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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Twats The Night Of Em-Mas
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Nikki Bella appears on the screen sitting in front of a Christmas tree with a book in her hand. She smiles as the camera as she opens the book, glances down and begins to read.

'Twas the Christmas season and it was quite clear... that for Emma, 2016 was not a good year

It began with such promise and hope, teaming with Dana Brooke before Charlotte treated her like a dope

An injury put Emma on the shelf, making her miss the rest of the year, so I had came up with plan to give her some holiday cheer

With my man John missing Tribute to the Troops this December, I knew he was the perfect guy to give Emma a night to remember

So when you next see Emma smiling with glee, just remember she got to fuck my man, as an early Christmas present from me...'

* * *

The scene fades in, revealing the front door of John Cena's home, with a date reading December 13, 2016 appearing in a caption. The door bell rings and after a few moments, Cena comes down the stairs and opens it, raising an eyebrow and smiling when he sees Emma wearing the 2016 'John Cena Ugly Christmas Sweater', "Hey Emma... what brings you by..." Cena asks as he lets the Australian beauty into his home.

"Oh... a lot really, you know how I spent all of last year rebuilding my career only to get hurt this year when things were finally going my way?" Emma asks.

"Yeah, set backs caused by an injury can be a bitch, just ask Nikki..." Cena says with an understanding nod

"Well I kinda did..." Emma says with a bit of a grin, "And she kind of implied..."

"That since its the holiday season, a good way to end a bad year is with a good fuck..." Cena says with a chuckle.

"How do you know?" Emma asks with bit a laugh.

"I know how she thinks... plus..." Cena reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out his phone, and then activates the SMS function to bring up some of the text messages Nikki has sent, "She kind of made it clear that you were stopping by since I was not going to be at this years Tribute To The Troops..."

"Oh... so much for that surprise..." Emma laughs, "Which makes this awkward as all hell..."

"Yeah... it is," Cena says with a chuckle, "But since you're being re-branded Emmalina, I can understand wanting to close one chapter of your career on a high note..."

"And fucking the top guy in the WWE is one way to do that... besides this was all Nikki's idea so... waste not want not..." Emma licks her lips as she noticeably glances down at Cena's crotch as the scene blurs from view.

With the first transition, the sight of Cena's bedroom is shown, with Nikki Bella's boyfriend sitting on the bed while Emma gets comfortable on her knees between this legs, marveling at his large, meaty cock, "Now that's a yule log..." Emma says with a grin as she places her right hand on Cena's shaft and begins to stroke it at a nice an easy pace, feeling it tense in her grasp while she lays her left hand on his left leg. Emma licks her teeth as she strokes his dick, and glances up at Cena before she parts her lips. Leaning her head forward, she takes over half of his manhood into her mouth before she presses her lips around it. "Mmmmm..." Emma moans as she savors of the tastes of Cena's shaft followed shortly by her starting to bob her head, at first with a slow deliberate pace, but gradually she increases her momentum.

"Ahhhh fuck...' Cena groans as he places both hands behind himself on the bed as he watches Emma's head go up and down on his cock while feeling her tongue move against the bottom side of his dick. He grins as the gorgeous blond uses her left hand to push her hair back making sure her face is not at all covered as she sucks and slurps on his pole.

"Mmmmmm... mmmm..." Emma moans as she turns her head from side to side, grinding her lips around his cock while looking up at him as often as possible. She moves her hands to place both of his waist as she lowers her head even further than before, working on deep throating every single inch of his rock hard dick. Cena groans loudly in response to Emma's oral efforts as she manages to get her face down towards his crotch, with his dick buried deep inside of her mouth. "Mmm! GAH! GAHH!" Emma gags noticeably, and saliva bursts out of the edges of her lips, but she keeps her head down for several long moments before she starts to lift her head up.

The scene then transitions to show Emma seated on the bed with Cena between her legs as he laps his tongue against her moist and warm pussy, "Ohhh... mmmm fuck... ahhhh..." Emma moans as she raises her left leg up onto Cena's left shoulder while feeling his tongue moving up and down against her soft pussy lips. She leans her head back and closes her eyes as each movement of his tongue, causes her to eagerly squirm on the bed to push her twat against his mouth.

"Mmmmm..." Cena moans as he continues to lap his tongue against her pussy before pressing his mouth against her cunt and invading her wet hole with his tongue. Emma bucks forward, pushing herself against his face as he starts to dart his tongue in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

"Ohhhhh ohhhh shit... ahhh fuck..." Emma moans as she throws herself backward on the bed and arches her back up as she feels Cena's tongue moving around inside of her snatch. She pulls on her gorgeous blond hair and licks her teeth as she keeps her hips moving, pushing her twat all over his face, but none of it disrupts him as Cena works his tongue against the interior of Emma's Australian snatch.

