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Unforgetable Evening Part 2: XXX Story Of Triple H, Stephanie & Avril Lavigne
by Nami

"Wheeeewwwww... will you listen to them!" Nami laughed as he pressed his
ear to the wall of his apartment that was next to the Helmsly's kitchen.
"Sounds like the newly-weds are having a little spat."

"Uuuuuuuuuuuu..." Avril Lavigne moaned from their bedroom. If there was
anything she hated, it was being awakened by the screaming of other
people. God knows she had had enough of that when she had been living at
the half-way house. Fucking little kids! They were always crying about
something! At seventeen, the lovely girl felt that she was well above all
the simple things that the people at the run-away shelter had been trying
to teach her. Arithmetic, reading, history... all those things were all
right for the children, but Avril knew that there was more to life than
those fucking books. Shit... that was why she had run away from home to
begin with.

"Come on, lovey-cunt," Nami said in a cheery voice. "Let's get that luscious
body out of bed. Something tells me that there's an adventure ahead of us."

Again Avril moaned, but as Nami lit another cigarette, his third of the
morning, he could hear her stirring, and he knew that she would shortly
appear at the kitchen doorway, looking as though she had just gotten out
of bed, but no less lovely for that.

Nami sat back in his chair and smiled as he heard the door of the next
apartment slam. Yes... there was an adventure in the making, and if there
was anything Nami liked, it was adventure. God knows life was fucking
boring enough.

Nami was a member of that rare breed of man. Blessed with a father who had
made an incredible killing in the stock Market, Nami had attended four years
at Columbia University, graduated fourth from the top in his class, and then
realized that he had been wasting his time. As soon as he graduated, his
father presented him with some fifty thousand dollars and told him to spend
it as he wanted.

Nami went right out, bought a car and headed cross-country, stopping here
and there as he chose, living like a king where ever he was and when he got
tired, moving on.

He had been doing that for almost a year now, and he enjoyed the thrill of
coming into a new place, meeting new people and interweaving his life with
theirs. He had gotten the idea from a television show, and he knew he was
lucky in being able to afford living like that. He hadn't had a job since
he was a freshman in college, and he wasn't bothered a bit by that fact. He
loved the freedom of being able to just come as he pleased, live like he
wanted and leave when he felt like it.

When he had come to Greenwich a little less than a month ago, he had been
wandering around one of the poorer sections of the city... the type of place
he had come to know would have women like Avril Lavigne... eager to get out
of what ever trap they were in. He'd met her at her job, provided to her by
the halfway house, and they hit it off. Avril's eyes sparkled when he told
her what he had been doing, and she decided that she would do as he asked
her, which was to take an apartment in one of the nicer sections of the city
and see what happened. God knew she was pretty unhappy at her agency, and
with nothing to lose, the two signed a one year lease at a rather nice, if
small, apartment.

Taking a deep drag on his cigarette, Nami had to smile as he remembered
signing on as husband and wife. If there was anything about Avril, it was
that she didn't look seventeen. The reasonably hard life she had been
living since she'd run away from home had given her a mature, if kinky,
outlook on life. The landlord really believed Nami's con-job that he and
Avril were newly-weds just starting out, and had even made the comment
that they were living right next to the two other newly-weds... or would
be when they returned from their honeymoon.

Yes, thought Nami, butting his smoke, things just had a way of always working
out. Having money was sure nice, and knowing how to use it was even nicer.
He'd been getting just a little tired of moving around so often, and he
decided that he would stay in Greenwich... at least for a couple of months.
It was time to start taking stock and make plans. Or at least rest some.

