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Underneath Your Clothes
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

There I was, lying naked in one of the rickety beds at a cheap motel room
just outside of the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. This particular room reeked
of perspiration, but as the satin sheets (we brought our own sheets to help
set the mood) brushed up against my growing erection, a newfound shiver
tingled my spine. My right hand soon found this refreshing feeling as it too
brushed the satin and I found myself masturbating to the sights on the TV
that sat before me.

I could not believe that MTV could be the spawn of this pop-singing
sensation. She was absolutely gorgeous. From her brownish-blonde hair that
cascaded down her back to her sexy legs that housed an amazing butt, this
chick was damn-near perfect in my eyes. I hated her music, I hated her voice,
and I hated everything she stood for, but as I gently stroked myself, I knew
I was falling madly in love for Shakira.

There was no way to explain it, either. Each curve just seemed to give me
a better reason to love her. But the thing that attracted me at first was, of
course, the same thing that all male viewers were tuning in to see: her butt.
I accidentally tuned into MTV's TRL one afternoon and managed to get a
glimpse of Shakira during her "Whenever, Wherever" video. Those tight pants
instantly turned me on and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, she was performing live in Las Vegas at the Venetian hotel and casino
and giving me all the more reason to want to fuck her. She danced around
stage like only a goddess could, moving swiftly in a green tank top that held
her average-sized breasts and a pair of green leather pants that almost made
me release the huge load that had been building in my system since the show
started. These leather pants were obviously custom made as they included
little fishnet panels throughout their structure, one being strategically
located so that the crack of her ass was completely visible.

"Goddamnit, that is one hot piece of ass," I said to myself.

At least, I thought I did. These tangled emotions must have slipped out,
because moments later, I heard a voice.

"What about me, honey?" my girlfriend asked innocently and fluttered her

She was lying next to me in the bed wearing a pair of boxer shorts that
she had conveniently stripped off me during our fuck-session earlier in the
evening. Now, I'm not a fan of women in men's clothing or vice versa, but I
could not help but smile at my lovely girlfriend. Trish looked sexier than
usual, especially due to the fact that she wore my boxers backward, allowing
the crack of her cute little ass to protrude through the opening in the

Yes, the woman I was lying next to was Trish Stratus. She was a woman
wrestler in the WWE and had to be the most beautiful creature I had ever
met in my life. We wanted to get married months ago, but due to our hectic
schedules, we decided to just stay together with an extremely open

"You're beautiful dear," I responded and patted her on her cute little
behind. "But■ this chick is just an obsession of mine. Come on, look at that
ass! I would love to get her into the sack and tap that fuckin' rump. We both
know it`s not going to happen."

"Get dreamin`, tiger," Trish agreed. "You ever get that chick into bed and
I'll help you screw her. That's a promise."

Smiling, I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

"Now then," she started, rising to her feet. "I need to go to a production
meeting." She threw on some skimpy clothes, kissed me on the cheek, and
headed for the door. "I'll see you later. Don't go fucking Latin pop stars
while I'm gone."

We both laughed as the door closed and my wife walked out to the car. With
a long sigh, I rested my head back on the headboard and watched Shakira's
special come to an end and with it, the end of my fantasy and my erection. I
remained in bed for the remainder of the evening, until I heard the slow
pitter-patter of rain clutter the windows and hit the roof of the motel.
Through the consistent "thud" that filled my ears, I overheard a voice just
outside my room. It was definitely a woman and she sounded like she was in
some sort of trouble.

Quickly, being the superhero-wannabe that I am, I threw on a robe and
headed out the door. Rain fell like a wall over my doorway, blocking my
vision. I could barely make out the silhouette that stood off to the side,
but I saw the mob that surrounded her. Camera flashes went off without a
care for the rain and reporters allowed their pads of papers to be soaked
without resistance. Cowering in front of them was the woman whose voice I
had heard earlier and who's figure I had noticed when I exited my room.
Without a thought or care, I took her by the arm, dragged her into my room,
and closed the door behind us.

"Thanks so much," the mystery woman said and stepped into the light. Her
wet blondish-brown hair clung to her back, draping down to her butt. It was
a magnificent rump and a familiar one at that. I noticed that this woman
was wearing a pair of green leather pants and thought nothing of it at first.
Then, as she stepped into a brighter light, my eyes fell upon her butt once
again and a patch of fishnet located at the start of her asscrack.

"You're... you're... you're..." I stuttered, extending my index figure
toward the figure as she turned around slowly.

"Shakira," she finished. "Yes, I'm aware of that. Please don't tell me
you're another crazy fan."

Since I didn't consider wanting to fuck her brains out crazy, I shook my
head and she smiled.

