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Two Arch Enemies, Two Great Lovers
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

It was the Smackdown after Survivor Series and onscreen it was the first day
of new era in the leadership of Smackdown because at Survivor Series with the
help of Tori Stephanie McMahon had defeated arch rival Sable and with that
victory she had earned 50% control over Smackdown which ment Stephanie and
Paul Heyman where now partners co-GMs and also at Survivor Series with the
suprise return of Tori Vince intended to bring the old Sable/Tori rivalry
back to life in 2003.

Unknown to some the "animosity" or hatred or distrust or whatever you wanted
to call it between Rena Mero and Tori wasn't as fake as some may have thought
because the two divas didn't like each in real life let alone onscreen.

Rena Mero had arrived at the Smackdown Arena early because she had something
she wanted to make absalutly crystal clear to Tori before they started
working together again onscreen and that was to make sure that Tori knew her
place in the scheme of things as far as the Smackdown Diva's went and as far
as Rena was conserned Tori's place was below her.

Rena reached Tori's locker room she got her "game" face on and then she
didn't knock she rather simply walked in and closed the locker room door
behind her.

Tori whirled around. Her face hadn't changed a bit. She was still a beautiful
angelic brunette. Sable noted that her body hadn't changed much either, as
Tori was not yet dressed. And only had her jeans on with a lion-print bra
covering her impressive breasts. She was shocked at first, but relieved that
it was just another girl. She then grew angry at the sight of the rival
barking out a defiant, "What do you want?"

Sable walked in dominantly, still wearing her leather jumpsuit.

"Listen Tori. You've been out of the game for a long time, so we need to
get our facts straight. Right now, I'm the number one woman on Smackdown.
Stephanie's too busy with Hunter and writing to focus on the locker room,
and Torrie and Dawn are amateurs. I'm in charge here, I don't want you to
forget it. You remember what it was like back in '99. I ruled things, and
it was fine. I don't like you, but I'm generous enough to give you fair
warning. Stay out of my way."

"Well Sable why don't I take that "warning" under advisment now let me tell
you something." Tori said walking right up to Sable. "Unlike 99 I'm not
afraid of you ya wanna know because you and the McMahons maybe all cool and
shit but you don't you the same clout as you did back then wanna a know why
because thanks to your "past" and reputation around here and because the
times have change the guys don't go for women like you who open they're legs
or mouths or ass cheeks at the drop of a hat they go for women who diffrent
in the way they look or women with brains not just tits and ass and as I
remember you rule came to a very sudden end after No Mercy of 99 and if
remember correctly my good buddie Joanie took the reigns as head diva
backstage as well as onscreen."

"Joanie was a frickin' amazon. I was the first to be a sexy, fighting
champion, not that behemoth!"

Tori could tell she was pushing the right buttons in managing to piss Sable

"You're right. You were also the first to do Playboy. Doesn't that make you
the easiest diva of all?"

Sable had heard enough. She reared back and slapped Tori across the face.
Tori jerked her head back and looked directly at Sable, stunned by the
lashing out. She caressed her face lightly and smiled, before reaching back
and landing a slap of her own. Sable stumbled a bit before regaining her
footing. She was alot more feminie now, and had been out of training since
her original run. But now there was no reason for training. Both women were
on the ground in an instant, scratching and clawing at one another in a huge

They rolled around both trying to get on top of each other so they could go
slap happy on the other but it didn't go to anybody's advantage untill Sable
outsmarted Tori making her thing she was gonna roll one way and then when
Tori went to roll the same way Sable rolled the other way which enabled her
to end up ontop with Tori pinned down.

"Like I said bitch!" Sable said with relish. "I'm the head of backstage NOW
as i was THEN so you be sure and don't forget it or else i'll make sure you
don't." Sable said looking at Tori with hate and yet at the same time with a
small amount of lust because the cat fight had gotten Sable in a weird way
rather hot and excited.

Tori was in a similar state, as Sable's body mounting her own made her really
aroused. But currently she had no time for that. She had he pride to think
about. With an effort, she arched her back in to a bridge and tossed Sable
off. The two got to their knees and grabbed each other's hair. Once again
they rolled around again, this time with Tori getting the advantage. Now she
held onto Sable's wrists, pinning her to the ground.

"Sorry to say, but there's going to be some changes around here!"

Sable was shocked at how "definat" Tori was she sure had changed as far as
her attitude went Sable remembered a time when Tori was as meek as a new born
kitten now she was this fisety diva which in all honesty Sable liked she
definatly prefered this Tori to the Tori of 99 but she sure as hell didn't
like the prediciment she was in she needed a way to get the advantage back
she couldn't use the same trick twiice then Sable had a crazy idea and before
she had the time to think it over she did it. She reached her head up as far
as it would go and applied a lip lock to Tori.

"Mmm!" half-moaned Tori. Half of it was complete erotic pleasure, but the
other half was complete suprise. All of a sudden, she was in an intense kiss
with a woman she despised. What was going on? She couldn't stand the sight of
Sable, and yet she desperately wanted the kiss to continue. The two of them
then rolled on the ground once Tori was suprised and her weight shifted.
However this time, they stayed close together in their rolling, never once
breaking their furious kiss.

Sable seized the advantage and ended up ontop of Tori she could of broken the
kiss but part of her didn't want to and it appeared it was that part of her
that was incontrol of her body actions as Sable licked Tori's lips which
eventually opened to her Sable then slid her tounge into her rival/lover's
mouth and the two began a battling french kiss Sable made the next move as
she slide her hands around to the back of Tori and began to work her bra clip
she finally sucseeded to undo it and she removed the bra and let her hands
roam over Tori's amazingly beautiful and equally amazingly touchable breast
which led to Sable descovering that her rival/lover was liking this as much
as she was as she felt Tori's hard nipples in between her fingers.

