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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Uncensored: The Live Sex Celebration
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Outside of the arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania during the January 9, 2006 edition of
Monday Night RAW, a limo pulls up to the arena. After a few moments, the new WWE
Champion, the Rated R Superstar Edge exits it with a smirk on his face. Dressed in black
boots, black leather pants, a black Rated R Superstar T-shirt and a black leather jacket,
Edge licks his teeth as his Rated R Girlfriend Lita, wearing knee high black boots, fishnet
stockings, a short black skirts and a black top, runs up to him with his WWE
Championship. "Hey babe... is everything set up?" Edge asks

The fiery red-haired sinful sexpot, Lita, slyly smirks and nods her head "Oh yeah...." Lita
says as she seductively narrows her eyes at her Rated R boyfriend, Edge. Lita licks her
slutty lips and tosses her fiery red hair back "Oh...and I spoke with Mr. McMahon and he
assured me that if John Cena just so happens to interfere with us...he'll be fired...on the

Edge smirks, "I see it just gets better and better..." Edge says just as Lita tries to kiss him
as she hands him his WWE Championship belt, but Edge stops her, "Hold on babe...
wait for the live sex celebration.... Because we're going to celebrate the only way the
Rated R Superstar knows how!"

* * *

Inside the arena, a luxury sized bed is set up in the ring as the audience waits in
anticipation for the new WWE Champion Edge and his raunchy red-headed girlfriend
Lita to comes to the ring. Edge's music then starts to play and the arena starts booing

You think you know me.... On This day... I see clearly... Everything has come to life... a
bitter place... in a broke dream... and we'll leave it all behind...

Edge and Lita enter the ring area, and Edge holds up the WWE Championship he
captured just twenty-four hours ago at New Year's Revolution. The Rated R Couple
heads down to the ring and enters it as the crowd continues to boo them. Edge then grabs
a microphone and waits for his music to stop before he talks while Lita stands near the
bed. Edge waits for several moments for crowd to die down before loudly yelling into the
microphone, "The Champ is here!" Edge says mockingly, the crowd boos again and Edge
licks his teeth and laughs before saying again, "In case you didn't hear me the first
time... The CHAMP IS HERE!"

Edge glances at Lita and smirks before he continues to talk, "But you know... as good as
that is... the best part of all this is that none of you saw it coming.... All you idiots like to
think that you can predict what happens in this ring... and I outsmarted all of you with
the most unpredictable move in the history of this business. I cashed in the Money In
The Bank last night after the Elimination Chamber and I fooled you all... including the
former Champion, John Cena, because I knew... that they all would try and kill
themselves within that match and I just bided my time and waited till it was over.... And
then like a thief in the night... I took my opportunity... and cashed in!" Edge lowers the
microphone and raises the WWE Championship up as the crowd boos.

"And now... it is time for me and my lovely lady Lita... to celebrate what I have worked
my entire career for... with some live, torrid, passionate, hot triple x rated sex right here
on RAW!" Edge says in the microphone before tossing it out of the ring. Edge puts his
WWE Championship down on the bed and takes off his boots and socks as he looks at
Lita, "You ready babe?" Edge asks with a sex crazed look in his eyes.

Lita presses her slutty lips together and nods her head as she lustfully locks her sinful
eyes on her sex-craving Rated R boyfriend. "Oh yeah babe...I'm ready for a REAL
man..." Lita says as she tosses her fiery red hair back and steps towards Edge while
placing her hands onto his chest and sloppily delivers a hot, sexy kiss, slapping her
tongue against his tongue.

"Mmmmm..." Edge moans and smirks as he starts to return the hot, lusty kiss from his
raunchy redheaded girlfriend. The Rated R Superstar slides his hands to Lita's waist and
starts to push up her top, slowly exposing her flat toned stomach as he raises it up. Lita
lowers her sinful hands down to Edge's waist and slowly breaks the lustfilled, seductively
steamy kiss with the Rated R Superstar before she flicks her raunchy, wet tongue against
his lips. Lita slyly raises an eyebrow and she glances at the audience while Edge begins
to lift her slutty black top off of her body, slowly exposing her toned stomach and her
large, hot Rated R sinfully hot tits. Edge licks his teeth as he glances at the Titantron that
has the image of Lita's hot tits displayed on it, "Look babe... you're on TV..." Edge laughs
as he throws Lita's black top down to the ground.

