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Under The Covers With Sunny
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of Raw is War, Val Venis, the former adult film star
is stepping onto the set of the hot interview segment 'Under The Covers With
Sunny'. Dressed only in his purple and light blue wrestling tights, with a
towel wrapped around his waist, Val licks his lips as he examines the set,
which has a large bed and Sunny's logo behind it, with candles on top of
faux-furniture. "Heh Heh Heh... just like the olds days..." Val says as he
licks his lips. "Now... all it needs is the interviewer..."

Down the hallway, the stunningly irresistible Sunny, dressed in a white silk
bathrobe, is walking towards the set of 'Under The Covers With Sunny' as she
mentally prepares for her interview with Val Venis. Sunny pauses as she looks
ahead and sees the former adult film star already on the interview set. Sunny
licks her lips as she looks Val's body up and down from the distance away
from his that she is. Sunny gets a slight smirk on her face as her eyes
lighten up "Mmm...I know this interview is going to be fun..." Sunny says to
herself out loud as she continues to approach the interview set.

Val doesn't notices Sunny approaching as he takes off the towel from around
his waist and lays it on the end of the bed. He pulls down the pink covers of
the bed halfway and tests the mattress with his hand. "Nice and firm..." He
says as he sits on the bed and adjusts one of the pillows so it's in a more
comfortable position for himself. Val then looks at a life size cardboard
stand up of Sunny and licks his lips, "This is sure going to be a bright
sunny day..." Val chuckles a bit.

Sunny casually walks onto the set of 'Under Covers With Sunny' and starts to
slowly untie her white silk bathrobe as she looks at Val and licks her lips,
getting a sultry look on her face. Sunny smirks as she glances down at Val's
nicely firm and toned backside as his back is turned to her. "You must be Val
Venis..." Sunny says in a seductive tone, finally speaking up.

Val turns his head and looks at Sunny, "That's right..." He says in a bit of
a heavy tone, "Mmmm and you most certainly are Sunny..." Val looks up and
down at her, scanning every inch of her body with his eyes. "Mmmmm... very

Sunny smiles as she slowly opens up her white silk bathrobe, revealing a
stunning white laced piece of lingerie underneath her bathrobe. Sunny
watches Val's eyes as she slowly peels the bathrobe completely off of her
body "You're the adult film star, aren't you?" Sunny asks in a seductive
tone as she sets her bathrobe down on top of the bed.

Val chuckles as he flicks his thumb against his rugged chin, "That's right...
I am the real man of steel... the big Valbowski... the man takes women to the
Mount Everest of orgasmic peaks..." Val chuckles again, "And makes all their
boyfriends seems... like small impoteted geeks..." Val licks his lips as he
gets fully on the bed, sitting up against the headboard, with a pillow right
behind his back.

Sunny places her left knee on the edge of the bed mattress, she slowly lifts
her right knee onto the bed as she looks directly at Val Venis, in front of
her on the bed as she's at the other end. Sunny flips her golden locks of
hair back as she licks her lips, while slowly crawling on her hands and knees
up to the front of the bed where Val is. Sunny licks her lips as she talks in
a soft, slightly deep voice "Well Val...I didn't see any of the production
crew would you like to start a bit…prematurely?"

Val watches the blond haired seductive beauty as she slowly comes closer
to him and smirks, "Sunny... normally the big Valbowski is against doing
anything premature..." Val then places his hands on his wrestling trunks
as a rather large bulge starts to form that quickly looks as if it's
going to rip through the material of the tights. "But under this...
cir-cum-stances..." Val chuckles a bit as stresses a certain part of his
statement, "The Big Valbowski is all for starting prematurely."

Sunny licks her lips as she slowly raises her eyes up to lock her eyes with
Val's eyes "Good...because I start prematurely..." Sunny says as
she straddles herself over Val's legs and gently places her hands against
the crotch of Val's wrestling trunks, feeling the decent sized bulge. Sunny
licks her lips as she moves her right hand up his wrestling trunks and slips
her hand into his trunks, brushing her fingertips against the head of Val's

Val licks his lips as he places his left hand on Sunny's firm left thigh
while slightly adjusting how he's sitting so that her fingertips inside of
his trunks brush against the head of his cock once more. Val smirks a bit,
"Mmmm you know Sunny... the big Valbowski is like a clock... and since time
may be short... you should put your face and two hands on it, so we know
exactly what time it is..." Val chuckles once more as he lightly squeezes
her left thigh with his hand. Sunny licks her lips as she scoots down a bit
as slowly lowers Val's wrestling trunks, freeing his cock from the confines.
Val's cock almost springs up like rocket, standing at an impressive fourteen
inches, and is incredibly thick. Val scoots himself further back against the
bed's headboard so that Sunny can lower his trunks even further.

