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Two Guys, Three Girls & An Orgy
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

One night, following Smackdown!, Stephanie retires to her locker room with
Kurt Angle. Both are extremely exhausted from the previous show. Arriving at
the room, Stephanie trots to the large leather couch located in the back of
the room, leading Kurt by the arm. Both sit, side-by-side, next to one
another. Stephanie gazes into Kurt's eyes as he sits aimlessly, staring at
the opposing wall. He couldn't help but notice her beauty. It was blinding.
No matter where Kurt looked, her pretty face froze in the back of his mind.
Finally, he turns, glancing into Stephanie's eyes. Her right hand slowly
drifts along the side of his knee, gently caressing it.

"You know," Stephanie starts, "we've never gotten a chance to be alone

Hesitant, Angle edges his knee just out of Stephanie's reach, causing a
frown to fill her face.

"What's wrong?" she asks, shyly, "Am I not pretty enough?"

"No, it's not that Steph," he answers, "it's just.... we can't."

"Looks like this is going to take some convincing," she replies, standing

She stands in front of Kurt, placing her hands at the rim of her shirt.
He cannot help but stare at her breasts, which are nearly bursting through
Stephainie's white shirt at this stage of Stephanie's arousal.

"You like these?" Stephanie asks, pulling her shirt up.

As the shirt is tossed aside, Stephanie stands smiling, hands planted
firmly on her hips. It's obvious the size of her white lace bra is not nearly
large enough to accommodate her bulging rack. Despite the thickness of his
jeans, Kurt's excitement comes into plain view.

"Kurt," Stephanie says softly, "you know you want me."

Kurt's facial expression remains stationary. Stephanie giggles, then
rests the palms of her hands on his knees. While Kurt sits, very observant,
Stepahnie leans forward. Her breasts hang beautifully from her chest and
dangle inches away from Angle's astonished face. As Stephanie releases her
breasts, they fall free of their restraints, and Kurt groans.

"You want a taste of these?" Stephanie asks, pointing at her exposed
chest. "Then go..."

Interrupting, Kurt tenderly kisses Stephanie's breasts, staring with the
round nipple and working his tongue around the remainder of skin.

"Ooo... Kurt...." she moans softly, sealing her eyes.

With her hands, Stephanie massages Kurt's legs; her touch soft and gentle.
Her hand traces down his thigh, hovering above the bulge present inside of
his jeans. She teases him slightly, opening his jeans enough to wedge two of
her fingers inside. Kurt nods in approval, requesting that Stephanie
continue. She smiles as she removes his pants, putting his hardened member
into the open.

"Is it cold it here or is it just you?" she jokes, observing the hardened
dick that stands erect before her.

Stephanie lowers herself down, wrapping her pouty lips around Angle's love
stick. Gradually, she moves vertically, griping onto the side of the rod for
leverage. He moans, resting his head back against the heated leather couch.
His hand cradles the back of Stephanie's head as her pace quickens.

"Steph....Oh....." he moans aloud.

Without warning, Triple H barges in the room, carrying a black duffel bag.
He tosses it aside, failing to notice Kurt and Stephanie on the opposing side
of the room. Kurt's eyes focus on the "Game," and quickly, he shoves
Stephanie aside.

"What the HELL is going on?" Hunter questions, turning around.

"You see...." Kurt starts, cupping his hands across his rod.

"No," Stephanie interrupts, rising from the floor, "it's like this..."

"I want to know why I was not invited to this little get together," Hunter
chimes in with a grin.

"Well..." Stephanie replies, wrapping her hand around Kurt's member, "you
could always join us."

Instantly, Triple H removes his clothing and stands in the buff behind
Stephanie. She flashes him a smile, then turns to return to her previous
action. As she continues to suck on Angle's rod, Triple H advances behind
her. She lifts her butt slightly, giving Hunter a magnificent view. He thumbs
her spandex pants down to mid-thigh and inserts his hardened prick. A slight
rumble comes over Stephanie as Hunter's rod penetrates her lovebox. Slowly,
he rocks back and forth, taunting Stephanie's pleasures. She lifts her head
up slightly to moan, begging for more.

"Harder, Hunter, harder!" she commands before returning to Kurt.

He pivots his hips in an faster, exaggerated, thrusting motion. Hunter's
pelvic bone furiously slams into the underside of Stephanie's petite bottom,
sending a "SMACK" sound echoing throughout the uninhabited room.

"OH! OH! HARDER! HARDER!" Stephanie begs, lifting her head up.

Hunter's hips violently slam into the back of Stephanie's bottom,
thrusting his dick deeper and deeper inside. Stephanie's face contorts to a
look of pain, but a constant smile symbolizes her enjoyment.

"Faster....oh....faster....faster...." she mutters.

