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Featuring: Rebecca Curci (Former Whisper in WCW, married to Shawn
Michaels), Stephanie McMahon (WWE), Triple H (WWE), Shawn Michaels (WWE).

Two Words... Wife Swap!
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

April 3rd, 2011. In a privately reserved penthouse suite in a luxurious
hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, hours following the conclusion of the WWE
WrestleMania XXVII Pay Per View event, the husband and wife couple of WWE
Superstar Triple H and the beautiful Executive Vice-President for Creative
Development & Operations for the WWE Stephanie McMahon are finishing
changing into swimming costumes while having a discussion that's making them
both grin.

"I swear, you seem more interested in doing this than anyone else involved
in it!" The hunky, muscular multi-time WWE and World Champion Triple H
states, wearing a plain pair of trunks, showing off his ripped to shreds
body perfectly and doing nothing to conceal his impressive looking package.

"What, you don't want a piece of Rebecca?" Stephanie McMahon teases, her
stunning tanned and curved body contained in a skimpy, black bikini that's
showing off her large breasts with deep cleavage and her bottoms clinging to
her juicy ass. "If you can handle me, then for sure you can handle Mrs. HBK
for a night?"

"Trust me, if she's gets Shawn every night she wants to, then I'm sure she's
more than enough woman for any man to handle." Triple H responds with a
smirk. "You'd better be ready for what Shawn can bring, because even in
retirement, I've heard he can still deliver a "Showstopper" of a

"Oh, believe me, I've heard that he can. I heard a rumor that there was a
Kilq reunion at the Hall of Fame ceremony backstage with a certain living
Barbie Doll with the same first and last name..."

"No idea what you're talking about Steph. Have you been visiting that women
of wrestling erotic fan fiction archive website again and getting crazy
ideas?" He teases as he pushes the bedroom door open. "Come on, we can't
leave our guests waiting..."

"First of all, I've only been reading the same stories you have from there,
and I've seen the files full of those Dice and Kristi stories there..."
Stephanie says with a smirk as she follows him out. "Good taste I'll admit,
and secondly... I can't wait to get this started..." She adds with a very
seductive tone in her voice.

Moving out to a main part of the room, the two approach the already warmed
up and running hot tub in the suite where already relaxing inside are
another husband and wife couple in the form of the recently inducted into
the WWE Hall of Fame and legendary but now retired WWE Superstar Shawn
Michaels, and his beautiful wife, the former WCW Nitro Girl Whisper in
Rebecca Curci. The Heartbreak Kid is also just wearing a pair of trunks, his
still desirably toned body looking more attractive covered in water, while
the busty blond is clad in a sexy two piece bikini that's white in color,
showing off her large and well rounded breasts with wet from the swirling
water cleavage, and underneath the water her bottoms also fit perfectly to
her thick booty.

"What happened to you guys? You run into The Undertaker again?" Shawn jokes
as the other couple enters the hot tub as well.

"Very funny Shawn..." Triple H smirks at his long time best friend and
former D-Generation-X team mate. "Still got a couple of lines for a retired
guy I see?"

"Actually Shawn, we were just discussing about tonight... And the right
now..." Stephanie says, glancing between HBK and his other half. "That is,
if you two are still up for what we agreed to?"

"Well, I've got to admit that it sounds really exciting..." Rebecca says
with a smile as she looks over Triple H. "Me and Shawn have never, well,
been in a "wife swap" like this where I fuck another woman's husband, and
Shawn bangs that man's wife... And no offense Stephanie, but Hunter is
really hot!" She adds with a laugh, her eyes locking with those of Triple H
as he smirks at her.

"None taken, and your husband is most certainly still a "Sexy Boy"..."
McMahon says with a lick of her lips as she boldly slides around the water
to sit next to Michaels, running a hand over his chest. "So... If we're all
in agreement here... Shall we get things started?"

