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Trish's Revenge
by Natural Born Thriller

The plan had come together so well. Vince and Stephanie McMahon had
fooled Trish Stratus into thinking she had Mr. McMahon in her pocket, then
embarrassed her on RAW in front of the world. She would never be in their
lives again.....or so they thought.

They figured she was a woman alone, no one would help her, but they did
not factor in just how many of the superstars hated both of them. As they,
along with William Regal entered their limo and started out of the building
after Raw was over, they noticed that they were not on the road to the hotel,
they were on a different road and it led to an empty warehouse.

The limo pulled inside then stopped. Vince began yelling at the driver to
take them to the hotel or he'd be fired, but then they heard a knock on the
limo door. For some strange reason, the windows were tinted on the inside
too, and they could not see who was knocking. So Vince ordered Regal to go
check it out.

Regal exited the limo as ordered, and the McMahon pair heard a lot of
pounding and someone getting his ass handed to him. Figuring Regal had laid
waste to whoever it was, Vince got out and was mortified. He saw Regal,
bloody, lying unconscious. And standing over him was the World Wrestling
Federation champion, The Rock.

Vince tried to run, but as he turned, he ran smack dab into his other
arch-nemesis Stone Cold Steve Austin, and flew backwards on his ass. He
looked up to also see X-Pac, Test, The Undertaker and Chris Jericho. He
turned and was the recipient of a Rock Bottom onto the concrete warehouse
floor. The last thing he saw before going unconscious was a vision of Trish

Vince awoke later and immediately gasped as he felt himself being held to
a chair by rope and chains. He then looked to see Stephanie tied to a bed,
her shirt ripped open, and her skirt removed. She was surrounded by the 6
WWF superstars who attacked he and Regal earlier. They were all naked. He
then saw Trish walking over to him with a whip.

"This is what you get for embarrassing me on national TV, you son of a
bitch," she said, and then slapped him across the face. "Nobody embarrasses
me and gets away with it, now watch as my boys destroy your daughter."

"Trish, wait, don't do this, please," Mr. McMahon pleaded but it was for
naught as The Rock revived his daughter by sticking his 9 inch cock in her
mouth. Austin and Test were pulling her panties off, and X-Pac had begun
sucking her nipples. She began to scream around Rock's cock, but Trish
cracked her leg with the whip and told her to shut up and take it.

With that, the youngest McMahon began to suck the Rock's cock with
passion, licking the shaft and working it in and out of her mouth like a pro.
Test had 2 fingers in her cunt as Stone Cold had 3 more placed there and 1 in
her ass. X-Pac was still feasting on her magnificent breasts. Jericho and
Taker were held back, for the big finish. Trish had turned her attention to
Steph as well, as she licked the breast not occupied by the mouth of X-Pac.
Stephanie was trying to resist but with all this at once it was impossible,
she came violently as Rock shot his seed down her now willing throat.

Stratus then looked at Austin and Test and said forcefully, "FUCK HER.....

A look of fear came to Stephanie's eyes. Before she knew it she had been
pulled on top of Test and his 8 inch tool was shoved inside her in a single
thrust. She figured Austin was going to fuck her ass, but she could have
never known what was going on till she felt herself being widened even more.
Austin was penetrating her cunt too!

what Vince heard as he watched his daughter be double penetrated by the
Rattlesnake and Test. "Please Steve, Test keep fucking me, im a whore, please
fuck me like a whore, HHH was never this good, please don't stop."

Stone Cold and Test gave her a good fucking for about 25 minutes and X-Pac
kept her mouth full with his modest 7 and a half inch pecker. She must have
came 10 times from the DP, but what she did not know was it would get even

Austin pulled out after cumming a 3rd time as did Test after four. Trish
motioned to Jericho and Undertaker. Taker had about 14 inches and Jericho
almost 10. She had Stephanie straddle Taker. and his cock slipped into her
about 10 inches before she let out a blood curdling scream from the length
ripping her womb. Jericho then took his hard unlubricated member and shoved
it into the McMahon slutís asshole. She let out another scream but this one
was definitely pleasure. Steph loved being ass fucked. She loved being made
into a dirty whore, and this made her feel so slutty she almost came right

Then Trish sat on Takerís chest and forced Stephanieís face into her wet
cunt. Steph, out of instinct, began to lap at the blonde bombshellís wet
snatch. Stephanie must have made Trish cum 5 times before she pulled off of
Takers massive chest. Steph the slut came 17 times while being ass fucked by
Y2j and cunt slammed by the American Badass. She was then forced to get
cumshots all over her face from all 6 superstars, which she loved and licked
herself clean.

Trish then walked over to Vince and saw the tent building in his pants.
"Hey boys look at this, he likes watching his daughter get fucked. Well bring
her here, she can suck off her precious daddy." Trish said. "Come here slut,
on your fucking knees!"

Stephanie crawled to her and Vince as cum leaked from all her holes. Trish
undid his pants and Stephanie looked into her father's eyes before sucking
his whole 11 inch monster into her mouth. Vince had fantasized about Steph
often, but it was so real now he came after only a minute. He then looked up
to see Austin's wife Debra, taping the whole thing.

Trish walked over as Debra got a good look at a satisfied Steph and said
into the camera, "Who's going to get embarrassed now, because I'm gonna put
this on the net and the Titan Tron tomorrow on Smack Down."

Steph walks to Trish and says, "I don't care what you do, just please let
them all fuck me again?"

Trish then kisses her, smiles, punches Steph out cold, and says, "Go fuck
daddy, these cocks are mine."

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