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Trish's Quest For A Tag Team Part 4: Edge And Christian
by Peacealien and Kristi

It was a new day, the prior Trish had her amazing encounter with the Hardy
Boyz. Unfortunately, she didn't get the team on side, but she got an idea
who to go to next. Trish walked the hallway wearing a tight pair of jeans
and a white t-shirt. Trish stops at the lockerroom of the number contender's
Edge and Christian. Trish took a deep breath and knocked on the door. She
folds her arms as she waits.

She waits and waits and noone is there so Trish goes asks someone where they
went. Trish walked down the next lockerroom and knocked hoping, whoever was
inside knew where Edge and Christian were. Opening the Door Trish is
surprised to see her partner from Yesterday Jeff Hardy open the door Trish
is a little shocked to see Jeff Hardy on the other end of the door, but
Trish smiled innocently "Ohhh..umm Hi Jeff"

"Hey Trish let me guess your lookin' for Edge and Christian aren't cha?"

Trish laughs a little "Yeah, actually I was...but it's nice to see you after
what happened yesterday." Trish smiles licking her lips remembering what
happened the other day between her and the Hardyz.

Jeff Smiles and responds "I Enjoyed it very much you are the best anyways
Edge and Christian are in the Food Court having a pop drinking contest those
guys are weird."

Trish nods "Oh thanks! and no you're the best!" Trish winks at Jeff.

Jeff laughs as Trish walks off on the search for E & C. Trish walks into the
food court and looks around, eventually spotting Edge and Christian. As Jeff
said the two were still having a pop drinking contest. Trish walks slowly and
coughed quitely trying to get their attention.

"Hey Trish how are you, Christian I totally have you beat dude" Edge says.

Trish laughs a little "Having fun?"

"Oh Yeah hey why don't you join us we could always use someone else in our
little contest" Christian says as he finishes another pop.

Trish sits down at the table next to Edge "So all I have to do is drinka

"Well Yeah but you have to beat my record of 15, Christian is a wimp he's
only on number 12" Edge says as he laughs.

Trish laughs "Oh I won't be able to drink 15...not even 12. I would so lose!"

"Well at least try, C'mon!?" Edge says way.

Trish shrugs "Fine...but I know I'll lose!" Trish sighs "What kind of pop are
we drinking boys?"

"Ummmmm what kind of Pop are we drinking again Christian?" Edge asks.

"It's Root Beer Dumbass" Christian replies.

"Oh, Yeah" Edge says as he smacks himself.

Trish smirks "Well I'm good at chugging beer, I should be good at root beer."
Trish laughs at her comment

"Awesome, Well Trish you can begin" Edge says and him and Christian watch
Trish chug the Root Beers.

Trish downs and downs can after can of root beer. Trish coughs as she puts
down the last can of root beer, making her total seventeen cans. Trish looks
over at Christian and Edge "How'd I do?"

"Wow Dude This Chick Totally Reeks of Awesomeness" Edge says to Christian as
they High-Five each other.

Trish laughs a little "Did I do good?"

"Oh, Yeah you one badass Chick you whooped me and Christian I'm Still
Shocked" Edge says.

Trish blushes a little, joking around "Well yeah I am Trish Stratus.."

"I Say so" Christian laughs.

"So what you wanna do now Christian?" Edge asks.

"Oh! I have an idea!"

"Really, well Tell us!" Edge replies.

"How about we go back to your lockerroom and play poker...but to make it more
fun how about strip poker?"

"Damn Dude This Chick knows how to have fun what do ya say C?" Edge asks.

"Let's Go!" Christian replies.

Trish smiles and gets up from the table and walks out of the food center and
down to Edge and Christian's lockerroom. Edge and Christian and Trish finally
make it to the locker room and they set up a poker table and get a deck of
cards ready and they all sit down and play Strip Poker. Trish sits down at
the table along with Edge and Christian "Who's dealing?"

"Why Don't you since you came up with the idea" Edge says.

" with me" Trish shuffles the deck of cards and deals five cards out
to each players. Trish picks up her cards and looks at them. Then Edge and
Christian look at their cards.

"Alright let's see what you got" Trish says.

Edge lays down his cards and has nothing just three 4's. Christian lays down
his cards next and has three Jack's. Trish lays down last with an amazing
four ace's. Trish smirks "Oh yeah I forget to tell you...I rock at this!"

"GodDamnit, Well C you go first" Edge says.

Christian then takes off his goofy lookin sunglasses then Edge also removes
his shades.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Trish says a little disappointed that she didn't get
to see any more.

