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Unforgetable Evening Part 1: XXX Story Of Triple H, Stephanie & Avril Lavigne
by Nami

Her internal mechanism woke her up moments before the alarm was due to ring,
lovely, Stephanie McMahon opened her pale blue eyes and stared at the clock
resting on the night stand beside her half of the bed. She watched as the
second hand made another sweep, using the minute to bring herself to full
consciousness before she drew one naked arm from the loving warmth of her
blankets and pushed in the button, making sure that her husband, sleeping
next to her was not disturbed.

She shivered slightly as she brought her arm back under the blankets, her
fingers brushing lightly first against her satin-smooth flesh, and then
against the muscular hardness of Hunter's powerful body. She turned over
lightly, making sure that he did not waken because of her movements, and
allowed her eyes to fix on his handsome, rugged face. She couldn't hold
back a face-splitting smile of total, unfettered love as she stared at him,
watching him with his mouth slightly open, his breath rasping in a half
snore, half hiss. A tear of happiness came to her eyes, and she bit on her
lower lip, her cunt already seeping its warm lubrication as she anticipated
the pleasures he would be bringing her in just a short time. Uuuuuummmmmm...
It was all she could do to not think about how things had been with her
before she married him less than a month ago, on the day after their reunion
storyline. Even though she had been dating him for almost two years at that
point, she had never allowed him to go all the way with her. His hands would
roam lightly, lovingly over the soft suppleness of her firm young body,
dipping here and there, pressing against her sensitive, swollen big breasts
through her blouse or shirt, rubbing tightly against her vagina through her
skirt or jeans, exciting her to no end. But she had remained steadfast in
her desire to be a untouched when she married and she had managed to uphold
that promise to herself. keeping her desires intact until that first
satisfying thrust of The Game's thick cock up into the moist, hot depths of
her vagina.

And making her see that she had been a fool for putting off such incredible
pleasure until she was married. The delicious pleasure of having her vagina
filled with the searing hardness of his cock until she was certain it would
split at the seams... the indescribable bliss of feeling his mammoth shaft
of lust-engorged flesh dragging across the throbbing little bud of her
quiveringly excited clitoris... the amazement she experienced as she felt
Hunter's ballooned-cock swelling even more right before he flooded her pussy
channel with the scalding river of his thick, creamy semen at the precise
moment she washed her own cum juices around his deeply implanted cock...

Uuuuuummmmmm... She thought passionately as she rested her gaze on Hunter's
handsome face. As long as she lived, she knew she would be bathing in the
sensuous after glow of her first fucking. And while she was just a little
disappointed that she had put off receiving the pleasures of sex that were
hers as a woman, she relished in the fact that her husband, her own Hunter,
was able to provide her with those pleasures again and again, just as he
had for two solid weeks on their honeymoon. Even though they had flown from
Greenwich to the west coast, they were hardly ever out of their hotel room.
The days then had all seemed to blend into one tremendous orgasm as Hunter
taught her the pleasures of sex one step at a time. Things that Stephanie
had thought were dirty or perverse were shown to her patiently by her
husband. She remembered the initial revulsion she had felt as he trailed
his lips lightly along the flat expanse of her belly, inching closer and
closer to the flaming red triangle of her glistening cuntal mound, nibbling
with his mouth at the stray wisps of hair at the base of her abdomen. She
had tried to tell him that she did not want him to kiss her there, but
before she got the words out of her mouth, he had sliced his tongue through
the passion-flushed lips of her seething cunt, bringing her such pleasure
that she was utterly speechless.

Then Triple H had fucked her with his tongue, flashing the warm, damp organ
in and out with such skill that she thought he had another cock coming out
of his mouth. The exquisite pleasure she had felt as she orgasmed against
his tightly pressed lips had been wonderful. There were no other words for

And then he suggested that she take his cock into her mouth, and again she
had felt an initial wave of revulsion. She could remember the conversation
word by word as she lay on her side, her hazel eyes gazing at the sleeping
form of her husband.

"You... you mean... you want me to take... your... your cock in my mouth?"

"Do you love me?" Hunter had asked patiently.

"Of course, but..." Stephanie mumbled.

"And do you trust me?'.' Hunter asked again.

"Yes, but..." Stephanie mumbled again.

"I think you'll like it. What have you got to lose?" Hunter smirked.

And even though she was certain that she wouldn't like it, she decided that
she would give it a try.

And was she ever pleasantly surprised, she reflected. She lashed out with
her little Avril tongue experimentally, and found that the sensation of her
husband's cock was wonderful... different than anything she could think of.
Eagerly, she experimented some more, ovalling her lips and inserting the
hugely swollen, mushroom-shaped head of his penis into the warm wet cavern
of her mouth shivering with the strangeness and deliciousness of the act.
She swirled her tongue around and around the bloated shaft of her husband's
penis, coating it totally with the heated wetness of her saliva. Then she
moved her lips down to his scrotum, where his huge, sperm-filled balls hung
loose and free. She cradled them in one palm while she stroked and squeezed
with the other, never once taking her mouth away from Hunter's towering rod
of flesh.