Lita tilts her head back and wickedly laughs before she smirks at Edge and removes her
hands from his waist before she turns around, with her lustfully rounded, sexy and slutty
skirt covered ass facing the Rated R Superstar. Lita seductively kneels onto the bed as the
Rated R Superstar and new WWE Champion, Edge, steps behind his raunchy sexpot. The
audience, which has been deathly silent a few moments ago start chanting "WE WANT
CENA!" which brings a wide smirk to Edge's face. The Rated R Superstar takes off his
leather jacket which he drops on the mat once it slides off of his arms. Edge then takes
off his black t-shirt, revealing his hot, muscular, toned and tanned upper body.

"Mmmm babe... you're so hot.." Edge says as he proceeds to put his hands on Lita's sexy
waist and starts to slide down her slutty skirt slowly. Inch by Inch as Edge lowers the
skirt, Lita's tanned, round ass becomes revealed to Edge, the audience in the arena and to
the millions of people at home who are watching RAW on the USA Network.

Lita raises an eyebrow and seductively smirks before she glances over her shoulder and
licks her slutty lips while locking her sinful eyes with Edge. Lita scoots back on her
knees and presses her tanned, slutty ass that is covered with her black laced panties
against Edge's black leather pants covered waist and gently grinds her hot, juicy ass
against his crotch, while the audience watches intently and boos as well.

Edge groans a bit as Lita teasingly rubs her juicy panty covered ass against the bulging
crotch of his leather pants. The Rated R Superstar glances at the audience and laughs
before he reaches forward to grab Lita's red hair to pull her up to sit on her knees. Edge
turns Lita's head to the left so that he can kiss the raunchy Rated R Diva as he reaches
around her tanned body to grab her right tit with his right hand and to start rubbing her
pussy through the material of Lita's black laced panties.

Lita gently places her left hand on top of Edge's hand as he rubs her sinfully hot pussy
through the material of her black laced panties. As the fiery red-haired raunchy girlfriend
of the Rated R Superstar lustfully kisses him, she gently grinds her crotch against his
hand while he rubs her pussy.

Edge flicks his tongue against Lita's wet hot tongue as he rubs her pussy through her
panties a bit harder. The audience continues to boo loudly as the Rated R Superstar slides
his right hand down from Lita's right tit so that he can start pushing down her black laced
panties. As he slides them down, Edge's left hand comes into direct contact with Lita's
hot, shaved pussy. Lita gently wraps her feisty, raunchy wet tongue around Edge's tongue
as she sloppily delivers a hot, slutty kiss with her sex desiring Rated R boyfriend.
"Mmmmm..." Lita moans into Edge's mouth as he rubs her smooth pussy, lowering her
black laced panties further down.

Edge slowly breaks the hot, lustful kiss with Lita as he rubs her smooth pussy with his
left hand, "Turn over babe... we need to get you completely undressed..." Edge says into
her ear before he moves his hand away from her pussy in order to turn her over on the
bed. The Rated R Superstar makes sure Lita is sitting on the edge of the bed as he kneels
down next to it in order to start removing Lita's slutty knee high boots from her legs,
starting with her left boot. As he takes it off, Edge leans his head forward and flicks his
tongue against Lita's smooth leg via the gaps in her fishnet stockings.

Lita tosses her fiery red hair back as she leans back a bit on the luxury sized bed, set up
into the ring, by supporting herself on her hands "Ohhh fuck..." Lita moans with a sly
smirk on her face as she wickedly glances at the audience while Edge strokes and licks
her smooth, hot legs.

Edge throws Lita's left boot out of the ring and he starts to go to work on her right boot.
Repeating the same process, Edge flicks his tongue against Lita's smooth, sexy legs
through the gaps of her fishnet stockings. The Rated R Superstar glances up at his lustful
lady Lita as he jerks her right boot off of her right leg and throws it out of the ring.
"Mmmm yea...." Edge says as he licks his teeth as positions himself between Lita's legs
and starts to flick his long tongue against her wickedly hot pussy before he starts to pull
off Lita's fishnet stockings.

Lita licks her teeth and closes her lustfilled eyes as she gently presses her fiery, wet and
smoothly shaven pussy against Edge's tongue and he flicks his tongue against her
wickedly hot, sinful pussy "Ohhh babe...' Some of the female members of the audience
cheer a bit as they watch the Rated R Superstar flick his tongue against Lita's soft pussy
lips on the Titantron, and some smack their boyfriends as if telling them that's how it's
done. Inside of the ring, Edge finishes removing Lita's fishnet stockings and he puts his
hands on Lita's gorgeous waist as he then forces his tongue deep into Lita's slutty cunt.

