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Two Enemies, Two Lovers
by Collier34 (

Torrie and Dawn never gotten along after Dawn got married with Torrie's
father Al and she never forgive her for that. Dawn was sitting in her locker
room. When torrie came in and she confronted her.

Torrie: Dawn you bitch how dare you marry my father and try to use him like

Dawn: Easy I just did it, and becasue of you he's dead.

That pissed off torrie and she slapped her and pushed her down to the floor
hard and then she started to beat the shit out of her until about a mintue
later other superstars broke it up. Then Rock took torrie and he walked her
back to her locker room and calmed her down. And then he left and then about
20 mintues later stehpaine came in.

Stephanie: What the hell was that, huh if you want dawn so bad you got her
in a match tonight.

Torrie just smiled and she pushed stephaine out of her locker room and she
got ready. And torrie walke out to the ring and then dawn and she went after
her full force and knocked her down and the referee grabed her by the waist
and pulled her off. Then he told her to calm down and wrestle normally or he
would DQ her. So she then went afer her again and then about 5 mintues later
she beat dawn with a spinning neck breaker. And then she walked back up to
her locker room. And she took a shower dried herself off got dressed, she put
on a blacak skirt and a red top and her shoes. She then walked out of her
locker room with her bag and then she headed to her hotel room. She laid down
ont he bed when she heard a knock on the door. IT was Dawn.

Torrie: Hey torrie sorry about the roughness I hope I didn't hurt you too

Dawn: No I'm fine but you were a little to rough.

Torrie: Sorry about that.

Dawn: No problem.

Then she pulled her in and she ordered some room severice and then when it
came she paid the waiter and clsoed the door. And she asked dawn to join her
and about 5 minutes later they finished up and then torrie gave dawn a kiss.
Then Dawn kissed her back. Then were kissinga about 3 mintues then she took
off dawn's top and her skirt and she started to kiss down her neck with soft
peck. Then she took off her bra and she attacked dawn's breats. She suck on
the left then the right and she bit them softly dawn let out a small moan.
Then she bit them hard and Dawn yelped out in pain.

Dawn: Ow Torrie try to be less rough okay?

Torrie: Okay sorry about that.

Then she contuined to suck away at Dawn's breasts but softly. Then she made
it down ot her panites and she pulled them down and she teased her for a
while and dawn grabbed torrie by the hair and shoved her face in her pussy.
And Torrie started sucking hard Dawn let out a moan. She kept on going and
she stuck her tounge deep inside Dawn and she message her inner walls which
made Dawn's moans louder and louder every time. Then she continued about 20
mintues unitl Dawn came in Torrie's mouth. Dawn passed out and Torrie took
of her clothes and she laid next to her new lover and fell asleep with a
huge smile on her face.

The End

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