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Trish's Thank You To The Rock
by Derek

As the Rock was getting ready for his match later that night he heard a
knock on the door. As soon as he said come in he saw Trish wrapped in a
towel. "I just wanted to thank you one more time for last week" Trish said.
After she said that she took off her towel and underneath was her in her
favorite bathing suit...her birthday suit.

The Rock now starting to get hard goes over to Trish and says "Let me take
that thank you and make it another welcome." Him and Trish locked lips and
both explored each others bodies. Trish then dropped to her knees and took
out The Rocks, rock hard member. She first licked it up adn down the shaft
then while cupping his balls she deep throated the whole thing. "Damn, you
know how to say thanks," says The Rock.

The Rock picks up Trish while she was sucking him off and started to eat
out Trish in a standing 69. position. "MGh OHH MGH," says Trish full of cock.
As Trish was sucking The Rock screammed out "HOLY SHIT IM GONNA CUM" after
that he blows the biggest load in Trish's mouth and she swallows only half of
it and almost choking on the rest of it.

As she cleans The Rock up she feels her organism comming and she also
screams "OH MY GOD I AM CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMING!" She explodes on The Rocks mouth
as they both lay on the couch Trish turns on her stomach and says "Why don't
you welcome yourself to some more of me." As soon as she said that The Rock
got stiff again and positioned himself behind Trish and started to pump her
wet snatch. "OHH yeah, Rocky keep on going baby." moans Trish.

Trish now in extasy now is going to have another orgasm. "Holy shit I'm
CUMMMMIIIINNG AAAGGAAAIIINNNGGG," she explodes on Rocks Cock and the rock
loving it pulls out of Trish and jacks off, shooting his load on Trish's ass.
The Rock and Trish were not done. Trish hasnt had anal in monthes so she
turned to The Rock and says "Ohh Rock please fuck my ass and fuck it hard."
The Rock complying stratles himself behind Trish and starts to enter Trish
slowly. A frustrated Trish turns around and says "Fuck me hard now!" The Rock
now just starts going nuts on Trish's ass. He's fucking it so hard that Trish
is now having an orgasm every minute. The Rock after a good 5 minutes of
fucking Trish's ass, Rock cums in her ass by what it felt like the gallon to

They both lay there and fall asleep. The Rock is still impaled in Trish's

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