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Twist Of Fate
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Matt speeds along the halls of the Pepsi Center, having eagerly
anticipated this moment. He had rushed through his match during RAW is WAR,
rushed through his post-match discussion with Vince McMahon involving the
infamous "Hardy Breakup" that the entire world sees coming, and didn't even
bother changing. But it didn't matter much to him. As he approaches his
locker room door, he knows what is waiting behind the door: Lita.

Contrary to belief, Matt Hardy and Lita weren't a couple like their
current angle suggested. In fact, the two never went on a date. However, as
their off-camera relationship blossomed, it was revealed that while the two
never cared to date, their unhindered involvement in sexual activities
flourished backstage. As television programs came to an end, Matt and Lita
would separately retire to the Hardy Boyz locker room, under the
interpretation that not a single individual, especially Jeff Hardy, would not
be there. At times, the plan was disrupted. At times, Jeff would not tolerate
Matt's promises to bring his gear to him, then arrive two hours later.
Luckily, Jeff had an early plane to catch and fled from the arena. It was
Matt, Lita, and a couple of ring crew members remaining in the arena.

Matt knocks on the door. Immediately thereafter, he removes his shirt and
leather belt and tosses them aside, completely unwilling to wait for his
red-haired lover to do so. He stands at the door: jeans unbuttoned, bare
chested, and quite impatient. His knock had either occurred some time ago,
or Matt was quick to undress. Either way, the anticipation was absolutely
killing his insides. As the door swings open, Matt's woes are abolished.
Lita, decked in baby blue wind pants and a black sports bra, charges her
unrequited love. She leaps into his arms, wrapping her gorgeous legs around
his middle. Instantly, her crimson lips decorate his body, sliding from his
chest to his mouth.

Matt places his hands on Lita's soft bottom, supporting her as the two
exchange a deep kiss. He carries his wild love into the room, kicking the
door closed with a swift manuver of his leg. Their tongues continue to mingle
as Matt takes a seat, straddling Lita over his waist. Lita lifts her head to
retrieve oxygen, glaring into Matt's eager eyes. She kisses his chest gently,
massaging his chest hair with her delicate hands. Responding, Matt glides his
hands down her back, stroking her magnificent backside, obviously encased in
a thong that he desired to explore.

"You're actin' like you haven't seen me in months," Matt remarks.

"I feel like I haven't," she responds, kissing his chest.

Matt wraps his index fingers around the waistband of Lita's wind pants
and pushes them to mid-thigh, exposing her black thong.

"Wait," she commands, rising up. "There's something I forgot to tell you."

"You're a man," Matt jokes, folding his arms.

"No, I invited someone else to join the fray," she retorts, pulling her
pants to around her waist. "She's a friend of mine and hasn't had much luck
with men. I figured that she could learn from the best, and besides, we need
to spice things up if this is going to work."

"Who is it?" he asks, crossing his arms.

"Molly," she replies, strutting toward the door.

"Holly?" he asks.

"Indeed," the red-head responds, opening the door. As if on cue, Molly
Holly steps into the door frame, her arms folded across her middle.

"What's up, Moll?" Lita greets, hugging her friend. Molly's arms remain
stationary as a look of concern fills her face. "What's wrong, Molly?"

"Nothing," she quickly responds. "Well, I'm just nervous. I've never
watched. I feel like I'm intruding on something."

"No," Lita assures her, "don't feel that way. I don't mind... and neither
does Matt."

Matt wants to respond, but cannot. He is intrigued with the idea,
especially having Molly Holly there. He has desired her since her arrival at
the federation, but schedule conflicts have prevented their relationship. On
the contrary, he had not been allowed time to visit Lita in a long while, and
wishes to be alone. However, he remains quiet, understanding that Lita's hard
work and effort went into the entire ordeal, and he would not want to anger
or upset her.

"Dear," Lita starts, leading Molly into the room, "sit here." She pushes
the blonde into a chair, positioned in front of the couch. "Matt and I will
be right on this couch. Do whatever is comfortable to you. If you join us,
that's fine. If not, that's fine. I'm not rushing you."