And if there was anything that could keep him in Greenwich for a little while
longer, it was the argument he had just heard between Hunter and Stephanie.
He could smell adventure in the air, and Nami had no greater love than

A faint animal whine and a furry brushing against his leg interrupted his
thoughts, and he looked down to see Siegfried looking up at him. Hell, he had
known Avril was more wanton than most of the women he had been with in his
travels, but until she had demanded that he get her a German shepherd, he
really hadn't known how wanton. She'd explained to him that one of the ladies
that ran the house had kept a dog, and Avril had quickly discovered why. That
lady's dog was the best little fucker Avril had ever known, though the young
girl really hadn't known all that many, and she demanded that Nami buy her
one... just to keep her happy when Nami wasn't around, she had explained.
Nami didn't give a shit. He'd seen worse things in his travels, and he never
seemed to tire of watching Avril and Siegfried go at it. The thing she had
for that dog was something Nami had only heard about in whispers, and he was
glad to be seeing something like it first hand.

"Well, Siegfried, ol' boy," Nami said, patting the great dog between his
ears. "You look a trifle hungry."

Siegfried and Nami got along rather well, and at the sound of Nami's soothing
voice, the huge dog began to prance about. Sighing, remembering that it was
really Avril's job to feed Siegfried, Nami nevertheless stood up to take care
of him. But the dog didn't appear to be interested in food, and once Nami was
out of his shallow, dream-like thoughts, he could see why. While he had been
dwelling on his past, Avril had gotten out of bed.

She stood in the doorway of the kitchen, completely naked, her hair slightly
tangled and falling over her pert little face.

Nami sucked in his breath. Even though he and Avril had been living together
for nearly a month, he never tired of seeing her ripe nakedness. At
seventeen, she was already fully developed, and he could sense that she would
only get better as she grew older. Her eyes were the color of an untainted
Minnesota lake, and her skin was the color of pure cream. Her short pert nose
had a slight upturn, giving her an aristocratic appearance, and her mouth,
though small, was well formed with lush, full lips. Her shoulders were
completely feminine, rounded, soft and gently sloping. Her breasts were firm,
hard and fully rounded, thrusting from her delicate chest like two fleshy
mountains topped with bright red cherries, constantly distended with passion
and lust. The spheres were widely spaced, and large enough for Nami to fuck
his huge, hard cock between them when he wanted. Her belly, flat and
flawless, followed the ripe swell of her slim, though rounded hips, forming
an hour-glass just above her ass-cheeks.

But what Nami loved the most was the perfect triangle of her cuntal hair, as
golden as the hair on her head, the inverted rounded tip pointing directly to
her seething, always-ready cuntal lips. As he stared at her standing in the
doorway, he felt his cock give a little lurch. Shit! He knew there wouldn't
be any argument between them about fucking this morning. Avril was ready,
eager and willing to fuck whenever Nami said the word... which was quite
often. Sometimes ten times a day.

"Uuuuuuuummmmmmm... I thought you were going to sleep late this morning,"
she said in a still sleepy voice as she nakedly walked into the kitchen and
poured herself a cup of coffee. Of all the women Nami had spent any time
with, Avril had to be the most totally unabashed. She took a deep thrill just
from being naked with him, as though she could sense that with him, she was
totally safe. He knew she had gone through some pretty rough times, and her
nakedness, while sensual, also meant that she trusted him. Nami liked that.

"Uuhh... I was," he stammered, finding her nakedness rather distracting.
Again his cock spasmed in his pants. He'd give her a little time to wake up
before he fucked her though. They'd had quite a session last night, and she
was obviously not quite recovered from it. A cup of coffee, a little
conversation, and she would be ready to go. "But that little spat next door
woke me up too."

He lit another cigarette and rested his head in his hands, staring long and
hard at the sensually swelling mounds of her completely unfettered breasts,
already shimmering with mounting passion as she became more and more awake.

"What the fuck's the matter with them anyway?" Avril asked. "Shit... it
sounded like he didn't want to fuck his wife."

"That's exactly what it was all about," Nami answered. "He didn't think there
was enough time. Something about how he had to get to his tough job."

"I've never heard of a man who doesn't want to fuck his wife as often as he
can," Avril commented thoughtfully.

"There are men like that," Nami told her. "I've seen them. Some guy has a
real nice piece of ass and all he wants to do is look at her."

"I can't imagine anything better than fucking," Avril said in a voice that
let Nami know she was becoming more and more awake.