Triple H does as told, increasing his thrusts. With one hand, he steadies
Stephanie on his stiff pole. With the other, he slaps the top her shapely
ass, driving more moans out from within her throat.

"OH! OH! YES! YES!" she screams, feeling the effect of each thrust of his
hips and each slap of his hand.

Outside the locker room, Trish and Lita prepare to enter, kissing deeply.

"Wait," Lita says, listening to Stephanie's bellowing moans. "It sounds
like Stephanie is having a great time in there. We shouldn't bother them."

"Perhaps," Trish replies, creaking the door open slightly. "We should join
the fun."

Much to Lita's dislike, Trish slips her head inside. Her eyes widen as she
focuses on Triple H's backside, thrusting hard as he slams into Stephanie.

"We have to join that!" Trish shouts, closing the door.

"Let's just leave them alone," Lita encourages. "We'll go to my locker

"Forget it," Stratus replies, opening the door once again.

Trish removes her shirt and stands inside the room, calling attention to
herself. Kurt Angle and Triple H glance backward. Their smiles increase as
the picture of Trish Stratus in a bra and short shorts fills their sight.

"C'mon over," Angle encourages.

As Trish approaches, Kurt escapes Stephanie's grasp and removes himself
from the couch. While Triple H continues to thrust Stephanie, she slithers
onto the couch for better balance.

"Why," Kurt starts, reaching his hand out, "hello Trish."

Trish giggles as she removes her bra. Her breasts break free of their
restraints and hang gorgeously from her chest. Immediately, Kurt leans in and
kisses her tits, gently massaging her nipples with the tip of his tongue.

"Ooo... Kurt..." she moans softly.

Trish's hands move south, exploring the rim of her shorts. Noticing this,
Kurt breaks free of the kiss and decides to help Trish in her endeavor. As
she slowly sinks to the carpet floor, he removes her shorts and thong bottom
in one swift move, tossing the clothing aside. Trish spreads her legs wide as
Kurt advances in, eager to taste the blonde's sweet insides. He buries his
face in Trish's closely-shaven hairs and relinquishes his tongue.

"Oooo.... harder..... yes!" she moans softly, feeling Kurt's soft tongue
inside of her.

She places her hands on the back of his head and forces him deeper inside
of her; an offer Kurt cannot refuse. He pushes his face further in, sliding
his tongue even further. Trish cocks her head back and moans in sheer

Climaxing, Stephanie removes herself from Hunter's shaft and sprawls out
on the couch, exhausted. Hunter falls to his knees, panting heavily. Both
overheard Trish's loud screams and glance over. Kurt continues to furiously
lick at Trish's insides, now massaging her massive orbs with his free hands,
kneading them like bread dough. Despite her exhaustion, Stephanie disbands
from the couch and struts over to Trish, smiling.

"Room for one more," Stephanie asks, standing directly above Trish's
pain-stricken face.

"Yeah... ooh... of course...." she pants, staring up at Steph's beautiful

Stephanie lowers herself down, planting her gorgeous hotbox directly over
Trish's open mouth. Immediately, she brushes her tongue over Steph's lips,
causing the brunette to shudder, as this is the first lesbian experience of
her life. She slowly eases into the pleasure, soon grinding her hips to the
rhythm of Trish's expert tongue work.

"Oh.. Trish... keep.... oh.... going...." she cries, thrusting her hips
harder into her lover's face.

Trish steadies herself on Stephanie's broad hips while she continues to
eat her out, bringing both of them much more pleasure than either one had

Watching closely, Triple H strokes his rod steadily, enjoying the
three-way action that lies just in front of his eyes.

Outside the room, Lita presses her ear against the door.

"OH! TRISH.... HARDER! YES!" she hears; the moan of Stephanie McMahon-

Lita slips her finger down the front of her jeans, slowly massaging the
front of her crimson red thong. She moans quietly to herself, imaging the
orgy that Trish must be engaged in. As she reaches the brink of an orgasm,
Lita can no longer hold back. She bursts through the door, bringing her into
the center of the mass sexual transition.

Kurt, Stephanie, and Trish do not bother looking back at the red-head.
Each is too much engaged in pleasure to be concerning themselves with Lita.
Triple H, on the other hand, focuses on Lita, stroking his cock at a more
rapid pace.

"Watcha' got there," Lita jokes, pointing at Hunter's shaft.

"The best damn time you'll ever have," he replies swiftly; one of his
trademark lines.

Although she had planned on spending the night with Trish, alone, the
sight of Triple H's naked body turned her on further. She stands in front of
him and drops to her knees; her eyes filled with lust and temptation.

"Suck that, baby," Triple H orders.