Lita plants a small kiss on Molly's forehead, as though she were a child,
and returns to the eagerly patient Hardy.

"Where were we?" she asks, straddling Matt's middle.

Lita leans in, kissing Matt full on the mouth. For weeks, he had longed
for the taste of her tongue once more. She kissed like an expert, as was
apparent. Delicately, Lita slithers her tongue passed Matt's lips,
penetrating into his mouth. She loved to dominate their kissing, as well as
their love making, and Matt was hardly bothered. In fact, he felt certain
intrigue toward dominating women. As he sucked-face with Lita, he pondered
about Molly's preference. Was she the quiet, girl next door or was her
innocence a mask?

Lita breaks from the lip-lock and stares into her lover's eyes. Normally,
he wouldn't be able to concentrate on other matters with her straddled over
his middle, but it was different. Matt returns the glance, but without equal
lust. Secretly, out the corner of his eye, he stares blankly at Molly. She
sits slumped in the chair, her legs spread. He observes her hand slowly
endeavoring toward the rim of her spandex pants, then quickly retracting.

"If I want to know what she's like," he thinks to himself, "I have to
force it out of her."

Matt transforms to a sex-craving individual. He peels down the straps of
Lita's sports bra, exposing her rounded breasts and perky nipples. He forces
the two breasts together and buries his tongue between them. Slowly, he moves
his tongue around, swirling along the sides of Lita's tits. He slithers his
tongue to the front of the rounded mammories, focusing on Lita's magnificent
nipples. He licks each nipple briefly, taunting his red-headed lover. Lita
throws her red hair back in excitement, releasing a low moan. Through the
midst of Lita's flowing hair, Matt can see Molly Holly slipping her hand
beneath the waistband of her pants, slowly massaging the front of her panties
(or lack thereof).

"I think it's my turn," Lita cries out, slipping to the floor.

On her knees, Lita feels right at home. She furiously digs at Matt's
jeans, tugging them to the ground. She gazes at his package, clearly visible
through the tent in his linen boxer shorts, with anticipation in her pupils.
She had not had a good cock in her, or seen one, for that matter, in quite a
long time. Eagerly, she peels down his boxers and frees his erect manhood,
standing at its full height. It wasn't the big piece she had ever had, but
Matt certainly knew how to use it. Lita's ruby lips part, trapping the piece
inside her hot mouth. Her hands wander down her back, removing her wind pants
and revealing her black thong.

Molly shifts positions, obviously intrigued. She ganders at Lita's
backside, encased in a thong, and smiles. She had watched Lita change
completely before, but for some reason, the sight of her in her underwear
made her fingers work at a more vigorous pace. Molly throws back in her head
and releases a heavy moan, on the verge of an orgasm.

Lita, meanwhile, continues to suck on Matt's tool, her hands planted on
its base. She works her jaw vertically at a steady pace, licking the
meatstick gingerly.

"Oh yeah... Amy... that's great," he calls out, throwing his head back.

Shaken, Molly stands on her feet, obviously the victim of a violent
orgasm. She strips of her spandex pants and top, leaving a cotton bra and
matching panties. Eyes still focused on Lita's firm backside, the blonde
approaches from behind. She crawls beneath the squatted Lita, her tongue
administered. She peels Lita's thong down and buries her tongue into her
awaiting pussy.

"Ooh!" Lita coos, removing her lips from around Matt's stick.

Molly's hands travel along Lita's exposed backside as she works. Her
index finger buggers the red-head's cute asshole, bringing out another slight
coo. Furiously, Molly works her finger in and out of Lita's hole, surprising
and arousing the red-head deeply. As a result, Lita removes her lips from
Matt's piece to moan aloud, but still keeps a firm hold on the base.
Robustly, she strokes it, running her firm fingers along the length of the
prick. Matt's balls tighten, on the verge of release. He knew Lita gave great
blowjobs, but her hand jobs were a stoke of genius.

"Jesus, Lita!" he cries out, planting his hands firmly on the couch's

"Bring it on!" she shouts, opening her mouth invitingly.