And then Stephanie re-inserted his cock into her mouth, taking the hot shaft
as deeply into her throat as was humanly possible, sucking and licking as
through her very life depended on it, reveling in her new-found knowledge,
and delighting when, finally, her husband ejaculated a river of sperm into
her face, ballooning her cheeks and forcing her to swallow each precious
drop lest she choke on the waves of cum flooding her gullet.

And there had been more during those two weeks... so much more than Stephanie
was certain she would never tire of the memories. She remembered Hunter
taking her from behind... taking her as they both stood... sixty-nining...

But the greatest pleasure of all had been last night. Seeing that Hunter was
still sound asleep, Stephanie closed her eyes and allowed her mind to drift
to the recent past, remembering everything that happened as though she was
actually going through everything again.

They had just made the trip from the Greenwich airport to the apartment they
were renting until Hunter managed to find the type of house they were looking
for. They were suffering from a little jet lag, although they had become used
to the west coast time. Even though it was mid-night in Greenwich, their
bodies were telling them that it was only ten in the evening, and they were
still carrying over much of the exuberance brought about by their incredible
two weeks.

Hunter had laughingly carried her across the threshold of their apartment,
and then set her down in the middle of the floor while he went back to
collect their bags. As she stood and watched Hunter hoist the four suitcases
and bring them in, she had to chuckle. Two of them hadn't even been opened,
since they had spent so much time naked with each other. It was a Sunday
evening. Hunter would have to be going to work the next day on RAW, and
Stephanie would start her life as a housewife until Thursday morning. She
and Hunter had talked about the possibility of him getting a job on
Smackdown, but at the moment, there were a number of things that had to be
done, and Stephanie was going to use her spare time to get those things

As she watched Hunter bringing in their baggage, she could sense that the
honeymoon was almost over... Almost but not quite. There was still one more
night left, and she was determined that she was going to make the best of
what was left.

"Whew... these things are really something," Hunter breathed, setting them
down on the inside of the door. "Next time we go on a honeymoon, suppose we
take about half these things." He laughed.

He looked up to see his new wife smiling at him, her hands demurely folded in
front of her, resting lightly on her loins.

"Suppose we go on a honeymoon next week," she said teasingly.

"Fat chance," he said, not quite picking up on his wife's seductive smile
yet. "Work tomorrow, and let me tell you, it'll be a long time before I can
get off time to take another vacation."

Stephanie gave a little chuckle as she stood perfectly still, watching her
husband slave over the suitcases.

"The least you could do is help me with these things," he said in a playful

Still she remained unmoving. While he was busy with the luggage, she decided
that she would be as blatant as she had ever been in her life. She slipped
out of her coat, the thought of what was about to happen filling her with a
thrill she had never known before... not even on her wedding night. Then,
Hunter had slowly stripped her, taking the part of the aggressor while he
taught her the things she would have to know. This time, she would show him
that she had learned her lessons well.

After her coat was off, she began unbuttoning her blouse, letting it fall
open and allowing her full, luscious breasts to separate, unhindered by a
bra. And while her husband was still busy with the suitcases, she kicked
off her shoes. Finally, she gave a little child-like giggle.

"Hey, I could really use some...

He started to say something, lifting his head to look at her while he talked.
But suddenly he stopped as he saw his wife revealing her mature, lovely
nakedness to him.

"Jesus," he hissed, at first not able to believe that she was actually doing
something like this.

Stephanie placed her hands behind her, allowing him an unadulterated view of
her half-nakedness. For a moment, Hunter didn't know what he should do, then
he decided that there was no point in just looking at her like this.

His form was almost a blur as he raced across the room, slipped his arm
around her waist and drew her half-naked body to him. His mouth came down
hard to claim her rosy pouted lips, and Stephanie shivered as she realized
that the honeymoon was not yet over. Come hell or high water, they had at
least one more passion-filled night together, and they were going to make
the most of it.

As they faced each other for a moment, Hunter's eyes drank in the budding
beauty of the woman he had recently married, seeing her pouting, upturned
big breast mounds, wide-spaced, large and firm. The stretch pants she had
worn for the trip home followed her body like a second skin, revealing her
tiny, nipped-in waist, and he felt her belly pull in to form a little
hollow. He gave a low throaty moan of his own as he crushed her delicately
feminine body close in the circle of his arms, his lips seeking hers and
finding them soft, pliant and ready.

He kissed her then, his throat making little animal sounds as her mouth
parted and her tongue darted hungrily past his teeth, the familiar honeyed
taste of her driving through him to produce a jerking of his penis against
the confinement of his pants. She shivered as he smoothed his hands over
the softness of her back, dropping them lower to fondle and massage the
swelling mounds of her buttocks.