"Oh, thank goodness," she responded. "I was planning on staying at the
Venetian hotel, but I knew that the fans would find me there. I came here
instead and immediately, my limo was bombarded with all these crazy guys.
When I stepped outside, my limo driver sped off and left me here. I knew I
had to get away, but I didn't know where to turn. I thought I was trapped,
but then■ you saved me."

She took my hand and placed it in hers. "Thanks, so much. I owe you so

"Please," I said in my most modest of tones, "don't mention it. It was
definitely my pleasure."

"You're sweet," she said, brushing my cheek with the back of her hand.
"You wouldn't happen to have any extra clot..."

Then, she stopped. I noticed her glance fell upon my robe, which seemed
to have come open during the entire escapade. I stood there naked in front of
my obsession with a robe on that now served absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

"Guess not," she giggled. I quickly closed my robe. "Aww■ why did you
close down the show?"

"All I have is a pair of boxers," I broke in. I grabbed them off the bed
where Trish had been lying and showed them to her."

"Looks like I'll just wear my bra with it then," she responded and glanced
down the front of her tank top, "it didn't get too soaked."

"Unfortunately, we don't have a bathroom," I said with what appeared to be
honest disappointment in my voice. Inside, I was grinning like an idiot.

"Door locked?"

"Yes. Why?"

"I'll just change in here, then."

After such little dialect between us, part of my fantasy was turning into
a reality. Dumbfounded, I stood there as she gripped the bottom of her tank
top and pulled it up to her stomach. She looked at me.

"Don't you know it's not nice to watch a lady undress?" she remarked and
made a motion for me to turn around. I placed a hand over my eyes and she
seemed content with it.

Of course, there was absolutely no possible way to keep my hand in front
of my eyes with Shakira stripping before me. Slowly, my fingers parted and I
peeked through the gaps in my hands at the lovely beauty while she undressed.
Shakira peeled off the wet green tank top she was wearing and tossed it to
the floor. Much to her apparent disdain, her white bra was soaked and
completely see-through. Still, she continued to remove her clothing. Shakira
bent over in front of the television and unzipped her leather pants. I was
treated to a view of her bulbous rump that could have only come to me in a
dream. In bending over, the Latin beauty also got a glimpse of the TV and
stopped, leaving her pants at mid-thigh. I swallowed hard as I watched her
glance around the room, observing the bottle of baby oil that I had on the
nightstand, then back at the television, where the aftermath of her special
was being shown. I swallowed hard.

Much to my surprise, she didn't leave. She did, however, pull her leather
pants back up to around her broad hips and zip them back up. Then, in a move
that baffled me even more, she turned to me. I quickly closed my fingers.

"Would you mind helping a lady out?" Shakira asked innocently. "These
leather pants are a pain to get off when they are wet."

"It's going to be kind of hard to help with my hands over my eyes," I said
in what was the dumbest thing I had ever said to a member of the opposite

She laughed surprisingly. "Don't be silly. You can uncover your eyes now.
I'm not ashamed of anything."

Gradually, I withdrew my hands and uncovered the same view that I had just
seen without her knowledge. For some strange reason, the view was much better
with her approval. She stood in front of me, primping her wet hair. I gazed
at her longingly, following every curve that made up her shapely frame.

"You have NOTHING to be ashamed of is right," I managed to murmur.

Again, she giggled at what I considered lame attempts to win her heart.
"Just come over here and unzip these. I won't bite you."

This was the moment I had dreamed about each night; it was the moment I
prayed for; and it was the moment that I was now living through. Carefully, I
approached her and she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me close.

"Just reach down there and unzip me, please," she whispered. I could feel
a bulge forming downstairs and hoped that my robe wouldn't open again.

I reached down and with her hands guiding me, found the tip of her zipper.
She never took her eyes off me as I unzipped her pants with incredible ease.
Two flaps of leather material parted to reveal the slight hint of what
appeared to be white panties. Like the idiot I was, I looked down and hoped
to get a better glimpse. Shakira pushed my chin up with her hand and kissed
me unexpectedly on the lips. It baffled me at first, but as I wrapped my arms
around her body and felt the smooth, wet skin of her back, I eased into the
Latin lover's lip-lock. I bent her back and supported her with my left arm;
with the right, I reached down between us and tugged at her leather pants.
She broke from the kiss and stepped away, adding more confusion to this
already confusing night.

Assisting in my endeavor, the lovely pop-singer peeled down her pants,
tugging them down her silky thighs and over her thick butt. Moments later,
she playfully kicked the pants aside and approached me once more, now decked
in her bra and a pair of flimsy thong panties. Immediately, I went for her
chest. I wrapped my arms around her once more and buried my face between her
beautiful breasts. From there, I let my tongue do the work, licking up any
water that graced these twin beauties. Shakira moaned in approval and began
to stroke my blue and purple hair with her soft hands.

