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Truly Dominant
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the taping of the May 5, 2006 edition of Smackdown, in MNM's
locker the beautiful Melina is pacing furiously in front on Joey Mercury
and Johnny Nitro, who are the reigning tag team champions who have lost 3
straights matches to Brian Kendrick and Paul London. Both men are dressed
only in their jean-like wrestling pants. Mercury sighs when Melina starts
shaking her head, "Melina, what's the big deal, we're still the Tag Champs...
those two have just gotten lucky, that's all..."

Melina stops pacing and turns to face Mercury, gritting her teeth as she
points at Mercury "Listen Joey! It's embarrassing to get beat three times in
a row...boy those pathetic little boys!" Melina yells slightly as she throws
her hands down, looking directly at both Nitro and Mercury "We're...NO!
YOU'RE…supposed to be the dominate tag team here on SmackDown!" Melina says
as she's dressed in a short jean skirts and a tan colored tank top that fits
her large chest nicely.

"Hey... relax Melina..." Nitro says with a cocky grin "We're the hottest team
on the scene... we got the gold... hell... we can just get DQ when we put the
belts on the line against them... and we'll still be the champs," Nitro licks
his lips, "And we'll still be the most dominate team in here on SmackDown!"

Mercury nods his head, "Yeah Melina... a DQ loss is still like a win so we
won't lose the belts..."

Melina places her hands on her round, smooth hips "That's not going to cut
it, Johnny...Joey!" Melina says with a bit of disgust in her voice as she
says both of their names. Melina shakes her head as she begins pacing back
and forth "It's pathetic...and embarrassing to be beat by those two..."
Melina pauses and stomps her feet on the floor "I don't know what they
are...but from no on, both of you better get your heads straight!"

"What's the big deal Melina.... as long as we're the champs, that's what
matters right?" Mercury asks.

Nitro shakes his head, "Man, Joey... you're going to make Melina unleash hell
on us with that line of thinking... weren't you paying attention?"

Mercury shrugs, "Hey, all I care about is that we're the champs..."

Melina shifts her head over to Mercury and glares at him as SmackDown's most
dominate Diva points at Mercury once again "You better care about being a
team...that's what we are! We're SmackDown's most dominating tag team, it's
about time you two quit losing!"

"Hey... I'm the one that has been carrying the team since we all hooked
up..." Mercury snaps back.

"Man... chill out..." Nitro says trying to calm Mercury down, "All we need is
to beat those two punks... then we'll laugh about all of this..."

Mercury raises an eyebrow, "Well... if we had some motivation to be dominate
like we did before..." Mercury trails off and shakes his head.

Melina raises her eyebrow as she looks at Mercury "And…what exactly do you
mean by that, JOEY!?" Melina says as she raises her voice with Joey's name.
Melina places her hands on her hips as she locks her eyes on Mercury after
hearing his comment.

Mercury stands up and places his hands on his own hips, "It means exactly
what it means... we don't have any motivation... aren't you supposed to be
the one that keeps us on top of our game?"

Nitro rolls his eyes, "Oh man, Joey... you better chill..."

Melina smirks as she laughs slightly "You want motivation? Just like before,

Mercury nods his head, "Yeah... why don't you do what you're supposed to...
for a change..." Nitro's jaw drops after hearing what Mercury just said to
Melina and is speechless.

Melina sneers a bit at Mercury, before hardening her eyes into a glare as she
looks at Mercury. "Fine!" Melina the snaps her fingers as she continues to
look at Mercury "Get your pants off!"

Mercury smirks, "It's about fucking time..." Mercury quickly unbuckles the
heavy belt he's wearing and unsnaps the buttons for his wrestling pants. He
then pushes his pants down his tanned legs and they fall towards his ankles.
Mercury steps out of them and stands in front of Melina naked, with his
eight-inch shaft hanging down between his legs that is slowly starting to
become erect.

Nitro shakes his head, "Joey... Melina is going to kill you right now... you
know that right?"