Then her handsome husband pulled her tight against his loins, the lithe
muscles of her buttocks working in his hands as she undulated gently up
against him. For long moments, she savored the erotic probings they made
with their tongues. Then she shivered with her mounting excitement as he
slipped her blouse over the smooth roundness of her shoulders, letting
it fall to the floor. The deep kiss was unbroken as his hands slid down
her now naked back and his thumbs hooked in the waistband of her stretch
pants, gently pulling them down over the ripeness of her buttocks and
down further still to mid-thigh, carrying her thin, skimpy bikini panties
with them.

He drew the red triangle of her pelvis to him, and his tongue snaked out
to pressure deeper through the warm wet cavern of her mouth. She moaned with
desire and flexed her hips, pressuring herself in tighter against him. Her
body shuddered softly when his tongue made electrifying contact with hers
deep in her mouth.

Arching her buttocks just enough so she could remove the rest of her
clothing, she quickly slithered out of her stretch pants while Hunter's
tongue stabbed keeningly erotic sensations through her. Stepping out of
her pants and panties, she felt the freedom of complete nakedness as she
raised her hands to brush strands of her thick brown hair away from her
face, pushing them behind her ears.

Gently then, she backed away from her husband, saying breathily, "Hunter...
let's get your clothes off too..."

He looked at her and declared, "God! I hope the honeymoon is never over. I
love you. I don't want you to ever forget that. And I want you."

Hearing the words made Stephanie feel playfully embarrassed, and she
teasingly turned away from him, feeling for all the world like a bride once

"I want you too..." she said. Somehow, this was just a little different
than the passion they had experienced in their hotel room, and all the more
delicious for that.

He slipped his arms under hers, from behind, and cupped her sweet big breasts
In his hands. Nuzzling into her neck through the cloud of brown hair, his
hands smoothed down across the flat plane of her belly, caressingly, to play
over her abdomen, one sliding on down to the silken triangle where he used
the tip of his middle finger to titillate the short length of her fully
hardened clitoris. Damn! She was a far cry from the sexually frightened girl
she had been when he had first met her. She was really hot!

She leaned back against him, her eyes closed and her breath coming jerkily
through half-parted lips. The sparks of sexual excitement in her were being
fanned into licking flames of desire.

She turned in the full circle of his arms, raw passion flushing her face,
her eyes glazing as he held her close. Hunter felt her hips moving up against
him, the warmth of her transmitted to him through the cloth of his pants. She
tilted her head up to be kissed... and her hips, undulatingly urgent, told
him to hurry.

Hunter accepted the invitation of her lips. Their mouths met, welded, and
tongues thrust and parried, probing, tasting and ravaging, as a riotous
welter of sensation slashed at their genitals.

His hands went exploring, moving down her back to the rounded moons of her
big soft ass to feel them squirm in his palms again.

Stephanie's hand slid down between them, to feel the pulsingly hard shaft
of his cock. She remembered the massive adequacy of it, as she found the
prominent bulge in his pants and outlined it with her fingers, a thrill
stabbing her deep inside when she made the electric contact. She moved her
hand along its rock-hard length... remembering the fear she had felt when
she saw it the first time... remembering the ecstasy it had brought her

Twisting her head aside, she gasped, "God!... Hunter... Now... please. I want
you to fuck me now... quick!"

To accent her words, her hands went to work. She undid the buckle of his
belt, her fingers zipping down his fly, her knowing hand reaching in to find
and free his eagerly throbbing cock, bringing its massive hardness out into
the cool air to fondle and tease to complete readiness. The lovely young wife
of World Heavyweight Champion gasped as she felt the surprising length and
thickness of it again, its blood-heated warmth sensually penetrating the palm
of her slender hand which could not encompass it. Her touch brought it to
even greater hardness, and with a heightened feeling of awe, she began to
explore it. She used her nails to scrape gently along its rigid length,
knowing that it would give him a charge. Her reward came instantly. She felt
its lustful, expanding throb, accompanied by his low moan of pleasure. No...
the honeymoon was not yet over... and it never would be!

While she played there below, Hunter began tearing off his clothes, ridding
himself of jacket and shirt. Bare to the waist now, he felt one of her hands
snake down between his legs to cup and cradle his cum-filled balls. Again she
used her nails to taunt, and he gasped out loud, the sensations sparking his
massive penis to jerk and exude a viscous tear of heated pre-cum.

Feeling the pulsing, blood-swollen girth of her husband's cock in her hand,
Stephanie suddenly shifted both hands to the towering shaft. She squeezed
hard and held it for a couple beats of his pulse. Hunter groaned again and
gripped the waistband of his pants and shorts to pull them down over his
hips, exposing his naked loins to her completely. Then, using both hands,
she began to twist the loose folds of skin along its hardened length, her
hands moving in opposite directions as though she were wringing out a
freshly laundered garment.

