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Trish's Traffic Stop
by Tntrc Revillusion (

My name is Patrolman Gavin Clark of the Los Angeles Police Department.
When most people hear of the LAPD, they normally think of the bad rap that we
habitually receive. I must admit that this reputation is not unfounded as I
myself engage in some questionable activity.

I profile alot of people. If I see a hot woman driving down the street in
an expensive car, I quickly pay attention to see if it is a celebrity, and
preferably one who is close to my 26 years of age. If it is, I find a reason
to pull the vehicle over to see them upclose.

I must mention that I have a major foot fetish. This obsession led me to
come up with one of my most ingenious ideas ever: If I ever pulled over a
hot younger celebrity woman and had probable cause to arrest them, I would
blackmail them into giving me some footplay in exchange for keeping my mouth
shut. I knew that I risked everything by doing this, but it would be worth it
in the long run if I got to lick, say, Stephanie McMahon's sweaty soles, you
know what I mean?

This idea was firmly planted in my mind when one day about two weeks after
my plan was developed I was holed up in my car in a remote location in a
suburb of L.A. It was about 7:30 in the morning and the sun was shining
bright when a brand new 2001 red Lamborghini Diablo whizzed by my car at
speeds toping 70 mph. I quickly pulled out after the car, not knowing what to
expect. When the driver saw me, I saw the car immediately pull to the side of
the road and pull behind a huge rock formation that shielded it from sight
from the road.

I pulled up behind the car and proceeded to walk to the car. What follows
is an actual transcript of the conversation between myself and the driver
based on official recordings, with notes describing my thoughts.

Gavin: License and registration please.

(The woman looked very familiar, and I knew that she was a celebrity, but I
wasn't quite sure who yet.)

Driver: Here ya go!

Gavin: Gimme a moment to run a background check.

(Holy Shit! Trish Stratus! I just pulled over one of the hottest women in the

I ran a background check on her license and registration and everything
checked out so I went back to her car.

Gavin: Everything's fine. Do you mind telling me where you were going in such
a hurry?

(She was wearing an old white T-shirt, grey jogging pants, white ankle socks
and battered reebok high tops)

Trish: Well, uh, I was uh...

Gavin: Do you realize you endanger your life and everyone else's when you are

Trish: Yes, officer.

Gavin: Would you mind stepping out of your vehicle for a moment?

Trish: Sure, officer.

(She appeared nervous.)

She stepped out of the car and stood up straight as an arrow. I inspected
the inside of her car looking for something, anything that would give me a
reason to arrest her, and thus, "let her go at a price". It was then that I
noticed a trace of a white substance on the passenger side seat. I touched it
and brought the trace of object to my mouth and tasted iTrish: cocaine. I
then opened up the glove compartment and moved around some papers and there
it was: a bag containing an eighth of an ounce of high grade cocaine. Trish
was a druggie!

Gavin: Are these your drugs?

Trish: Um...Umm..Umm....Oh, God... (Starts to cry)

Gavin: I take it they are yours. Possession of narcotics is a serious charge,
ma'am. But you look like you're a young, nice girl, so sit down, ok?

Trish wiped her eyes and sat down in her seat. Despite her clothes, she
wore heavy makeup and looked absolutely stunning.

Gavin: I'm gonna have to take you in.

Trish: Oh, God! No! No... Please!

Gavin: I understand that you are a big time celebrity, but this is bad news,
miss. It's not like you had a joint or something, you have a significant
amount of cocaine in your possession. Now, you might not get jail time, but
your career will be hit hard, Miss Stratus.

Trish: Officer, I'm not a drug addict! I bought this for my friend, I swear
to you it's not mine! I know it was a stupid thing to do, but it's not mine!

Gavin: Look, that doesn't concern me. It's in your possession, and that's a
serious offense.

Trish: (Sobbing) Fine... I guess I'm yours.

Gavin: Miss Stratus?

Trish: Yes?

Gavin: You have two options. One, you can let me arrest you and bring you to
the station and go through legal hell, or two, you can prove you're not a
drug addict.

C: How?

Gavin: Some people shoot up in thier toes and feet so that track marks don't
show on their arms. Let me see your feet.

Trish: I don't know...

Gavin: Look you stupid druggie, I'm trying to keep you out of jail! Now let
me see your feet!

(She leaned back in her seat and put her feet out on the ground next to the
driver side door. I got on my knees and slowly but deftly grabbed a foot with
each of my hands)

Gavin: Hmmmmm.......

Gavin: What size shoe do you wear, Miss Stratus?

Trish: Six, officer. Why?

Gavin: Look, it's real simple. What do you say we make a deal?

Trish: OK. Sounds good to me as long as I stay out of trouble. The WWF's been
coming down on drugs.

Gavin: OK. I let you go with the cocaine back in your possession and nothing
issued and no charges filed.

Trish: What's the catch?

Gavin: You let me worship your feet and everything will be fine.

Trish: Like, what do you mean?

Gavin: I wanna suck your toes, Miss Stratus.

Trish: Are you serious?

Gavin: I'm dead serious.

Trish: I let you suck my toes and you let me go?

Gavin: That's right.

Trish: Ewww! My feet are all sweaty and smelly. I just got back from the gym!
I haven't even showered yet!

Gavin: Look, Trish, I have a picture of you barefoot doing a pose with your
soles pointing at the camera as the wallpaper on my computer. I want your
feet so bad I can already taste the sweat.

Trish: [Laughs] I'd say SOMEONE has a bit of a fetish...

Gavin: Look, do we have a deal or not?

Trish: Yes, I suppose so. It could be worse. What do you want me to do now,
start moaning when you lick my foot? [Laughs]

Gavin: You have quite a fucked up attitude for someone who is about to go to
jail, Miss Stratus.

