all by yourself shouldn't your boys Test and Albert be here
too?" Matt asks.

Trish rolls her eyes "Ughhh, don't get me started with them."

"Okay, Sorry" Matt apologeizes.

"No, no it's fine, I do everything for them and they don't even give me a
little thank you or anything"

Trish sighs hoping she'd get the opportunity to ask the Hardyz, but with Lita
there too, it was almost impossible.

"Man, those guys are crazy acting that to someone as beautiful as you" Jeff

Trish laughs a little "Yeah I don't everything for them, I got them a Tag
Team Title shot, and no thank you, no nothing...I'm getting really sick of

"Well, I don't blame ya those guys sound like assholes no wonder they ain't
tag champs" Jeff replies.

Trish smirks looking at Jeff and Matt "Yeah..."

Lita cuts Trish off in mid sentence "Ohh shit! I need to get going." Lita
turns looking at the Hardyz "I'll catch you guys later?"

"Wait, let me go with ya Real Quick?" Matt replies.

"Ok" says Lita as Matt walks with Lita to her car leaving Trish and Jeff by

Trish watches Matt and Lita leave and then looks over at Jeff " are
things?" Trish asked still a little unsure how to ask him.

"Things are good, Things are real good" Jeff replies.

"That's good...hey ummm Jeff, I kind of have a little question for you" Trish
says as she gets up from the beach chair.

"Sure go ahead, shoot!" Jeff replies as he takes a seat on one of the beach

"Well, as I was saying earlier about Test and Albert. I'm looking for a new
team a hot team, one who already has the Tag Team Championship, much like you
and Matt."

"Yeah and your point is?" Jeff replies with a weird look on his face.

"I want to be your new manager...I know, I know you two already have Lita and
that's great. But I think you two and I would make a better pairing."

"Oh you really think well you might be able to fit in Team Xtreme, but Lita
is so so cool ya know."

Trish sighs "What does Lita do that's so great for you and Matt?"

"Well she's one of us ya know she's like one of the guys you talk about
anything with and that is what makes Amy great. And plus she's dating Matt
and I don't see that ending anytime soon."

Trish laughs "Oh please you're telling me you two don't get any benefits for
her being your manager?"

"Well we are the tag champs, but aside from that not really. I mean Matt does
but me personally and as a team not really."

Trish places her hand on Jeff's shoulder "Well if I were The Hardyz's manager
I would include you in everything."

"What do you mean EVERYTHING!?"

"Everything from talking to hanging out to...well you know." Trish then
whispers in Jeff's ear "Everything."

As Trish says that Jeff Starts to get a boner as Trish Tells him everything
she'd do for him Trish places her hands on her hips, giving him the details,
as she paces back and forth in front of him "And you know the difference
between Lita and I? I'm not afraid to give my men everything they want and

As Trish says that she looks to see the bulge in Jeff's Pants and Gets a
smile on her face Trish laughs a little "I can see you like what I have to
say. But the question is now, will you throw Lita out of Team Xtreme and
bring me in and then experience everything I have to give?"

"You'll have to conveince me" Jeff replies with a smirk on his face.

"Convince you huh?" Trish says as she gets down on her knees, Jeff remains
seated on the beach chair.

"One question though...what would happen if Matt came back?"

"Who knows... who cares?"

Trish smirks and reaches up to Jeff's waist, looking into his eyes the whole
time, she starts to unbuckle the belt on Jeff's jeans. Jeff rolls his head
back on the chair as Trish unzips his pants and pulls his dick out. Trish
takes Jeff's cock into her hands and starts to move her hands up and down his
shaft, gently stroking.

Jeff Moans softly as Trish strokes his cock and fondles his balls. Trish
sticks her tongue out of her mouth and places it on Jeff's cock, she slowly
runs her tongue up and down Jeff's shaft. Trish moves her tongue down to
Jeff's balls and starts to flick them back and forth with her wet tongue.