The erotic sensations stabbed through his lust-engorged cock like a thousand
pricking needles of fire. God! He had to get his cock into her... and fast!
He stepped back away from her, leaning over to rid himself of his shoes so he
could get his pants off. Quickly, the handsome blonde man shed his remaining
clothes, tossing them carelessly aside in his rush, then he turned back to
his eager wife, who had been reluctant to release him for even a moment.

Reaching down, he grasped her under her arms, and she was forced,
reluctantly, to let his jerking cock slide from her hand. His arms went
around her, his hands dropping down to the smooth suppleness of her
buttocks to feel the silky, lithe flesh of her body under his loving

Then, pulling her tight in against him, he pushed the hardened rod of his
massive penis between her thighs, thrusting it into the tangled red curls of
the pubic hair lining her pulsing cuntal passage. He moved it back and forth
there, against her naked pussy-flesh, feeling the smooth moisture of her
warmly throbbing cunt flow over his passion-heated hardness.

The firmly pointed buds of her erected nipples thrust into his chest as her
arms went around him. Then parting her thighs slightly, Stephanie dropped
her hand down to grasp his slim hard-muscled buttocks, pulling him in until
their loins met, brown pubic hair meshed with red, and his cock-head nestled
solidly all the way up between her legs in the moist warmth of her pussy.
The huge bulbous head of his penis was taunting her tightly puckered little
anal lips.

Stephanie leaned back away from him, breaking the circle of his arms, and
with a guttural groan, Hunter scooped up the lovely young woman who was his
wife and carried her into the bedroom. It was like a repetition of what they
had been doing over the last two weeks, but Stephanie knew that she would
never get tired or bored of having her husband's penis plunging deeply into
her sizzling liquid cuntal flesh. She could eat too much, overwork, but she
could never get enough of her husband's cock. He had taught her well over
the last two weeks, and she squealed her delight as he carried her through
the apartment.

Breathing hard, he laid her down on the huge king-sized bed that came with
the apartment. Lying on her back, her thighs spread, ready to receive him,
her hands flitted narcissistically over her breasts, fondling them and
cupping them in lewd invitation, then sliding over her flat belly, down the
outside of her thighs and back up the inner softness to the thick red jungle
of her cuntal down which she rubbed while she waited for him to mount her.

Hunter glanced down between her thighs. He felt now as he had felt the
first time they had fucked... loving, patient, eager and more than willing
to bring her the pleasure she so desperately wanted from him. And there was
the feeling of incredible warmth and desire that burned painfully now in
his cock, a gnawing passion for her, a hunger... and a satisfaction in the
knowledge that he had transformed her from a lovely young woman who was
almost afraid of sex into a passionate lover... A general Manager! A wife
who could meet his needs in every sense of the word.

Stephanie sensed that he liked what he saw, and she responded with an
immediate wider spreading of her thighs and a totally unobstructed view of
her trembling pussy lips, now fully opened to his eager stare. Hunter stood
there, transfixed for a moment, hypnotized by the raw sensual beauty of his
lovely princess. There was a thin line of moisture along the rim of her
parted vaginal flanges, a narrow trail of warm wetness along the slit of
her cunt as she exposed herself, without shame, to him.

"Steph! You're so lovely... so beautiful!" Hunter said, feeling almost like
a little boy. He tried to restrain himself, though he would have liked
nothing better than to drop on all fours and bury his tongue in that softly
pulsating crevice between her trim, naked thighs. Stephanie was hot... more
so than she had ever been, and he was determined that he was going to take
full advantage of her. He was going to allow himself to be sucked into the
whirlpool of her steeped passion, take his cues from her. He would never
have thought, few years ago, that she could be like this, but he wasn't
going to think about that. This was his Stephanie, his wife, and he was
going to give her the fucking of her life.

Stephanie grinned up at him, measuring his response as she moistened her
Avril lips with her pointed tongue, rolling it slowly from side to side.

Hunter stood there for a moment, his long thick cock jutting out from his
loins at an acute angle. Stephanie's eyes were zoomed in on it, a wanton
smile creasing her pert face. God! How badly she wanted to feel that heated
hardness sawing up into her demanding cuntal sluice!

And then her impatience for him got the better of her, and lifted both her
bare arms up and pulled him down onto her, opening her smooth silky thighs
when they fused together, then clamping them tightly around one of his
legs. Hunter gasped at the incredible feel of her body, the warmly inviting
suppleness of her flesh, the enticing firmness of her thighs that squeezed
him like a newly awakened teenager.

As their lips met hotly together, tongues alternately pushing and pulling,
she ground her naked pelvis hard against his loins. She shivered from head
to toe as her voluptuous softness rubbed maddeningly against the throbbing
ridge of his cock.