Mercury smirks, " Yeah... so what?"

Melina licks her lips a bit as she looks down at Mercury's cock, slowly
walking towards one-half of the studdly tag team duo of MNM. Melina grits her
teeth as she comes face to face with Mercury "You want motivation? Then it
will be motivation you get!" Melina slightly yells as she places her hands
firmly on Mercury's muscular bare chest and pushes him onto the couch, making
him sit down. Once Mercury is sitting on the couch, the dominating Diva drops
down onto her knees in front of Mercury.

Mercury smirks at Melina, "Yeah you just do what you have to..." Mercury
licks his lips as he watches Melina size him up before she tightly grips his
cock with her right hand.

Nitro looks at Melina and licks his lips slightly, always loving how
dominating Melina can be if she was pushed the wrong way. "Hey Melina... you
mind if I get down and naked too?"

Mercury looks at him and frowns, "Shit Johnny... man always trying to get in
on my action..."

Nitro raises an eyebrow, "What the fuck is with you... man I hope Melina
corrects your fucking attitude right now so we can start winning again..."

Melina turns her head and looks at Nitro with a smirk "Johnny..." Melina says
in a somewhat soft tone as she starts to dominate Mercury's shaft with her
right hand as she moves her hand extremely slow on his shaft, making his cock
grind against the palm of her right hand as she uses her tightened grip to
her advantage, and Mercury's disadvantage.

With Melina just saying his name, Nitro stands up and starts to unbuckle
his belt so he can then unbutton his wrestling pants, which he takes off,
revealing his excellently built body and his thick eleven inch cock. Nitro
moves towards Melina and kneels behind her followed by starting to lift up
her tan-colored tank top. Mercury grunts as Melina pumps his cock at a
painfully slow rate. "Fuck Johnny... she's got you whipped..."

Melina slowly turns her head back and looks at Nitro with a raised eyebrow
"Excuse me?" Melina says as she removes her right hand from Mercury's cock
and turns around completely on her knees to look at Nitro as he was kneeled
down behind her "What do you think you're doing!?" Melina asks with a snap
in her voice.

Nitro stops what he's doing, letting her tank top fall back down and holds
his hands up, "Ummm Just... trying to anticipate what you wanted me to do..."
He says with a cheesy smile.

Melina narrows her eyes at Nitro "Did I tell you to do anything!?" Melina
yells "I don't think go sits down on that couch and don't do a damn
thing until I tell you to, got it Johnny!?" Melina says in a dominating tone
as she turns herself back to face Mercury "Just watch me, blow Joey...think
you can do that!?" Melina says in a dominating, snotty tone as she grips
Mercury's cock once again with her dominating, yet soft hands.

"Yeah... sure thing..." Johnny smiles a bit as he hides a look of relief on
his face. He stands up and moves to sit back on the couch next to Mercury.

Mercury puts his hands behind his head, "Come on Melina... I'm waiting to be
motivated..." Melina looks up at Mercury with a smirk on her face, before she
flips her wavy, dark hair back as she brings her head into Mercury's cock.
Melina opens her warm, dominating mouth and takes Mercury into her mouth. She
wraps her lips around Mercury's cock tightly and starts to swiftly bob her
head at a quick, tightened rate.

"Mmmmm yeah... motivate me..." Mercury laughs as he moans. He straightens
both of his legs out on either sides of Melina so he can slouch down on the
couch. Mercury licks his lips as he watches Melina attack his stiff cock with
her overpowering mouth, "Yeah... that's it...." Melina shifts her eyes brown
eyes up and locks them with Mercury's eyes as she bobs her head smoothly on
his cock. Melina places her left hand on the lower portion of Mercury's shaft
and starts to twist her mouth on the head of Mercury's cock, causing both
pain and pleasure as she presses her dominating teeth against the bottom of
Mercury's cock-head.