"Ohhhhh fuck...." Lita grits as she grits her teeth tightly and tilts her fiery red haired head
back as she gently forces her slutty pussy to rub against Edge's lips and tongue as he
thrusts his tongue deeply into her fiery cunt.

Edge darts his tongue in and out of Lita's hot wet pussy, "Mmmmm..." Edge moans as he
feels Lita grinding her pussy on his face, lips and very skilled tongue as he eats her out.
The Rated R Superstar smirks as he feels Lita wrapping one of her legs around his
muscular upper body.

Lita lowers her head and opens her eyes to lustfully narrow them at her Rated R
boyfriend, Edge, as he flicking and licks her hot pussy "Mmm yeah babe...ohhh shit!"
Lita groans as she starts to grind her hot pussy at a rougher pace against his lips and

Edge laughs a bit as Lita grinds herself roughly on his lips and tongue as he eats her
sinfully hot and wet twat. Edge pushes her leg off from around his body and stands up,
leaving Lita a bit disappointed that he stopped eating her pussy, but her disappointment
fades quickly as Edge starts pushing down his leather pants and his deliciously fat, rock
hard thirteen inch Rated R cock becomes freed, and the audience in the arena that is still
booing goes silent at the sight of Edge's dick.

Lita hungrily licks her slutty lips as she tosses her fiery red hair back and wickedly
smirks before she scoots to the very edge of the luxury bed. Lita places her sinful hands
around Edge's hard thirteen inch Rated R cock and begins to gently brush her hand
against his shaft. The sultry sinful sexpot lowers her head and roughly slaps her tongue
against the thick head of his cock, leaving a spot of saliva on his dick.

"Mmmmmmm..." Edge moans as he watches Lita slap her slutty tongue repeatedly
against the very large head of his thirteen inch shaft. The Rated R Superstar puts his
hands on his waist and smirks as he looks towards the audience and yells, "This is what
she left Matt Hardy for!" Edge's comment gets some people to boo him, but other fans
shrug it off as they see Edge's point, or rather his cock get licked and stroked by the
raunchy redheaded Diva.

Lita lifts her slutty, lustfilled eyes and locks them with Edge as she seductively glares up
at her hot Rated R boyfriend. Lita opens her hot, slutty and wet mouth before she lowers
her head and eagerly accepts his cock into her mouth. Lita presses her slutty lips around
his shaft and the raunchy sexpot begins to smoothly bob her head, sucking the new WWE
Champion's Rated R cock.

A small "LITA" chant starts in the audience as they watch her bob her head smoothly on
the Edge's huge, thick cock. Edge licks his teeth as he looks down into Lita's slutty,
lustfilled eyes. "Ohhh yea babe... suck that cock..." Edge moans as he moves one hand off
of his waist in order to grab a handful of Lita's red hair.

"Mmmm...mmmmm" Lita moans around Edge's shaft as she slaps her wet saliva against
his cock while presses her slutty lips tighter around his shaft. The sinful, raunchy sexpot
of the WWE starts to bob her head on Edge's cock at a deeper pace, taking his cock
deeper into her wet and slutty mouth as she sucks on his dick.

"Mmmmmm... yeah Lita... suck that dick in front of all these fucking losers..." Edge
moans as he pulls on Lita's fiery red hair as she bobs her head faster on his cock. The
Rated R WWE Champion grits his teeth as he feels Lita trying to swallow his entire cock
with her slutty mouth.

"MMMMM!" Lita moans lustfully as the head of Edge's rock hard Rated R cock taps
against the back of her slutty mouth as the raunchy red-headed sexpot deeps her
boyfriend's massive cock with ease.

"Ahhhh ohhh yea babe... show the world what a cock hungry slut you are..." Edge moans
as the raunchy redheaded Diva deep throats his huge, meaty cock. The Rated R Superstar
let's Lita hold his cock within her mouth for a long moment before he slowly pulls it out
of Lita's slutty mouth.

Lita raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks at her Rated R boyfriend and she licks her lips.
Lita glances over her shoulder and wickedly smirks at the audience as they chant "SLUT"
towards the raunchy, sinful Rated R Diva. Lita calmly shrugs her shoulders and scoots
back on the bed as Edge climbs onto the bed and forces her to lay down.

Edge gets himself on top of Lita and smirks, "Ohhh yea..." Edge says with a smirk as he
looks at the audience as a loud "CENA! CENA!" chant starts. Edge gets amused look on
his face as he guides his cock towards and then into Lita's hot slutty pussy with one hard
sharp thrust.