Trish: I'm sorry.

Gavin: You better be.

I untied her shoes and pulled them off. I buried my face in one of them
and inhaled. It smelled RIPE! I thought I was gonna cum right there.

Trish: [Giggles] Smells fresh doesn't it?

Gavin: It smells great, Trish.

She shifted her feet as I reached down and yanked her sweat soaked socks
off, exposing her bare feet in all their glory. I sniffed her socks (they
smelled wonderful) and bunched them up and put them on the floor next to her
seat. Then I picked up her feet.

Trish: Aren't they pretty? [Giggles]

Gavin: Mmmmmm...Very pretty.

Then I got an idea...

Gavin: Hold on, I'll be right back.

I went to my car and got out 4 ziplock bags and my Polaroid camera. I went
back and put the socks in their own individual bags and put them down.

Gavin: I'm gonna need them for evidence!

Trish: You bastard!

Gavin: Hey! I'm keeping you outta jail.

Trish: Fuck you!

Gavin: That's it! Gimme those feet!

I grabbed her feet and inhaled their acidic odor. Oh my God, they smelled
so good! Then, I started sucking her big toes at the same time. I was loving
every minute watching her purple colored toenails popping in and out of my
mouth. They tasted so good!

Trish: Are you enjoying yourself, officer?

Gavin: Mmmmm-hmmmmmm....oh yeah.

Then I started licking in between all her toes. It tasted sooooooo good
getting all the little bits of toejam and grime out from in between her feet.
Then, I started licking her sweet, tender soles, over and over again,
covering every square inch with my saliva. Her sweat was like a delicacy,
and I still couldn't believe what I was actually doing! Next, I worked on the
tops of her feet, licking them all the way to her shins. Her soles were my
favorite part, and I told her.

Gavin: Mmmmmmmm....your soles are so soft and pretty.

Trish: I'm glad you like them.

I grabbed my polaroid and pulled my mouth away from her feet.

Gavin: I'm gonna need more evidence:-)

Trish: Grrrrrrrr.........

Gavin: Ok... here's what you're gonna do. Kneel on the seat and put your ass
facing me. Then, see where I put your shoes? Put your feet on top of them.
Ok.. now: Curl your toes downward and pull your feet up vertically so that
your toes are curled down digging into the tops of your shoes.

Trish: Like this?

Gavin: Yes! Just like that! Dig into them harder! Harder! Ok.. as hard as you
can! Ok, that's good for now.

Then I looked at her crotch and couldn't believe what I saw: She was wet!

Gavin: Miss Stratus, are you enjoying this yourself?

Trish: No!

Gavin: I'm a cop, and I know when someone's lying to me!

Trish: OK! OK, you fucking asshole! Yes, I'm enjoying this! Yes, it turns me
on, ok?!

Gavin: That's what I thought. Come over to my car.

We walked over to my squad car and I opened the back driver side door.

Gavin: Get in and lie on your back.

Here she was, Trish Stratus: lying there for the taking. I pulled her
jogging pants and panties right off and threw them on the floor and starting
eating her out. She pulled her shirt off, revealing her round, cute tits. I
ate her out with loving care.

Trish: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Yeah, that feels good... Yeah...
Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh. That feels sooooooooo good! Oh......Mmmmmmmmm... Uh
huh... Yeah! Uh huh! Yeah! Right there! Don't stop! Don't Stop! Uh huh! Yes!
CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!! YESSS!!!!!!!!
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!
FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!FUCK ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!

I unzipped my pants and rammed my dick inside her cute little pussy. My
God...she was as tight as she looked! I fucked her as hard as I could while I
grabbed her feet and jammed as much of them in my mouth as I could. I sucked
her toes over and over again as she moaned and whimpered.

Trish: Suck my toes! Suck 'em!

Gavin: Mmmmmmmmm

Then she took her feet and just rubbed them on my face as hard as she
could. She dug her soles into me, almost causing pain. This went on for
about 4 minutes before I grabbed the polaroid and took 2 pics of Trish
Stratus getting the shit fucked out of her...

Trish: Fuck my ass!!

I pulled my dick out of her and maneuvered into her cute little asshole.
If I thought her pussy was tight... man was I wrong! It felt so good and she
squealed every time I pumped her. I fucked her so hard that when she turned
her face to look at me, there wear tears in her eyes. Then I knew I was gonna

Gavin: Gimme your feet, hurry!

I grabbed her feet and placed both of her soles under my throbbing dick.

Trish: Yeah baby, I want you to cum all over my feet! Cum on 'em! Cum on 'em!
Cum all over my fucking soles! Yeah here it comes!

I squirted load after load all over her soles while she said "Yes!" over
and over again and giggled. Naturally, I took 2 pics of her cum covered
wrinkled soles before we started to clean up. We both got dressed, but when
it came time for her to put her shoes on, I grabbed them and told her I
needed them for evidence. She obliged me for the first time without a fight
and I took a final picture of her full body with her soles out in front of
her, wrinkled.

Trish: Well, that was interesting!

Gavin: Absolutely... Now's the part where we have to say goodbye.

Trish: Yeah, I know....but that was the most amazing sex I ever had! But I
guess it's for the better.

Gavin: Yeah, I guess so....

Trish: Hey! Can I sign one of the polaroids for you? I have a marker in my
glove compartment.

Gavin: Sure...but sign it on the white part so it doesn't wreck the picture.

Trish: Ok...

She signed it and I didn't even look at it until after she left. She waved
and blew me a kiss and said, "Well, I guess I'm driving barefoot!" I just
laughed and waved and watched her drive away. I looked at the picture she had
signed. It read, "I won't tell if you won't! Love, Trish Stratus". I smiled
to myself and got back in my car and drove back to the station.

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