Sunny licks her lips "Mmmm...Now…I know I want that.." Sunny says with a
slight moan as she lowers her head and flicks her tongue against the head of
his cock.

Val smirks as he places both of his hands behind his head, "Well I see that
it's true... What Sunny wants... Sunny gets...." Val says as he spreads his
legs a bit and bucks his hips slightly to press the tip of his cock against
Sunny's soft tongue. Sunny gently taps her tongue against the head of his
cock as she holds his cock firmly with both of her soft, smooth hands. Sunny
slowly lowers her tongue from the head of his cock and begins to lick down
his thick shaft. Val moans slightly, but keeps his reaction muffled by
keeping his mouth closed. He looks down at Sunny and smiles, "Heh... nice
starting technique... quite professional..." He says to complement her

Sunny slowly drags her wet, warm tongue down Val's shaft, slowly bringing his
cock back up his shaft. She opens her mouth and lowers her head down on his
cock, taking his cock into her hot mouth. She wraps her lips around his cock
and starts to slowly lift her head up and down on his cock. Val opens his
mouth a bit and lets out a low moan in response to feeling his impressive
shaft inside of Sunny's mouth. He brings a hand from behind his head and
places it on the back of Sunny's head to slide his fingers through her hair,
"Mmmmm... keep those... lips tight around it... so you can savor the taste of
the big Valbowski..." Sunny begins to gradually bob her head quicker as she
starts lap her skillful tongue around his shaft, occasionally slapping her
wet tongue against his shaft after every other head bob.

Val continues to slides his hand through Sunny's hair, and at times flips her
hair backward to she can see all of her lovely face as she bobs her head up
and down on his shaft. "Mmmmm... Jenna has some competition now..." Val
groans as he begins to push his cock up into Sunny's mouth. Sunny tightens
her lips around the head of Val's cock as she slightly twists her head around
on the head of his cock before she slowly brings her head up with a pop as
Val's saliva covered cock leaves the hot mouth of Sunny.

"Ahhh damn..." Val licks his lips as he looks down at his own cock to see
Sunny's saliva drips down his cock. He then looks her in the eyes and smirks,
"You sure know how to get the blood pumping to all the right spots..." Val

Sunny smiles and licks her lips as she slowly pulls down the straps of her
white laced lingerie off of her shoulders. Sunny shrugs "I am pro...on many
levels..." Sunny winks at Val "But lets see how intense you can get..."

"Intense?" Val laughs a bit, "Sunny... when it comes to being intense... no
one can match the big Valbowski..." Val leans forward and assists Sunny in
removing her white laced lingerie from her physically fit body. Val licks
his lips, "Just like a hot summer day..."

Sunny flips her hair back as she places her hands over her large, voluptuous
tits. Sunny licks her lips and moans slightly as she pinches her already
erected nipples. Sunny opens her eyes and smirks at Val "Well then Val...
make the summer day even hotter..." Sunny says with a wink as she slowly
opens her legs a bit showing Val her cleanly smooth, shaven hot pussy.

Val licks his lips as he takes hold of Sunny's perfect hips and moves her
so that she's now laying on the bed, with her head resting on a pillow.
"First... a meal..." Val says as he positions himself on the lower half of
the bed, with his head between Sunny's legs. He lowers his head slightly
and flicks his tongue against Sunny's clit while sliding in two fingers
into her warm wet pussy. Val begins to pump his fingers in and out of her
cunt while circling her pussy with his rough tongue.

Sunny closes her eyes and tilts her head back against the soft pillow as she
gently pulls on her golden blond locks of her hair "Ohhh Val..." Sunny moans.
Val withdraws his fingers from her pussy and replaces them with his tongue.
Laying both of his hands on Sunny's flat stomach, Val swirls his tongue
around inside of her to lap up the wonderful taste of her pussy. Sunny opens
her eyes and bites down on her bottom lip as she places her left hand on top
of Val's head, and threads her fingers through his medium-long hair. With her
right hand Sunny grabs at the sheets as she grits her teeth feeling Val play
with her clit with his tongue.

Sensing that Sunny is totally becoming enthralled by his the expert work of
his tongue, Val lifts his head up from her pussy and slides forward so that
now his muscular upper body is over Sunny's. "Time to take it up a notch..."
Val smirks as he looks down at her as he grips his cock and guides it into
Sunny's waiting pussy. He shoves all fourteen inches of his cock into her
pussy with one swift thrust.

Sunny tilts her head back as she reaches up and places both of her hands on
Val's strong arms "Ohhhh fuck Val!" Sunny groans as she feels all fourteen
inches ram into her glorious cunt. Sunny gently wraps her smooth, sexy legs
around Val's waist as he begins to thrust into her pussy.