Matt obliges, firing the brunt of load into her hot, awaiting mouth. Lita,
like an expert, catches the semen and swallows it down without a hitch. Then,
as if she were a child, Lita smiles, seductively wiping her crimson lips.
Behind her, Molly continues to furiously unload the majority of her sexual
desires, lapping at her damp pussy while fingering her tight asshole. Matt
lies back in shock, watching Molly Holly seemingly control Lita's actions.

"OH!" Lita screams out, shutting her eyes. Slowly, she rocks back and
forth, grinding into Molly's innocent-looking face.

"Harder bitch!" Molly hollers, wrapping her petite arms around Lita's
mid-section. Almost with ease, she pulls Lita into a faster pace, nearly
dismounting the perplexed red-head.

Matt leans forward, resting his chin on his arched arm. He seems worried,
unsure whether or not Lita can handle Molly's sexual rage. At the same time,
however, he is intrigued, wondering what sparked the blonde's breaking point.
Despite his contrast of feelings, the startled Hardy strokes his cock,
bringing it to its full ridge. He wants to intervene, but actually fears
being severely dominated at the hands of a much smaller Molly Holly.

"Yes! Yes!" Lita cries out, finally attached to her swift pace. Her grinds
become enlaced with spite, as if she were competition with Molly Holly.
Nevertheless, the blonde retains her dominance.

Molly continues to penetrate the red-head with her curved tongue,
retracting her hands to focus on a solo task, demonstrating Lita's prowess.
It's obvious that the blonde underestimated Lita's abilities, but,
nonetheless, loves the challenge. Lita's once heavy grinds turn to steady
bounces, impaling herself on Molly's sharp and stable muscle. As she jolts,
Lita's shapely bottom collides with Molly's bra-laden breasts, dispatching
ripples throughout their skin and an overwhelming amount of pleasure for
Matt, who watches idly. He continues to stroke his tool, hungrily licking his
lips as his girlfriend is forced to orgasm.

"YES! YES!" Lita cries, jolting her head back in a final moan of pleasure.
She shuts her eyes and slowly runs her hands down her body, caressing each
inch of her delicate frame.

Beneath Lita, Molly fervently laps at the red-head's liberated juices,
licking her clean. Matt gasps. Never had he bare witnessed to a woman being
licked clean quite so perfectly, or so fast. He had would have guessed that
Molly Holly would be the one to do it, either. Truly, her innocence was an
act. Deep down, Molly was a sex-craved individual and certainly knew her way
around the bedroom. Still, it was questionable to Matt. He wanted to feel
the young girl's dominance for himself.

"It's time for a little male dominance," Matt announces, rising to his
feet. As Lita cowers to the couch, Matt steps in.

Molly lies on the floor, her tongue still catching the last remains of
Lita's release. Matt does not allow the blonde a chance for control. He
seizes the moment, forcing Molly's legs apart and removing her white cotton
panties. He stares in awe at the girl's opening; perfectly shaved, blonde,
and begging for attention. It didn't appear to be used much, if at all, but
Matt knew that would change in a matter of moments. Matt presses his dick
against Molly's lips, preparing for penetration. Molly reaches between her
legs and caresses the tool, sizing it up. Suddenly, Matt thrusts forward,
bypassing Molly's grip and easing into her opening. Overwhelmed, the WWF Diva
releases a heavy moan, almost screaming at the top of her lungs.

"OH, MATT!" Molly hollers, brining her hands to above her head. She holds
onto the edge of the couch, glancing down at Matt's crafty work.

Again, as she did with Lita, Molly tries to gain dominance. The couch as
her base, Molly thrusts forward, pushing her firm backside against Matt's
scrotum at an unbelievable pace. Molly's lips morph to an aggressive snarl.
Despite her controlling intentions, Matt is able to not only match her fierce
pace, but conquer it. He retaliates with his own dominating thrusts, wrapping
his hands beneath Molly's backside. He lifts the petite blonde from the
ground and slam-fucks her at a more intense pace, somehow able to maintain
balance on his knees. Molly's slender legs wrap around Matt's pivoting hips
as he fucks her, satisfying her sexual lust. Her lips slowly return to a
sultry smile, completely relieved of her sexual frustration. Matt hammers
several more thrusts into his smaller lover before lowering her back to the
floor and removing his piece.

