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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Underground Proposal
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The caption reads June 26, 2016, as the scene fades in showing Prince Puma in the Lucha Underground Arena locker room after he lost a Loser Leaves Town Match and the Lucha Underground title to Pentagon Dark during that night's tapings of the telenovela promotion's upcoming season. Just as he's about to take off his mask, the door to the locker room opens as Catrina enters, "Ah there you are..." she says with a wicked smirk.

"What do you want?" Puma asks, "And where's Mil Muetres?"

"He's waiting for me, however, I am here for you," Catrina says as she places her hands on her hips.

"You better start talking sense..."

Catrina laughs, "Oh see this is why you lost, you lost your championship and now must leave Lucha Underground... you don't see the big picture... and I am here for you, with an offer... you serve me, and I'll do for you what I did for Mil Muetres... revive your career here..."

"What makes you think I'd be down for something like that?" Prince Puma asks as he folds his arms.

"Because of how you fell victim to the Gift From The Gods just second after you captured your desire..." Catrina answers, "And how Cueto made sure that whoever lost, you or Pentagon would be forced to retire... you lost... everything... but I can give it back to you... if you just give yourself to me..." The vixen licks her teeth as she steps towards Puma and places her hands against the firm abs of his stomach, "It's a real deal... a proposal you can't refuse..."

"Yeah... what's the catch?" Puma asks

Catrina grins like a Cheshire cat, "If I am not impressed... the deal like your career here is dead..."

Prince Puma hesitates answering as he is clearly giving thought to the situation, but as he does, Catrina moves her hands down from his hips to his crotch. She purposefully guides the palms of her hands against his crotch, feeling it bulge in response, "Fine... I've got nothing to lose..." The masked former champion says as Catrina continues to move her hands against his crotch.

"You certainly don't..." Catrina laughs wickedly as the scene blurs from view.

When the view refocuses, Prince Puma is seated and leaning back on a couch while Catrina is squatting between his legs as she bobs her head up and down on his cock while moving her right hand against his balls. "Mmmmm... mmmmm..." she moans as she sucks and slurps on his cock, lifting and lowering her head at a steady pace while looking up at him, her eyes narrowed seductively as her saliva drips down the length of his cock. Prince Puma lets out a groan as he watches as Catrina lets his cock fall from between her lips so that she, followed by her pushing his shaft towards his stomach so that she can easily lower her head to drag his tongue against his ball sack and up along the bottom side of his manhood. "Mmmm..." Catrina moans again as her tongue reaches the head of Puma's shaft and she proceeds to take his dick back into her mouth and begins to bob her head at a brisk eager rate. She smirks around his cock as she feels the former champion placing a hand on her head followed by him starting to raise his hips to thrust his cock upward into her mouth. "Ahh! Gah! Ahh! Gah!" Catrina groans and gags a bit as she head of Prince Puma's pole hits the back of her throat with each of his vertical thrust as she slides her tongue against the bottom side of his cock.

The scene cuts to show Catrina sliding her hands through her hair while she sits against the couch's armrest as Prince Puma leans towards her, groping her tits while lowering his masked head down to suck on her right breast. "Mmmm yes.... Ohhh.." Catrina groans as she places a hand on Puma's shoulder as she feels his tongue against her tit's flesh as he sucks on it while firmly groping her breasts with his hands. Puma soon lifts his head and leans to where he can slap his tongue against Catrina's left tit, as she moans with approval from the equal attention her impressive chest is receiving from the man whose Lucha Underground career has ended.

The scene eventually transitions to show Catrina with her right leg draped over the couch's armrest as she is kneeling on the cushion with her left knee as Prince Puma stands behind her guiding his cock into her tight wet cunt. "Ohhhh mmmm fuck..." Catrina moans and pouts evilly as she turns upper body so that her left shoulder is against the backrest so that she can look back at the masked wrestler as he begins to fuck her with smooth and steady thrusts. "Ahhh... mmmm yes..." she moans as she reaches down with her right hand to rub her clit as Puma's shaft pistons in and out of her pussy while he places one hand on her right though as he hammers her wet hole from behind. Catrina licks her teeth as she moves her hips to push back against the former Lucha Underground champion as he starts to increase the rate of thrusts as he slams his dick into her with firece intensity, "Mmmm yeah that's it... ohhh mmmm fuck yes..." Catrina squeals with delight as her pussy is briskly drilled by Prince Puma while she rubs her clit at a frantic pace. Puma grabs Catrina's left leg and pulls it of the couch, forcing her left foot down to the floor as he keeps hammering her pussy from behind as she adjusts her postion slightly to place both hands on the backrest of the couch to better support herself while keeping her right leg on the edge of the armest, with Puma's right hand keeping it from falling off completely, "Mmmmm yes.... Yes give yourself to me... ohhh yes... ohhhh!" Catrina moans as Puma plows his cock sharply into her from behind, feeling his waist bang against her ass cheeks with every single thrust that he performs.