"Ahhhhhhhh God!" Jeff Moans as Trish continues to give her Grade A work to

Trish takes one of Jeff's balls into her mouth and starts to gently suck on
that ball. As Trish does so, she moves her hand once again around his cock,
stroking him. Meanwhile Matt starts to slowly walk back to the pool area,
where Trish and Jeff are, without Lita.

As Trish continues to give Jeff the best pleasure he's had in awhile Matt
returns to the poolside area and catches Trish and Jeff and interupts them
asking what the hell is going on.

Trish picks her head up from Jeff's cock and looks over at Matt, Trish winks
at Matt and then goes back to work over Jeff's cock. Trish takes Jeff's cock
into her hands again, and guides it now into her mouth. Trish starts to
slowly bobbing her head up and down, getting a good taste of Jeff's cock.
Matt then interupts again and ask what is going on again with a confused look
on his face.

Trish looks at Matt out of corner of her eye as she continues to give Jeff
her grade A performance. Trish starts to gradually pick up speed, slurping
and lapping her tongue around Jeff's cock as it's in her mouth. As Trish
starts to suck faster, she takes a little more of his cock into her mouth.
Trish looks up at Jeff as she continues to suck on his long, throbbing cock.
Jeff moans loudly and takes his hands and places them on the back of Trish's
head pushing her downward on his cock.

Then all of a sudden Matt pulls Trish off of Jeff leaving a pissed off look
on Jeff's face. Trish looks a little surprised at Matt as he takes her mouth
away from Jeff's cock. Matt then asks Trish again what is going on and why is
she giving Jeff head.

Trish laughs a little nervously hoping Matt won't get mad " tell you
the truth..." Trish pauses as she's nervous and says without thinking "..You
want head too?"

"Why would I want you to give me head when I got Amy to do that for me" Matt
replies wanting an explination.

Trish looks down realizing she said that out loud and tried to think of an
explination to give Matt "Well...ummm uhhh just, ummm ask Jeff how good I

"Bro, man Trish is The Bomb when it comes to giving head" Jeff replies.

Trish laughs a little and blushes with the praise he gave Trish at sucking
his cock.

"That's all well and dandy, but I know you have a reason why your doing this
Trish now tell me."

Trish takes a deep breath "Well, I was trying to convince Jeff to allow me to
be the Hardyz's new manager"

"NEW MANAGER? NEW MANAGER! you are aware that we have Lita as our manager
right Trish?"

"Yeah..but umm...uhhh" Trish looks back at Jeff with a somewhat scared look
on her face, hoping Jeff would help her out explaining herself.

"Bro man only reason you keep Lita is around is because she gives you
whatever the fuck you want and you know it dude at least if we had Trish
she'd let us both do whatever we want" Jeff says with anger.

Trish gluped as she stood in between the two arguing brothers a little unsure
what do to.

"Well, Amy is a good piece of ass okay. Okay Jeff settle down. So Trish What
do you have to offer to Team Xtreme that Lita doesn't?"

Trish laughs a little "Well I'm offering to give you head right now."

"I know that mean I mean what to you have to offer to Team Xtreme as a unit?"

"Well double the fun, double the pleasure" Trish replies with a smirk.

"Well Trish let's get to work" Matt says with a smirk on his face.

Trish looked a little curious as a few minutes ago it seemed as though Matt
wanted nothing to do with her and now he does " want me to give you
head, right?"

"Yeah, Yeah Whatever."

Trish cautiously got down in her knees as Matt stood and Jeff remained on the
chair. Jeff just sat back allowing Trish to give Matt the full pleasure for a
the moment in effort to get Matt convinced. Trish pulls off Matt's belt and
unzipped his jeans. Trish slowly slid them down as Matt stood in front of
Trish, still in his boxers and his tank top.

"Well what are you waiting for get to suckin?" Matt says with a cocky look on
his face.