Val doesn't waste any time to begin fucking Sunny at a hard quick rate. Val
grits his teeth a bit and lays his hands on pillow under Sunny's head as he
throws all of his weight behind every thrust. "Ahhhh yeah... you like that...
don't ya..." Val grunts as he starts to sweat slightly.

Sunny grits her teeth as she grinds her pussy up against Val's cock as she
moves her hands from Val's arms to his muscular and toned chest. As Val
continues to fuck Sunny's warm and glorious pussy, she begins to rake her
fingernails against Val's rock hard chest. "Ohhhhh ahhhh yess...give it to
me! Give it to me harder!" Sunny moans as her pussy becomes more moist.

Val gets a smirk on his ruggedly handsome face as sweat drips from his
forehead, "You... want it harder? The Big Valbowski... always takes
requests..." Val pulls his cock out of Sunny's hot tight cunt and flips
her over onto her stomach. He pulls her up so that she's on all fours
and quickly re-enters her pussy with a powerful thrust to re-stuff her
with his fat fourteen-inch shaft. Val grabs hold of Sunny's delicious
looking hips in order to pull her back against him as he fucks her doggy

Sunny tilts her head back as she leans up slightly places her hands on the
headboard of the bed and grips the headboard tightly as Val thrusts her
tight cunt. Sunny begins to sweat a bit as she starts to pushes her nice
and firm, yet slightly juicy ass back against Val's waist, ramming his cock
deeper into her own warm cunt "Awwww ohhhh...ahhh fuck!" Sunny moans louder
as she clenches her eyes shut.

Val grunts and moans constantly as he rams his cock into her Sunny's pussy,
"Yeah.... you like it raw don't ya..." Val chuckles a bit while moving one
hand to her ass in order to push his thumb into her ultra-tight asshole to
see what he has to work with if he decides to fuck her perfect ass.

Sunny tilts her head back more as she slams back against his cock as drops
of sweat fly off of her gorgeous tanned body "Ohhhh knew I wanted
this...didn't you?" Sunny moans.

Val smirks, "Really... I haven't.... ahhhh yeah... notice.... but... I
know... you wanted me... every woman wants the big Valbowski..." Val suddenly
stops Sunny from pushing back against him in order to pull his cock out of
her pussy. Before she can complain, Val presses the head of his cock against
her asshole and pulls her backward to cause his dick to enter the depths of
the best buns in wrestling.

Sunny's eyes almost bulge out of her head, feeling her ultra-tight asshole
being violated by the cock of Val Venis "Ohhhh Jesus...Christ..." Sunny moans
as she puts a hand between her legs and places to of her fingers against her
hot pussy and begins to rubs her pussy as Val thrusts into her hot ass.

Val once again throws all of his weight behind his thrusts while pulling the
spirited blond hair beauty backwards non-stop. "Ahhhh yeah.... the sun...
also rises...." Val says as he wraps his arms around Sunny's body to pull her
upward so that she's leaning against him. Val's hard thrusts, makes her body
jolt upward, but with Val's arms around her, he pulls her right back against
him, impaling her asshole with his monster dick once more.

Sunny furiously rubs her fingers against her warm pussy "Ohhhhh ahhhhh
Val! Give it all to me!" Sunny yells and moans as she starts to cum on her
delicate finger "Mmmmmm...ohhhhhh...Sunny likes...Sunny likes..." Sunny moans
softly as she closes her eyes.

Val grits his teeth and thrusts a few more times into Sunny's asshole,
before he pulls out of her ass and pushes her down onto the mattress. "Ahhh
and now... for the most... explosive... finish... the money shot..." Val
grunts as he turns Sunny over so she's facing up and straddles her sexy,
sweat covered body. He grips his cock and begins stroking it while he uses
his right hand to lift up Sunny's head.

Sunny holds her mouth open as she sticks her tongue out and slides her
tongue against the underside of Val's cock, gently patting her tongue against
his cock, slowly taking the head of Val's cock into her warm mouth. "Ahhh
ahhhh yeah..." Val moans as he backs his cock a bit out of Sunny's mouth as
he starts to cum. His load shoots out and some lands on her face, but the
majority of his warm thick cum lands perfectly into Sunny's mouth.

Sunny licks her soft lips as she swallows his warm, delicious cum "Mmmm...
Val...mmm you taste amazing..." Sunny moans.

Val licks his sweat covered lip as he dismounts Sunny's body, "Heh Heh...
that... was certainly... a bright and sunny encounter..."

Sunny smirks as she folds arms over her chest "So...are you ready for that
interview?" Sunny asks as she glances down at Val's cock.

"Not yet..." Val smirks as his cock remains fairly hard. He lays next to
Sunny and pulls up the covers so that they are covering a good portion of
their bodies, "Now... I ready... after all, this is called Under the Covers
with Sunny..."


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