Not waiting for an answer and being quite too eager about it, Stephanie
slides her hand down under the water and onto the bulge of Michael's shorts,
making him groan as she squeezes his package and blindly feels for his
shaft, starting to rub it through the material while her other hand feels up
his muscular chest, her eyes locking with his and he can clearly see the
look of lust she's giving him that just makes his cock harden in her grip.
At the same time but with a slight nervousness, the blond moves across
towards the man who's now standing up in the hot tub, pushing down his
bottoms and revealing an already nicely thick and quite long shaft hanging
between his legs that makes her eyes widen in surprise but soon a smile is
shared between the two as she moves up close and kneels down slightly in the
tub, giving him a great view of her vast breasts in the process that serves
to help his cock get stiffer.

Taking a hold of Triple H's long, hardening cock in her hand, the stunning
wife of Shawn Michaels Rebecca Curci starts to stroke his length off,
running her free hand over his strong thigh as she gives the studly wrestler
a beautiful smile with a blush, her gaze switching between up at him and
down at the meaty pole that's getting bigger inside her soft grip. Leaning
her long blond haired head downward, she starts to slide her nicely wet
tongue around the head of his shaft, making him moan slightly from the touch
as she keeps her hand working up and down his length, running her tongue all
the way over the tip and across the piss-slit before starting to swirl
around the crown with a steady and slow clockwise motion.

At the same time the gorgeous daughter of Vince McMahon and the wife of
Triple H, Stephanie McMahon has her pouty lips wrapped around the rock hard
cock of Shawn Michaels as she rests both hands around him onto his toned
butt cheeks, making him moan as she uses her warm and wet mouth to pleasure
his shaft as she handles the top few inches inside herself. Her eyes are
narrowed seductively up at the man she's blowing as she rocks her long
brunette haired head smoothly up and down on his size, easily repeating the
motion to warm him up and make him groan as she sits perfectly on her knees
in the hot top, giving him a great view of her large breasts in the
straining bikini top while she services his manhood with already clear

Now the other busty MILF involved in this is putting her mouth to good use
as she sinks her head down deep to take the dick of the multi-time former
WWE and World Heavyweight Champion inside her mouth, taking an impressive
amount of thick and now fully erect shaft past her soft lips while using her
hand to stroke away at the portion not yet inside her mouth. The man
receiving this treatment smiles and moans as he watches her pretty face move
back and forth towards his crotch as she blows him, the motion in no time at
all established as she starts to place her saliva onto his meat and as she
watches the look of pleasure on his face and hears his groans, her
confidence grows and her bobbing increases in pace, in turn gradually taking
more of him inside her oral hole.

There's no holding back just a short distance across though, as the former
WWF Women's Champion is all too eagerly raising and lowering herself onto
the cock of The Heartbreak Kid, coating his member with her soothing saliva
and keeping her luscious lips pressed tightly around his manhood, clearly
showing this isn't the first time she's blown a man before and from the look
of her hard nipples poking through her top, she's getting off on this. No
complaints are coming from the handsome, retired sports entertainer as he
moans and watches her suck away on his length as she handles almost all of
his inches, keeping a firm grip of his ass cheeks as she increases the speed
of her motion, almost fucking her own face on his dick and moaning around
his tool as she does so with lust.

Showing how much he's enjoying the steady and controlled blow job he's
getting from the former Nitro Girl, The Game is reaching down to squeeze her
large breasts through her tight fitting bikini top, causing her to groan in
enjoyment around his stiff pole as she bobs away on him, her hand holding
him by the base as she uses her oral hole to pleasure the rest of his fat
inches. She's smiling around his length as she continues to suck him off,
responding to the touch as she glides her lips back and forth on him with a
little more speed as a trickle of saliva seeps past her lips, as opposed to
the more than generous covering of her spit that's now all over his long
cock thanks to her top notch blowing of his meat as he stands up on the hot
tub seating while she kneels in the warm, bubbling water that's making them
both groan from the added sensations as this oral sex continues.