Trish looked up at Matt as she slid down his boxers to his ankels allowing
Matt to step out of his jeans and boxers. Trish took Matt's already,
semi-hard cock into her pretty, warm, moist mouth. Trish instantly tightened
her grip and start moving her head back and forth sucking hard and slow Matt
takes his hands and puts them on Trish's head and forces her to deepthorat
his cock as Trish gags. Trish coughs a little at first on Matt's cock, but
shortly after, Trish retains the speed as she starts sucking Matt's cock now
deep throat.

Trish sucks away smooth and swiftly giving Matt one hell of a blowjob Matt
moans as Trish continues to give him deep throat. Trish moves Matt's cock all
around in her mouth as she continues to deep throat Matt's massive cook.
Trish sucks with ease and speed as she moans softly.

As Trish does this Jeff takes of her bikini bottoms and spanks Trish's ass as
she continues to give Matt Deep Throat. Trish slowly picks her head up from
Matt's cock. Matt's cock is now moist, from Trish's saliva. Trish motions for
Jeff to come to the front of her, where Matt is.

Jeff moves in front of Trish as she ordered him to. Trish brings Jeff's cock
up to her mouth and takes it in. Trish laps her tongue around Jeff's cock as
it's in her mouth. She starts to slowly bob her head up and down on his cock.
Trish then with her free hand wraps it around the shaft of Matt's cock and
starts to slowly stroke him. Trish moves her hand down to Matt's balls at
first and starts to rub then. Both Hardyz moan as Trish continues to give
them both pleasure.

Trish guides Jeff's cock further in her mouth and she starts to gain speed
sucking him at a decent speed. Meanwhile, Trish moves her hand up Matt's
shaft, to the head of his cock, she starts to massage the head of Matt's
cock with her hand.

Jeff thrust himself into Trish's mouth as Matt begins to get the best handjob
he's ever had. Trish bangs her tongue against the shaft of Jeff's cock as she
continues to suck at a good pace on Jeff's cock. She moans softly as she does
so. Trish tightens her grip a little on Matt's cock and she starts to stroke
him harder and faster.

Matt then removes his cock from Trish's hand as he get behind Trish and asks
her where she wants it? Trish slowly picks her head up from Jeff's cock and
smiles up at him. She then looks back at Matt "What do you think you're
doing? I'm not done with you yet sexy."

Matt then looks at Trish pissed and just decides to penetrate her ass very
violently as Trish screams as he does this.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Trish screams in pain, she glares back at Matt "What the hell!"

"Just shut your mouth Bitch and suck Jeff's cock cause I know damn well this
is what you was wanting" Matt replied in a pissed off tone.

Trish turns her head back around facing Jeff and takes his cock back into her
mouth. Trish starts to suck Jeff's cock fast and loosely, lapping her tongue
and slurping as she sucks. Jeff moans and rubs Trish's blonde locks softly as
he Trish continues to give him the best head he's ever gotten while Matt
Continues to pound Trish's meaty backside making Trish's evantually moan.

Trish pulls Jeff's cock out of her mouth and starts to run her wet tongue up
and down his shaft, moaning as she does so. Trish brings her tongue down to
Jeff's balls and slowly runs her tongue against them, causing Jeff to tense

As Jeff tenses up he tells Trish it's too much and he's gonna blow and ask
her where she wants it Trish replies to Jeff by simply opening her mouth up.
Jeff strokes his cock a few more times and sends loads of cum all over
Trish's mouth and she swallows the most she can as Jeff does this Matt is
backthere fucking Trish's hot ass and he laughs at Jeff for cumming so soon.

Trish puts Jeff's cock into back into her mouth and only sucks onto it for a
few seconds cleaning the cum off of Jeff's cock. Trish winks at Jeff, almost
ordering him "Go rest for little, then come back in for more."

Jeff lays down on a chair as Trish looks backwards at Matt who is fucking her
ass still.

Trish smirks at Matt moaning and says to Matt "Damn you sure know how to work
that ass."

"Well Bitch why do you think I have Amy for she always puts out the ass" Matt
replies with a smirk on his face.

