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True Meaning Of Christmas
by mynamedoesntmatter

It was Christmas Eve in the PC as Billie and Peyton finished up their training for the year.

"Yes Billie, if we keep this up then we'll be on the main roster in time for Wrestlemania." Peyton cheered through a wide smile.

"I really hope we're there in time to win the first woman's royal rumble..." Billie replied, "and speaking of time, 8am for our gift giving tomorrow , see you there bestie."

As Billie walked away, Peyton smile faltered as she realised that in the midst of the present buying and cheer spreading, not to mention working on her career, she forgot to buy something special for someone special, her friend Billie Kay. As the panic set in Peyton ran to her car before speeding to the nearest mall but at half past six on Christmas Eve every shop that was open was sold out. After running around the mall for 2 whole hours, still wearing her sweat drenched clothing from training, Peyton finally gave up knowing that she couldn't get anything online to be delivered tomorrow, she went to her room disappointed in herself, the pain of not getting a gift for the other half of the Iconic duo was only worsened by the fact that as their careers progressed, their friendship did the same to a point where it had evolved past that into something more without them even mentioning it.

"It'll be alright," Peyton murmured to herself as she lay down on her bed after a shower, " Billie will be okay with this, and I'll get her a gift for New Years, it will all be fine." And with that thought Peyton drift off to a restless sleep.

* * *

Peyton awoke with a jolt, lacking that sense of resolve she had the night before.

"Billie will hate me," Peyton cried to herself, " We've be best friends for years and now I've forgotten about our tradition for her favourite time of the year. Oh god, I've ruined Christmas for her."

Peyton looked at her alarm clock and saw it was 7:45, Billie was only 15 minutes away. Peyton had 4 confidants in this world, Billie was the first, her parents were numbers 2 and 3 but Peyton was too embarrassed to tell a human soul about her horrendous mistake so withi them ruled out that just left her 10" friend in the bedside table.

Ashamed that during the holiday of joy and happiness she had to find joy in her dildo, Peyton timidly pulled open the drawer and grabbed her dildo and slowly pulled her her panties before shoving the pink plastic in her vagina. As Peyton gave in to the satisfaction, she took her top off and time flew past her as soon she could feel nothing pure pleasure.

As Billie stepped out her car and walked to the door of Peyton's apartment as she knocked on the door she was left unanswered as Peyton continued her business, so she used the key Peyton gave her and let herself in. As she called around the house Billie heard faint breaths, she followed them to Peyton's room and then opened the door giving everyone a shock.

"Peyton." Billie exclaimed.

"Billie." Cried out Peyton. Before Peyton could think of an explanation Billie interjected.

"How did you know?" Billie asked.

"Know what?" Peyton quizzed back.

"Peyton this is perfect!" Billie shouted ecstatically much to the surprise of the other woman. "For weeks, maybe even months, I've be trying to get closer to you, to take us to the next level and you feel the same way!"

Before Peyton could respond or protest Billie acted on her instincts and kissed Peyton while moving her hands down to Peyton's wet pussy where the dildo was still in place. Resuming the action Billie slowly maneuvered the dildo in and out of Peyton as Peyton's hands moved down towards Billie's leggings clad ass. Peyton slid a hand under the fabric before making Billie yelp with a quick squeeze.

"This is exactly what I imagined." Billie said as she stared into the eyes of Peyton.

"This is better than I could ever imagine." Peyton responded dreamily.

Billie slowly pulled the dildo before deepthroating the juice covered plastic, deliberately slurping the liquids as much as she could. Peyton used this to her advantage and she flipped them over so she was now on top. With cheeky look at Billie, Peyton slid under the Billie's oversized Christmas jumper. An astonished Billie nearly chocked on the dildo in her mouth as Peyton gently started licking Billie's nipples.

Spitting out the dildo the brunette cried "More Peyton more." And Peyton complied licking and sucking the right nipple as her left hand pinched and squeezed the left breast.

As Billie felt a wave of euphoria building inside her she cried "Make me cum, Peyton make me a little slut."

Upon hearing this request Peyton removed herself from the jumper, flipped Billie over and pulled down her leggings quicker than you could blink.

Grabbing the dildo from her friends hand Peyton shoved it up Billie's steaming, shaved twat, before spreading her friends soft but firm ass cheeks and giving Billie a rim job that topped all other Christmas presents combined. Licking along and across and poking her tongue in her more than a friend's asshole until Billie couldn't take it anymore. Billie groaned and moaned, continuously getting louder until she felt herself release a tidal wave of cum so big that even pushed the dildo out a little before it seeped out around the edges of her vagina.

With her work done Peyton joined her friends head on the pillow case but Billie was not one to be outdone at gift giving on Christmas so she dove down and started furiously lapping up her partners vagina, making sure not one bit inside or out had be left untouched, whilst she sneaked her right hand round to Peyton's rear and poked 3 fingers up Peyton's asshole.

Peyton couldn't withstand the feeling coming from both her holes and with a sound of sheer pleasure, she squirted all over her best friends face.

Billie put her head back on the pillow and Peyton pressed a long, tender kiss on her cream covered lips.

"Billie, I have a confession." Peyton said as she stared into her new lovers eyes.

"What's wrong Peyton." Billie responded.

"I forgot to get you anything for Christmas." Peyton told her.

"Don't worry Peyton, after all Christmas is about being with the people you love and there is no one I would rather be with than you." Billie replied. "Now come and have a shower with me, I promised I'd Skype my parents at midday and I don't want to show them what face looks like covered in your cum."

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