Lita obliges willingly. She pushes Hunter's stick passed her ruby red lips
and into her hot mouth. She hasn't given oral pleasure to man in quite a
while, and hopes she can still remember a few tricks or two that she once
knew. Lita swirls her tongue around the top of Hunter's cock, rubbing her
steel ball tongue piercing over his slit. Hunter's body is overcome with a
sensation that he has yet to feel.

"I knew chicks with tongue piercings gave good head," he says aloud, "but

Lita smiles broadly, slowly learning her clever tactics. She slides down
the length of his shaft once, lubing it with saliva.

"Here's something you've never seen," she says, grinning.

With that, the fiery red-head uses one hand to steady herself while
pleasuring Hunter with a handjob with the other. Then, Lita uses her tongue
to slowly taunt the tip of Hunter's cock, bringing him more pleasure than
Chyna or Stephanie ever could. Combining the cold steel ball along the top of
his shaft with Lita's amazing handjob, Hunter is in sexual heaven.

"Oh man," he moans, "I don't want this to stop.... ever!"

Hunter sits down on the couch and Lita follows, still jerking him off with
her soft hand. As Triple H gets himself comfortable, she bends over at the
waist, taunting him with her tongue piercing as she had before.

"I'M CUMMING!" Stephanie announces from the other side of the room, slowly
reducing her hard thrusts to a slow, aggregated grind. As she releases on
Trish's ravishing face, Stephanie glances over to view Lita's well-toned
behind, still pleasuring her husband. She dismounts Trish and eagerly rushes
to Lita's backside, ignoring her past feelings of insecurity. Stephanie
teases the red-head's clit with one hand while spreading her asscheeks with
the other, allowing her to insert her tongue into Lita's magnificent ass.

"OH!" Lita moans at the newfound sensation, enjoying it greatly.

Stephanie flickers her tongue like an expert, putting Lita closer and
closer to climax. She inserts another finger into Lita's tight lovebox as
well, almost as if she'd made another woman orgasm before.

Trish overhears Lita's soft moans and removes herself from Kurt. An
ear-to-ear grin fills her face as she finds Hunter reclining in the leather
couch, being sucked and jerked off by Lita, who is having her asshole eaten
out by a knelt Stephanie McMahon. She cannot help but join in on the fun.
Trish drops to all fours; her sights set on Stephanie's petite bottom. The
blonde beauty bends down, digging her face into the brunette's backside while
pushing her own ass into the air.

"Ooo...." Stephanie coos as she feels Trish's tongue slip past her firm
buttcheeks and straight into her perfectly rounded ass.

Trish takes a firm hold on Stephanie's hips and she continues to grind
her tongue further and further into her rump, enjoying each and every moment.

Kurt Angle, meanwhile, stands at the other end of the room, watching the
foursome unfold between his eyes. He creeps over, his eyes locked on Trish's
backside and it sways in the air, simply begging for attention. Kurt proceeds
to spread the blonde's firm cheeks with his thumbs, giving him a magnificent
view of her tight hole.

"Ooo... harder...." Trish coos as the first feeling of Kurt's hard shaft
rocks her body.

Kurt rocks back and forth, slamming his hips along Stratus' backside at a
rapid pace.

"Fuck her harder, baby," Stratus commands.

Pivoting his hips faster and harder, Kurt fulfills Trish's demands,
slamming into her as hard as humanly possible. The "SMACK" of their skin
dominates the room, overpowering the sounds of the other three lovers
moaning. As a result of Kurt's quickened pace, Trish's face is propelled
further into Stephanie's tight ass, bringing her to the brink of climax. Like
a domino effect, Stephanie's close climax causes her tongue and finger work
on Lita's magnificent body to increase as she tries to bring her to a similar
state. Lita's excelled stimulation causes her hopes for Hunter's orgasm to
increase. She slides her hand along his shaft even faster, continuing to
stimulate his slit with her tongue.

"I'm gonna....." Hunter moans, ready to release.

He fires his load, sending it into Lita's accessible, awaiting mouth. As
the entire load smashes against the back of her mouth, Lita's orgasm finally
hits. She explodes all over Stephanie's hands, who, as the domino effect once
again hits, reaches a monstrous orgasm. She immediately lifts her backside,
placing Trish's eager mouth in her now-wet lovehole. Trish, continuing to be
slam-fucked by Angle, licks Stephanie's juices clean.

"OH... KURT..... YES..... HARDER...." she screams, ready to continue the
domino-like effect of orgasm.

Kurt continues to slam into her harder and harder, moaning aloud as he
savors each moment. Both paramours have sweat pouring from their naked bodies
and are on the brink of climax. Finally, Trish unloads, exploding in one of
the biggest orgasms of the night. Her asscheeks tighten around Angle's shaft
as he fires his load, completing the cycle. Almost on cue, the five
superstars collapse, exhausted from what was one HELL of a day.

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