The wet smear from his pulsing cock was streaking against her naked thigh,
but she didn't ease her gentle massaging of his hardened erection. With the
smoothness of her thigh and the firm mound of her pubis, the passionately
aroused young wife ground against him rhythmically, teasingly, stirring an
incredible agony of lustful desire in his loins, filling his swollen
testicles with a seething inferno of bubbling sperm. He was certain that he
would burst apart from the delightful pressure.

For a moment's pause, he pulled his tongue from the sucking oval of her
lips and snuggled his face along side hers, easing his hand down her side
to fondle the ivory moon of her asscheek. He squeezed a thick handful of
her warm naked buttocks between his fingers and she responded with a shiver
that shook even his own body as he lay on top of her. He realized that she
was quivering beneath him, her pelvic mound pressed up against his virile
male loins, her thighs clamped tightly around his huge leg as she squeezed
the firmness of his flesh against the hot eager lips of her cunt, pushing
her hungry pussy shamelessly against him.

Stephanie reached down the length of her husband's muscular back, ran her
fingers over the hard swell of his buttocks, and then shoved her hands
between his legs, squeezing firmly but tenderly the sac beneath his turgid
cock. He moaned at the electric touch of her fingers. "Shit, baby... I
really want you. I've got to have some of that cunt of yours," he hissed.

"Uuuuu, and I want you to hurry," she retorted. She held her arms up to him
again, inviting him, taunting him to come into her, and below her thighs were
splayed out wide to receive him, as her hips ground in tiny impatient circles
under him.

The madly aroused Triple H lowered himself down on top of her, his hips
wedging easily into the wide angle of her thighs, his lancing hardness
probing for the tender young flesh of her moist cuntal slit. The instant
his lust-inflated penis touched her, she shuddered under him with sensual
delight, her whole body quivering with ecstatic anticipation.

Then he gritted out between his passion clenched teeth, "I'm going to fuck
you hard, Stephanie... harder than ever... as hard as I can!"

"Oh Hunter, darling, I hope so! That's what I want you to do so badly. I want
you to fuck me as hard as you can!"

And she meant it! Her sexual arousal had reached such an insane level of
desire that she could barely contain herself. And she could think of no
reason why she should contain herself. The man on top of her was her
husband, and she wanted his lancing hardness up inside her, pounding into
her loins with masculine power and strength. She wanted his massive cock
to turn her inside out... to bring her the pleasure she had so recently
learned about... the pleasure she knew she had to give herself up to fully
in order to enjoy. There was no reason in the world to hold back anything
from the man she loved. Her entire body was yielding against his masculine
firmness her lips once more soft and moist as they crushed against his.

He arched away from her as he felt her hand slip between them, her fingers
eagerly closing on the rigid shaft of his cock. A cry of deliciously
erotic joy escaped her throat as her fingers gripped tightly around the
lust-stiffened length of his penis, and Hunter kissed her harder in reply,
probing hungrily with his tongue between her teeth, grinding against her
as her very touch brought a maddening wave of desire to his throbbing loins.

Then, the head of his cock resting at the hotly hungering mouth of her cunt,
she moaned, "Ooohhh... Hunter... please give it to me... now! Shove your cock
all the way into my cunt... and fuck me... fuck me hard!" She was getting
more desperate with each passion second. She was an aching, anticipating
cunt... waiting to be fucked... torn asunder and totally fulfilled by the man
she had married. There was nothing more important in the whole world for her.
Nothing mattered but the delicious sensations slashing through her loins...
her needing, waiting cunt! Now! She mentally screamed at him! NOW!

The wildly aroused wife wriggled forward just a bit, a soft moan on her lips
as the full length of her husband's desire-hardened penis nestled against her
ravenous pussy. He reached down beneath her with strong arms and cradled her
lush, naked body against him, savored the quivering undulations of her
softness beneath him.

He maneuvered her unprotected cunt up even tighter against him, dragging the
lust inflated head of his cock back and forth through the moist Avril slit of
her pussy, flicking the end of his cock along the taut cuntal slit as it grew
wetter and warmer with every smooth, caressing stroke. Her whole pelvis began
to rotate desperately, her blood-filled pussy lips nibbling eagerly at his
thick, hard member. Suddenly, with an anguished cry of ravished impatience,
she snaked her legs up around him, locking them behind his thighs, pressuring
him harder against her writhing nakedness.

"God! Now... please... I have to have you in me now!" she whimpered.

Hunter was as eager to feel those warm pussy lips close around his cock as
she was to have it inside her. Again she grabbed for his aching penis and
pressed it forward into the deep fleshy sheath of her cunt, guiding it
through the fine mist of soft pubic hair into the quivering lips of her
burning vagina. He stopped there for a moment, watching her close her eyes,
her lips parting in a moan of torment.