"HaHa" Edge laughs as he shuffles and deals this time around Trish not
knowing that he is cheating.

Trish rolls eyes her at the most horrible hand she could have gotten. Edge
then says what do you guys got as he reveals a straight flush.

"Oh well fuck!" Trish lays down her cards "I have shit!"

"Yeah dude she lost" Edge laughs as he high fives Christian again.

"Wait..wait, what did you get Christian?" Trish asks a little curious.

"The Same Thing" Christian replies.

"So do we both take something off then?"

"Ummmmm, No" laughs Christian.

Trish shrugs "Ok..." Trish sighs lifting her shirt up over head and tosses
it to the side. Trish, exposing her black bra and lucious chest.

"Dude do not stare it's impolite" says Edge as he stares as Trish's chest.

Trish laughs a little and then folds her arms over her chest. "Ok Christian
your deal" says Edge a little dissapointed Trish ruined his fun.

Christian deals and they all they look at their hands. Trish smirks proud of
the hand she was dealt "Ok..boys lay them down."

Edge lays his hand down reveiling two pairs as Christian lays his hand down
reveiling four kings. Trish smirks laying down a royal flush "I believe I

"You Cheated" Edge says pointing at Trish.

"I so did not!" Trish then raises her eyebrow. "I bet you cheated when you

"No Way we never cheat! What did your hand show again?" Edge asks.

"A Royal Flush!" says Trish.

"Wait Wait Wait how could you have a Royal Flush when Christian has all 4
kings?" Edge says looking at Trish.

"Well I have a king" Trish pulls the king out of her hand showing it to Edge.

"You cheated you Cheater Cheater Cheater" Edge says.

"Whatever, just you two take off your clothes and we'll move on"

"We won't do it unless you take something off of you too" Edge says.

"Fine!" says Trish.

Then Edge and Christian remove their shirts as Trish removes her pants.
Trish takes the cards and shuffles the dealing them out once again. Edge
and Christian stare at Trish's body as she looks at her hand. Trish lays
down three queen's and sighs thinking she has lost the round. Edge reveals
just a pair of kings as Christian reveals 3 jacks.

Trish smiles "I won! Take some clothes studs!"

"Damn you Dude" Edge says to Christian as both guys remove their pants.

Trish licks her lips as the cards are dealt out again. Trish losses the next
round to Edge causing her to remove her bra. Trish tosses her bra to the side
and folds her arms disappointed she's losing.

"Awwww C'mon Let us have a look please Trish" Asks Edge.

"Fine.." Trish unfolds her arms allowing Edge and Christian to see her
delicious, chest and her semi-erected nipples.

"Dude this totally Reeks of Awesomeness" as Edge and Christian high five each
other again.

Trish laughs and shakes her head "Ready for the last round?"

"Oh yeah" Edge and Christian reply.

Trish passes the cards to Edge. Trish folds her arms waiting for the cards
to be shuffled and dealt. Edge shuffles the deck and deals then all three of
them look at their hands. Trish slowly lays down her cards, showing three
ace's. Christian shows his cards having a full house. Then Edge shows his
hand in triumph as he has four kings.

"YES I Did IT" Edge cries in joy.

Trish rolls her eyes "Damn."

"Lose Those Panties" Edge says in joy as he and Christian stare at Trish
waiting to see what Trish has.

Trish stands up from the chair and slowly slides down her black thong.
Trish steps out of her thong "Are you boys happy now? I lost" Trish says

Edge and Christian are speechless as they stare. Trish down Trish places her
hands on her hips, and realizes it's the perfect time to give them her offer
"You boys..."

"oh Yeah" reply both E & C.

"Seeing as we're like you think it would be just so fun..and well so
'Totally Reeking of Awesomeness' if we were to go further then just being

"What do You mean Trish" ask Christian.

"What I'm saying is we should get more physical, understand?"

"Nope" says Edge.

"Still don't understand" says Christian.

Trish rolls her eyes and realizes she has to be straight forward with them
"Uhhh do you boys want to fuck or not?"

"Hell Yeah, Christian dude you get Front I get Back" says Edge as they strip
out of their clothes and get in front and behind Trish.

Trish laughs "Geeze no time wasting, you just want to get into the fucking."

"Well Yeah" laughs Edge.

"Neither of you want a blowjob?" Trish places her hands on her hips "Well?"

"Yeah Christian Does" says Edge "I want some of that Ass Jeff was telling me

Trish smirks and gets down onto her hands and knees waiting for Edge and
Christian to get positioned.

