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Two Words... Mickie James!
by DaxG 2001 (

It's the 13th of November in 2006, and Monday Night Raw is emanating from
Manchester, England as part of the WWE's European Tour. From the start of the
show, Raw's 'Executive Assistant' to Mr. McMahon Jonathan Coachman had placed
a $10,000 bounty on the heads of the new and improved D-Generation-X of Shawn
Michaels and Triple H.

After an evening that included surviving 2 tough tag-teams in a Handicap
match, defeating 3 of the Spirit Squad by their own stupidity, and stealing
the bounty money themselves to buy tickets and T-Shirts, DX were finally
properly ejected from the arena by Coachman.

"Well, that could have been a lot worse than it was." The Heart Break Kid
said as the two degenerates stood in the parking lot of the arena.

"I guess so." The King of Kings replied. "Sure we didn't get Orton and Edge,
but we beat the crap out of a bunch of guys and cost The Coach 10 grand. I'd
say that was a pretty good night!"

"Guess this means we got the rest of the night off huh?" Shawn stated,
blatantly faking being lost in thought as he stroked his chin.

"Oh my goodness Shawn, you're right!" Triple H said in a cheesy shocked
voice, continuing the typical DX antics. "And we spent all of Coach's money
on those T-Shirts back inside! What are going to do?"

"Well my boy, there comes a time when every man must stand up, return to his
hotel room and charge the company room service for a bunch of...!"

Shawn was interrupted when the Number One Contender for the WWE Women's
Championship ran up and started hugging him around the waste.

"HIIIIII DX!" She said loudly, hugging the Showstopper tightly.

"Ah!" HBK exclaimed, having to balance himself to stop him from falling to
the ground. "It's the attack of the flying Mickies!"

"Oh, why hello there Mickie." HHH said, smiling a little. "What brings you
out here?"

"Like, oh my god!" The hyperactive Diva, still dressed in the same clothing
she wore in her match, said, letting go of Shawn. "I just wanted to thank you
guys SOOOOOO much for helping me out back in my match tonight! It was like,
so totally awesome how you guys just did that to Lita!"

"Oh, you don't have to thank me." The Game said. "I don't find it too hard to
spray something thick and creamy in someone like Lita's face."

Although he as talking about the mustard he'd fired during the Diva's match,
it seemed Shawn found something else funny as shook his head, looking up to
the sky and trying not to laugh.

"Huh?" Mickie was a little confused.

"Besides, you handled yourself pretty well. I mean, the way you grabbed a
hold my thick sausage and used it to nail Lita in the face, I'm pretty sure
that you'd have no problem with two words that..."

"WHOA whoa whoa there!" Shawn decided to step in. "Come on now!"

"What? It's not like we're on TV?" HHH grinned at his friend. "I was only
going to ask the lady if she wanted to..."

"Suck it?" Mickie finished his sentence for him.

Shawn grimaced, like a kid having being caught knocking over a priceless

"Well, yeah..." HHH said, not expecting this route of conversation to have
been taken.

"Wow! I'd love to!" The former Women's Champion said, an excited look
appearing on her face.

The DX members looked at each other, then to Mickie, and then back to each
other. "...Are you serious little lady?" HBK asked.

"Yeah!" She replied. "I used to grow up watching you guys in the old DX! You
two are like so, totally, awesome!"

"...That we are." HHH said, a wide grin appearing on his lips. "That we are

"All righty then, let's get going. There's ah, one of those traditional
English taxi ranks just over there."

"Awesome!" She said, almost bouncing up and down as she headed towards the
taxis, followed by DX.

"By the way, I call first crack at her snatch." Shawn said.

"What?" HHH almost glared at his friend. "How's that work?"

"I did all the work tonight! Snatching Coach's money, talking to Cryme

* * *

"Geez, you guys must have the biggest one in this place!" Mickie James gushed
as she happily skipped into DX's hotel room.

"Damn right we've got the biggest...!" Triple H started to say, before
getting cut off by his team-mate hitting him slightly in the arm.

"Easy, this one went psycho before." Shawn whispered. "We can't go for all
the rough stuff like usual. Play it nice... At least to start with..."

"Wait, aren't you supposed to be doing the whole 'We shouldn't be doing this'
bit now?"

"Haven't you heard of that expression 'what happens in England stays in


"Me neither, made it up!" HBK said with a grin, before taking off his DX

"So, guys..." Mickie said, bouncing back into the main room where DX were.
"How about those two words you were talking about?"