Nicknamed The Billion Dollar Princess, she's looking far from anything royal
as she forces her face right down onto the shaft of the Hall of Famer, her
nose touching his crotch as her chin rests against his nut sack as she deep
throats all of his inches and gags erotically as she keeps herself held
down, her eyes big and full of desire as she looks up at the hunk she's
slobbering all over. After a few more long moments she goes right back to
sucking him off with force and speed, gagging loudly around his cock when
she pushes downward onto him, her saliva tricking out past those made for
sucking cock lips and down her chin, her long hair swaying and even her big
tits are slightly bouncing as she sucks away on the cock of the moaning man
who she isn't married to, while said man is getting blown by the wife of the
former wrestler she's right now giving a hot and hard blowjob to.

"Mmmm... Hey Steph, you having... Shit... Fun there?" Triple H asks between
moans as he looks over at his perfectly curved wife as she deeply sucks his
best friend off, while his wife is doing the same to him.

Another couple of motions on the cock in her mouth, and the brunette lifts
her head away with a groan as she licks her lips. "Oh, a lot of fun!"
Stephanie looks back at her husband with a grin, watching the other wife
involved in this as she dishes out a few more sucks of her own. "Hey
Rebecca, if you enjoyed blowing him, just wait until his sticks that
"sledgehammer" into you..."

Hearing this, the busty blond takes The Game's cock out of her mouth, taking
a moment to groan and catch her breath. "Well if he's half as good as Shawn
is, then it'll still be a blast!" Rebecca slightly teases as she glances up
at Hunter with a wink.

"Sounds like a challenge there Hunter!" Shawn states with a laugh before
he's grabbed by the hands and pulled down to sit down in the hot top, as the
wife of Triple H grins at him and starts to pull off her bikini bottoms,
revealing her neatly shaved pussy.

Sitting down in the hot tub and leaning back after she's removed her own
bottoms and set them aside, the former Whisper of WCW moans as her nicely
snug pussy is penetrated by the long shaft of Triple H as he leans over her,
grabbing the side of the tub behind her for support while she wraps her arms
around his neck and raises her legs up to spread them wide, her large
breasts resting just above the bubbling water line. There's no time being
wasted as the man known as the Cerebral Assassin starts to pump his dick in
and out of her snatch, making them both groan at the sensations they
instantly feel as she's made to stretch slightly, despite being a mother of
two, thanks to his thick length and the way it's already steadily sliding
back and forth into her.

Just a short distance across, the former General Manager of Smackdown and
Raw is grinning as she groans on top of the just as long and fat to match
cock of the Showstopper that she's mounted on top off, her hands gripping
his shoulders as she bounces herself firmly and effortlessly up and down on
hip as he sits in the pleasurably warm hot tub and grips her by her toned
and tanned waist. Even though she's a mother of three, her pussy is
impressively tight around his large rod, just making her up and down motion
feel all the better for both of them as she seems all too keen to get
herself to a fast and hard pace, putting in all the work so far but from the
way the handsome former wrestler she's on top of is smiling and moaning,
he's perfectly happy with that.

Picking up the pace is exactly what the former leader of the Evolution
stable is doing as he ploughs his length in and out of the snatch of the
wife of Shawn Michaels as she moans and takes every pump deep into her love
tunnel, her toes slightly curling up from the pleasure she's getting from
his perfectly timed and forced thrusts into her snatch. Already the stunning
blond's tanned frame is being made to jolt backward in the water and against
the seat each time she takes a inward motion when he sends his
"sledgehammer" right up into her pussy, causing her massive and sexily
rounded breasts to bounce in time with her body as they spill out of her
bikini top and that sight just gives him all the more incentive to keep
banging the beautiful MILF as he moans out himself, loving it just as much
as she is.