The scene then changes over to show Catrina laying on the couch with her right leg hanging off it and her left leg raised and held against the backrest by Puma while he's kneeling on the couch with one leg as he pumps his cock in and out of her soaking wet, hot, and tight cunt. "Ohhhh yeah ahhh... ohhhh... mmmm fuck... ohhh yes..." Catrina groans as she brings her right hand to her breast to grope and squeeze it as she feels Puma's shaft repeatedly plunging his shaft into the depths of her sinister snatch. Catrina grits her teeth as she looks up at the masked wrestler who is clearly doing to have a chance of his career being revived by her as he drives the full length of his cock into her cunt. "Ooooo yes... ohhh mmmm be mine... you know you want it... ohhhh ahhh..." Catrina gasps as she martially turns herself onto her right side when Puma leans down enough to have her left leg rest on his shoulder so that he can reach around it to grab her left tit while he pounds her fuck hole. "Ohhh ahhh... oooo fuck ahhh..." Catrina licks her lips while she reaches with her left hand to again start playing with her clit, rubbing it lustfully as Puma continues to bury every inch of his cock inside of her pussy.

The scene shifts to show Catrina on all fours on the couch with Prince Puma behind her, pumping his cock swiftly into her asshole. "Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ahhh! Ohhh!" She gasps and squeals as she rocks back and forth on her hands and knees, pushing back against the masted wrestler as he pounds her butt with deep thrusts. She feels his balls smacking against the flesh of her rump as he plunges the full length of his thick pole into her asshole relentlessly. Puma grunts with the effort he's putting into fucking her ass while grabbing hold of her hips, to keep her perfectly positioned as he bangs her wildly. "Mmmmm fuck... fuck... ohhhh ahhhhh give it to me.... Give it to me..." Catrina sneers as she looks back at Puma as she firmly bucks against him with a lustfully aggressive intensity that has her out pacing him at various time.

The scene cuts to show Puma seated laying on the couch with his head propped up by the armrest while Catrina is mounted on his cock with his cock deep inside of her ass, however she is positioned sideways so that she can lean back against the backrest for support as she lowers herself on his dick that is filling her anal cavity. "Mmmm yes... ohhh... ohhh fuck..." Catrina moans as she reaches between her legs and shoves two fingers into her soaking wet pussy and begins to fuck herself as she rides Pricne Puma's cock with her ass. Catrina tosses her hair back as she rocks her hips to grind her ass around his cock while placing her free hand on his chest as she rapidly pumps a pair of fingers into her pussy. Puma reaches beneath Catrina's right leg to grip his shaft to at the base in order hold it steady as she lifts and lowers herself wildly on his manhood, "Ohhhh ahhh... mmmm ahhh..." Catrina hisses with lust as she slams her ass downward on his cock while furiously working her fingers inside of cunt. Puma groans as Catrina works her juicy round ass back and forth on his cock, which from how she is positions is side to side. "Mmmm ahhhh ohhh fuck... ohhhh ahhh..." Catrina cries out as she starts to cum, her juices gushing over her fingers as she continues to pleasure herself while riding Puma's dick with her ass.

There is one more changeover, showing Catrina down on her knees in front of Prince Puma as he strokes his throbbing cock. She parts her lips and sticks her tongue out in anticipation just moments before he starts to cum. Holding his shaft right near her tongue, Puma shoots several bursts of cum directly into Catrina's mouth as she looks up at him. Once he's spent Catrina closes her mouth, smirks as she sees the door to the locker room open and Mil Muetres enters. As he approaches Puma from behind, Catrina then proceeds to spit Puma's jizz out of her mouth as if disgusted "You think you are worthy of being revived by me?!" Catrina laughs sinisterly as she stands up and locks eyes with the now confused wrestler.

"That was the..." Puma begins to say before he's clobbered from behind by Mil Muetres. With no chance to defend himself, Puma tries to cover up as he's beaten down to the point he loses unconsciousness

"The deal was that I had to be impressed... your career here is dead... and shall remain so..." Catrina laughs wickedly as she leans down to perform her infamous lick of death on Puma's mask covered face as the scene fades to black.


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