"Oh, we'll be getting to that..." HHH said, taking off his leather jacket.
"Just let us get ready."

"Sure, no problem!" The diva happily said, tilting her head slightly in a
cute way.

Mickie watched as the degenerates removed their DX T-Shirts, revealing their
built upper bodies. She smiled at the sight, resting her hands on her hips.

"Hey Shawn, I just remembered something..." HHH said, throwing his friend a
knowing wink. "I think I left something over..."

The King of Kings faked as if he was going to walk past Mickie, but end up
'accidentally' placing a hand directly on her right breast.

She gasped in shock, looking at the hand on her and then to the man who it
belonged to.

"Oops!" HHH said, rubbing the mound through the material of her top. "Clumsy

"Mmmm..." Mickie responded to the touch, her feet shifting a little.

"Oh for the love of..." Shawn faked his disgust, walking over. "Hunter, you
can't just go over to a lovely young lady and do this!" He said, placing his
hand on her other breast and beginning to squeeze it.

"Ahhh!" She moaned a little again as the two former WWE champions played with
her tits, their fingers gently caressing her large puppies.

"This is completely out of order." Shawn grinned at his friend.

"Oh, this is? That's nothing compared to this..." HHH said, before placing
his other hand on the bottom of her skirt, lifting it up slightly, revealing
her panties.

"Ooooh..." The former number one fan/stalker of Trish Stratus gasped again,
feeling The Game's fingers rub against her pussy through her underwear. At
the same time, the Heart Break Kid was squeezing her plump butt. "Guys, this

"You enjoying this?" HHH asked.

She nodded, biting her lip as the reformed DX groped her most sensitive

"Good, 'cuz it's gonna get a whole lot better." He said, his hand leaving her

Mickie looked up at Triple H to ask what he meant, only to find her face
being cupped by his hand, drawing her into a kiss on the lips. She squealed
in excitement as his tongue forced it's way into her mouth, meeting hers and
beginning to wrestle with it.

Shawn chuckled to himself, moving around to behind her and slowly lowering
her black skirt down her legs until they were on the floor.

"I think I'm a little 'behind' on the action." HBK said as he slipped her
panties down her leg, referring to the large, shapely behind of the Diva.
He gave it a light spank, which caused her to jolt slightly into the kiss
with The Game.

"Easy there Shawn!" Hunter said after he broke this kiss.

HBK shrugged, standing up.

Mickie gasped, staring at the bulge in the veteran's pants. "Oh my god! How
big is that thing?"

"Well little lady, if you want to know that, then I've got two words for ya!"
Shawn said, undoing his jeans.

With a slightly nervous smile, Mickie turned to face the Heart Break Kid and
got down on her knees, her face directly in front of his crotch. She looked
up at him, and in reply he gave a slight crotch chop, mouthing the words
'suck it'.

Turning her attention back to his jeans, she slowly lowered them down to his
feet, before reaching into his boxers with her hand and pulling out the erect
cock. Her eyes went wide at the sight of the 10-inches she held in her hand.
"The good old showstopper." Shawn said with a smirk as she stroked his shaft
a couple of times with her hand. "Don't worry, it won't bite if you don't."

Moving her head down to it, she stuck out her tongue, licking the head of his
shaft. She trailed her tongue around the tip, as if getting a feel of the
tool she held, before giving the underside a lick and kissing the very tip.

"I guess you're not such a 'little' lady after all." Shawn said with a smile.

Mickie giggled, stroking his length as she did so.

"Well neither are we Shawn!" Triple H said, removing his jeans and boxers.

She turned her head to the other DX member, and saw that his manhood was a
slightly thicker 10 inches as well.

He moved beside Shawn so that she could take a hold of both of their cocks.
She stroked both of their shafts, switching her gaze between both, before
moving her head to The Game's and licking the tip.

"Looks like you've got game..." HHH said, watching the brown haired Diva work
her tongue around the head of his cock, stroking the rest of his shaft and
Shawn's as she did so.

Opening her mouth, she lowered her head slightly onto Triple H's dick, using
her hand to grip its base and pressing her thick lips around the tip.

"That's those two words in action." HHH stated as the Diva began to lightly
bob her head on his dick.

"It's a good start." Shawn replied, smirking as her soft palm ran up and down
his length.

