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Under Her Spell
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At an ECW taping at the Hammerstine Ballroom located within the Manhattan
Center in New York City, Tony Mamaluke is sitting with his tag team partner
Little Guido Maritato after their dark match against SmackDown's Paul London
and Brian Kendrick. Guido, dressed in his traditional green wrestling tights
and red boots, holds his ribs, which took a pounding in a match against ECW's
Vampire Kevin Thorn the week prior. "Man that... damn Paulie... first he has
his goons beat me up... and then he throws me to face that... that freak...
something ain't right here Tony..." Guido says as he gets up from the chair
he's sitting on.

"I know what ya mean boss, but what we gonna do huh? Paulie's got those riot
guys..." Tony replies. Tony Mamaluke is dressed in long black tights and
white wrestling boots.

Guido thinks for a moment, "You know, we ain't gonna touch Paulie, I want a
piece of that freak first..." Guido says as he starts walking to the stairs
and starts heading down the basement of the building. Tony follows him.

"Whoa, boss... you're gonna go after that guy?" Tony asks as the two Full
Blooded Italians head down the stairs.

"Yeah I'm sure... no one does that to Italian Shooter and gets away with
it..." Guido replies as they arrive in the dark barely lit basement. The two
Italians walk to the most lit area of basement of the building, and Guido
calls out, "Hey... Freak... I know you're down here! Come on out and face me
when I'm able to fight!" Guido screams out.

Tony, who is looking around to see if there's anyone around, swallows hard,
"Hey boss... no one's here... let's get out of here..." Tony says as he gets
the feeling he and Guido aren't as alone as they appear to be.

As Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke slowly turn to leave the eerie, dark
basement of the Manhattan Center; however the two studdly Italian suddenly
pause and gulp when a female voice echoes throughout the basement "What...
does the future hold? What...does the future hold?" The mysterious voice
pauses, before continuing on "What...does the future hold? Only I know your
fate...Only I know your future."

Guido looks at Tony, "Tony... I hope that was you throwing your voice..."

Tony shakes his head, "That wasn't me boss..."

Guido composes himself and looks around, "All right... quit the games...
who's down here?!" Guido shouts.

"Only I can see the future..." The eerie, mysterious female voice says before
the basement of the Manhattan Center suddenly goes pitch black, within an

"What the fuck!" Guido shouts as he can no longer see anything. The Italian
Shooter reaches out with his hands to feel what's around him, "Tony... you

"Yeah I'm fine boss.... I hope the power just went out...." Tony says as he
sounds a bit scared from what's going on.

"Of course the power just went out... what else could've happened?!" Guido
replies, snapping at his tag team partner.

"I see a future...of darkness..." The eerie, mysterious female voice says "I
see a future of despair..." The mysterious female voice says as the voice
appears to be getting closer to the two Full Blooded Italians. "And I see
future of chaos..." The voice says before a wicked laugh. "Do you...want to
see your future?" The mysterious female voice asks before the lights of the
basement at the Manhattan Center slowly flicker on. Both Little Guido
Maritato and Tony Mamaluke are unaware that the mysterious tarot card reader
and close associate of the Vampire Kevin Thorn, Ariel, is standing behind
them as she's dressed in a black strapped halter top and a short lime green
skirt as she holds two of her tarot cards.

Tony and Guido both blink their eyes a few times to get used to the lights
being back on. "Man... this is creeping me out..." Tony says as he and Guido
turn to look behind them to see if anyone is there. Both Italians jump when
they see Ariel standing there.

"Where.... where did you come from?!" Guido shouts.

Ariel lowers her eyes and smirks before she presses her lips together. The
mysterious tarot card reader of ECW, slowly lifts her eyes slyly and licks
her soft, pouty lips "Do you see...your future?" Ariel says in an
eerie, soft voice.

Tony and Guido both exchange looks as they try to compose themselves. Tony
swallows a bit and folds his arms, trying to appear as if he isn't a little
shaken, "Uh... sure... what's our... future..." Tony Mamaluke asks.

Ariel grits her teeth a together as she slowly narrows her eyes into a
glare as she locks her cold, wicked eyes with Little Guido and Mamaluke. The
mysterious Ariel smirks before she glances down at both cards that she holds
her hands "I see a future of...suffering and pain..." Ariel presses her lips
together as she looks back up at the two Italians "Mmmm...and I see a future
of fiery...wicked...passion..." Ariel says in a soft haunting voice, before
licking her lips.

Guido raises an eyebrow and he puts his hands on his hips, "What are you
talking about... suffering and pain... and fiery wicked passion? What are you
crazy?" Guido asks.

Ariel locks her cold, dark eyes with Little Guido as she raises her eyebrow
and smirks "No...I'm not crazy, just wicked..." Ariel says with slight laugh
before she begins to approach Mamaluke and Little Guido. "I know why you're
both here..." Ariel says as she grits her teeth.