"And neither can Stephanie," he said. "That young wife wants her husband's
cock so bad she can taste it. You were trying to get back to sleep, but I
was listening to them. She was so pissed at him for not fucking her that
she threw something at him."

"Nice way to begin a marriage." Avril chuckled.

"Yeah... and a better way to end one." Nami added.

"Well... we don't have to worry about them. They have their life to live,
and we have ours." She smiled.

"That's right, and starting real soon, our life and theirs are going to

"Huh?" Avril asked.

"We're going to help them." He said seriously,

"Are you kidding?" Avril asked, leaning back and looking at him as though
she couldn't believe what he had said. For a moment, Nami was totally
distracted by a full view of her naked body as she sat. There was no
denying the fact... Avril carried herself naked the same way she did with
clothes on. She was acting so naturally that Nami would have believed her
if she told him she didn't know she was naked. He gathered his thoughts
and resumed his conversation, feeling his cock expand in his pants all
the more.

"No, I meant it. You and I are going to help them." He said.

"Why? It's none of our business. They made their bed. I say let them sleep
in it." Avril said more seriously.

"Come on, Avril," Nami said in a voice that was somewhat scolding.

"If I wanted to forget about other people, I would have stayed in my parents'
pad in New York... and I would have left you at the half-way house." He

He could see the reaction of his words right away on Avril's lovely face. At
first she had been hurt, but she could see, after a little thought, what he
was saying.

"You of all people should be able to understand that," he continued.

"Here's a chance for you to actually do something. I think this is just the
thing you need. Something to give your life worth." He added.

"Your cock is all I need to give my life worth," she said, lowering her head
teasingly and smiling at him. For a moment, Nami thought his words had fallen
on deaf ears, but as he looked at her, he realized that this was just her way
of telling him she understood. Then she gave a little wink. "Have you got
something in mind?"

"Hummmmmmm... aside from fucking you, no. But I like to do my thinking after
my mind's been cleared. And right now, the only way to do that is to fuck you
hard and deep. Something might come to me." He smirked.

Avril smiled over the top of her coffee cup as she noticed that Nami's eyes
were roaming over her lush nakedness, stopping here and there, but lingering
long and hard on the generous swell of her fully rounded breasts. She knew
he loved her breasts almost as much as he loved her cunt. She could still
remember the first time he had planted the full length of his massive cock
in the soft sensual valley they formed, stroking back and forth until his
scalding semen spilled out from the bulbous, mushroom-shaped head, forming a
warm, friendly pool between her chin and her pliant globes. It had been an
experience she never thought she would enjoy as much as she had. She could
actually see, as well as feel, his cock exploding his love-juice, and while
he had used both his hands to push her breasts tightly together, sandwiching
his penis, she had fingered her seething pussy, orgasming at the same time
as Nami had. It was things like that... Nami's ability to deviate from what
people considered normal, that really excited Avril.

"You got something special in mind about fucking me?" she asked, finishing
her coffee and slowly coming to a standing position.

Nami regarded her for a long moment letting his eyes roam freely over her
shamelessly exposed body. When he let them focus on the golden triangle of
her pussy, already glistening slightly with her mounting sexual excitement,
he smiled, picturing in his mind what he was going to do.

"Yeah... I got a little something I think you might like," he said, coming
around from his side of the table.

Dropping slowly to his knees, he began to lick the warm smooth flesh of her
inner thighs, starting near her knees, and moving slowly upward toward the
Avril; curl-framed lips of her rapidly moistening cunt.

His coal-black eyes glittered lustfully as they fixed on the narrow Avril
slit where a tiny dew drop of moisture glistened from the lovely Avril's
eager passionate response. Reaching the already quivering lips of her
vagina, the lusting young wanderer flicked out his warm tongue tip, licking
the pungent nectar from Avril's palpitating pussy. Then he slid his tongue
into the depths of the moist valley between Avril's thighs, lightly tracing
the thin coral line separating the vaginal lips upward to the swelling bud
of her Avril clitoris, grinning knowingly as he heard the young girl gasp
with her rapidly mounting excitement.