"Mmmm yeah.... shit... Melina... yeah... you know how to work it..." Mercury
moans as he grits his teeth slightly in pain and closes his eyes, breaking
eye contact with the self-proclaimed most dominating diva in the WWE. He
brings his hands from behind his head and places his right arm on the couch's
right armrest while he places his left hand on his left leg. Nitro smirks a
bit as he watches Melina continue her oral onslaught on Mercury's eight-inch
rod. Melina opens her warm mouth a bit wider as she takes Mercury's stiff
cock deeper into her dominating mouth and she begins to slap and whip her
tongue against the sides of Mercury's shaft. The dominating Diva moans
against Mercury's shaft as she places her teeth against his shaft and starts
to graze her teeth against his shaft with her head bobs. Mercury's eyes fly
open when he feels Melina starting to almost bite down on his cock in between
bobbing her head up and down on his cock, "Hey... watch those teeth...."
Mercury actually snaps at Melina as he closes his left hand slightly.

Melina quickly jerks her head up from Mercury's cock, causing her teeth to
sharply graze against his cock as she lifts her head up. Melina locks her
eyes and then narrows them into a glare as she points at Mercury "Watch your
tone!" Melina says in a commanding and dominating tone as she holds onto his
shaft with her left hand and gradually begins to stand up.

Mercury's eyes narrow a bit in pain as Melina squeezes his cock so tightly
that he gets the urge to stand up some to relive the pain, which he does.
"Christ... you don't have to be... a total bitch about motivating me..."
Nitro shakes his head, as he can't believe what Mercury just said to Melina.

Melina smirks and laughs a bit as she looks into Mercury's eyes as the
two are face to face "I'm a bitch, huh?" Melina says as she reaches behind
Mercury's head and pulls on his long hair.

"Hey!" Mercury yells in Melina's face after she yanks hard on his long
flowing hair. He raises his hands and pushes her back, causing her to pull
some of his hair out by the roots. "What the fuck is with you?!"

Nitro leans back on the couch, "Joey... you asked her to be like that man...
live with it..."

Melina smirks a bit "Joey...I suggest you sit back down…ok?" Melina asks in
a surprisingly pleasant tone as she releases the hold she has on Mercury's
hair. Melina looks at Nitro with a smirk " ready for some fun?"

Johnny nods his head, "Yeah I am Melina..." Johnny smiles which causes Joey
to raise an eyebrow.

"Ok... why the fuck are you treating me like shit and you're talking all nice
to him?!" He asks in a raised tone as he doesn't sit down, but he does fold
his arms.

Melina turns her head back to Melina and grits her teeth "Joey...sit...
the fuck...down!" Melina yells as she gets right into his face as he feels
Melina's warm breath against his muscular chest.

Mercury rolls his eyes, "Fine..." Mercury sits down and mumbles under his
breath, "You stuck up bitch..."

Nitro frowns a little, "Damn it Joey... man you got a real attitude

Melina smirks as she stands in front of Mercury, hikes up her skirt revealing
her cleanly shaved pussy, she bends slightly, placing her hands on Mercury's
strong shoulders as she straddles his lap as he sits on the couch. Melina
tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she lowers her body down on to
Mercury's cock that's pointing straight up "Mmmm...Joey..." Melina groans as
she feels his cock come in contact with her pussy. Melina starts to rocks
back and forth on his cock as the dominating Diva from SmackDown opens her
warm mouth as her turns her head to Nitro.

Mercury licks his lips and moans as he places his hands on both sides of
Melina's gorgeous waist. "Mmmm fuck yeah..." Mercury groans as he begins to
thrust up into Melina's warm tight pussy. Nitro stands up on the couch, and
places a hand on the wall to keep his balance. He grips his cock with his
free hand and guides it towards Melina's open, waiting mouth. Melina lets
out a moan of delight as she feels Nitro's cock enter her warm mouth, she
responds by tightly wrapping her lips around his shaft and starts bob her
head along the length of his cock, sucking him at a decent, less dominating
rate as she was with Mercury. Melina bucks her hips slightly as she starts
to bounce quicker as she rocks back on Mercury's cock, causing skin to smack
against skin.