Edge gets positioned behind Trish's big ass and stick his cock into her
asshole as Christian walks up to Trish as Trish takes his big cock into her
mouth. Trish starts off slowly bobing her head up and down on Christian's
semi-hard cock. Trish moves Christian's cock smoothly around in mouth,
moaning from the pleasure she's recieving from Edge. Edge gets positioned
behind Trish's big ass and sticks his cock into her asshole as Christian
walks up to Trish as Trish takes his big cock into her mouth Trish starts
off slowly bobbing her head up and down on Christian's semi-hard cock.
Trish moves Christian's cock smoothly around in mouth, moaning from the
pleasure she's recieving from Edge.

Edge pushes himself deeper into Trish's lucious ass as Christian sticks his
cock deeper and deeper into Trish's sexy mouth Trish moves her wet tongue
around Christian's cock as it's in her mouth. Trish sucks with intense
speed, giving Christian one hell of a blowjob. As Trish continue to suck on
Christian's, now throbbing, cock. She moves her ass back, taking Edge's cock
deeper into her ass.

Trish's ass smacks against Edge's waist. Edge then Smacks her ass spanking
it with each thrust asking her who her daddy is. Trish slurps and downs
Christian's cock into her mouth. Eventually Trish tightens her grip sucking
harder, and slowly down her speed a bit. Edge places his hands on Trish's
waist as he drives his cock faster into her ass, Edge pulls out gently and
then places his cock into Trish's wet, tight pussy Edge then thrust himself
into Trish's pussy as he did her ass as Christian moans from the incredible
blowjob he is receiving.

Trish pulls Christian's cock gently out of her mouth and sticks out her
tongue moving it down to his ball sack. Trish slowly runs her wet tongue
across his ball sack Christian just stands there as Trish runs her toungue
his ballsack. Trish comes to a complete stop on Christian's cock and slowly
pulls away. Trish glances back at Edge "Hey, you want a blowjob too?"

"Yeah you think I'm stupid" Edge says as him and Christian switch places as
Christian sticks his cock into Trish's pussy he moans at how tight it is as
Trish sticks Edge's cock into her mouth.

Trish starts off slowly bobbing her head up and down on Edge's cock, which
is a little larger then Christian's. Trish gradually picks up speed sucking
faster by each head bob. Trish rubs her tongue against Edge's shaft as she
sucks loosely and fast on his cock. Edge moans as Trish gives the most
unbelivable blowjob he's ever had while Christian is going to work on Trish's
pussy Trish moans loudly, but her moans are muffled by Edge's large cock.
Trish takes Edge's cock deeper into her mouth to point of deep throating his
cock. Trish moves her head back and forth sucking and running her tongue
along Edge's cock as she sucks and slurps.

Edge puts his hand son the back of her head and pushes her down on his cock
making her gag but Trish seems to enjoy it. Trish, being the expert at
sucking cock, doesn't phase her one bit as she keeps up the rythem of sucking
Edge's cock fastly deep in her mouth. While Trish sucks on Edge's cock she
rubs his balls with her free hands. Beeds of sweat run down Christian's chest
and onto Trish's ass as he fucks her pussy deep and hard, making her moan.

Christian then pulls out of Trish's pussy and goes for the prize as he sticks
his big cock into Trish's experenced ass Trish lets out a moan with Edge's
cock still on her mouth. Trish pulls Edge's cock half way out of her mouth
and starts to gently suck on the head of his cock. Trish takes her hand, that
was rubbing his balls and pulls it up and down his shaft slowly. Edge moans
loudly continues the pleasure on his cock with her mouth Trish slurps and
sucks on the head of Edge's throbbing cock. Trish starts moving her hand
faster on his shaft, stroking his member.

As Trish works on Edge's cock with her mouth Christian is pounding the hell
out of Trish's meaty ass as she moans as the pounding her ass is getting
Trish gently pulls her head and pretty little lips up and away from the head
of Edge's cock. Trish looks back at Christian "Hey stop!"

Christian pulls out with a wondering look on his face.

"I wanna ride some cock" Trish says with an angelic smirk on her face.

Both Edge and Christian smile at each other and High Five each other as Edge
lays on the floor waiting for Trish. Trish gently mounts herself on top of
Edge's hard cock, taking it deep into her pussy. Trish places her hands on
Edge's sweaty chest as Edge places his hands on her slender hips. Trish
starts off riding Edge's cock at a mild speed, bouncing up and down gently.
Christian then asks Trish where she wants him Trish looks down at Edge as
she starts grinding her pussy against his cock "Just wait...I'll tell you
when I want you Christian."