"Uuuuuuuummmmmmm... I love the way you lick my cunt," she said, her voice
dreamy and languid.

With his thumbs, the crouching black-haired young man spread apart the
moistly clinging flesh of Avril's pussy lips, until the tiny throbbing
clitoris was completely exposed to his view. He dipped his face forward
and eagerly began to suck on the sensitive area as the lovely young girl
swayed back and forth and sighed in growing abandon. Nami pressed her
backwards toward her chair while Siegfried, aware that something wonderful
was going to happen, sat patiently, his ears perked for the command he
had been trained to wait for.

Avril was already feeling sensually giddy. She felt so much more grown up
when Nami made love to her, and when her knees caught on the edge of the
chair, she collapsed limply back on the seat. She allowed the passionate
sensations to sweep through her, and she was only vaguely aware of Nami's
strong, caressing hands pressing her beautifully shaped legs up and back,
pushing them until her knees were pressed against her breasts. She lifted
her head to watch, her mind reeling with the storm of lust sweeping through
her, as Nami deliberately buried his handsome face into her upturned loins
to lick and suck at her moist hot cunt with lascivious fury and hunger.

Nami's own cock was getting harder and more painfully swollen, but he tried
not to think about it. He loved licking pussy, and he liked sucking at
Avril's cunt more than any other he had found. There was something about
this young wanton that fate had provided him that excited him more than he
would have thought possible. She was certainly as eager to learn all about
life as he was!

As Nami's pleasure-giving tongue darted out, slicing up through her straining
throbbing cunt like a knife through soft butter, Avril surrendered to the
shocks of pleasure rippling delightfully through her body. She moaned softly,
delighting in the sensations his tongue was sparking in her vagina, and she
opened her eyes just enough to see Siegfried sitting impatiently beside Nami,
eagerly looking at her seething vagina, waiting for his turn to mount her. It
was all she could do not to beg Nami to allow the wonderful dog to fuck her
then and there, but she knew that if she allowed Nami to move at his own
speed, she would derive still more pleasure than if she allowed her whims to
carry her.

Her rational thought began slipping quickly from her mind as her body
responded more and more to the skillful tonguing she was receiving. Nami's
oral manipulations of her sex-inflamed, quivering vagina were beginning to
drive her insane. Her cream-white flanks began jerking forward, burying
Nami's flicking tongue in her up to its roots.

Nothing mattered to her by this point... nothing but the reality of the
probing tongue that crept so sensually up into her hot steaming vaginal
furrow. Her soft smooth buttocks began to squirm desperately in the seat
of the chair as the searing hot lashes of passion licked maddeningly at
her nakedly quivering body. Arching her back wildly, she thrust her
pelvis upward, frantically grinding her seething wet cunt up tightly
into Nami's face. She writhed her trembling ass in tight frenzied
circles, struggling for the release that was now so close.

But then, suddenly, Nami stopped his wonderful licking motions and raised
his head with difficulty from between the vice-like grip of Avril's thighs.

"Oooohhh... GOD! Why'd you stop? I was just about to cum... Don't stop
licking my cunt... don't stop..."

She opened her eyes and looked at her lover with a frustration-contorted

"Don't worry," Nami said, coming to a standing position. "That was just a
little warm up... something to make sure that you really like what's going
to happen to you next."

He reached down and pulled her up from the chair. Her lust-weakened body
was like a rag doll, and she swayed dizzily as she gained her footing on
the floor. For a moment, she was totally confused, but her lust-glazed
eyes brightened as she watched him open his jeans and pull them down off
his body, revealing the massive expanse of his fully erect penis, throbbing
and pulsing with the excitement he had brought upon himself with his cunt
licking. Her mouth dropped open at the sight of the thing, and suddenly
her mouth was watering. It was huge and thick and so delicious looking.
She had only a hazzy idea of what he was going to do, but as long as it
involved that wonderful-looking penis, she was all set.