"Ohhh yeah.... Melina..." Nitro closes his eyes and lightly moves his hips
back and forth, gently pushing his fat 11-inch cock between Melina's soft
slightly pouty lips.

Mercury meanwhile is thrusting his cock up into Melina's pussy at a fairly
frantic rate, "Uhhhh mmmm... yeah... Melina... you like that cock in your
pussy..." Mercury grunts as he leans his head back against the couch.
Melina's dominating, sexy body bounces quickly and sharply on Mercury's cock
due to his thrusts and her own momentum of bouncing on his cock. As Melina
continues to bob her head along Nitro's cock, sucking him off, as she starts
to quicken her head moments and tighten the grip of her pouty, dominating
lips. Moans and groans vibrate and bounce off of Nitro's shaft as she starts
to lap her tongue and saliva around his cock.

Nitro tilts his head back and uses his left hand to flip back Melina's
wavy hair so it's not hanging over her face. "Uhhhhh.... mmm... Melina...
you're... the best... most dominating...." Nitro moans as he leans towards
the wall behind the couch to keep himself from falling over. Mercury,
meanwhile, has moved his hands from Melina's skirt covered waist and slides
them underneath Melina's tan-colored top to firmly squeeze her tits as she
continually comes crashing down on his dick.

Melina slowly pulls her head away from Nitro's cock and she watches a string
of her warm saliva drip off of his cock. Melina smirks a bit and then grits
her teeth as her pussy and body comes slamming down on Mercury's cock.
"Ohhhhh're being a good boy..." Melina groans as he places
his hands down on Melina's hips, holding her down on his cock as he starts to
powerfully and quickly drive his cock into her sweet, tight pussy "Ohhhhhh...
awwww...fuck...Joey!" Melina grunts as she starts to sweat.

Sweat rolls down Mercury's face, arms and chest as he starts to push himself
towards the front of the couch. "Yeah... you like getting that... good...
hard cock of mine..." Mercury grunts as he continues to violently thrusts his
shaft up into her pussy even he starts to lean Melina backward so her hair is
hanging down towards the floor.

Melina grits her teeth "Mmmm...ohhh...Joey...Johnny...I...want you both!"
SmackDown's most dominate Diva commands as sweat rolls off of her tan colored
body, while Mercury continues to piston his cock into her pussy.

Mercury smirks, "I bet you do... you slut..." Mercury says as he pushes
Melina off of his cock and down to the floor.

Not wanting Melina to change moods over Mercury's comment, Nitro jumps off of
the couch and pulls Melina's jean skirt down and off her beautiful legs. He
spreads Melina's legs and plows his huge 11-inch cock into her tight pussy.
"Uhhh damn... Melina... you're fucking... great..." Nitro grunt as he begins
to fuck her with swift thrusts.

"Hey asshole... she wanted us both... roll the fuck over..." Mercury says as
he pushes Melina and Nitro over so Nitro is on the bottom of SmackDown's Most
Dominate diva. Mercury kneels behind her and sticks his eight-inch cock into
her tight asshole. Melina grits her teeth as she places her hands down on
Nitro's muscular chest as she starts to quickly bounce on the cock of the one
she tends to favor more. Melina licks her lips as she sweat rolls down her
beautiful face, while her body jolts forward due to Mercury's cunning, quick
thrusts to her tight asshole.

Mercury grits his teeth as he grips Melina's hips as he rapidly thrusts his
shaft into her tight asshole, "Yeah... I'm... gonna... show you... how... I
like to be motivated!" Mercury yells, completely unaware of the smirk on
Melina's face when she realizes his fucking her ass with everything he's
got. Nitro, on the other hand, has his hands on Melina's shoulder, and is
thrusting up into her at the exact same rate she's bouncing on his shaft.
Melina laughs a little as she firmly plants her hands on Nitro's chest and
suddenly thrusts her body backwards against Mercury's cock inside of her
asshole, catching the studdly Mercury by surprise.