"Oh God... don't stop... please!" she hollered out, throwing her head back
in the heat of passion.

Meanwhile, my sneaky fingers picked at her bra strap and within seconds, I
felt the garment become loose and fall into my hands. I let the soaked green
material drop from around my fingers and slosh onto the carpet floor below.
Eagerly, I pulled my head from between her breasts to marvel at them in their
unclothed state. Her breasts were, without a shadow of a doubt, exactly like
I had pictured them in my fantasies. They weren't too large like Trish's, but
large and round enough for me (at least in my fantasies) to fit inside my
entire mouth. I decided to test the accuracy of my dreams.

Without a single objection from Shakira, I bent down and nibbled on her
left breast. Her nipple felt incredibly stiff as I grazed it with the
underside of my coarse tongue. As I continued to munch on her tasty boob, I
gradually craned my neck to fit more of her tit flesh between my lips. By the
way Shakira was moaning, I figured she had never had this type of attention
placed on her chest. It was truly a shame. There were far too many men that
loved Britney's fake chest more. Not me. I treasured her breasts the way they
ought to be treasured.

"Ummmm..." Shakira moaned and forced more of her tasty tit into my mouth.
"Take some more... ooh yeah■ uh!"

Success. Her entire breast rested on my tongue and I closed my lips
around it. It felt incredible to be living out a fantasy with the woman I
had admired for so long. I took in every last drop of water that covered her
flawless tit and swallowed them down with pride and honor. Even the water
that dripped from her breast tasted refreshing. I pulled away, admiring my
saliva as it dribbled down the side of her round tit and dripped onto the
floor. Moments later, I went back in. I could only feast on her boob for a
few seconds before I had to come up gasping for air. Each time I came back
up, I could swear her tit looked even more magnificent than before, gradually
covered with more and more of my own saliva. It gave me enough reason to go
back for more.

Shakira was loving each lasting second of this. Her hands sped through my
hair and traced to the back of my neck; her head fell back and her wet hair
went with as one wet strand; her moans grew louder and louder. Each time I
came back up and tilted my head, admiring her moist tit flesh from another
angle before I went back in, she would look down at me with a glare of
overwhelming passion. It was one of those moments that shall forever be
etched inside my mind.

"I love you so much," I retorted without thinking. This girl appeared so
many times in my dreams that my mind and my heart must have thought she was
a common occurrence in my life. In reality, this was our first official
meeting. But before I could clear up the confusion, she answered back.

"I love you, too. Kiss me again. I need to feel your warm lips."

It wasn't an argument I was about to make. I rose up and with my lips
still wet with saliva, I kissed her with more passion than earlier in the
evening; more passion that I kissed Trish with, even. She threw her arms
around me in submission and fell into my arms. I could do what I wished
with her. Gently, I laid her down on the cool, satin sheets and hovered
above her. With her watching on, I coyly kissed her belly-button, then the
area just below that, then the wet material on her panties. Her fingers
slid down her sides, heading toward the waistband of her underwear, but I
quickly slapped them away.

"I've got it for you," I said. "Thongs are a pain to get off when they
are wet, ya know."

"You know best," she replied, her satin lips curling into a beautiful

I slipped an index fingers on each side of her panties and lowered them
slowly. Inch by inch, her glorious pussy came into view. She had to have some
of the pinkest pair of labia I had seen on a woman, latent with a thin strip
of brown pubic hair acting as a protector. I nuzzled her trim bush with my
nose, continuing to pull her thong down until it was around her ankles. She
kicked them off with ease.

"Mmmmm..." Shakira moaned as I continued to rub her soft labia with the
tip of my nose. "Ugh... God..."

"You smell so sweet," I said, sniffing her.

"Oh God... I need that cock of yours... ugh...," she blurted out.

While I was fully intent on going down on the beauty that had graced my
dreams for months, her idea was intriguing. I arose to my feet and climbed up
onto the bed, crawling toward the headboard. She got the idea and positioned
herself on all fours. I fell into a seated position at the top of the bed, my
back resting against the hard wood of the headboard, and pulled the satin
sheets over my lap.

"Oh, playing a little game, are we?" Shakira asked playfully. I nodded my

Smiling devilishly, Shakira bent down and slid beneath the covers. I
watched her move toward me, just an oversized ridge in the satin sheets.
Closer and closer, I could feel her hot breath brushing my legs, then my
thighs, and finally my groin. Her head poked out from beneath the sheets
and she reached out to open my robe. Once it was completely open, Shakira
bent down, arched her back, and with her wet hair pouring down the sides
of her head, captured my cock between her soft, pouty lips. The feeling
was indescribable. I could only release a shrill cry.