Lita grits her teeth as she arches her hot, extremely slutty body after Edge guides his
Rated R cock into her wet, wet pussy "Ohhhh fuck baby!" Lita moans as she places her
hands onto Edge's strong and muscular arms as he starts to thrust his cock in and out of
the sinful pussy of his Rated R girlfriend.

Edge licks his teeth as he locks his sex crazed eyes with the lustful eyes of Lita as he
fucks her pussy with long and hard thrusts that makes the bed they are on shake.
"Mmmmm yeah... you're a hot fuckin' slut babe..." Edge groans as he slowly, but roughly
spears Lita's slutty cunt.

Lita presses her slutty lips together and wickedly smirks at her Rated R boyfriend while
she wraps her smoothly tanned, nicely firm legs around Edge's muscular waist as she
moves easily underneath Edge to grind her sinfully hot body and his muscular body
"Ohhh shit babe..."

"Mmmmm... ahhh yea..." Edge moans as he sharply thrusts his cock in and out of Lita's
pussy. The crowd starts to alternate between "ASSHOLE" and "SLUT" chants that are
directed to the Rated R lovers in the ring, and the chants just serve as motivation for Edge
to increase the pace of thrusts as he fucks Lita live on the USA Network.

Lita licks her slutty lips and presses her hot, slutty and sultry body against Edge's cock as
she begins to smoothly grind her wet pussy against Edge's roughly thrusting Rated R
cock "Ohhhh fuck babe! You're so fucking good..." Lita moans.

"Ohhhhh yea... ahhhh..." Edge lowers his head down and shoves his tongue into Lita's
slutty mouth as he sloppily kisses the Rated R redhead. Edge slides his hands against
Lita's sultry body, feeling up her tits briefly before moving his hands to her sexy waist.
The Rated R Superstar rolls over on the bed so that he's on his back with Lita mounted on
top of him, but she's hunched over so that her tanned, juicy ass faces the first row.

"Mmmmmm...mmmmm...." Lita lustfully moans inside of Edge's mouth as she begins to
bounces her juicy, tanned and slutty ass on Edge's waist while bouncing on his cock. Lita
wickedly slaps her tongue around in Edge's mouth, giving him a hot and slutty kiss while
she quickly rides his cock.

"Mmmmmm... ahhh..." Edge moans into Lita's lustful mouth as he reaches behind Lita to
cup her juicy ass cheeks with his hands. Edge smacks Lita's ass as he starts to lift and
drop his hips in order to thrust his thirteen inch Rated R cock upward into Lita's hot,
slutty twat as she rides him. Lita places her hands on Edge's muscular, tanned chest and
pushes herself up to sit straight on Edge's cock, while breaking the slutty and hot kiss as
well. Lita tilts her head back and begins to quickly rock back and forth on his thick shaft
to grind her pussy against his shaft.

Edge smirks up at Lita as he thrusts his cock up into her pussy as she bounces and rocks
on his impressive sized cock. Edge brings his hands from Lita's juicy ass and grabs her
hips in order to help her rise and fall on his cock. Every time Lita slams down on his
dick, her tits bounce wildly as well, much to the delight of some of the fans and more
importantly, the Rated R WWE Champion Edge.

Lita licks her teeth as she moves her hands against Edge's muscular chest as while she is
riding Edge's cock, the sinful sexpot begins to sweat. "Ohhhh awww fuck! This is how
you get Rated R!" Lita moans as the raunchy redhead skillfully slams herself down on his
cock, taking him deep into her pussy. The chants of "SLUT" become increasingly louder
as Lita rides Edge's cock faster and rougher.

"Mmmmmm fuck yea babe...." Edge moans as his raunchy redheaded Diva slams down
repeatedly on his thirteen inch cock. Edge licks his teeth as Lita's juicy ass smacks down
on his thighs and balls as she keeps riding him. "Ohhh shit babe... this is much better than
we planned..." Edge laughs lustfully as he locks eyes with the sinful sexpot.

Lita slyly narrows her eyes and licks her slutty lips as she nods head while she quickly
and eagerly bounces and rocks on Edge's Rated R cock "Ohhhh fuck were so
right!" Lita moans as she slams down roughly on Edge's cock before she roughly grinds
her slutty pussy against his shaft.