"Ohhhhhh uhhhh aahhh yeah" Trish moans as she rams her ass against Matt's
cock hardly. Trish then asks "Hey babe, can I take control now or give you
more head?"

Matt gives in and let's Trish take control. Trish has Matt lay down on the
hot cement. Trish gently mounts herself ontop of Matt's cock taking it deep
into her mouth. Trish places her hands down on Matt's chest as she starts to
ounce up and down on his cock at a good pace. Matt moans loudly as Trish
continues to bounce up and down on his cock.

Trish starts to grind her pussy hard against his cock as she starts bouncing
up and down faster, riding his cock with unbelievable speed. "Ohhhhh uhhh you
like that Matt?"

"Oh yeah,Trish take my cock baby take my cock" Matt says as he's in another
world as Trish continues to bounce on Matt.

Trish leans her head down gently kissing his lips as she remains riding his
cock at intense speeds, grinding hard against his cock. Trish looks over at
Jeff as she continues. Jeff looks over and Trish and she looks over at him
then Trish tell him something.

"Babe you want in on this hot action?"

"Hell Yeah" Jeff replies as he gets up and walks over Trish.

Trish laughs as she slows down a bit riding Matt's cock "You want ass or
pussy babe?"

"I want ASS" Jeff replies.

Trish then looks down at Matt making sure what he wants "Do you want me to
continue riding or do you want another blowjob?"

"please continue, please" Matt replies.

Trish smiles and looks back at Jeff "Have your way"

Trish starts to regain her speed on Matt's cock that she was at before. Trish
bounces up and down quickly and hard moaning loud. Jeff takes the iniative
and sticks his cock into Trish's experienced ass and moans loudly as how
tight it is as Trish is getting double penetrated by the two brothers.

"Ohhhhh yeah" Trish moans.

Trish now allows Matt to take control as she's ontop of him. Trish is
enjoying the double penetration. Matt takes control and pushes himself deeper
and deeper into Trish as Jeff is going crazy and humping Trish's ass like
crazy making Trish moan very loudly.

"Ohhhhhhh fucking shit!" Trish moans as she starts sweating heavily.

"Trish you can definately be in Team Xtreme by Me" Jeff replies as he
continues to fuck Trish's ass.

Trish smiles as she starts breathing heavy as well "What....about...ohhhhh
god! ..Matt?"

"Still don't know Trish We Still have something named LITA man Jeff what are
you thinking?" Matt says.

"Fuck You Matt" Jeff replies and he rubs and spanks Trish's ass.

Trish looks down at Matt as some sweat from her forehead drips down to his
chest "Do you need another blowjob Matt, just to remind you how good I am?"

"No Trish I don't I know how good you are but you ain't no Lita. Trust me I
know" Matt replies with a smirk on his face.

"Man would you Shut The Fuck up about Lita, We got Trish now fucker" Jeff
replies with anger.

Trish smirks and looks back at Jeff as he fucks her ass furiously "I think
Matt wants another blowjob."

"I think the fucker does too" replies Jeff as he grabs Trish's hair fucking
her ass furiously.

Trish whispers at Jeff "Ok...pull out real quick so I get off of Matt."

"ok baby" Jeff replies as he pulls out of Trish.

Trish slowly gets off of Matt's cock and gets back down on her knees for
Jeff. Jeff to puts it his dick back in Trish and quickly gets to work as
Matt at Trish with a asshole look on his face. Trish looks at Matt a little
concerned "You're not enjoying?"

"Why should I. You suck. Only reason Jeff wants you in is because he loves
you" Matt says.

"Go to hell Matt you fucking dickhead! Trish convience that fucker and might
I say you got the best ass ever baby" Jeff replies.

Trish laughs and blushes "Matt, babe, you're gonna get one hell of a blowjob
and I'll make sure of it."

"Yeah, whatever" Matt replies.

"Ok..." Trish then smirks as she sees Lita's car pull up in the driveway.