"OH... GOD!" I cried out, banging my head against the headboard.

She arched more, allowing her to go completely down the length of my shaft
and deep throat me. I could feel my prick tickling the back of her tonsils.
Shakira pulled back up and retreated for air. Her mouth still open, saliva
dripped from Shakira's lips to my dick. Moments later, she held her breath
and went back down for more. She gobbled down my hard-on with unlawful
determination. Her lips pressed on, moving inch by inch as her back arched
more and more. The more she arched her back, the more the satin sheets slid
down, revealing a magnificent view of her shapely ass pointed straight up in
the air toward the end of the bed.

"Keep suckin' on my dick, Shakira," I encouraged her. "That feels

Modestly, she removed her lips from around my pole, flipped her hair to
the side, titled her head, and captured my entire piece back inside her
mouth. She began to rock back and forth, forcing herself further and further
down my shaft. Her saliva poured from between her lips and oozed down my
cock. It served as perfect lubrication and Shakira was able to move without
any friction. Faster and faster, she sucked on my cock, rocking back and
forth with each bob of her head. More and more the satin sheets fell and her
portly ass came into full view, crack and all. It jiggled nicely with each
move Shakira made. Best of all, it was all mine.

"Honey, I'm home a bit early," I heard a voice from outside the door. It
couldn't have been who I thought it was.

"Shit, it's Trish!" I screamed. Shakira lifted her head from between my
thighs and looked back at the door as it slowly opened.

Trish stepped inside the room and flipped on the lights. As the placed lit
up, her head monitored the hotel room. There was no avoiding the inevitable.
She saw the bed and her jaw fell open. There I was, her boyfriend, lying in
bed with another woman between my legs, sucking on my dick while her shapely
ass waved around in the air. True, Trish and I had an open relationship, but
there was no telling what she was going to think of this.

"Well.." Trish started, surveying the Latin beauty that was on all-fours
on our bed, "looks like I better hold up my end of the bargain. Nice job,

Before I had a chance to explain myself, Trish disappeared into the
bathroom. Shakira sat up next to me. She looked worried; as did I.

"What's she doing?" she asked, cuddling up next to me.

"I don't know." It was the honest truth.

"What bargain was she talking about?" Shakira questioned.

Luckily, I didn't have to answer. Trish opened the door and walked out of
the bathroom. She had removed her mini-skirt, her tank top, her lingerie...
everything. There wasn't one article of clothing left on her awesome body.
Shakira and I watched as she stepped in front of us and waved something in
Shakira's face. It was a flesh-colored object, about eight or nine inches
long, attached to what appeared to be a pair of panties, but these ones had
latches in the back to hook around someone's waist. I recognized it as a

Apparently, Shakira did not catch on as quickly as I did. She looked at
the object with bewilderment. Trish slapped it against her palm menacingly.

"Like I told you, Jeff," Trish explained, "if you manage to get Shakira
into the sack, I'd help you fuck her. That's what I'm going to do."

No way. It was like some sort of mythological sex tale or some sort of
porno movie. This lovely woman, Trish Stratus, my girlfriend of all people,
was about to engage in a three-some with another chick; but not just any
chick, the one chick that had been in my dreams and fantasies for as long
as I can remember. All I could do was shake my head in dismay.

Meanwhile, through my prolonged thinking, Trish had placed the strap-on
around her waist so that the flesh-colored dildo jolted out from her crotch.
It wasn't incredibly sexy to see her with a member dangling between her legs,
but from what I could tell, the actions to come were going to more than make
up for it. She beckoned to Shakira with her hand, summoning her to the end
of the bed where she stood. I continued to sit at the other end and watched
her plan unfold.

"Just lie on your back, honey," my girlfriend instructed. "Move a little
closer to the edge■ spread your legs■. there we go."

Through her instructions, Trish had Shakira on her back, legs spread and
in the missionary position. She held the singer's ankles, parted her legs
some more, and slowly inserted her robber cock into her tight vaginal
opening. It was a struggle, with Trish using all her might to push through
Shakira's labia. She managed to surpass the two steel-trapped labial lips and
entered the Latin pop star to a soft moan.

"UH!" Shakira moaned as Trish entered her from downstairs. "OH GOD! THAT

It was like music to my ears and made me want to get a piece of the action
as well. I climbed off the bed and approached the two beauties from behind.
Trish stood at the foot of the bed, plowing into Shakira, who lay helpless on
the bed with her feet now stretched over my girlfriend's shoulders. I stood
behind Trish and observed. She moved back and forth with such grace, slamming
into the Latin pop star in sync to her lustful moans. Her butt flocculated
inward with each forward thrust; outward with each pull back. Inward and
outward, inward and outward, inward and outward; her muscular ass was driving
me off the wall.