"Yeah... we're looking for that Freak that got an easy win on me... where's
that coward at?!" Little Guido asks as his fiery Italian temper starts to get
riled up.

Tony Mamaluke takes a step back, "Yo boss... I think we ought to get outta
here... she's that freak's friend...."

Ariel licks her lips as she casually checks out Little Guido and Tony
Mamaluke "If you leave...I see a future of terror.." Ariel says with a sly
smirk "I think it's best you stay..." Ariel says as she takes another step
towards the two studdly Italians.

"A future of terror if we leave?" Guido raises an eyebrow again, "Lady...
can you speak straight... what the fuck are you talking about?" Guido asks
as he's noticeably angry and close to losing his temper.

Ariel smirks wickedly "Do what I say...and my master won't be any trouble for
you two..." Ariel pauses "You leave...and the terror begins..."

Tony looks at Little Guido, "Hey boss... let's just... forget about taking
out that Freak for now... at least until Trinity gets back..."

Guido folds his arms, "Yeah... three of us beating up that freak is better
than just two..." Guido says agreeing with Tony Mamaluke as he looks back at
Ariel, "All right... so what do you want?"

Ariel presses her lips together as she locks her narrowed eyes on Little
Guido and Mamaluke "What do I want? What do you think I want?" Ariel asks in
a haunting voice as she doesn't give either Italian a clear answer.

Tony shrugs his shoulders, "I dunno... a pizza pie..." Tony replies, giving
an obvious wrong answer to Ariel's question.

Guido unfolds his arms, "Hey lady... don't look at me like that unless you
plan on seeing why my wife is a very happy woman every night..."

Ariel grits her teeth together as she tilts her head back and smirks wickedly
"That's...what I want..."

Guido smirks a bit after hearing Ariel's reply, "All right then... now we're
getting somewhere...."

Tony smiles a little, "Boss you think she want to have some pure Italian

Guido grins, "She just said she did...." Guido says as he looks at Ariel and
casually checks her out.

Ariel places her hands on her rounded hips as she looks at Guido and Mamaluke
"Do it now...before I change my mind and tell my master you wish to see
him..." Ariel says as she narrows her eyes once again and grits her teeth.

"Hold on..." Guido says as he licks his lips. The veteran of the of the FBI
tag team lower his green wrestling short, revealing his impressive twelve
inch cock. Tony also lowers his wrestling tights as well, freeing his ten
inch dick. Both studdly Italians step out of their tights and smirk at Ariel.
"All right... you see us... let's see you." Guido says.

Ariel shakes her head and smirks "'re under my spell now..." Ariel
replies with a wicked laugh before the mysterious, tarot card reading ECW
Vixen, lowers herself down onto her knees on the floor of the Manhattan
Center's basement and looks up at Mamaluke and Little Guido. Ariel licks her
lips as she reaches down and takes hold of both of shafts with her sinister,
but soft hands.

Tony Mamaluke licks his lips as Ariel gets a sold firm grip on his and
Guido's cocks. "Maybe being under your spell isn't a bad thing..." Tony says
as he puts his hands on his hips. Little Guido Maritato folds his arms and
looks down at Ariel to keep his eyes on her. Ariel smirks mischievously
before the mysterious Vixen begins to gently and slowly move both of her
wickedly soft hands up and down the shafts of Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido,
stroking both cocks at the same rate.

"Mmmm.... she's got some talent..." Little Guido moans as his cock becomes
hard and rigid as Ariel pumps her hand along the length of his twelve-inch

"I ain't gonna argue with that..." Tony replies, while licking his lips. Tony
bites down on his bottom lip when Ariel gives his the head shaft a squeeze.
Ariel presses her lips together as she slowly lifts her cold, dark eyes up
and shifts her eyes back and forth between Mamaluke and Little Guido. The
mysterious Ariel smirks slyly before she leans her head down towards Little
Guido's harden cock and opens her sinisterly warm mouth and accepts his cock.
Ariel wraps her lips around Little Guido's shaft and the tarot card reader
begins to bob her head on his cock.

Little Guido Maritato groans as Ariel's warm moist mouth travels back and
forth on the top half of his cock. "Mmmm..." Guido moans as he closes his
eyes and tilts his head back slightly while he opens and closes his hands.
Ariel closes her eye as she starts to lash her wicked tongue against Little
Guido's shaft as she starts to bob her head quicker on his hard cock. While
the mysterious Ariel bobs her head, sucking on Guido's cock, she wraps her
right hand around Mamaluke's cock tighter as she strokes his cock with a bit
more force while she lifts and lowers her sinisterly soft hand on his shaft

"Ahhhh damn.... best hand job ever..." Tony groans as Ariel fiercely pumps
his cock with the same swiftness and intensity that she's using to bob her
head on Guido's fat twelve-inch prick. Little Guido opens his eyes and
places his right hand on the mysterious Vixen's head and lightly thrusts
his hips forward to push his cock against her wet mouth.