He could not wait an instant longer. Snapping his hips toward her with all
his strength, he rammed his cock home in one joyful thrust that slicked his
rock-hard flesh like a spear into the softly pulsating walls of her seething

"AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" she moaned in grateful relief as her warmly
constrictive pussy sheath slipped like a tight, butter-filled glove over the
full length of his cock, the tender cuntal flesh parting before it as the
huge swollen member drove between the now widely stretched Avril lips.

With the smoothness of a well-oiled piston, his great cock smashed into the
hot passage of her vagina, his hotly throbbing head bursting through the
resilient opening and racing unchecked up into her belly. His lusty penis
plunged far up into the very depths of her cunt, the blood-engorged head
nudging past her cervix to lodge finally up against the far back wall of her
quivering vaginal passage. His loins smacked loudly into hers, and below,
his sperm-laden balls swung hard up to thud into the smooth hairless crevice
between her nakedly upturned buttocks.

"Oooooohhhhhh... Goooddd!!! It's sooooo biiiggg!!" she moaned in her
tormented enchantment.

Hunter grinned widely, seeing that the creation of his wife was now a
moaning, seething sexual machine who could fuck back at him with all her
strength. He rammed his cock's throbbing head deep inside her, his balls
slapping hard against the fleshy cheeks of her ass as she squirmed to
accept as much of him as she could.

With inspired vitality now, Hunter ground his pelvis slowly into the softly
wriggling feminine flesh under his weight as she pushed back hard against
him, their speeds increasing together. With rhythmic fluidity, she opened
and tightened her thighs around him with every fucking thrust that he made
deep in her hungrily clasping pussy. Her mouth opened and her head tossed
wildly from side to side as she quivered and writhed like a fish impaled
on a spear. His long hard strokes had found their mark, and a hoarse cry
punctuated her incessant moans as the blood-filled tip of his cock slammed
against her cervix at the end of every driving thrust!

With insane power, Hunter began driving his lust-hardened cock in and out
of her, pounding wildly, fucking deeper, always deeper, harder and harder,
never pausing for a moment as he pinned her to the bed, skewering her with
his rigid male-flesh, his massive cock fucking her like he used to do Chyna.

Pulling her thighs back hard, Triple H mashed them down tightly against the
swelling ripeness of her breasts to completely expose her pussy to his will.
It gave him the fullest access, allowing him to thrust into her to the full
length of his massively driving hardness. She was moaning unceasingly now,
her hips grinding up at him in shameless undulations, countering his
pile-driving lunges with the vigor of her supple young flesh.

Stephanie was afire with sex... and the fire was fed on the mounting
sensations within her, obliterating all thoughts except those of sensual
ecstasy! There was only one thing of which she was fully aware... the tight
coupling of their wetly locked genitals. It was pure heaven... rapture!

Only vaguely she knew that hands were running the length of her body like the
licking flames of a hearth-log. His lips were on hers, his tongue probing her
mouth in imitation of the action below. Now his lips were on the smooth
satiny skin of her huge melons, kissing, sucking and biting at her swollen
nipples until she thought they would burst from sheer delight!

Hunter's body covered her, the heated friction of his flesh on hers an added
heightening of sensation as he drove into her. His strong sweaty lean body
strained to bury the heavy rod of his cock up to the very root with every
thundering lunge.

"Baby... baby... it's sooo... it's so good! Listen... Listen," she stammered,
barely able to get the words out. "Put your finger up my asshole! Shove it
all the way into me... please..."

Hunter grinned. That had been one of the last things he'd taught her on their
honeymoon. His hand reached down under her and slid between the lust-dampened
cheeks of her buttocks, his fingers searching the soft flesh as he probed for
her anal orifice. His middle fingertip suddenly found the tightly puckered
little circle of her rectum, moistened with the rivulet of cuntal moisture
that seeped down from the warm slit above, where his penis was still fucking
into her with long deep thrusts. He pushed at the tight ring of muscle,
gently at first, then a little harder, feeling it tighten and resist in
quivering spasms of involuntary tensing.

Another push and his middle finger was sunk to the base inside her rectal
passage, and she was urging him on, not wanting him to think that he was
hurting her too much. Hunter delighted in the fantastic sensation of feeling
his cock tunneling into her through the fleshy membrane that separated the
two passages. He shoved both finger and cock into her with perfect rhythm,
in slow steady strokes that were driving her insane with delicious desire.

His cock felt as large as the end of a baseball bat, swollen and distended
beyond belief, yet the soft wet walls of Avril flesh held him securely,
the moist edges of her pussy lips sucking him deeper and deeper into the
whirlpool of her passion. Every inward thrust slammed his cum-inflated balls
against the wide-spread crevice of her buttocks and the palm of his hand
as he shoved yet another finger into her tight rectal opening. She moaned
lustfully as the two stiffened fingers stretched the delicate ring of her
anus, and her nails bit into his back and left thin streaks of red across
his shoulder blades as she writhed frantically beneath him. Stephanie
tried to take every muscular inch of her husband's firm hard body into the
ravenously hungry orifices up between her legs.