"OH FUCK!" Shakira screeched. It didn't exactly help the tension that had
built up inside me.

Though my ultimate goal of the night was to bang Shakira, I could not pass
up this opportunity to get in another session with my girlfriend. Without her
knowledge, I slipped behind her, pressing my cock to her butt crack. She
immediately sensed my presence and reaching back, began to rub my penis
against the smooth flesh of her meaty cheeks. It felt good to feel the touch
of familiar territory.

"Ugh... that feels soooo good■" she hissed, tilting her head back.

'I could not have said it better myself,' I thought. Trish continued to
handle my member with her hands, stroking it as she pressed it to the crack
of her ass. There was no way I could handle such a tease anymore; I needed
the full show, so to speak. As soon as Trish made another long, inward thrust
into Shakira, I made my move and wedged my cock between the soft cheeks of
her butt. It took her off track for only a second or so before she eased into
the stiff member that slipped in and out of her butt.

"Oooh yeah!" Trish screamed. "Give it to me! Give it to me hard!"

"You like it? Huh?" I asked rhetorically, ramming into her stout backside
with each question that escaped my lips. "Harder? You want it harder?"

"Yeah, give it to me like that!" she demanded. It was so incredibly sexy
to hear her talk dirty like that. "That's it, fuck my ass!"

Soon, I found myself taking control of the entire fuck-fest; not only was
I steadily screwing my girlfriend in the butt, but each thrust that I made
into Trish influenced the fluent strokes she was laying into Shakira. The
faster I slammed into Trish's lovely backside, the faster she would plow into
the Latin pop singer's soft pussy. It was like screwing two lovely ladies at
once. I could feel Trish's asshole clinch and her breathing grow slow and
congested. She was obviously growing tired and no one could blame her. I
decided to slow it down a bit and give her time to regroup. Trish, always the
aggressor, demanded otherwise.

"Don't you slow down now," she told me. "I want you to keep giving it
to me, harder and faster than before! I WANT TO FEEL THAT COCK INSIDE ME,

My jaw dropped. I knew Trish was a bit frisky and a bit ferocious in bed,
but this came as a total shock to me. Before I could react, my blonde-haired
girlfriend--still sticking it to her partner downstairs -- bent over,
pressing her smooth skin, plump breasts, and toned body against Shakira's
equally physical assets. Their lips met in a lustful kiss. Their breasts
mashed against one another as one magnificent pile of flesh. Their bodies
blended together in perfect harmony.

"Like this, baby?" I asked, starting up on Trish's beautiful ass once
again. "You want it like this?"

"Mmmmhmmm..." she managed to mumble through her make-out session with

Taking Trish's lead, I bent over slightly, wrapping my arms around my
girlfriend's mid-section and sliding my prick in and out of her pump cheeks.
She broke free of her lustful lip-lock and begged for more, then returned to
sucking on Shakira's lips with her own. Reluctantly, I supplied my girlfriend
with a fiercer, swifter fuck as requested. As I began to pump into her cute
little butt, I felt fatigued. I knew that Trish had to be even more tired
than I was, which is why I was reluctant to give her what she wanted. Still,
my little hell vixen pressed on.

"Don't slow down, honey!" she hollered. "I want you to keep fucking my
ass. That feels soooo damn good!"

There was absolutely no neglecting her demands. Holding onto her lower
back with one hand, I pressed on and plowed into those jiggling cheeks like
never before. Using the other hand, I decided to insert a little taste of the
kinkiness that she loved so much and spanked her hard on the butt.


"OH GOD!" Trish shrieked. "You know how much I love that!"

I watched her buttcheeks jiggle for a few moments, then came down with
another shot.


Unfortunately for the both of us, I had nothing left. I collapsed forward
and rested my head down on her back. My long, multi-colored hair draped over
the sides and brushed up against her bare breasts. Still, I managed a few
more weak thrusts and even massaged her round breasts -- anything to keep
from showing my weakness.

"Tired champ?" Trish inquired, pulling my dick from her between her tight

"Yeah," I admitted, taking a step back. "I'm getting a piece of Shakira by
the night's end, though."

"Oh yeah?" my girlfriend chuckled. "Well, I can tell that I`m almost done
here, so how about after I`m finished, you jump right back in here and get a
piece of this hot Latin ass?"

"Sounds good to me, honey," I responded and kissed her on the lips.