Edge slowly gets a devious smirk on his sweat dripping face, and the Rated R Superstar
lifts Lita off of his thirteen inch dick when she rises up on it. "Mmmm babe... let's show
them how hot you are..." Edge says as he drops Lita on the bed next to him. The Rated R
WWE Champion sits up on the bed and gets on his knees as his redheaded sexpot turns
around so that her juicy ass is facing him. The sinful sexpot, raunchy redhead Lita licks
her teeth and tosses her fiery red hair back and positions her slutty, tanned body onto her
hands and knees while she narrows her eyes, glaring at the audience with a sly smirk.

Edge looks at the audience as he tosses his sweat soaked blond hair back as he scoots
closer to Lita, "You fuckers wish you could do this!" The audience starts loudly chanting
"ASSHOLE!" at Edge and he smirks. "Guess some of you idiots have a brain...." Edge
chuckles as he proceeds to spear Lita's tight asshole with his fat, rigid thirteen inch Rated
R cock.

Lita grits her teeth and releases a loud, pleasured moan as Edge slams his thirteen inch
rock hard cock into her slutty, tight asshole. "Ohhhh fuck!" Lita moans as she glances
over her shoulder and wickedly looks at the Rated R Superstar as she begins to gently
push back on his shaft while sweat drips down her seductively hot and sinfully slutty

"Ahhhh... mmmm yeah..." Edge licks his lips as sweat rolls down his muscular, tanned
body as he slowly thrusts his cock in and out of Lita's juicy ass. The Rated R Superstar
places one hand on Lita's lower back as he reaches forward with the other to grab Lita's
long red hair in order to jerk her head back.

"Ohhhh yeah...fuck!" Lita moans as she grits her teeth while her fiery red haired head is
roughly jerked back while she slams her slutty hot body back Edge's cock as her juicy ass
smacks against his muscular waist " them how a REAL man is!"

"Damn straight... " Edge laughs as he pumps his cock in and out of Lita's hot tight asshole
while pulling on her red hair. Edge's balls smack against Lita's ass cheeks as he slams
every inch of his Rated R cock into the sinful sexpot's asshole. Lita closes her eyes and
tightly grabs hold of the red satin sheets of the luxury bed as she wildly rocks back on her
knees and wickedly slams her sinfully hot body against Edge's thick, hard spearing cock.

Edge lets go of Lita's hair and firmly grabs hold of her waist in order to pull her back
against him as he deeply fucks her tight asshole. "Mmmmm... ahhh fuck yea.... babe..."
Mmmm...." Edge licks his teeth as he slams his cock in and out of Lita's juicy ass. Lita
tosses her fiery, sweat dampened red hair back as she smoothly and seductively guides
her sinfully hot body back against Edge's sweaty, muscular body at a quick and firm pace
to match his rough thrusts into her ass.

Edge feels his cock beginning to throb within Lita's tight asshole and with one swift
motion, The Rated R Superstar pulls his cock out of Lita's juicy ass and stands up on the
bed. "Come on babe let's really make our mark..." Edge says as he starts to stroke his
throbbing thirteen-inch dick with his left hand.

Lira turns around on her knees and tosses her fiery red hair back and licks her slutty lips
with eager anticipation while she watches the Rated R Superstar strokes his throbbing
cock "Mmm...yeah you're going to cum for me baby?" Lita asks slyly as the audience
starts to once again chant "SLUT"

"Ahhh yea babe..." Edge moans as he rapidly strokes his cock as some of the audience
stops chanting "SLUT" towards Lita, but they start chanting "JERK OFF!" towards the
Rated R Superstar. Edge licks his teeth and grunts a bit as he starts cumming, spraying
his thick warm load all over Lita's slutty, sweat covered face.

Lita closes her eyes and presses her slutty lips together as Edge's warm, thick Rated R
cum sprays against her sweaty, seductive face "Mmmmm...babe..."

Edge keeps stroking his cock until every drop of cum is shot from his long hard cock,
'Oh year babe... that's a hot fucking look for you..." Edge says with a smirk as he
glances at the Titantron that is now displaying Lita's cum covered face. Lita licks her
sultry, slutty lips and opens her eyes as she glances over her shoulder to shoulder glare at
the audience while Edge's cum drips down her face.

Edge licks his teeth, "Hey babe... we should do it again.... and really get fucking wild in
front of these losers...." Edge says. However just before Lita can reply to him, a loud
WOOOOOOO is heard as Also Sprach Zarathustra, the music that signals the arrival of
the Nature Boy Ric Flair begins to play. The audience in the arena erupts in cheers at the
sixteen time World Champion comes out.

Edge turns his attention towards Ric Flair and says simply "Son of a bitch..."


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