Water splashes around each time the horny and wonderfully curved brunette
slams herself up and down onto the stiff rod buried deep into her snatch,
her own large titties bouncing away from the force she's using to plant
herself down onto the cock that's being sent up into her with much less
force than she's using herself, but it's still more than enough to make her
lustfully call out. The hunky Hall of Famer just grins and groans, watching
her going wild on his tool as he deliberately times himself so he meets her
every second time she drops down onto his lap, sending his shaft straight up
and deep to stuff her full and ensure that his own needs are being just as
taken care off as her own clearly high sexual demands are as she moans and
bounces away on his manhood.

Across from this, the handsome native of Greenwich, Connecticut grunts as he
bangs the beautiful wife of his best friend and long-time tag team partner
with balls deep thrusts, sending every thick inch of his rod right into her
wet and snug pussy, groans escaping them both as he shows it's not just in
the ring where he's skilled, every pump with the right amount of speed and
force to drive in completely and keep her body rocking back and forth
against his motions. She closes her eyes and moans out in a rather shameless
fashion, not feeling bad at all about getting fucked so good by a man who's
not her husband and instead enjoying the way his thick length is ramming in
and out sharply of his pussy to really fill her up as the water rises and
lowers beside them, almost spilling over the top of the hot tub from how
hard his pumps are becoming into her lower hole.

Similarly, there's no regrets or second thoughts between the other two
desirable sports entertainment stars involved in this hot and heavy
"wife-swap" as the Hartford, Connecticut stunner raises and lowers her
gorgeous body all the way onto the thrusting dick of the hunk from San
Antonio, Texas who's groaning and smiling as he enjoys her snatch with
steady pumps. He slides his hands up, pushing her bikini top up and out of
the way before giving her big boobs a feel up that only makes her further
moan in lust as she rocks away on his member, feeling his ball sack slap
into her butt cheeks when he sends his manhood straight into her and she
drops down into his crotch, neither feeling a sting of pain and the swirling
hot tub water all around them helps make the motion even more smoother and
pleasurable for them all.

"Awwww... Ohhhhh... Ohhhh... Shawn!" McMahon moans as she tilts her head
back for a moment and grinds her snatch down on the lap of HBK, sliding her
hands down her body to toss away her top so she's completely naked.

"Mmmm... That sounds just like your theme music Shawn!" Rebecca states with
a grin as she looks over to her husband who winks back.

"If he had a buck for every time he heard that, he would have retired years
ago!" Triple H jokes with a smirk, pulling out of the snatch he'd been
banging with a groan as he now moves to sit down in the hot tub.

"I think your wife has been looking forward to this a little too much..."
Michaels states as he grips the woman mounted on his cock by the waist, only
letting her groan for a moment as he pulls out, merely to position her right
where he wants her as he goes right back into her.

Now it's the turn of the Tampa, Florida born beauty to do some riding after
she's fully removed the last of her clothing as she squats over the length
of the second ever WWE Grand Slam Champion, easing her already wet snatch
down all the way onto his rod so she can grind herself down onto his rod,
leaning forward to give him a perfect view of her sexily rounded booty as
she holds onto her own knees. Not a moment after his takes a hold of her
hips does she start to move her snatch smoothly up and down onto his rod,
getting a pleasant surprise as he responds by pumping up into her love
tunnel as well that makes her look back over her shoulder and smile
seductively at the still current Superstar who's just as focused as she is
to make the most out of this perhaps one time only opportunity.

A little way across from them, the man known as The Heartbreak Kid is
thrusting his long, thick cock back and forth from behind into the snatch of
"Daddy's Little Girl" who looks anything but that as she moans loudly in a
rather slutty manner as she lays on her side partly against the edge of the
hot tub, one of her smooth legs being held right up out of the hot tub water
so the handsome retired performer can get unrestricted access into her still
snug hole. She groans with half closed eyes as she looks back at him, one
hand gripping the edge of the tub while the other runs down his shoulder as
encouragement to fill her up even though already he's banging her balls deep
each time he sends his manhood into her snatch as well as his motion already
being strong enough to make her rock back and forth against him.