"Lay back," Lita commands, rising from the couch. Matt can merely utter
before she pushes to the floor.

Matt, desperately wanting his own time with Lita, complies to her
dominating commands. He lies back, hands cupped around the back of his hand.
His prick stands at attention. Lita hovers over her fallen boyfriend,
flashing him a seductive glance as she stands above his member. She squats
over the tip, letting the purple head sink into her moist cunt. Slowly, she
eases herself down, resting the palms of her hands on Matt's thighs. Her
labial lips adjust to the thickness of Matt's tool. Having minimal time for
sexual activities with him, Lita was a bit overlooking of the size of Matt's

"Oooş yes!" she moans aloud, raising herself slightly. Her lips clench
around Matt's stick with a vice-like grip as she bounces, enjoying each feel
of his long overdue penetration.

As Lita rides herself to another orgasm, Molly climbs to her feet, visibly
shaken. Her experience with Matt Hardy nearly knocked her unconscious, but
the self-proclaimed Holly cousin would not let him discourage her. She slips
her arms through both her bra straps and removes the article of clothing
supporting her breasts. Instantly, her young, natural breasts bounce in newly
found freedom and bliss. Lita, a tad glassy-eyed from Matt's deep
penetration, notices Molly's top-less state and motions her over. She obliges
swiftly, dropping her knees in front of the swaying red-head. Lita wraps her
slender fingers around Molly's breast and pulls it to her mouth. Tenderly,
she bites down on, then licks the blonde's nipple to erection.

"Ooooş" Molly moans softly, bringing her other breast to her mouth and
kissing it tenderly. It failed in comparison to Lita's crafty tongue work,
but it satisfied her needs for now.

Lita releases Molly's breasts and scoops the other one from the blonde's
hands. As before, Lita gingerly licks and nibbles at the browned nipple,
liberating another soft moan from the sexually pleasured Molly Holly.

"Yes...lick those nipples, bitch..." Molly commands in her child-like
voice. The way she said each word made the dirty, degrading terms that were
spit forth seem like compliments.

Lita made no reference to Molly's degrading talk. Instead, she continued
to lavish on the blonde's breasts, alternating between the two. All the
while, Matt continues to pump into her lovebox like there is no tomorrow.
Hands planted firmly on her hips, he forces her up and down at a quicker,
harder pace. She is nearly tossed from her riding position, but manages to
maintain rhythm and her exertion on Molly's succulent breasts. Matt could
feel Lita's muscles tighten and strain, preparing for a second cuming. Lita's
moans became louder and louder until screams emitted from the fiery red
goddess. She takes one final strand with her tongue across Molly's nipples
before focusing on her forthcoming orgasm. Molly watches on with anticipation
as Lita's building orgasm prepares for release. Suddenly, her eyelids shut.
Her mouth opens wide. Her crimson-colored hair sways in all direction as her
head violently jerks, finally snapping back.

"OH GOD! OH!" Lita releases one final moan. As her juices slide down
Matt's stick, she allows her head to fall between her chest, flashing a sexy
bedroom pose to an on looking Molly Holly.

"You about to explode, hun?" Lita asks calmly, dismounting her exhausted

"Almost," he replies, freely jerking himself off.

Molly re-enters the scene, sitting next to Lita as the two await Matt's

"Oh... I'm about to... I'm about to..." he mutters, shutting his eyes.
His hand pumps swiftly, bringing forth amountain of man-goo.

Lita and Molly, the two self-appointed "cumsluts," battle for Matt's
liquid. Lita catches the majority of the stream, letting a bit dribble onto
her chest. Before she is able to swallow, Molly pulls her in for a kiss. Matt
watches in awe as the two ladies tongue wrestle over his semen, exchanging a
deep, sensual kiss. Molly removes her white-frosted lips from Lita's and
drags down to her heaving breasts, leaving a trail of saliva and goop. She
licks Lita's breasts clean, then exchanges in one final kiss with the
red-headed goddess before the trio passes out on the floor, tired, beaten,
battered, and happy.

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