Exhausted, I plopped down in a nearby chair and watched my girlfriend
finish up on my dream girl. Trish held Shakira's legs to the side and gave
her such a hard fucking that the bed rocked back and forth and banged against
the wall. The sweet sounds of both ladies' moans mixed with the squeak of
the bed and the rhythmic thump of the wall made for the most beautiful
collaboration I had ever heard. I shut my eyes and began to stroke my raging
hard-on, just listening to the sounds that emitted throughout the room.

"OH YEAH.. GIVE IT TO ME■ OH GOD!" I could hear Shakira moan.

"YOU LIKE THAT?! HUH?!" my girlfriend asked. "YOU GONNA CUM FOR ME,

"OOOOOOHHHH GOOOOOODDDD!" Shakira replied as she began to climax.

There was no way I was going to miss this. My eyes open and I watched in
jealously as my girlfriend brought the girl of my dreams to an orgasm.
Shakira threw her head back as far as the bed beneath her would allow and
dropped her jaw to release a shrill cry. Trish pressed on through the
overwhelming release, easing the strap-on in and out of Shakira's now lubed
up cunt. With ease, she rocked back and forth and slowly fucked the panting
pop star.

"Oh God, Trish... please... I can't take anymore down there■" she wheezed.
"You've worn me out. Save some for Jeff."

Taking that as my cue, I arose and confronted the two ladies. Trish pulled

"Ready for the real thing now?" I asked with a smirk.

"I suppose so■" Trish sighed jokingly. "But first, I have to admit
something■ you were right, Jeff. This woman is absolutely amazing. She's
intoxicating. I know it's your turn, but I can't stand sitting back. I need
to be involved, so how about a little DP action?"

"If it's okay with her," I replied and motioned toward a still exhausted
Shakira. I sized up that plump, Latin ass. Soon, it would be mine.

"I'm always up for a challenge," Shakira huffed and climbed off the bed.

"Just lie down there on the floor, Jeff," Trish instructed.

Not being a total idiot, I did as I was told and laid back on the carpet
floor. My erection stood tall at its full length. Just thinking about being
able to fuck Shakira's big ass was getting me off.

"Shakira, just bend over and ride him like there's no tomorrow," my
girlfriend continued. "I'll fuck your ass from behind."

Disappointed, I watched as the Latin beauty made her move and hover over
my prick. I had to speak up. There was no way I was settling for less than I

"Wait, wait, wait," I pronounced. "I want a piece of her ass."

"But honey..." Trish whined. She crouched down and began to pump my cock
in her hand. I knew right then that I was giving in. "I just got it all lubed
up for you and everything. Besides, you need to have the main course before
you can have dessert."

"All right," I gave in with as sigh. "I see your point."

Trish released her grip from my cock and made way for the other gorgeous
blonde to have her run with me. Shakira sank to her knees, straddling my
waist and putting the tip of my cock about a half an inch from her moist
opening. Together, we merged slowly; I pushed upward with my hips as she
lowered her body and we met with conflicting moans. Her caterwaul was more
of a high-pitched shriek and mine was more of a low, monotone moan.

"Ugh!" I bellowed in delight. "Ooooohh yeah... that feels great......"

Shakira's pussy still covered in her own juices made for an easy departure
and reentry, despite the tight clasp her labia had on my erection. I slid in
and out of her wet opening with gradual speed, watching as she got a feel for
having a real cock inside of her for the first time that night. I pivoted my
hips back and forth -- up and down from where I was currently lying -- and
felt the overwhelming strain of her pussy lips on my aching member. A few
more thrusts later, the tension seemed to be fading. Shakira leaned back and
rested her juicy ass on top of my balls as I plowed her now loosened (and
still plenty lubricated) pussy.

"OH YEAH! DON'T STOP! UGH!" Shakira cried out. "GIVE IT TO ME HARDER! YES!

No doubt, I obliged and held onto her broad hips as I slammed it to her
much quicker than before. Her moans grew increasing loud with the speed of
my thrusts and soon enough, I had her screaming like a banshee. She bounced
around on my cock uncontrollably, her long, flowing hair lashing out in all
directions as she screamed my name.

"YES! JEFF, GIVE IT TO ME! YES!" Shakira roared.

Behind the wild blur that was Shakira`s rapidly moving frame, Trish
appeared with her fake rubber cock in the palm of her hand, shades of me
before I would fuck her. I reached around Shakira's constantly gyrating
hips and peeled open her thick buttcheeks with my fingers. Her asshole
must have looked as gorgeous as she did, because Trish had a smile on her
face that even death couldn't remove.

"You ready for a little more Stratusfaction?" Trish asked coyly, rubbing
the meaty flesh of Shakira's buttocks.