The perfectly tanned and curved body of the former WCW Nitro Girl raises and
lowers through the bubbling water to make it further splash around as she
moves herself with clear experience all the way up and down onto the cock of
the 2002 Royal Rumble Match winner as he slams his shaft right up into her
snug pussy with speed and force, easily matching her pace and making her
increase hers. She's more than up to the challenge even as sweat forms on
her forehead, keeping herself leaning over to work her hips over and over
again to move her pussy onto his thickness with such a fluid, smooth motion
that porn stars would kill to know the secret behind as it makes herself and
the man she's on top of moan out loudly.

Looking far from her professional and high class public persona is the
current WWE Executive Vice-President for Creative Development & Operations
as she pushes her juicy ass sharply back against every thrust deep into her
tight pussy given to him by a man only recently inducted into the
prestigious WWE Hall of Fame and is now rapidly banging her from behind like
they've both been lovers for years. Her large breasts are bouncing as her
body rocks against his strong and deep thrusts, every inch of his man meat
sliding into her pussy to make her sweat and groan as he easily keeps her
leg held up and makes the warm water swirling all around them splash from
the force of their desirable bodies meeting each other as his hips smack
into her thick backside.

The master of The Pedigree finisher continues to grunt as he slams his
lengthy and fat shaft straight up into the snatch of the busty blond who's
riding away on his cock, his nut sack smacking into her skin when he sends
himself right up into her hole as she drops down onto him as sweat starts to
form across his muscular chest from the effort used to give it to the
stunning MILF married to his best friend who's currently banging his actual
wife. For now though he's going to enjoy this snatch that he's driving right
up into, all of his thick inches fitting perfectly into her still nicely
tight and damp not just from the hot tub water pussy, both of their moans
filling the air and not a hint of regret amongst them as they continue to
fuck intensely like it's second nature to the pair of them.

Same can be said for the other pairing involved in this as now the former
WWF Women's Champion has turned her head to the side in order to make out
with the former two-time Royal Rumble winner, their tongues hungrily dancing
around each other but neither of them skip a beat as they continue to work
their sexy and tanned bodies against one another while they swap spit and
exchange moans. He keeps on thrusting away into her tight snatch as she
moves it back against the powerful and swift thrusting motion he's using on
her, his now covered with perspiration chest pressing into her back as he
deeply rams his cock into her love tunnel that's being pushed back to meet
him by the groaning female who's using a hand to feel up her own big tits in
a clear show of intense desire.

"Geez Steph! You could... Mmmm... At least try to hide the... Awwww yeah...
The fact that you've wanted to bang Shawn for ages!" Triple H jokes as he
looks over at his wife and his best friend with a smirk as they make out
while they fuck.

Hearing this, the lip lock is broken as the wife of The Game shoots a
seductive look at her man. "Like you haven't wanted to tap Rebecca's ass for
the same time either!" Stephanie shoots back before she groans as Michaels
pulls his cock out of her snatch.

"Oh, is that so?" Shawn asks with a knowing grin as stands up in the hot tub.
"Well I think you should, as long as I do the same to Stephanie here..." He
adds with a wink to his former D-Generation-X team mate who grins back.

"Oh wow! That sounds really hot!" Rebecca says with a smile, moving herself
off of Hunter so she can get into a bent-over position in the water, placing
her hands onto the seating of the hot tub as she looks back at Triple H.
"Get that thing up Stephanie, and lets see what our hubbies can do to our
hot asses!"

Spreading her legs apart, the former Nitro Girl Whisper watches with a
slight bite down on her lip as the multi-time former WWE and World
Heavyweight Champion stands up straight and comes forward, spreading her
nicely thick ass cheeks apart before pushing his cock in past her asshole,
making them both groan loudly as she rocks forward with her upper body just
inches above the swirling water. Feeling him thrusting into her back passage
makes her groan as she rocks forward slightly, her large breasts hanging
down into the warm water as they sway, the sensations making her further
groan as she's taking up the butt from behind by a handsome wrestler she
isn't even married to, but isn't planning on asking him to stop as he works
his rod smoothly into her tightest of holes.

