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Tygress' Filthy Initiation
by Crank Case

Tygress wanted nothing more then to go back to her hotel, take a long hot
bubble bath, and sleep for two weeks. Unfortunetly for her, the new booking
schedule employed by Russo and Bischoff had her at two house shows and a
Thunder taping that week. She was limping back to her dressing room after
taking a wicked powerslam from Daffney after Tygress had lept off the second
turn buckle in a dark match. She opened the door to her dark dressing room
and was immediatly grabbed from behind by a strong pair of arms. The lights
flicked on and she was surrounded by Konnan, Rey Jr., Juvi, and was being
held by the Disco Inferno.

"Uhh, hi guys," she stammered, "Great joke and all but do you think we
could discuss Filthy Animals business later? I'mm kind of sore and..."

SLAP!!!! Konnan back-handed the lovely latino across her now tear-streaked
face. He said" You ain't no Filthy Animal, bitch. But you will be in a
minute... after we "initiate" you, ho."

With that Disco handcuffed Tygress' hands behind her back and Juvi shoved
a ballgag in her mouth and strapped it behind her head. They tossed her on
the dressing mirror table thing and pulled off her camoflauge tube top and
pants leaving her in just a black g-string. Her 38 CCs jiggled with the
movement and her coffee colored nipples were hard from the cold air.

"It's on now beeeeotch," said Rey Rey.

Disco chimed in, "Sho' you right B!"

Juvi said, "It's G fool!"

"Yeah, well anyway," Konnan interjected, "As el capo de tut du cape of
this posse I get first cracck at the slut."

K-Dogg pulled a switch blade from his pants and waved it in front Tygress'
face. "Be nice and we ain't gonna use this one you, bitch."

Konnan cut through one of ther strings to her panties, exposing half of
her red-furred shaven pussy. K-Dogg then cut through the other side and threw
away what was left of her panties. Konnan spread Tygress' legs and took one
long lick between her legs that moved up to sucking her nipples to wrestling
with her toungue. Tygress began to get wet with Konnan's ministraitions.

K-Dogg dropped his pants and shoved his rock-solid nine inch halfway up
Tygress' sweet latino pussy. Konnan shoved the rest of his meat into her and
began a steady slam-fucking rhythm.

Tygress closed her eyes and tried to imagine someone she loved giving it
to her this good. She opened them in surprise, however, when she felt the
ball-gag being removed. She looked up just in time to hear Juvi say, "Finally
the Juice has come BACK to Tygress' mouth!" Before shoving his skinny seven
inches down her throat to the hilt.

Tygress thought, "Fuck it. They're gonna have their fun no matter what so
you might as well enjoy it." She clamped her lips around Juvi's dick and
sucked hard as she licked all around his cockhead and piss slit. She opened
her mouth and sucked in his balls as well as his schlong and fondeled his
nuts with her toungue.

Disco said, "Yo, I gots to get in on this action, B!" Rey-Rey gave him a
white-boy-what-the-fuck-is-your-damage look right before he noticed Daffney
standing in the doorway.

Daffney Unger had wanted to talk to Tygress about a few spots in their
match tomorrow but had found something that looked MUCH more fun!

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!" Daffney screamed in happiness before jumping the
diminutive Rey-Rey. She shoved her toungue in his mouth and her hand down his
pants. She pulled out his foot-long cock and jacked it into complete hardness
as she kissed his chest and stomach.

Disco waited all of three seconds before coming up from behind and ripping
her shirt off. Daffney turned to protest but Rey grabbed her pigtails and
shoved her face down on his pre-cum spouting dick. He bobbed her head up and
down on his prick and she licked all around it until her nose was buried in
Rey-Rey's pubes. Rey came like a fire hose down her throat, in her mouth,
across her face, tits, hair, and stomach. Then Rey Rey made her lick the cum
off her own tits and kept sucking him off.

Meanwhile, Disco had taken a look at Daffney's big, plump ass encased in
tight black pants and decided exactly what he wanted. Disco pulled her pants
over her wide hips and dipped his dick in her already sopping wet cunt. He
then jammed his now lubricated cock into Daffney's ass hole.

Daffney screameed around the giant cock in her mouth as Disco slammed
himself to the hilt into her tight puckered anus. He slapped that plump butt
till it was red as he rode the cum-slut hard. Disco couldn't believe the
pressure on his dick and he soon emptied his load into her anal orifice.
Daffney had come twice before Disco and the sudden hot spurts of juicy goo
all over her sent her into another wave of multiple orgasms.

Meanwhile, Juvi was exhausted after coming twice but K-Dogg were still
going strong and working on the fourth mutual orgasm with Konnan humping her
butt like mad. Konnan pulled out and spun Tygress around so he could shoot
his load all over her face.

The Filthy Animals got dressed and felt up the women while K-Dogg went to
retrieve something from the bathroom. The remaining Animals spread the naked
cum-covered Daffney on her back and told Tygress to go down on her. When she
refused they took turns busting her ass with a belt till she reluctantly got
down on her knees and started tounging the naked goth-goddess. Daffney sighed
and held the other woman's head in her crotch and enjoyed the sensations of
the naked latino hottie licking her sweet cooch.

K-Dogg came back with a pitbull and the Filthy Animals held Tygress down
in Daffney's pussy so she couldn't struggle.

"Well," Konnan said, "You're Filthy ebough but now comes the animal part
that all our bitches seem to enjoy. Sic her Batero!"

Batero jumped on Tygress' back and shoved his ten-incher into her sloppy
pussy. The powerful dog slammed it's dick into her with such force that it
jammed her head into Daffney's cunt causing the bi girl to go wild. Tygress
was mortified. She was being forced into lesbianism and beastiality and no
one was going to save her! The dog had knotted in Tygress' cunt and was
emptying his massive load into her sweet, sweet pussy.

Daffney was humping Tygress' face with abandon, totally sliming it up. She
came again and screamed really really loud. When the dog was finished the
Animals had Tygress clean off it and everyone else with her toungue.

The Animalz held Tygress on her knees whil Rey Rey lined up his dick and
her mouth.

"Ready to be a real rough rider, bitch?!?" he shouted and jumped on her
head, riding it for all it was worth. After five minutes of this he splashed
his cum all over her face, hair, tits, stomach, and pussy.

Then Disco ushered Daffney out with a slap on her naked ass so the Animals
could talk business.

Juvi pulled a video camera from a black bag across the room and Konnan
said, "Look bitch, this has all been video taped and if you tell ANYONE about
this we'll distribute these to your family, friends, enemies, and the
internet. We'll also air it LIVE on the next PPV. Understood?"

Tygress sullenly shook her head yes. The Animalz laughed at their valet
and pissed all over her and left her cum and piss covered and bawling on her
dressing room floor.


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