"What... the fuck!" Mercury yells in surprise for when Melina slammed herself
backward against him, it forces his throbbing cock out of her asshole. "Why
the fuck did you do that!?" He yells in a bit of anger. Nitro tries to ignore
Mercury's outburst by placing his hands on Melina's hips to help her bounce
continuously up and down on his impressive thick dick.

Melina looks back over her shoulder with a smirk as she bounces on the cock
of the ultra-hot, Johnny Nitro "What?" Melina asks with a laugh and moans as
she starts to bounce on her own accord on Nitro's stiff cock "Ohhhh awww
Johnny! Ohhh yess Johnny!" Melina screams as she wildly bounces on his cock,
with sweat flying off of her body.

"I don't... believe... this... you're... riding him... and you pushed me out
of your fat ass..." Mercury folds his arms and glares at both Melina and

Nitro looks at Mercury, "Man.... Uhhhh... take... a fucking... pill... or
something..." Nitro then rolls over with Melina so he's on top of the
extremely sexy diva once more, and resumes pumping his shaft into her pussy.

Melina wraps her smooth, tanned colored legs around Nitro's waist as she
grabs a hold of Nitro's strong arms with both of her hands and starts to
grind her pussy against his cock "Ohhhh ahhhh give it to me Johnny...ohhh...
fuck yesss ohhhh fuck yesss!" Melina screams wildly as Nitro drills her wet,
warm pussy.

As sweat drips off of his hot body onto Melina, "Uhhh...ohhh... ahhhh shit...
I'm gonna give it too... ya... Melina fuck yea!" Nitro arches his back as he
gives several sharp swift thrusts in succession to Melina's tight wet pussy.
"Ohhhh... damn yeah!" Nitro groans as he starts to climax, shooting several
spurts of his hot cum into her wet pussy.

Melina grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she feels the load of
Nitro's cum suddenly rush into her pussy. Melina licks her lips as she sweat
drips off of her body "Mmmmm... Johnny... ohhh yess..."

Nitro continues to thrust his cock as hard as he can into Melina's pussy,
"Uhhh... damn... Melina... you're... so dominating..." Nitro groans.

Mercury glares at them both of them, but he then smirks, "Ok... now it's my
turn again..." He says to Melina as Nitro pulls out of Melina's cum filled

Melina looks up at Mercury with a smirk as she sits up closing her smooth,
silky legs as she hides her cum oozing pussy from Mercury "Yes Joey?"

"It's my fucking turn now... get me off..." Mercury says as he walks towards
Melina and stands right in front of her, with his throbbing cock pointing
right at her.

Melina smirks and shakes her head "Nope..." Melina says as she sits up onto
her knees before lifting herself off of the floor and stands up.

"Nope?" Mercury raises an eyebrow, "What the fuck do you mean by nope?" He
raises his voice as Nitro stands up and stands behind Melina.

Melina smirks as she folds her arms over her large chest "When you start
picking up the slack you've been giving to MNM....then...I'll get you off.."

"Awww... that's fucking bullshit! I'm the glue of this fucking team!" Mercury
yells at her in frustration.

Nitro smirks a little, as he places his hands on Melina's shoulders, "Man
Joey... you're not the glue... Melina is... cause she's truly dominate..."

Melina tilts her head back and laughs, before she looks at Mercury and points
her finger at him "And you better not cost MNM the titles against London and
Kendrick!" Melina says with a snap as she looks back at Nitro and smirks
"Johnny...lets go....clean off..." Melina says with a wink as she licks her

"That sounds great..." Nitro licks his lips before he starts to follow Melina
towards the shower area of the locker room.

Mercury's mouth is hanging open as he watches them walk away, "I'll show you
too... I'm the glue of this team... I'm the one who got us here... I'm the
reason we've been on top this long!" Nitro strops right behind Melina when
she comes to a sudden stop after hearing Mercury's comments.

Melina smirks and looks back at Mercury "We'll...just see about that..."


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