"Aaah...yeah, right there you bitch," whispered Tori through the small
breaths of air she took in between the kissing. It was an absolutely
scintilating feel. She just assumed her passion of hatred was somehow
linked to her passion of lust. And right now, she wasn't complaining.
She had to assume Sable felt the same. As such, she looked to get the
same reaction out of her more experienced lover and arch-rival. She
pulled the strings on Sable's back, one after another. I took her 2 or
three minutes, but eventually she got the strings all the way down to
her waist, just above her thong. She then reached behind Sable's
shoulders and pealed of the skin tight leather, revealing suprisingly
perky breasts for a woman of Sable's age, with stiffened nipples begging
for attention.

Unfortunatly it seemed Sable was intent on giving the pleasure and not yet
in the mood to recive it as she broke the kiss finally both gasping for air
but at the same both gasping for more Sable then moved a little lower so she
could attack Tori's breasts she didn't hesisitate in taking the right breast
into her mouth and with the same fury and lust she'd used on Tori's mouth so
too did she use it on Tori's breast while her other hand was busy paying and
torturing the nipple and breast at the same time.

With her one free hand, Sable kept Tori's weakening arms in check and allowed
her full access to Tori's ample bosom. Tori could do nothing but whimper and
moan, as she was too excited to fight back. She arched her back, encouraging
Sable to taste her chest even more, which she did by running her tongue in
long circles around her nipple, while her mouth engulfed the areola. Tori
could only continue to arch her back and whip her head from side to side,
hoping for an opening for her to get even with the topless blonde.

Sable then switched which gave Tori the chance to switch positions so Tori
was now on top but Sable luckily had somehow kept her mouth to the left
breast and as soon as the switch was over she continued the tounging attack
Tori however now had the chance to make Sable's attack and concentration
harder as Tori began to play with and attack as well as massage Sable's own
Breasts with her hands.

Sable was too close to Tori to get her other hand in there to massage Tori's
second breast, so she just had to settle for suckling on one. However, Tori
was in perfect position to grope both of Sable's simultaneously. Her nipples
were at full erection, which Tori was delighted with, and showed so by
happily rubbing each with her forefingers, even pinching them occasionally,
before using her full palms to squeeze the full extent of Sable's breasts.
Tori's hands were amazing. Sable had done alot to Torrie, but at this point,
even she was having trouble continuing. Tori was thrilled when Sable uttered
out her first moan; a sign that momentum was swinging in her direction.

However unlike Sable who was able to wait Tori wasn't she then break free of
Sable and stood up looking down at Sable.

"You say right fucking there." She demanded acting angry she then moved
back a little and turned away from Sable who layed there watching Tori in
puzzlement Tori then did a back flip landing ontop of Sable again only this
time the two women's heads where facing they're lover/enemy's pussies.

However each woman faced a dilemma. Tori still had her jeans on, while
Sable's jumpsuit was still only half way down. It was essentially a race to
see who could get the other woman's pants down first. Tori pushed her body
off the ground. This would allow her to work under herself, while also being
able to pull her legs away from Sable's smaller arms. Sable worked under
Tori's body, going right after her zipper and button on her blue jeans. Tori
had to struggle with the leather, as tight as it was. She had gotten it down
to Sable's pubic line when her pants were finally around her ankles, then
finally off her body entirely. Now only wearing a leopard pring g-string,
Sable didn't bother removing it. She took the cloth and pushed it to the
side, diving right in. Tori was in luck however, as she pulled the leather
down to Sable's knees simultaneously, she found Sable hadn't worn any

Now it really was a test to see which diva was the better one and in this
match the rules where simple first one to cum lost as both divas attacked one
another with a feirce tanasity neither diva was intent on teasing or testing
both where intent on pleasing the other so much that they came before the
other did. Sable the more experienced only needed her tounge Tori however
needed both her tounge and one or two fingers as the battle raged on and so
did both girls desire/need to cum. Both women shouted curses at each other,
daring them to fuck them harder and the like as the battle raged on.

"Where is it, where is it?!" thought Tori. Before she could finish that
thought, she felt a sharp wave of pleasure overtake her. Sable had caught
what she was searching for. Sable had just began to tongue her clit. It
wouldn't be long now, and she knew that. Her only chance was to find
Sable's clit and fight back. It took her 20 seconds of both agony and
ecstacy in holding out to find it. She then put in on her lips and sucked
it harshly as her fingers continued pumping through the blonde's body.

"No...not yet...NOOOO!" shouted Sable.

Coincidentally, Tori also yellled out, "Aww, shit! I can't stoooooppp!!"

Both women's body's twitched for a solid minute. Their orgasms completely
dominated their bodies.

Both had came simultaneously, with no clear winner. When it was over, Tori
used her last bit of energy to roll off of her exhausted rival and watched
her own chest, as well as Sable's, heave up and down.

The two of them finally found the strength to get up and start to get

"Ya know this changes nothing." Sable said not wanting Tori to think she'd
gone soft or let her win that sex battle.

"I never imagined it did." Tori lied.

"Your still below me Tori." Sable said.

"Your the second best diva on Smackdown" Sable then said paying Tori a

"Thanks but don't think i'm gonna stay satisfied at being No.2 second place
is no place Sable you know that i will be No1 smackdown diva soon enough."
Tori said.

"Oh yeah" Sable said once she was fully dressed.

"Well don't think i'm gonna lay down and make it easy for you to take the
No. 1 spot." An with that Sable left Tori smiled.

"I was kind of hoping you would lay down but i was also hoping you wouldn't
make it easy for me to take your spot." Tori said as she finished getting

The end

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