Hunter doubted that he could hold back the searing flood of thick hot sperm
that was aching to burst from his testicles as he pumped into his wife faster
now, every thrust taking him to the hidden reaches of her churning belly,
every deep lunging motion bringing another cry of ecstasy from her parted
lips. Her thighs were gripped around him like a vise, and he knew that she
would reach her climax soon. She moaned from deep in her throat as he
responded with a plundering assault on her cunt with his skewering cock,
matched with a steady ravishment of her stretched anus with his fingers.

Her knees were pressed tightly back, nearly doubling her body in half, her
nakedly upturned pussy moist with the flowing juices of her desire. Her eyes
were closed, her lips parted with an inaudible cry. She choked the words
finally from her throat.

"Oooohhh... GOD! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! That's wonderful! I'm cumming...
cumming... fuck me like that... like that... cumming..."

Her ankles were behind his shoulders as she ground her buttocks hungrily
upward, lifting them both up bodily from the bed, her whole body writhing
with unbelievable strength, strength drawn from the fathomless well of
passion her husband was tapping.

The room suddenly echoed with a soul-rending moan that tore from
Stephanie's lips with all the fury of her passion. Her body tensed its full
sweat-moistened length, arching high off the bed so that only her shoulders
and heels touched the mattress, as she ground her body upward into his and
fused them together in one lewdly writhing unison. Her hands locked on the
firm muscular half-moons of his buttocks, pulling him deeper into her belly
as she quivered with the agony of her impending climax.

"AAAAAAAAAAA GGGGGGGGG HHHHHHHHHHH...!!!" Her cry trailed off to a whimper of
anguished pleasure, and Hunter let go the painful contraction that had held
back the seething torrent of hot liquid cum building up in his lust-swollen
balls. He felt the current of viscous fluid race along the shaft of his
organ, pause for an instant, then spurt in an unending stream into his wildly
gyrating young wife's quivering belly. Hunter shuddered, then shuddered again
as his balls were emptied of their life giving juices. He felt her body
loosen as she collapsed in his arms, and then he fell forward onto her, so
weakened that he could not support himself a second longer outstretched over
her still-trembling naked body. She held his naked strong body tight against
her and they lay very still for a long time...

* * *

And then a moaning from her husband brought her to the real world again. She
opened her eyes with a start, feeling as though she had drifted off to sleep
and relived the passionate experience of the night before.
Uuuuuuuuuummmmmm... she could still feel her husband's hard-driving penis
fucking in and out of her cunt.

Then it dawned on her that it was not her husband's penis she was feeling,
but her own fingers. While she had been dreaming about the night before, she
had unconsciously moved her hand down along her naked belly.

Slowly, softly, she removed her finger from her wetly seething pussy and
brought it out from under the blankets to lightly brush her hand over
husband's forehead.

"Time to wake up, darling," Stephanie said in a loving voice. As his eyes
opened and then reclosed, she made a hasty glance at the clock. Hardly any
time had elapsed while she had been reliving that wonderful fucking session.
Less than a minute of real time had gone by!

She smiled as she returned her gaze at her husband, who was making a valiant
effort to wake up.

"Good morning," she said, looking lovingly into his eyes.

"Uuuuuuummmm... go' morning," he mumbled. "What time is it?"

"About ten thirty."

As she said that, Hunter suddenly snapped into total awakeness.

"TEN THIRTY!" he exclaimed. "Why the hell aren't you fixing breakfast?"

"Ooooohhh... we have plenty of time for that," she said coyly.

Hunter bolted to a sitting position, the blanket dropping from his chest.

"Plenty of time for what?" he said with an icy tone that Stephanie had never
heard him use before. "I have to be at airport in an hour."

"You'll make it," she soothed, running her fingers lightly across his chest.
"I thought you might like to start the day out right."

Hunter ignored her. Tossing the blanket to one side, he slithered out of bed
and nakedly walked across the room to their closet.

"I'd love to," he said in a hurried voice, "but I just don't have the time."

He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked quickly to the bathroom,
leaving Stephanie looking bewildered. He acted almost as though he was afraid
of her touching him. She remembered that as he had walked across the room, he
didn't have an erection.

Was it possible that, for the first time since they were married, he wasn't
going to fuck her in the morning? It certainly looked that way, but Stephanie
wasn't willing to believe that. Not yet at least.

Slipping from her side of the bed, she wrapped a skimpy, sheer bathrobe
around her excited flesh. As she walked from the bedroom to the bathroom,
she noticed that her pussy lips were moist and sensitive. Her dreaming
had made her really excited and aroused, and she wasn't going to let her
husband get away without fucking her... at least not without a fight!