"I'll say." Hunter added, groaning slightly as she started to take more of
his cock into her mouth.

Mickie closed her eyes, concentrating on working over the thick shaft with
her mouth and giving a hand-job to the one in her palm. She hummed slightly
around the dick, getting it wet with her saliva as she moved her lips over
it. At the other cock, she rubbed her hand over its head for a few seconds,
then letting it run down to the base and stroking that section before
stroking it as normal.

"Damn Mickie, you're good at this!" Hunter moaned, licking his lips as the
Diva sucking him off.

Raising her head up, she stroked her hand over his length, spreading her spit all
over it. "Really?" She asked.

"You sure are." HHH said, mentally cursing himself for causing her to stop
blowing him.

"Well, how about you show me what you can do?" Shawn asked, motioning with
another crotch-chop and a almost childish grin on his face.

"Hold up Shawn, I think we're still a little over dressed for this."

"Huh? Oh, you mean get naked? Okay!" Mickie said, letting go off their cocks
and pulling her to off and over her head, letting her large braless tits hang

"Would that be termed as 'letting the puppies come out to play'?" Shawn asked
jokingly, lowering his boxers and stepping out of them, leaving all three
naked except for their boots.

"Shit, look at these..." Hunter reached down and cupped her tit, squeezing it

Mickie moaned a little at the touch, before taking a hold of their cocks
again, this time taking HBK's into her mouth.

"X marks the spot alright." Shawn said, enjoying the feeling of the Diva
bobbing her head along his length at a slow pace.

"Damn right it does." HHH replied, rubbing the nipple of her breast between
his fingers.

It was the Heart Break Kid's turn now to begin to moan as the excitable but
sometimes unstable Diva started to blow his cock, her thick lips pressed
down against it as it moved gradually in and out of her mouth. The rest of
his dick was being jerked off by her hand, which also acted as a means of
steadying it. Hunter wasn't left out, as he was being treated to a hand-job
from her other hand.

"Looks like business is about to pick up!" Shawn said with a grin as Mickie
now started to move her head quicker along his shaft, taking more of it into
her oral hole and occasionally flicking her tongue up against it as she did

"And business is looking good." HHH added, tilting his head slightly to take
a look at her butt.

Lifting her head up, she switched to the other cock, bobbing her head on it
at the same pace she'd been giving Shawn's.

"Mmm... Yeah, suck that cock." The Game said, resting a hand on the back of
her head as it moved briskly along his rod.

"Umph..." Came a muffled reply from the Diva, a slight trickle of saliva
seeping from around her lips and down her chin.

The two men looked at each other before smirking and saying, "It's rude to
talk with your mouth full!"

Mickie snorted a laugh around the cock in her mouth, and accidentally pushing
her head down further than she was used to. The end result was the cute face
of the former Women's Champ pressed against the crotch of the King of Kings,
and his cock touching the back of her throat.

"Ah yeah!" HHH moaned, holding the young woman's head in place as he enjoyed
the feeling of his whole cock buried deep in her mouth.

Shawn laughed a little. "I guess it's not so rude after all!"

Placing both of his hands on her head, he started thrusting his hips back and
forth, fucking the Diva's face with his thick cock.

Disorientated, she let go off Shawn's cock and put her hands on his thighs,
trying to push him away, but she had no chance against the strength of The

"Shit that's good." Hunter stated, forcing his own personal 'sledgehammer' in
and out of her mouth, a great deal more saliva now dripping past her lips due
to the thrusts.

Mickie's eyes were closed more out of discomfort than anything else, trying
to get used to the face-fuck she was getting. That wasn't likely to happen as
she was now gagging every time the hard dick was pushed into her. She hadn't
really been expecting to do something like this, but she found herself unable
to resist the two degenerates.

"Come on Hunter, quit hogging all the 'love'." HBK said, nudging his friend
as he heard the Diva's gagging.

"Awww, you're no fun..." Joked the Cerebral Assassin, slowly withdrawing his
shaft from her mouth, leaving a trail of saliva drip from his tip to her
lips. As he pulled back, it fell down her neck and into her cleavage.

Mickie gasped for air, her large chest heaving as she swallowed down the
build-up of her spit that had formed in her mouth.

"Wha... Umph!" The Diva attempted to say something when she felt her head
being turned to the side, but was silenced by the Showstopper's cock being
inserted in her mouth.

