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Two Mamacitas Are Better Than One
by Nami (

starring: ((Salma Hayek - Stephanie McMahon - Chyna - The Hos - The Rock -
Triple H - Eddie Guerrero))

non fucking characters: ((Rikishi - Too Cool - Vince McMahon and other
characters that you will know))

Part 1: Memories Of Chyna

It was RAW before No Mercy PPV. The same night that Kurt Angle & Kane were
supposed to compete with The Rock & Rikishi. But before the show Chyna came
to the arena with her pretty car. The most expensive playmate of Playboy came
down the corridors so happy. She & her boyfriend Eddie Guerrero were
scheduled to face Right To Censor. She found her locker room & went inside.
She didnt see Eddie around & she sat on the sofa & waited & thought.


She thought about her bad childhood. How her dad got addicted to drinks.
How her mom turned into a bitch. She remembered her life with her elder
sister Kathy. She was nice to Chyna all the time. She had horrible memories
on her family that all flashed in front of her eyes.

Her brother was a pro masturbater & he had a panty fetish, he loved
feeling of the satin or silk panties wrapped around his stiff cock and
swollen nuts. He used to leave huge loads of cum in the panties of his mother
and his 2 sisters Joanie & Kathy.

While he masturbated he usually took a few minutes to sniff and lick the
panties before he blew a load into them. The scent of her sisters or mother's
sweet cunts were still on the crotch of the panties and he would inhale the
sweet fragrance and take small licks with his tongue, imagining what the real
thing would taste like.

He wasnt bad at first, but his friends had always told him that his older
sister (Kathy) was hot. They told him often that they thought his younger
sister was the hottest girl in school. Of course, they didn't have to tell
him this. He was aware of the fact & he had been masturbating into her
sister's panties for some years now, and he had had many fantasies about the
two of them. They were just fantasies and he figured that none of them would
ever happen to him.

Joanie (Chyna) was a cheerleader. Naturally, she was blonde, with hazel
eyes and nice long, smooth legs. She had ample tits and a nice firm ass, the
kind you just wanted to squeeze. Kathy was the opposite cheerleader. She was
from other team of the school. She had brown hair & firm tits that you cant
stare at them. She had pretty & attractive eyes that was able to kill any

His friend constantly asked if he had ever walked in on their naked or in
the bathroom. He said that he never had. They continued "none of them?" & he
said no. The experience happened one Saturday morning. their parents had left
for the day to do some shopping and his sisters had cheerleading practice in
the morning, so he knew that he would have the house to myself.

As soon as he heard the door slam shut, signifying that her sisters had
left he jumped out of bed and stepped into the hallway. he waited by the edge
of the stairs for a few minutes, wanting to make sure that his sisters hadn't
forgotten anything and would return. When he figured the coast was clear, I
stripped naked and made my way into Kathy's room.

Just being in her room, just feet from her panty drawer made him horny. He
opened the panty drawer and found dozens of neatly folded panties, in a
rainbow of colors. They were in a variety of fabrics, ranging from cotton to
silk to satin. He picked out my favorite pair, a red satin pair, with some
little lacy-thing at the top. These had been the recipients of many loads of

He pulled the panties on my legs and then up the rest of the way. He
tucked his semi-erect cock into the panties and stood in front of her
full-length mirror & admiring himself. He had a fairly big cock. Nothing too
huge, but a little larger than normal. Around seven inches once and quite

He begin to run his hand down the front of the panties. His semi-erect
cock, turned hard in just a few strokes. It pushed out against the panties,
hungry to be released from it's captive. He walked over to her sister's bed
but quckly went out of the room. Looked like he had a newer idea. He went to
kichen & picked up joanie & his mom's panties as well. they were washed &
dried in the sunshine, Then he ran back to Kathy's room and laid down on her

His hand found it's way down to his panty-laden cock and began to slowly
stroke it & with other hand he was rubbing mom's panties. Then he put Chyna's
black silk pant on tha bed & started to lick at them. He was smoe kind of
weird, He had came in their pants beore & put them in the drawers that they
would wear his cumm(funny). he enjoied it & he remembered that he had jerked
in their soup that they could drink his cumm.