With the next scene changeover, Cena is shown laying on the bed, with Emma mounted on top of him, her pusys stuffed with his huge cock while she slides her hands against his muscular chest. "Ohhhh... ohhhh fuck... ahhh... mmm..." Emma moans as she rocks back and forth on Cena's cock, grinding herself on his massive shaft while he raises his hands to cup and play with her tits. Emma nods approvingly as she feels his strong hands groping her breasts before she starts to bounce up and down on his rock hard cock. "Ahhh ohhh fuck... ahhh... ohhh such a big fucking cock!" Emma moans as she lifts and lowers herself on his cock at her own pace, with her ass lightly smacking down against his thighs each time she drops downward.

"Ahhhh shit..." Cena groans as he moves his hands from Emma's tits down to her waist and begins to thrust his cock upward into her twat, causing her to collapse on top of him from his sudden action. Cena grins up at Emma as she is nose to nose with him as he pump his massive tool vertically into her snatch. Emma places her hands on Cena's shoulders, lifting her upper body slightly but keeps her head right above his, locking eyes with him as she rocks her hips to keep her pussy moving against his dick.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh fuck! Ohhh yeah! Ohhh hsit mmmmm fuck! Fuck!" Emma gasps and moans whorishly as she bounces her pussy up and down on Cena's upward pistoning fuck-stick, feeling firmly being driven up into the deepest parts of her love hole. Emma tilts her head a bit to the right and lowers her face to where she can flick her tongue against his firm lips, which causes Cena to part his own in order to slap his tongue against hers. Cena shifts his hands to grab Emma's ass, squeezing her backside as she feverishly rides his cock as they tongue wrestle, giving Emma a true highlight for a year that was less that memorable for her.

The scene shifts again, this time showing Emma on her hands and knees, gripping the covers of the bed while Cena is behind her, holding her ass cheeks apart as he pumps his cock in and out of her tight asshole. "OHHH! OHHHH! FUCK! AHH! OHHHH!" Emma screams with joy as Cena plunges his cock deeply into her ass, each of his thrusts resulting in his balls crashing against the crack of her ass thanks to him holding her backside cheeks open. She eagerly rocks back and forth on her hands and knees, pushing her ass back against Cena's pole to try and get it deeper into her asshole.

"Mmmmm ahhh... ahhh..." Cena grunts as he rocks his hips back and forth, driving his dick forward into Emma's tight anal passage. Despite the impressive amount of force he was already using, Cena moves his hands to Emma's waist and starts to perform a series of body trembling thrusts, slamming his cock forcefully into the depths of Emma's ass with so much force that it takes every ounce of strength that Emma has to keep herself on all fours. Cena's hips slam against Emma's backside as he hammers her ass, causing Emma to throw her head back violently.

"OHHH GOD! OHHH FUCK YES! OHH GOD YES! OHHHH!" Emma squeals as she manages to withstand every one of Cena's thrusts that he is normally giving to Nikki Bella, but on this night it's she who is on the receiving end. Emma turns her head to look back at Cena, her eyes filled with lustful joy as Cena is clearly in the holiday spirit of giving her a seemingly endless series of thrust, his cock constantly partially exiting and fully invading her asshole. Cena's heavy balls bounce against Emma's juicy backside, giving her an obvious but unnecessary reminder of just how deep she is taking his cock in her ass. The force that he is using is more than impressive at this point, pushing Emma over the climatic edge, "AHHHH AHHH FUCK! FUCK AHHH OHH AHHH!" Emma pants and moans as her body trembles as she begins soon begins to cum.

The scene has one last transition, showing Emma kneeling on the bed as Cena stands on the mattress stroking his heavily throbbing cock. She tilts her head back, opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue just second before he begins to blow his load all over her face. Several streams of cum splash on Emma's cheeks with some reaching as far as her forehead, but with near perfect aim, Cena launches several wads of jizz right onto Emma's tongue and inside of her of her open mouth. Once Cena is spent, Emma closes her mouth to swallow some of his cum, before smiling up at him as the scene fades from view.

* * *

Nikki Bella appears on the screen, still sitting in front of the Christmas tree with the book she was reading to the viewers

'With John's spunk on her face, Emma said whorishly, Oh what a night.... Merry Em-Mas to all... and to all a good night..."


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