"Ahh... That's nice and warm!" HBK said as he began pushing his shaft back
and forth through her lips.

"It gets kinda damp in there." Hunter 'warned', stroking his cock to get in
completely wet from her saliva.

The woman looked up at the Future Hall of Famer with slightly watering eyes,
a direct effect from the deep throating she was being 'helped' to do. Every
time the cock hit the back of her throat, she gagged, completely unused to
this kind of oral activity.

"Okay, I think that's enough of that for now." Shawn said, pulling his tool
out and allowing her to breathe freely. "It's time, as they say, for the main

"You would say that, since you called it first." HHH faked bitterness,
knowing full well he'd get his shot at her in no time.

"Okay little lady, get ready for a real showstopper in action!" He said,
gently pushing her down onto her back.

Mickie smiled slightly as she lay on her back on the carpet of the room,
saliva still on her lips, chin and neck. Her breath quickened a little as the
legendary Shawn Michaels started to spread her legs apart. Rubbing her thigh
with one hand, he leaned forward over her and lined up the head of his cock
up with her entrance and gently pushed it forward.

"Ahhh..." She groaned almost in relief as she felt his length enter her
shaven snatch.

"We've got a tight one here." Shawn said, slightly gritting his teeth as he
began a steady rhythm.

"Oh God that's big!" She moaned, looking up at the Heart Break Kid who was
slightly lifting up her ass to give him a better entry into her.

Hunter relaxed back in the big sofa of the room and stroked his cock
slightly, watching as his fellow degenerate stuffed the beautiful brunette's
tight box with quick thrusts, causing her tits to slightly bounce with each

"Ohh Shawn!" Mickie moaned, running her hands through her hair, loving the
feeling of the cock ploughing into her pussy.

HBK glanced over to his partner and mouthed the words 'entrance music', which
made the other member of DX nearly burst out laughing.

The Diva gasped with each time the icon thrust his hips forward, her wet
pussy more than capable of taking in his cock. The steady rhythm that
Michaels was using was starting to make both of them sweat, but it was
clear from the woman' moans that she was far closer to getting off than
the veteran.

"Okay 'Sexy Boy', tag out." Hunter shouted across the room, getting bored of
playing with himself.

HBK smirked as he pulled out, his dick now coated in both her spit from
earlier and now her pussy juices.

"Uhh!" A sad look came across her face, clearly wanting his dick back inside

"Now now, don't get all sad. There's a guy over there who would love to...
Now how do I put this..."

Mickie looked over at Triple H, and was energetically up before practically
jumping on him, easing his thick cock into her snatch.

"So that's how you play the game huh?" He grinned as she quickly started
to bounce up and down on his dick, wrapping her hands around his neck for

"Oh God yeah!" She moaned, her plump butt slapping against his thighs each
time she dropped down onto him.

"Damn, you were right Shawn." HHH said, leaning back in the sofa and resting
his head in his hands, content to let the busty brunette do all the work for
him. "It's like a vice!"

"Oh god, oh my god..." The number one contender for the Women's Championship
has her eyes closed, gasps and groans escaping her mouth as she relentlessly
slammed down on the hard dick of The King of Kings. Her whole body was sweaty
now, her pussy soaking as it took all of the thick cock inside it.

"Just like a little cowgirl." Shawn says, referring to the way the Diva is
riding his friend's cock, as he walks over to them.

"Oh hey there Shawn, you want in on this?" The Game said, leaning up slightly
to allow him to reach behind her and grasp her ass cheeks, pulling them
apart. "Man, Divas these days sure know how to fuck!"

"Oh God I'm gonna..." She moaned, her breathing increasing as she approached
a sexual high. "I'm gonna... Ohhh..."

Mickie eyes snapped open and she squealed in shock when she suddenly felt the
dick of HBK enter her asshole and begin to move back and forth. At the same
time, Triple H began thrusting up into her damp snatch, matching the same
force and pace his DX partner was using. She bit her lip, her nails digging
into the material of the sofa as her ass and pussy were being taken by now
sweating members of D-Generation-X.

The forceful double-team quickly took it's toll on the former Women's
Champion. Tilting her head back, she called out loudly in ecstasy, a powerful
orgasm rippling through her body. She came all over Hunter's dick, her juices
coating the shaft as her pussy clamped around it. At the same time, her back
passage tightened around Shawn's dick as it pumped into her butt.