"OOH GOD, YES!" she answered back with another ear-piercing moan.

Trish stepped up and crouched down, wrapping her arms around Shakira's
mid-section and poking her in the butt with the flesh-colored dildo that hung
between her thighs.

"You want it, baby?" my girlfriend teased as she rubbed the head of her
rubber cock against Shakira's bubbly cheeks.

"Yes, badly!" Shakira whimpered.

It was amazing to me how cruel my girlfriend really was when it came to
sex. She purposely slipped the dildo between Shakira's soft cheeks and then,
to tease her further, bucked her hips, letting the fake cock just slide
in-between those two perfect mounds of butt flesh.

"You want me to stick this right into your large butt?" Trish continued
to taunt as she cheek-fucked the lovely Latin pop star.


Surprisingly, Trish spanked Shakira right on the ass, much like I did to
her earlier in the evening.

"GIVE IT TO ME, NOW!" Shakira demanded.

In a move that almost made me climax, Trish threw her hips into Shakira's
backside and plowed through her meaty buttcheeks with one solid thrust.
Shakira was sent forward, her body firmly pressed against mine. We kissed at
that moment, with me still easing my cock and in and out of her at a swift
rate. Trish appeared out of the corner of my eye and squatted above the two
of us with her false member still stuffed between Shakira's cheeks. She
began to bounce up and down, holding onto Shakira's back as she jammed the
dildo deeper and deeper into the blonde's backside. Each time Trish came
crashing down on the pop star's well-padded butt, she inadvertently pressed
her onto my own cock and thus made things a hell of a lot easier for me.

I laid there on the floor with a motionless lower half and a diligent
upper half while Trish did all the work. With my hands, I felt up Shakira's
bountiful breasts and tweaked her already firm nipples; and with my mouth,
I kissed her silky red lips and mingled with her crafty tongue as it snaked
past my lips.

"UGGGGGHHHH GODDDD!" I could hear my girlfriend shout from above. I knew
she was about to climax.

Breaking from the kiss, I rested my head on Shakira's shoulder and watched
Trish climax. I had always loved the look on my girlfriend's face when she
had an orgasm and tonight was no different. She held onto Shakira's
buttcheeks and got in a few more thrusts before a shrill cry escaped her lips
and she came.

"OOOOOH YEAH! GOD YES! OH YES!" she panted and pulled out of Shakira's
tight anal opening.

Exhausted and dripping with her own juices, Trish fell onto the bed. She
unbuckled the strap on that sat around her waist and just laid there while
clear goo dribbled from her pussy. Much to my chagrin, Shakira dismounted me
and approached Trish instead.

"Looks like you need a clean-up crew," she said and bent down to lick
Trish's cunt. "Let me just bend over the bed here and do that for you..."

As she trailed off, Shakira looked back and gave me a coy and sexy grin.
Then, as promised, she bent over and buried her head between Trish's thighs
as she lay on the bed with her firm legs spread. I didn't participate;
instead, I rose to my feet and wondered what the look from Shakira meant
exactly. Luckily, the sexy vixen answered all questions as she reached back
and began to rub her tasty buttcheeks. It was right then that it hit me. She
was occupying Trish so that I could get in a round with that gorgeous ass
that I had been fantasizing about all night.

"Oooh, Shakira.. that feels so fuckin' good... yeah!" Trish moaned as
Shakira's tongue worked vigorously inside her wet vagina.

Shakira continued to pull double duty, licking Trish's clit and rubbing
her own juicy asscheeks. Stepping up, I took the liberty of massaging her
perky cheeks myself and ridding her of that burden. Our hands mingled for a
moment before she retracted them and wrapped her arms around Trish's thighs
to better position herself between her legs.

"Mmmmmm... God, keep it up..." my busty girlfriend moaned and shoved
Shakira's face deeper into her moist honey pot. As she went down, her backend
moved up and a smile grew across my face.

"Goddamn, this ass is driving me off the wall!" I shouted, slapping
Shakira on her big round butt.


Her butt flesh jiggled for what seemed like an eternity, intoxicating me
with every second. Before her riled up cheeks could settle down, I made
another indentation on her thick ass.


Another red handprint slowly appeared as her buttcheeks jiggled. This
time, I stopped them with my hands and held onto them tight. Shakira knew
what was to come.

"UGH!" I heard Shakira groan as I slipped my dick between her stout
cheeks. "OH FUCK!"

In my dreams, I slipped in and out of her butt with ease, but I soon
realized that those were merely dreams, not reality. In reality, her
well-endowed posterior was a little loose from Trish's fucking, but still
incredibly tight. I moved back and forth with slow strokes, feeling her
tight anal opening and knowing this wasn't going to last long. I could
already feel an orgasm building up inside me and decided to make due with
what time I had.