Ariel slowly lifts her head up from Little Guido's hard cock as her warm
saliva drips down the length of his shaft. Ariel slowly opens her eyes and
smirks mischievously at Little Guido as she looks up at him. Ariel presses
her lips together "Mmmm....I think I like the future I see..." Ariel says
in a soft, seductive voice as she slowly turns on her knees towards Tony
Mamaluke. Ariel licks her lips as she locks her cold, dark eyes on Tony's
hard cock. She grits her teeth before leaning her head in towards his cock
and opens her warm, sinister mouth and takes his cock deeply into her mouth.

Tony moans as his ten-inch cock is completely swallowed by the sinister hot
vixen, "Ohhhh mama mia..." Tony says as he looks up at the ceiling and bites
his own tongue when Ariel closes her lips tightly on the his meaty cock.

Little Guido moves around so he's behind Ariel and he smirks, "Yeah I can
see the future too... and I know I'm going to enjoy it..." Guido says as he
kneels down behind her and pulls her lower body upward so she's almost in
the doggy style position. The Italian Shooter pushes Ariel's lime green skirt
up over her hips and licks his lips when he sees that she's not wearing
anything underneath to hide her evil wet pussy. Ariel closes her eyes as she
presses her lips tighter around Tony Mamaluke's shaft and she begins to bob
her head swiftly against his cock as she laps her tongue around his shaft,
while spraying her warm saliva against his cock. Ariel cups his ballsack with
her left hand and gently squeezes his ballsack as she takes more of his cock
into her warm, sinister mouth.

Tony licks his lips and continues to moan as Ariel works over his cock with
her wicked mouth. "Shit... ohhh damn this is the best... blowjob... ever...."
Tony says. Meanwhile, behind the mysterious Tarot Reader, Little Guido is
lining his cock up with her pussy. The former ECW Tag Team Champion holds
Ariel's skirt up with his right hand and slides his fat foot-long cock into
her pussy. The Italian Shooter begins to instantly thrust his shaft in and
out of the wicked Vixen's hot wet cunt, using sharp slow movements in order
to make her feel his cock moving back and forth as Guido fucks her. Ariel
begins to move against Mamaluke's cock before she starts to push herself
back against Little Guido's cock. Ariel gently presses her teeth against
Mamaluke's shaft and begins to rake her teeth against his shaft as she lifts
and lowers her head on his cock.

Little Guido Maritato grits his teeth as he drives his cock into Ariel's
delightfully evil pussy, "Ahhh... ohhh yeah... she's a hot one..." Guido
moans as he begins to build momentum, pumping his cock into Ariel's pussy
like a piston. Tony puts both of his hands on Ariel's head and pulls on
her hair as she slobbers all over his cock. Ariel's moans vibrate and
bounce against Mamaluke's shaft as she starts to grind her mouth against
his cock as she bobs her dark haired head swiftly on his cock, sucking
him off at a fast rate. The mysterious tarot card reader starts to push
herself back against Little Guido's cock more aggressively as he thrusts
his cock deeply into her evil, warm pussy.

Tony grunts as he Ariel snacks on his meaty cock, "Ohhh fuck... that's one...
hot... blowjob..." Tony moans as he pulls his cock out of Ariel's mouth after
letting her suck on his shaft for a few more moments.

Little Guido, meanwhile, continues to slam his cock hard and deep into
Ariel's pussy as she slams herself back against him. Guido gets a bit of a
smirk on his face, "What... does the future... tell ya now?" He asks Ariel
as he pulls out of Ariel's soaking wet pussy and pulls down lime green skirt
from around her waist.

Ariel grits her teeth as she stands straight up and licks her lips. Ariel
slowly shifts her head and glances at Tony Mamaluke before narrowing her
cold, dark eyes "The future suggests...that we take things extreme..." Ariel
says with a wicked smirk before pointing at Tony "Lay down...I command
you..." Ariel says as she grits her teeth.

Tony nods his head and lays down on the cool floor of the basement of the
Manhattan Center. He puts his hands behind and smirks, "All right... I'm
laying down like you commanded..." Tony says with a grin as his stiff ten
inch dick stands straight up with Ariel's saliva still dripping down it.
Ariel licks her lips as she places her hands on top of her black halter
top and begins to remove the halter top from her body until her large,
round tits are exposed. Ariel smirks mischievously as the now completely
nude mysterious ECW Vixen begins to approach Tony Mamaluke as he lays on
the cold floor.

