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Divas: Brie & Nikki Bella

Tyson's Bellalitious Idea
by Ich Bin King

Backstage at the episode of WWE Monday Night RAW on 2nd March 2015 Brie Bella and her sister Nikki, the divas champion are searching for Daniel Bryan, Bries husband. Both wear there tight ring outfits After a while they go into the locker room of Tyson Kidd, to ask him, if he had seen Bryan this evening. The half of the WWE Tag Team Champions is sitting on a bench in the locker room, writing on his mobile.

"Ohhh, Hello, Tyson? Do you saw Daniel today here in the arena?", Brie asks.

"What? Uh, no. But stay here for a moment," he says and turns to his bag and takes out a big knife.

"Now, you're hot sluts. And while Nattie don't wanna fuck, I wanna see you naked, today."

Nikki and Brie are in trouble, and they know that. They try to come out of the room, but Tyson grabs both and locks up the door.

"So, I have the knife and the power, that you have to obey me, right? So you will do what I want, otherwise you come not out here. So obey to me, and everything is good," he says.

After this he takes out his wrestling trunks to expose his semi hard cock.

"Now, I like it to see girls strip in front of me. So, Brie you will strip Nikki, Nikki you will strip Brie, okay? I will tell you, who takes out what, so you will see it. Now let's start. Brie take out Nikki's top!", he says with a smirk.

Brie susurrus to her sister, "Should I do that, really?" Nikki nods fast. Now Brie goes behind of Nikki to take off her very tight and short "Fearless" top. She exposes Nikki's nice green bra, which masks her silicone tits.

"Woaaah you'r damn hot Nikki, your tits are great, I can see it through your nice bra," Tyson says as he strokes his cock slowly. "Now Nikki take out Bries boots and socks, and do that by your own too."

Nikki fast takes out her own boots and socks, before she makes the same at Brie.

"Now, Brie you will lose some serious clothing now. Nikki, take off her top!" Tyson says.

Brie takes her arms above her head, before Nikki pulls up her "Briemode" top, to expose a nice pink bra, in whitch her A.cups a waiting to be freed.

"I have to say, Natties tits are better than yours Brie. Little whore, take of Nikki's shorts, come on.", he says looking on Bries bra.

Brie slowly lowers in front of Nikki, very slowly taking the black shorts down, while Tyson strokes his cock in the same tempo. His cock is now rock hard, from seeing the hot Bella Twins stripping in front of him. Brie takes out Nikki's shorts now completely, left her in her green bra and a green panties showing off the bottom of Nikki's very hot ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh your so good, I wanna see you naked, hand I'm cumming now, where one of you isn't in bra and panties yet. So Nikki take out her shorts." he says.

Nikki now lowers in front of her sister, to take off her shorts, while Tyson slaps Nikki's ass two times. As she finished Nikki reveals the short, pink panties of her sister.

Now, both of the Bellas are anxious. In bra and panties, everyone can see them in the internet, but they don't wanna show Tyson off the tits and their pussys.

"Can we stop now? You humiliated us enough I think.", Brie says.

"No, you will leave this room naked - or bruised. So start with the real action. Brie take off her fucking bra!", he says angrily.

Brie feels bad in this thing, but slowly unhooks the green bra of her sister, letting it fall down to the floor, exposing Nikki's big tits, letting the implants bounce, Tyson slaps her tits a few times, while still going on to stroke his cock.

"Now, I like Brie more than you little slut Nikki. So I will enjoy it, take off her nice pink bra. I wanna see more tits!", Tyson says.

Nikki goes behind Brie and reaches to the clasp of her bra. She unhooks it and letting the pink underwear fall to the ground, exposing her nice, thick tits.

"So, you are bitches, I knew that before. But it' nice to see you naked, Now it's SHOWTIME. Come up here, in front of me. I will take off your panties myself. But it's not too bad for you. When I come, this all is over, and I'm not far away from putting out my cum into your faces. Now come here Bellas!", he says.

Nikki and Brie go in front of Tyson Kidd, who sits on the bench stroking is very long cock, whitch turns on both twins, letting their nipples stay in to the air. tyson grabs the slips of the Bellas and slowly drives them down their juicy legs, exposing their pussys, the rest of their asses and the ass cracks.

Now, naked in front of the two time Tag Team Champion, both divas are very humiliated. Tyson stands up and slaps the Bellas on their asses and the tits. He slaps, and slaps and slaps. After a while he strokes his cock very fast, so he cums and shots a big amount of cum into the air.

"WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, that was good, and now go out here, but without clothes!", Tyson moans.

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