Fantasies of her sisters and him fucking began to drift into his head. He
pictured Kathy with her legs spread wide open, calling him to stick his huge
cock into her tight little cunt & Chyna calling him to shoving his tongue
deep in her wet pussy. He saw the beautiful cunts staring at him begging me
to fill them with his cock & tongue.

He was so caught up in the moment that He didn't even realize that
somebody was standing in the doorway watching him. He was startled when Kathy
cleared her throat, letting him know that she was standing there. He jumped
off the bed, the panties I had been licking falling out of my hand and to the
ground. Kathy had caught me masturbating into her panties. She entered the
room and closed the door behind her, an angry, yet somewhat bewildered
expression on her face.

"I...I...I'm...sorry..." He stammered, his once hard cock, now shriveled
in sheer embarrassment.

Kathy let her gym bag slide from her shoulder to the floor. She just
stared at him, not even saying a word.

"What are doing home?" He replied, trying to make the situation seem
nonchalant. "I thought you had cheer practice?" He added.

Again Kathy said nothing. She just stared at him with the same angry and
surprised look on her face.

"I was on my way to practice when I realized I had forgotten my shoes,"
she replied. "So I came home to get them." She paused. "And then I found
you in my room, wearing a pair of my panties." She added.

"I'," He stammered, trying to apologize.

"Save your apology," Kathy snarled, anger taking control of her face.

She stepped toward him, stopping just a few inches from him. She looked
him straight in the eye, her hands on her hips.

"So you like wearing your bigger sister's panties, do you?" She said.

"Yes...yes..." He stammered, his body quaking in fear. She had huge
control on her mom & dad.

"& you like to rubbing mom's panties too." She said.

"Yes...yes..." He stammered.

"& licking younger sister's panties too? Dont you know that she is
sleeping in her room." She shouted.

I stunned after what she said. Joanie was at home & asleep in her room. I
couldnt believe.

"I thought both of you have practice." I said.

"We are not in same team. What would you do if I told mom and dad that you
sneak around and dress up in your sisters' underwear? What do you think they
would say?" She said louder.

"Please slower ... please joanie would get up... don't tell them...
please... I'll do anything! I swear I won't wear them again." He begged.

He was begging now. Pleading for Kathy to save him from the ridicule and
punishment that was sure to come if this somehow leaked out.

"Okay, I'll make a deal with you. I won't tell mom and dad and joanie if
you let me see your cock." Kathy smerked.

"I...I can't..." He murmured, lowering her head in dejection.

"Fine," my sister replied angrily. "Have it your way. I'll tell mom and
dad as soon as they get home." She said.

He looked up at Kathy, standing there in her cheerleading outfit. The
short skirt proudly showing off her leg, beautiful legs. The uniform hugged
every curve of her body tightly, making her average tits seem much larger.

While these thoughts raced through his mind, his cock started to become
erect and a little pre cum circle could be seen on the outside of the panties.

"Okay, okay, I'll show you my cock," He finally caved in. "But you have to
promise, not to tell mom and dad." He added.

"Don't worry, dear brother," she replied with that sly smile on her face.

She made her way over to her bed and sat down on it. She spread her legs,
giving him a nice view of her dark blue panties.

"There," she said. "An extra added bonus to make you even hornier." She
said. "Come on now," she practically begged. "Lt me see that cock." She said

His cock was now rock hard. Grabbing the sides of the panties, He pulled
them down. His cock was the full seven inches. He looked at Kathy. She stared
at his cock, her eyes wide in amazement.

"Damn, little brother," she cooed. "I didn't know that you were that big."
She said.

He blushed and turned to the side, so Kathy could get a view of the
length. A small dab of pre cum formed at the end of my cock and then dribbled
off, landing on the small plush carpet.

"Very nice, very nice," she cooed again. "So this is the same beast that's
been shooting its loads into our panties?" She smiled with slow claps.