She stood in the open doorway, watching him covering his face with a thick
coat of shaving lather.

"Don't just stand there," he said as though he were scolding her like a
child. "I want something to eat before I go. I have to make a good impression
on Bishoff. The brand hired me on good faith, and I don't want to disappoint

"Why... well... what about me?" Stephanie asked, trying to keep her voice
under control. "I'm your wife now..."

"And the honeymoon is over," he interrupted her. "Have you forgotten that
that trip took just about all our time offs?"

Stephanie's mouth dropped to the floor and her shoulders slumped. Hunter had
never been so inconsiderate before. As she stared at him, she saw that his
shaving motions stopped, and he was looking at his reflection in the
steam-covered mirror.

"Look," he said softly. "There is nothing I would like better than to start
the day out right. I really want to fuck you, but the hard cold fact of the
matter is, we aren't in honeymoon any more, or we aren't on vacation. I have
to get to work. Unless you want to live in a tent somewhere."

"Don't be ridiculous," Stephanie snapped.

"Don't you be ridiculous," he retorted. "Living in this world costs money. I
don't want a penny of your father's money in my life. I want us to be on our
own. We have to pay for our new house. Where are we going to get the money
to pay that? And the electric bill... and the gas and the heat...

By the way you don't want me to loose my world"

"All right," she snapped, spinning around and walking away from him. "I'll
have your damn breakfast ready."

Hunter started to say something after her, but he thought the better of it.
He wondered if they were about to have their first fight. He had heard that
things like that were inevitable, but he would like to postpone it for as
long as possible.

Then he shrugged his shoulders. Surely she could see that he loved her. After
all, he was willing to put off a little pleasure so he could make ends meet.

As she casually listened to the sound of running water in the bathroom,
Stephanie went about her task with a seething expression on her face. Her
lips were pursed, and she wanted to break the dishes she was setting out for
him. Not even the pleasing aroma of frying bacon and eggs and perking coffee
made her feel better. All she knew was the frustrated tingling in her vagina.
She poured a cup of coffee for Hunter just as he entered the kitchen, fully
dressed and looking as though he was ready to take on the world in his RAW

"Honey... I'm sorry I snapped at you a while ago," he said, determined that
he would swallow his pride for the sake of his marriage. "You just have to
remember that I feel a little... well... I'm responsible for the two of us
and the company. At least for a while, and I'm sort of feeling my way."

"You don't have to explain anything," Stephanie said in a voice that was so
cold and detached that Hunter actually shivered. "The fucking all mighty
dollar and fame is more important to you than I am."

"The fucking... Honey, are you serious? Because if you really think I believe

But Stephanie wasn't looking at him. She picked up her own coffee cup and was
staring into it. Then she turned her body to one side, wondering if Hunter
was noticing the way her full, rounded breasts jutted from the sheerness of
the nearly transparent cloth of her robe. She knew her nipples were hard, and
if Hunter was looking at her, there was no way he could not notice that fact.
He had hurt her, and she wasn't going to let him get away with that.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you," Hunter snapped, feeling himself losing
control. When she failed to turn and face him, he decided that he would just
go on with what he had to say. "I think you're being childish about this
whole thing. There's more to life than fucking, you know. I have to make a
living. Jesus! When I first met you, you didn't even know what a cock looked

"Oooooohhhhh... are we going to bring that up?" she asked, spinning around,
causing her generous breasts to jiggle slightly, sensuously under the
thinness of her robe. "Well, buster, you were a pretty good teacher. I was
always ready for you when you wanted to vent yourself. Damn! You would think
that you hadn't had a woman your whole life. You sure had fun the last two
weeks, and now that I want to have a little, you're too busy."

"We were on a vacation for Christ's sake," Hunter said, setting his coffee
cup down so hard that some of the dark fluid spilled over the edge. He
pushed himself away from the table and glowered at his wife. "I never thought
I wouldn't want to at least eat breakfast with you, but you've totally ruined
my appetite."

"So you're just going to run away like a frightened little boy. Go on, go to
your precious job. Damn my dad! Maybe you can have a good laugh about how you
married me... probably the only one left in stamford."


"Go on... just get out of here. And don't worry about all this food going
to waste," she snapped as she stood up and looked directly into his eyes
over the table. "I'll just store it in the freezer. That way, we can have
something to eat when you aren't out digging and scratching to make money."

Hunter's jaw worked, as though he were trying to think of something to say.
He thought the better of it, though, and with a flourish, he grabbed his
jacket and walked out the door. Stephanie stood at the table glowering at
him. When the door slammed loudly behind him, she reached for the closest
thing she could find... a salt shaker, and threw it at the door after him.

She missed the door, and the glass object fell silently onto the carpeted

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