Trish then lowers her head as Matt remains laid down on the cement. Trish
gently takes Matt's cock into her mouth and starts to slowly suck on it,
moving his cock around in her mouth.

"That's the best you got? Well what are you doing do? What you said you was
gonna do" Matt replies as Jeff is getting to Cum in Trish's ass.

Trish starts to bob her head up and down on Matt's cock taking more and more
into her mouth.

Then suddenly a voice is heard in a pissed off tone "What the hell is going

Matt, Jeff, and Trish turn their heads to see Lita standing their were her
arms folded glaring at Matt.

"We were just ahhhhhhh, Just ahhhhhhhhhh Jeff help me out" Matt says.

Trish picks her head up from Matt's cock as Jeff pulls out of Trish.

Lita has her eyes locked on Matt " Matt you tell what's going on!"

"I don't know what's going on" Matt says as he pushes Trish off of him.

"Well it sure looks like something! What would doing with this slut!" Lita
yells at towards Matt.

"Ok,Ok we fucked her brains out Ok Amy I'm sorry" Matt says with a sad look
on his face.

Lita shakes her head pissed off to point she can't even cry "Fuck you Matt!"

Lita walks out of the pool area pissed. Matt runs out of the pool area with
putting his clothes back on as both Jeff and Trish laugh.

"Well Trish I guess Team Xtreme won't be together that much longer" Jeff

"I'm sorry if I caused any problems..I just wanted you guys to like me.."

"It's cool Trish and I Love you anywayz I know for sure Edge and Christian
are looking for a manager I'm almost positive they would say yes to you"
Jeff replies.

Trish smiles as she stands up "Thanks for a great time and the advice....but
you know what?"

"What?" Jeff replies.

"Technically we didn't really finish" Trish says with a smirk.

Jeff smiles as he goes over and kisses Trish.

Trish kisses back and slowly pulls away out of the kiss "What want do you
want sexy?"

"I want you Trish" Jeff replies with a smile.

"How bad?"

"More then you know baby."

Trish smiles and blushes "How do you want to fuck me?"

"I want some of that pussy" Jeff replies.

Trish smirks and sits down in the beach chair, laying down and spreading her
legs a part Jeff then gets on top of Trish and penetrates her as Trish moans.
"Ohhhhhhh Jeff!"

Trish wraps her legs around Jeff's waist and grips onto Jeff's strong arms.

"Ahhhhhh, God Trish you are so Tight" Jeff moans.

Trish's eyes are filled with lust as Jeff continues to fuck her pussy
"Ohhhhhh god Jeff!"

Trish moans as she wraps her legs tighter around his waist. Jeff then takes
one of her tits into his right hand and starts to lick it and he continues
to fuck Trish.

"Ohhhhhhh Jeff damn you're good" Trish moans louder as she near an orgasm.

"Awwwww,God I'm bout to cum again. Trish cum with me baby!" Jeff moans.

"Ohhhh Jeff I'm almost there. Don't stop!"

Jeff continues to pound Trish as both on the urge of an orgasm.

"Ahhhhhh shit I'm gonna cum!"

"Me too" Jeff says as both Jeff and Trish cum together.

Trish breath heavily and sweats as Jeff pulls his cock out of her "Ohhh

"Trish you are the best fuck I've ever had I love you so damn much" Jeff

Trish smiles sitting up and gently kissing his lips.

"Well Trish I gotta go and see what Matt and Lita are doing. I don't wanna
go but I have to you understand he's my brother he may be a dickhead but he's
still my brother anyways. Remember what I said about Edge and Christian and
stuff. Anyways gotta go. Love you Trish, bye" Jeff says as he gets dressed
and goes check on Matt and Lita.

Trish smirks as Jeff walks away and says to herself "Oh well I didn't get the
Hardyz, but Jeff did give me an idea...."

Trish gets up from the beach chair and gets dressed. Trish walks out of the
pool area in search for her final team Edge and Christian.

To Be Concluded...

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