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Ultraviolent Legend
by Julio "The Living Dead Juggalo" Cantu (

Jack Bailey had just finished making history when he won the annual
Tournament Of Death for the fourth year in a row. He was 22 and had won the
fourth annual TOD. He won all four so far the 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003. He
was one of wrestling's brightest stars,and he wasn't even in the WWE.

It was after the tournament as Bailey walked down the hall in Viking Hall
on his way outside. He had just gotten dressed and was about to leave when
he ran into of all people Stacy Keibler.

"What are you doing here?" asked Bailey in a confused voice.

"Vince McMahon sent me here to check out the talent and see who would be
good for WWE." said Stacy.

"Cool." said Bailey.

"Plus, I've been a fan of hardcore wrestling for a long time." said Stacy.

"Really. What promotions have you seen?" asked Bailey.

"Well, I've seen ECW, CZW, XPW, and some others." said Stacy.

"Wow, I never thought that you, Stacy Keibler would be a fan of
ultraviolence." said Bailey.

"I know, that's what all my friends say to me." said Stacy.

"Well, I have to go." said Bailey.

"Um, Bailey. If it's not too much trouble can you give me a ride to my
motel?" asked Stacy.

"Sure, no prob." said Bailey and let her to his truck.

"Please don't laugh, but my truck is a little bit messed up and it looks
worse than me." said Bailey.

They got to his truck and it looked like if it had been through a hundred
TOD's or more.

"This is...nice." said Stacy.

"You don't have to lie. Tell me the truth. It sucks ass." said Bailey.

"No, it is really...nice." said Stacy.

"Thanks." said Bailey.

They got in and drove off.

They drove for eleven minutes before they got to the motel. Along the way
they talked about things that had happened to them in the past and about the
future of their careers.

"The most dumbest thing I have ever done was when I was in CZW when I dove
off the arena on to Nick Mondo. It hurt like fucking Hell." said Bailey.

"No, shit!!!" said Stacy.

"Yes, shit." said Bailey.

"Damn." said Stacy.

"And you?" asked Bailey.

"Well, when I was in WCW my tittie popped out of my bra during my match
against Major Gunns at New Blood Rising. That was so fucking embarrassing."
said Stacy.

"Damn, those lucky people." said Bailey.

"They didn't see anything, because I was covered in pudding." said Stacy.

"If you were covered in pudding, then why was it embarrassing?" asked Bailey.

"Because, I was on national television." said Stacy.

They talked and talked and talked. Then they finally got to the motel and
went up to her room.

"Do you want to come in?" asked Stacy.

"Sure." said Bailey.

They walked in and sat on the couch.

"I want to ask your some questions." said Stacy.

"Okay, shoot." said Bailey.

"Question one: How long have you been in the sport?" asked Stacy

"Seven years." said Bailey.

"Question two: Do you love this sport?" asked Stacy.

"I love this sport. This sport is my life." said Bailey.

"Really?" asked Stacy.

"Yup, I would die for my love of the sport." said Bailey.

"Are you gay?" asked Stacy.

"What... hell no!!!" said Bailey.

"Oh, just asking." said Stacy.

"I'm sorry, I should not have yelled like that." said Bailey.

"No, it's okay." said Stacy.

"Listen, Stacy I am very sorry for yelling at you like that." said Bailey
accidently putting his hand on her left leg.

"Oooooo!!" said Stacy.

"Damn, your legs are so fucking smooth." said Bailey.

"You like my legs?" said Stacy.

"Yeah, I do." said Bailey feeling up and down her legs.

Stacy got his hand and slowly moved it to her pussy and when it got there he
inserted his fingure into her nicely shaved pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm..mmmmmm.mmmmmmhhhhhhmmmm." moaned Stacy.

Bailey leaned in and kissed her in her baby soft lips while still finguring
her. They kissed for a few minutes.

"Oh, shit.......I'm gonna.....UUHHHH..SHIIIIIT!!!" screamed Stacy as she came
for the first out of three times that day.

After that Stacy got on her knees and unzipped his pants, pulled his dick
out and started sucking on it. She sucked him off for a good ten minutes
before she got up and pulled her mini-skirt up and pulled her thong down
and sat on his dick.

"Oh, God!!!" screamed Stacy as her ass got entered.

Bailey grabbed her left breast and started messaging it. Stacy then started
bouncing up and down on top of his dick getting harder and harder. After
that they both stood up took their remainig clothes, Bailey laid on a table
and Stacy got on top of him and started riding him as she bounced up and
down with his dick in her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm..yeah....fuck me, you bastard." said Stacy.

"Take my dick in your fucking pussy." said Bailey.

Bailey sat up and put his arms around Stacy's back and grabbed her ass and
squeezed it.

"Hang on." said Bailey as he stood up holding on to Stacy's ass with his
dick still jammed in her pussy. Stacy wrapped her legs around his back as
Bailey put his arm around her back. As she bent backwards and played with
her breasts and as Bailey kissed them and sucked on them.

"Yeah, play with my titties." said Stacy.

"They're so fucking sweet."said Bailey,as he squeezed and sucked on her

"AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH.......FUUUUUCK!!!!!!! screamed Stacy as she came
for the second time.

They kissed for a while,before they fucked some more.

"How was that shit?" asked Bailey.

"That was fucking sweet." said Stacy.

"Let's do it again." said Bailey.

"You read my mind." said Stacy.

Bailey laid Stacy on the table as Stacy put her legs in the air and placed
them on Bailey's shoulders and he started inserted his dick into her and
started pumping her brains out.

"UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH!!!!!" grunted

Bailey was pounding her so hard it was making a loud smacking sounds. He
pounded and pounded and pounded harder and harder, faster and faster.

Stacy, as she came.

"HOLLLLLY.....FUUUUUUCKING SHIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Bailey as he
finally shot his load deep into Stacy.

Both of them were exhausted like hell, gasping for air. After that Jack
Bailey got into the WWE and became a world wide legend. Plus he was fucking
the hottest bitch in the world, Stacy Keibler.


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