Christian then sits down and takes a break as Trish continues to ride Edge
Trish moves her hips up and down, bouncing faster on Edge's coming down

"Ohhhhh yeah!" Trish moans out as she leans down kissing Edge's sweaty neck.

Edge starts thrusting his cock deeper into her pussy as Trish continues to
ride the hell out of his cock. Edge moans loudly thrusting himself into Trish
as deep as he can.

Trish starts bouncing up and down faster, riding Edge's cock with extreme
speed, coming down on his hard and sharpely moaning loudly as she does so.
As she continues to ride Edge's thick cock, she looks back at Christian and
motions for him to come to the front of her Chrisitan does as he is told and
goes in front of Trish.

Trish guides Christian's cock into her mouth once again and starts moving his
cock in and out of her mouth slowly, as she starts to allow Edge to take full
control. Edge and Christian moan as Trish works both of thier cocks. Trish
starts to to build up speed on Christian's cock, sucking with ease, not
disappointing him one bit. Trish comes to a slow stop on Edge's cock, letting
him know he's able to take full control of her, while she remains ontop of

Edge gets the idea and starts thrusting himself into Trish taking full
control as Trish continues to work on Christian's cock. Trish moans loudly
and then comes to a sudden stop on Christian's cock and pulls it out of her
mouth, the head of his cock touching her lips.

Trish looks lustfully into his eyes "Christian, babe..."

"Yeah, babe" Christian replies.

Trish smiles innocently up at Christian "Wanna fuck my ass again?"

"You bet I would" Christian replies as he gets behind Trish and sticks his
big cock back into Trish's ass.

Trish lets out a loud moan as she is now double penetrated, Edge in her pussy
and Christian in her ass. All three are breathing heavily and sweating.

"Ahhhh, Trish I'm about to cum"says Edge as Trish continues to bounce on him.

Trish looks down breathing heavily "Ohhhhh no not ....uhhhhh yet!" Trish
starts coming down harder on Edge's cock with the pressure of Christian
fucking her ass furiously.

Edge is trying so hard to hold it back.

"Ohhhhh fuck you guys are awesome" Trish moans loudly as she's roughly double

"I Know we're awesome that's why we are the E & C and that's why we totally
reek of awesomeness" replies Christian.

Trish looks back at Christian, still breathing heavy "Hey....uhhhh...shit....
you..wanna..switch positions?"

"Yeah why not"Christian replies.

Trish smiles as her hair is now damp from all the sweat and body heat filled
in the room. Then Edge and Christian Switch positions as Trish bounces on
Christian harder then she bounced on Edge as Edge fucker her Ass like crazy.

Trish bounces on Christian's cock with intensity and grinds her pussy hard
against Christian's cock moaning loudly as Edge's waist smacks against her

"Trish I can't hold it anymore I'm sorry" says Edge.

"Ohhhh Edge cum in my ass!" Trish moans

"Awwwwwwwwww, God" says edge as he cums right into Trish's ass then pulls out
leaving just Trish and Christian.

Trish smiles feeling the cum in her ass, she looks down at Christian as she
starts to ride his cock faster, bouncing up and down quickly. Christian
thrust himself into Trish everytime she bounces down on him making Trish moan
getting her ready for an amazing orgasm.

"Ohhhhh fuck Christian! Here it comes!" Trish moans loudly as loads of cum
drown Christian's cock while it's inside of her.

"Awwwwwwwww, TRISH!" Christian moans as he cums inside of Trish.

"Ohhhhh yess Christian" Trish moans feeling his cum inside of her.

Trish gently gets off of his cock and lays down on the in between Edge and
Christian, all three breathing heavily and sweating "Wow...that...was...

"Oh I know it was You are a Goddess Trish" says Christian as he gets off the

"Hey Trish I got a question for you" asks Edge Trish cuts off Edge as he's
talking "...So I hear you're looking for a manager?"

"Well that's what I was going to ask, would you like be our manager?" asks

Trish smirks "I'd love to be your manager, after the sex we just had."

"Woooooooo, This Totally Reeks of Awesomeness Christian" says Edge as they
high 5 each other and hug Trish.

Trish smirks and gets dressed. Trish looks over her new Tag Team "Boys..I
think this is the start of a beautiful relationship...."

--The End--

That's the end of the series hope you guys liked it!

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