"Let loose the floodgates!" HHH said with a grin, giving her tits a feel, not
slowing down his thrusts.

"Oh my..." Mickie groaned, grinding herself against the dicks inside her as
she rode her orgasm out. "Uhh... So good..."

"We sure got a screamer right here." HBK stated, slowly pulling out of her
thick booty, making her sigh as he did so. "You want a shot back here?"

"Damn right I do." His team-mate replied, lifting the Diva up by the waist
so he could remove his dick from her soaking pussy.

Mickie was still coming down when she found herself being positioned so
she was lying on her back on the sofa. Lifting her legs up and over his
shoulders, Triple H positioned his thick cock in line with her asshole.
"I'm a real ass man..." He said, pushing himself into her ass.

The beautiful diva gritted her teeth as the dick began to penetrate her even
tighter hole, forcing it apart. Thankfully for her, the earlier anal invasion
by Shawn had helped loosen her up, and her own cum that was covering The
Game's rod was acting as a lubricant to allow smooth entry.

"Ah... Ah... Ah..." She partly groaned and grunted, the sensation of being
taken up the ass being both painful and pleasurable. Her breasts bounced
slightly as her body jolted each time Hunter pushed himself forward into her.

"Hey little lady..." HBK said, moving around to stand beside her head, one
hand on his dick as he held it right over her face "I've still got two words
for ya..." He stated with a smile, crotch-chopping with his free hand.

Looking up with slightly glazed over eyes, Mickie James licked her lips
before accepting his offer, taking his dick into her mouth and being to 'suck
it'. She wasn't even thinking about the fact that she was blowing a cock that
had come directly from her ass, concentrating more on wrapping her tongue all
around the shaft as she bobbed her head on it.

"Shit that's one hell of an ass!" Hunter exclaimed, spanking her ass cheek as
he started to pound her butt with stiff thrusts.

"And her mouth's not bad either." Shawn stated, running a hand through his
hair as the woman sucking him off grunted around his shaft.

"Fuck me, check this out man!" The Game said, motioning at the fact Mickie
was working a couple of fingers inside her pussy while her other hand was
rubbing her tit. "She loves it!"

"She sure is 'down with that'!" The Heart Break Kid replied, placing a hand
on the back of her head, encouraging her oral work on his manhood.

The two Raw Superstars and Raw Diva were a connected train of sweating,
grunting bodies. For the following minutes Mickie James eagerly sucked on
Shawn Michaels' long cock while pleasuring herself, as Triple H pounded her
asshole with his thick dick. The fucking session seemed to go on forever as
all three worked to reach a sexual peak.

"Oh shit, I think the old rocket's gonna blast off soon." HBK said, feeling
himself nearly ready to cum

"You and me both." HHH said, also feeling similar pressure as he fucked the
Diva's ass.

"Umph!" The Diva moaned, lifting her head off of Shawn's cock. "Oh god,
please..." She moaned, slipping another finger inside of her snatch. "Please,
in my face!"

"Seriously?" Hunter grinned, pulling out of her ass and standing up.

"Both of you, all over my face!" She said, almost pleading as she was helped
by the two degenerates to sit on the floor, her back against the sofa.

Mickie looked up at DX, furiously fingering herself as they stroked their
cocks at a fast pace, aiming themselves directly down at her. She closed her
eyes, tilting her head back slightly, getting off on the sound of the two men
beating their meat.

As soon as she felt the first splash of hot jizz hit her face, her pussy
flowed once again with liquid as she came, her mouth opening as she moaned
loudly. This allowed the cum being fired onto her face to also land inside
her mouth. By the time they were done, D-Generation-X had frosted Mickie
James's face with their own special brand of 'icing', and given her a large
mouthful of cum.

Hazily opening her eyes, she slowly closed her mouth, swallowing down all of
the warm load she'd received, smiling cutely as she did so, before falling
back onto the sofa, completely worn out by the intense fucking she'd

Triple H and Shawn Michaels smirked at each other.

"Well Shawn..." HHH said, wiping some sweat off his forehead. "If every night
we get thrown out of the building by The Coach ends like this, I guess we
should piss him off more often!"

"Hmmm..." HBK stroked his chin with his hand. "That would be exactly what we
do anyway, am I correct?"

"Damn right it is." His team mate confirmed, before they both
double-high-fived each other in the classic DX way.
_ _ _

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