"Ooh yeah, you like that?" I asked her, spanking her hard on the ass.
It helped to loosen her up.


It felt like my erection was going to be crushed inside her anal cavity,
but I pressed on. I slid in to the base of my penis, then slid out so that
the purple head was still inside of her. Each time, her large rump seemed
to be getting comfortable with the thickness and feel of my member. Back
and forth, I moved my hips with a steady pace, slamming with all my might
into her cushioned backside. Her cheek flesh was jiggling like mad, but I
didn't have time to admire it now. There wasn't much time left. My balls,
which scraped against her pussy each time I plowed her butt, were getting
harder by the second.

Suddenly, I felt the soft touch of a hand curling around my rock-solid
nuts and knew it had to be Shakira. She reached beneath herself and stroked
my balls it the most gentle of ways, combing across the velvet flesh with
her crafty fingers. It felt absolutely wonderful, but I knew it would speed
up my release, so I had to move quickly without anymore distractions. Within
a couple of seconds, I moved like I never had moved before during sex. I
held onto her left buttcheek for support and plowed into her backside with
intense velocity. Her thick butt couldn't stop jiggling as I laid it to her
without remorse.

"OH GOD! HARDER! HARDER! YES! HARDER!" Shakira screamed, taking her
attention completely off of Trish. Even she was into the anal that I was
giving to Shakira.

Sweat leaking down my forehead, I pressed on. My eyes shut tightly and my
hips moved like they were independent from the rest of my body. Each thrust
had Shakira screeching for more and rubbing and squeezing my balls. They felt
as hard as ever and there was no question what was to "cum." I leaned back
and got in what were to become my last thrusts on the lovely Latin blonde.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" I announced.

Of course, the plan was to keep my aching member inside of Shakira's
well-padded ass, but the girls had other ideas in their minds.

"Oooh... I want to taste it..." Shakira murmured.

"We want to taste it," Trish corrected her.

Both ladies knelt on the floor at the end of the bed and waited like
trained animals for their treat. I stepped in front of the two starving
vixens and wedged my cock between their beautiful faces. Shakira and Trish
both got in a lick, then rose up so that their chests were at eye-level
(or in this case, head-level) with my aching erection. `Neither chest looks
better or worse than the other,' I thought to myself.

"You ready for a double dose of these wonderful tits?" Trish asked
seductively, rubbing her chest along with Shakira's.

"Oh yeah!" I replied.

I did not know what she meant exactly, but seeing her rub Shakira's boobs
made me eager for anything. Anxiously, I waited as the ladies smiled at one
another and then took action. Shakira leaned in first and rubbed her breasts
against my cock, trapping part of it between them. Trish moved in next and
did the same, sandwiching her breasts with Shakira's and trapping my cock
between both pairs of breasts. Then, as if having four tits touching my cock
wasn't enough, the ladies held onto one another and slid up and down my prick
in stereo. I watched in delight as my erection popped through both their
cleavages in this double tit-fuck and met the tip of tongues that hang out of
their mouths side-by-side.

"HOLY SHIT!" I hollered, feeling my cock twitch. "I'M GONNA■ I'M GONNA...

It was the most beautiful scene ever. My prick twitched a few times before
erupting in a volcano of sperm that spurted onto the two pairs of boobs that
lay around it. Trish and Shakira both watched on as their tits became coated
in semen and their lips became the target of the backsplash. After one last
spurt, it was over. In a little over twenty-seconds, my white drippings had
coated Trish and Shakira's tits like a second skin. It was time to clean up.

Without a word being said or a command being uttered, Shakira leaned over
and took one of Trish's beautiful semen-laden tits between her lips and
sucked it clean. Trish, meanwhile, tilted her head and trapped my rapid
decreasing erection inside her wet mouth for a small blowjob. Once Shakira
was finished cleaning her tits however, the two little horny cocksuckers
changed positions. Trish began sucking the white goo off of Shakira's tits
while she blew me. Either way, I was the winner.

It was an hour or so after we finished that Shakira had to been heading
out. Her limo was waiting outside and a plane was awaiting her arrival at the
airport to take her to the next city. There were memories to make, but none
would be as sweet as the one made here tonight, in this little shack of a
hotel room.

"Next time you're in town," I shouted as Shakira stepped out the door, "be
sure to look us up. Trish Stratus and Jeff Hardy."

Then, as fast as she appeared at my doorstep, she was gone forever. Now,
each time a Shakira video hits the airwave on MTV, Trish and I are making
passionate love, just thinking about the Latin pop star that graced our lives
for just one lust-filled evening.

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