" did you know?" H stammered, horrified to find out that Kathy
knew that he had come into her & joanie & mom's panties.

"Of course, silly. I loved to lick your hot load out of my dirty panties.
Your load tasted so sweet. Mmmmm." She said. "I thought it was dad." She

"You are the only one who knows this?" He said, begging god that he had
thought right.

"NOoo...Mom knew it too. Poor joanie drunk all of your cumm in soup." She

She licked her lips with her tongue and brought a hand to her breasts. His
cock was exploding for attention, but he couldn't help but stare at her as
she fondled her breasts. She stopped kneading her breasts and looked at him.
Reaching for her cheerleading top, she removed it. There were her two
breasts, incased behind a white lacy bra. Reaching behind her, she unclasped
her bra and removed it, her tits coming into full view.

They were even better than He had imagined. Nice round, puffy nipples that
poked straight out. Kathy lay there, looking at his reaction.

"You like my two beauties?" she questioned, taking a breast in each hand.

"Yes...yes, there wonderful," He replied, in total amazement.

"Okay, little brother, I want you to jerk your cock for your hot older
sister." She said.

He grabbed my throbbing rod in his hand and began to stroke. Up and down,
up and down, His cock thanking him for the attention. It felt so erotic to be
stroking cock in front of a sister. He watched her as I hammered away on his
cock. She slowly slid one of her hands away from her breasts and down to her
panties. She gently pressed against her panties, then with her other hand
pulled her panties to one side. He stared at her beautiful, nicely shaved
cunt. It was the first pussy He had ever seen and it took all his control to
keep from blowing his load at that moment. As he continued to stroke, she
inserted two fingers into her cunt and began to finger fucking herself. In
and out her fingers swayed, glistening with her sweet pussy juice.

"Oh God! I'm gonna cum!" He cried out, feeling the pressure build up in
his cock. Forgetting the present of her younger sister in next room.

Kathy stopped fingering her cunt and stood up. She walked around the bed
and stopped in front of his younger brother. Her pussy juice was running down
her leg as she kneeled in front of him. She stopped him stroking and placed
the tip of his cock at her mouth. She teased the end of his cock with her
tongue, rolling it around and around the head. Then, eyeing him, she popped
the whole seven inches into her mouth.