Little Guido licks his lips as he takes a look at Ariel's large shapely tits,
"Shit... you gotta be Italian with tits like that..." Guido says as Ariel
walks past him on her way to Mamaluke.

Ariel grits teeth "I am many things..." Ariel says with a sly smirk before
she lowers herself on top of Tony's cock as he lays on the floor. Ariel
closes her eyes as she keeps her teeth gritted and places her soft, sinister
hands on his slightly muscular chest. The mysterious Ariel tilts her head
back as she starts to rock her body on his hard cock.

"Shit....mmmm....'" Tony moans as he puts his hands on Ariel's hips as the
sexy Tarot Card Reader smoothly rocks back and forth on his cock. Little
Guido casually walks over behind Ariel and kneels down once again. As the
sinister vixen rocks backward on Tony's cock, her ass cheeks brush against
the head of Little Guido's cock.

Ariel's body shivers as she feels Little Guido's hard cock brush against her
ass cheeks "Mmmm ohhhh...the future is good.." Ariel sneers as she grinds
herself down against Mamaluke's cock as she bounces and rocks back on his

"You bet it is...." Little Guido says as he wraps his left arm around
Ariel's waist and pushes his cock between Ariel ass cheeks and into her
tight asshole. Guido grits his teeth as begins pumping his cock in and
out of Ariel's asshole, matching the way she rocks on Tony's cock.

"Ohhhh...that's it..." Ariel moans as she feels Little Guido's hard cock
enter her tight asshole. Once his cock is in her ass completely, Guido puts
his right hand on Ariel's right shoulder as he steadily fucks Ariel's ass
with smooth sharp thrusts. Tony Mamaluke groans and licks his lips as Ariel
comes down sharply on his cock after Guido rams is shaft all the way into
her asshole. "Ohhhh that's it...mmmm...fuck me!" Ariel groans as she slams
herself down harder on Tony Mamaluke's cock causing her body to thrust back
against Little Guido's cock as well.

Little Guido grits hits teeth as he drive his cock in and out of Ariel's ass,
"Fuck... you got a hot ass...." Guido grunts as he rams his dick into her.

Mamaluke begins to buck his hips upward, shooting his dick up into Ariel's
pussy, "Ahhhh ohhh shit... mother fucker..." Tony moans loudly as Ariel rides
him hard and fast.

Ariel tilts her head back and grits her teeth tightly as she slams down
roughly on Mamaluke's cock while Little Guido powerfully thrusts his meaty
Italian cock out of her tight asshole "Ohhhhh ahhhh yesss!" Ariel sneers.

"Ohhhhh.... damn.... ohhhh mmmmm baby..." Tony moans as he moves his hands
from Ariel's hips up to her large round firm tits. Tony squeezes both of
Ariel's tits with his hands, as Ariel grinds her pussy against his cock.
Little Guido wraps his arms around Ariel's waist as he repeatedly drives
his cock in and out of Ariel's asshole. The Italian Shooter rams his cock
into her pussy so hard that at times he lifts her off of Mamaluke's
throbbing ten-inch cock. Sweat drips down Ariel's stunning body as the
mysterious Vixen begins to rise and fall on Tony's cock roughly and quickly,
and soon she begins to cum.

"Ahhhh.... ohhh shit..." Tony Mamaluke grunts when he feels Ariel's climaxing
pussy tighten around his cock. The younger member of the FBI clenches his
eyes shut as he starts to cum inside of the hot Tarot Card readers pussy,
filling her with his warm load.

Ariel grits her teeth tightly "Ohhhhh shit..." Ariel groans as the mysterious
tarot card reader's body begins to tremble after cumming and feeling Tony's
cum flood her pussy.

Meanwhile, Little Guido is still fucking Ariel's tight asshole. The former
WWE Cruiserweight Champion of the World keeps jerking Ariel back towards
him so that her ass cheeks smack against his waist. "Uhhhh Uhhhhh Uhhhhhh
ahhhhhhh...." Guido moans loudly as sweat rolls down his body. The Italian
shooter gives Ariel one more strong thrust before he starts to cum deep
inside of her asshole.

Ariel licks her lips as she slides her hand through her dampened hair
"Mmmm...the great..."

Little Guido pulls out of Ariel's ass and lets out a deep breath, "Ohhh
shit... the present isn't so bad either..." Guido says with a smirk.

Tony sits up slightly as Ariel remains mounted on his cock, "So... what...
do you see in the future now...."

Ariel grits her teeth before smirking wickedly "I see...a future of blood...
and terror..."

"Huh? A future of blood and terror.... what the hell is that supposed to
mean?" Tony asks as he looks up at Ariel.

Ariel presses her lips together as she slowly stands up " master,
Kevin Thorn, to get revenge on those who outcasted him..." Ariel grits her
teeth as she narrows eyes "And soon...ECW will been take to a whole new kind


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