Right next to them, the horny brunette is sharply pushing her juicy ass
right back against the incoming pumps into her also very tight asshole given
to by the man who's the best friend and former DX team mate to her actual
husband, groaning as she feels his thick inches sliding in and out between
her perfectly rounded and tanned cheeks as he grips her waist in order to
keep her held in place so he can easily take her from behind as she takes up
this almost standing doggy style position. Showing that she's a clear lover
of anal sex her eyes are closed with her head tilted back as she moans
loudly, back arched with her backside pushed right up and out of the water,
and under the swirling surface of the hot tub she's slid a hand down between
her legs in order to finger herself, moving a couple of digits in and out of
her snatch as she's banged in the ass at the same time.

Thinking the same sort of thing, and showing that this isn't the first time
she's taken it in her back passage even with a shaft of this thick size
currently ramming back and forth into her asshole, the stunning blond MILF
has her hand onto her snatch to rub it quickly, her fingertips brushing over
her sensitive and already well fucked pussy to make herself moan. Her ass
cheeks jiggle erotically when the man nicknamed The Game ploughs his rod
into her ass as he stands and moans out from the tight grip all around his
manhood, using a firm and steady pace to pound her booty and keep her tanned
body rocking back and forth against his motions which in turn allows him to
venture in deeper into her backside, much to his clear, moaning approval as
sweat starts to drip off of his chiseled out of stone body.

With a lengthy and fat cock driving in and out of her ass and getting herself
off on her own fingers as she works them quickly into her wet snatch, the
Billion Dollar Princess is acting more like a dirty slut than the sexy,
strong, and powerful businesswoman she actually is, a stream of loud moans
pouring out of her mouth as sweat covers her pretty facial features. It's all
just music to the ears of The Showstopper behind her as he keeps moving his
dick rapidly and with force into her booty, his crotch smacking into those
tanned and smooth ass cheeks to make them shake even more and her to rock
forward slightly but neither of them raise any complaint from the impact so
the intense ass pounding continues between the two desirable sports
entertainment personalities who aren't married to one another.

Speaking of their other halves, their own hot and heavy anal encounter is
continuing on as the stunning blond takes a hard and fast banging from
behind from the Greenwich, Connecticut native who grunts and groans with
every back and forth motion into her still impressively tight asshole, his
muscular waist colliding with her juicy ass cheeks when he pushes forward
and goes balls deep into her. The parts of her tanned body that aren't under
the swirling waves are coated in sweat as she jolts forward in response to
his strong thrusts that would have rendered a normal woman unable to stand
straight for a week, but she's able to take it and keep herself bent over
with that booty pushed up and out for him to hammer into while still
stimulating her own snatch with a rubbing hand motion so she keeps on
moaning deeply in an increasingly whorish manner.

Likewise there's no shame to be found in the daughter of Vince McMahon as
her head hangs down just an inch above the bubbling hot tub water as she
moans away, gasping for breath as her back passage is getting almost ravaged
by the cock belonging to the Hall of Famer behind her as he sends himself
balls deep into her thick and sexy backside with hard thrust after sudden
thrust to make him look more like a professional porn star than a retired
professional wrestler. As her breasts sway under the water from the rocking
motion backward to meet his strong pumps, she wildly drives her digits in
and out of her snatch to finger fuck herself, working those two fingers
knuckle deep as the hunk tapping her ass moans and grunts himself as he
gives her one-of-a-kind backside the kind of treatment it truly deserves
with some intense pounding action with all of his fat inches buried deep
between her cheeks.