"Oh God," He moaned as she continued to suck, varying her speed from fast
to slow. She was driving him crazy.

~~~~~~~~~Finally he couldn't hold it anymore.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Oh God! I'm gonna come in your mouth! I'm gonna come!" He moaned loudly.

He couldn't hold it anymore and shot his hot load into Kathy's eagerly
waiting mouth. She swallowed every hot drop and then released his cock from
her mouth. She licked her lips and then removed her fingers from her cunt.
They dripped with her sweet pussy juice and she let him lick them clean.

"Your cum was ever better from the source," she cooled, a smile spreading
across her face.

"And you tasted even better than your dirty panties," He responded.

"Perhaps, next time I'll let you taste the real thing," she teased. "but I
have to get back to cheerleading practice." She said.

She put her top back on and made her way to the door & left the home. He
was laying in her bed & thought about how his erotik stories made happen to
Kathy. Then he thought again.

"Who's left?" He said. "Ohh..Joanie.." He said.

He then thought about what Kathy had said, "Poor Joanie drunk all of your
cumm in soup." That was what she said. He realized that Joanie still dont
know anything, So he again got hard & got up & picked her panties that he was
licking before Kathy come. He then laid on panties & started to fuck it. He
reached & take 1 of Kathy's albums.

He opened it & watched at his sister's cheerleadering photos. Watching
Joanie in those sexy action made him to pound at her panties harder & faster.
He imagined his hands trembling as he touches her nipple. She was sure better
than Kathy. He had always dreamed of fucking Joanie and he had attempted it
once as well, but his guts had failed him.

He imagined that he grabbed her tits & squeezed them. They would be so
soft. He thought that he bent down and got closer to her nipple and then in a
second had his lips around them. He sucked her sexy photo on her nipple felt
the counters with his tongue. He went lower and found himself to her cunt. He
thought about how stucking out his tongue and clasping his mouth over her
cunt. She would taste awesome.

Just as He thought about to stick his finger up her pussy, He felt a pair
of eyes staring at him. It was joanie! She was standing at the door wild-eyed
and she looked too stunned to say something. She saw him laying on her
panties & fucking it while he was licking her photo.

As he got up she stared at his older brother's massive erection. Before he
could say anything she made a dash for the main door. That was a mistake to
do in front of a horny brother. He ran after her. When he reached featured
WWF amozon he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down to the floor. She
started screaming. He clasped his hand over her mouth and held her tight so
that she wouldn't move. Then she started to cry.

He took her over to the bed and tied her hand to one corner of the bed so
that she wouldn't run away. He gagged her with a cloth and made his way back
to finish his unfinished business with her photo & panties. He throw them
away & went out & brought some ropes & back, He glanced at Joanie in her
helpless state, He came close and tied her hands and legs to the four corners
of the bed. She looked so helpless then. He sat on the bed and looked at his
younger sister's tears stained face. He slowly traced the form of her large
sagging breasts. She lashed her head from side to side and tried to scream,
but all that could be heard were mewing sounds which died away down her

He suddenly gripped the neckline of her nightie and pulled, ripping it.
Her large breasts sagged sideways and now she was sweating. He was going wild
looking at her tits. He planted his sister over one of her nipples and sucked
hard. She grunted 'Urghh!'

He continued to suck until she started crying and as he lifted his mouth
he could see how red and swollen her nipple was. He turned brave after doing
that to Kathy & now after knowing that he can fuck his mom too, he didn't
scare of anything. He looked at her and pulled the gag out of her mouth and
replaced it with my mouth. He poked his tongue deep into her mouth. As she
was struggling he grabbed her hair at the back of her head and held her
still. She struggled, but he spend more time licking the contours of her

He lashed his tongue around in her mouth as she kept moaning. As he
removed his tongue from her mouth, He pushed the cloth back into her mouth.
He got in between her legs and tore off her panties. Seeing his own younger
sister lying with her legs spread open in front of him made him to drop his
2nd precumm. He separated her pussy lips and drove his tongue in between them
to taste a very strong pussy taste much stronger than that of Kathy's.

He licked joanie for a long time and every time he reached her clit,
she always jerked and lifted her ass off the bed. He pushed a finger in and
started playing with her pussy. She was so wet and the bed sheet below her
was soaked with her pussy juices. He released one of her legs and she started
kicking. He grabbed her leg again and & pushed up her legs until her knees
were touching her tits and then tied her heels to the same corners where her
hands were tied. The idea was obviously to have access to joanie's asshole.
As He looked at joanie exposed that way, her ass cheeks totally spread. He
pushed his index finger in up to the first knuckle and heard her make an
animal-like sound. He pushed it in deeper and moved it around.

Joanie swayed from side to side and squeezed her butt arousing him more as
it clasped him finger in a vice like grip. He took it out & grabbed his long
monster and drove it swiftly into her pussy. She screamed. He pumped her and
got faster and faster with each stroke. Suddenly, He took it out of her hole
and placed it at the entrance of her asshole. She started moving wildly
around in the bed but eventually he had the tip in. He could see her face
redden, masked with pain. He didnt care and pushed in deeper and deeper with
every stroke until his entire rod was embedded in her hot asshole. He started
to fuck her faster and faster.

"Take it bitch, take it up your asshole." He moaned.

He couldn't go on for long and shot his load into her bowels and collapsed
on her, his cock still throbbing in her asshole. He finally pulled it out and
lay there for sometime thinking of what I had actually done. He released her
bonds and found her unconscious. Then He went over to the other side of the
room and fixed the room. Then He went to his room and lay on his bed, his
heart still pounding in his head.


Chyna found herself in the lockeroom with tearfull eyes, That was the
reason she left her family & went after wrestling to find a way to defend


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