As drop dead gorgeous as she may be, there's only so much the former WCW
Nitro Girl dancer known as Whisper can handle so with a deep groan and a
smile on her face, the wife of Shawn Michaels, Rebecca Curci starts to
orgasm as she's fucked up the ass by her husband's best friend Triple H as
he drives his long and thick cock balls deep into her tightening back
passage so he's made to groan out as well. The blond's sexily curved body
continues to rock in response to the thrusts while she keeps her hand moving
back and forth over her soaking wet snatch to ensure she rides out off the
waves of pleasure flowing through her as she sinks down further slightly
into the warm, soothing water of the hot tub she's been fucked in all her
holes in by this muscular stud who's grunting as he feels his cock throbbing
inside her vice-like now back passage.

Hitting her own sexual speak now is the beautiful MILF wife of Triple H, as
Stephanie McMahon begins to cum hard on her fingers shoved deep into her
snatch while she's being banged in the ass from behind by Shawn Michaels,
and even as her juices flow out over her fingers, soon to be washed away by
the water bubbling all around them, she keeps pushing her booty back against
the incoming pumps between those juicy cheeks from the groaning Hall of
Famer. Hissing through his teeth, he feels the increased pressure around his
tool as her back passage clamps around his manhood as she orgasms but he
keeps his control, getting to enjoy her backside a few pumps more as his
waist smacks into her butt cheeks and his balls slap into her tanned skin
and it all just helps the horny brunette to ride out all the intense,
shameless pleasure that's flowing through her body right now.

Opening her eyes and looking back over her shoulder, the stunning Tampa,
Florida beauty watches as the stud who'd just helped her to a mind-blowing
sexual peak pulls out of her now more than just well fucked ass and is now
gripping his man meat as she strokes himself off with speed and need,
groaning loudly as he aims his tool down at her juicy, tanned butt cheeks
that she keeps stuck out in front of him. Soon enough and with a deep, long
groan Triple H starts to shoot his load across the ass of his best friend's
wife Rebecca Curci, his thick spunk splashing down onto both her ass cheeks
to make her moan slightly as she watches each steam be stroked out of his
pulsating rod and onto her booty, the sight making her lick her lips as both
sides of her shapely backside receive a more than generous covering of cum
from The Game who grins as he milks himself dry with long, low moans.

At the same time, the intense pressure all around his cock from the even
tighter back passage he's now thrusting into becomes far too much to take,
and with a firm grip of her hips and a last balls deep thrust Shawn Michaels
starts to blow his load into the ass of Stephanie McMahon, the wife of his
best friend and the man who the night before inducted him into the WWE Hall
of Fame. The busty brunette groans with lust as she feels her juicy ass now
getting filled up with spunk, the feeling making her tilt her head back
again and still keep pushing her booty back to meet the thrusts from the
throbbing dick that's firing stream after creamy streak straight into her
back passage, and she clearly has no problem taking every last drop as he
eases up on his pumping motion with a big, satisfied smile on his handsome

Now completely spent, both founders of D-Generation-X step back and sit down
in the still warm and swirling waters of the hot top they've been fuck each
others wives in, sharing a big grin as they look over the cum covered as of
Rebecca before she groggily sits back down next to her husband, and
similarly Stephanie also takes a seat and wraps an arm around her man, with
both stunning MILFs wearing big smiles on the sweat covered and pretty

"Wow... Just, totally... Wow!" Rebecca says before laughing as she catches
her breath. "That was totally wild! I've never, ever done anything like this

"I told you it'd be fun..." Stephanie states with a satisfied smirk. "And
that Hunter doesn't disappoint... Not that you did either Shawn..."

"Nice to hear an old man is appreciated!" Shawn jokes back with his arm
around his wife. "It's one hell of a way to top off my Hall of Fame weekend,
that's for sure!"

"That's for damn sure Shawn!" Triple H states as he leans back. "Mind you,
this has only just been the one night... Considering that I'm well,
semi-active on the roster... And you're retired... Why just only settle
with then one night?"

Shawn looks to his best friend with a grin. "Two words... Next year!"

* * *

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