Nami placed his hands on the softness of her shoulders and spun her around.
Then he took her seat on the chair and opened his hairy thighs, spreading
them as far apart as he could. "Now... suppose you get down and suck this
cock of mine. Siegfried will take care of that pussy for you."

Not thinking of anything else but the fiery passion that was blazing like a
forest fire in her loins, Avril did as she was asked, scrambling down on her
hands and knees with her head positioned between her lover's thighs. Nami's
incredible tonguing of her anxious pussy had completely destroyed her thought
process, and she wanted nothing but the quelling of passion ripping through
her itching, burning cunt like a hot wind. She sighed and quivered in rapture
as she stared hungrily at the impossibly huge rod of lust-hardened flesh that
rose like a tree from Nami's dark pubic thatch. She had sucked his penis
several times before, but this time it looked so large... so mammoth.
Uuuuuuuuummmmmmm... the whole length of his cock was mapped with blue pulsing
veins. She mumbled in her hunger and poised her head so that her lips were
barely touching the bulbous, blunt end of his visibly throbbing penis. Now it
was her turn to tease him!

"Come on... that cunt licking I gave you really filled my balls with a
shit-load of cum. I'm gonna flood your belly..."

"Ssssshhhhh..." she said. She bent her face just a little lower, letting her
lips finally touch the shining, rubbery head. She pursed her lips ever so
slightly, planting a light, lust-provoking kiss on the slit at the head of
the glans, and she smiled when Nami shuddered and stiffened his entire body.
She knew she was really getting to him. She felt his hands automatically
come up to grip the sides of her face, his fingers tangling in her long,
soft brown hair. Smiling to herself, she used one hand to skin back the
loose foreskin of his penis, fully exposing the swollen head. She stared at
it, as though its majesty hypnotized her.

Then, she ovalled her lips and took as much of his cock into her mouth as she
could, pulling up on the throbbing shaft as she lowered her head. She nearly
choked as, in her haste, she pressed the head of his penis against the back
of her throat. The full length of the towering rod of flesh disappeared into
her ovalled mouth all the way to the hilt, causing Nami to moan out in his
surprised bliss.

It took the powerful young man a second or two, but he managed to regain
control over himself, and he began fucking his long thick cock in and out of
Avril's thin-stretched lips, always leaving the hot swollen tip half an inch
inside her mouth as he began to guide her head with his fingers wrapped
tightly in her hair.

Not that he needed to give her any help. Avril loved sucking his penis
almost as much as she loved having it fucking up into her cunt, and she
moaned passionately as he speeded up his deep, inward thrusts. His heavy,
cum-swollen balls swung up and slapped against her chin, the thick, coarse
fuzz covering them tickling like a light airy feather, and she fought to
keep her breath, catching small gulps of air on each outstroke.

Nami gleefully watched the puffing out of her cheeks beneath him as her head
bobbed on the end of his skewering penis. He knew that she loved doing this
to him. His grin widened with each deep thrust he made into her willing face,
and her moan of arousal drove him on to even deeper fucking motions.

Then he heard Siegfried whine, and for a moment, his attention was arrested.
Hell... there was no reason why the dog shouldn't be getting his jollys as

"All right, Siegfried... fuck her. I think she's about ready for your cock!"

Both Avril and the massive dog stiffened at the words, and Siegfried hurried
to claim his reward of patience. For a moment, Avril removed her mouth from
her boy-friend's cock as she waited for her wonderful dog to mount her. She
shivered sensually as she felt his cold wet nose brush exploringly up against
her tingling cuntal lips, and she waggled her rounded buttocks invitingly
back toward Siegfried's huge furry head to meet the long Avril tongue that
suddenly snaked out and licked wetly up and down in the valley between her
ivory white, upthrust ass-cheeks. Uuuuuuuummmmmmm... Again she felt the long
length of hot wet flesh touch her and she felt him beginning to lap greedily
at the opened tight fissure between her wide-spread thighs. He ran his tongue
wetly through her sex-drenched loins, from the tip of her puckered little
anus up over the fluted edges of her vaginal opening, sometimes reaching
below to the tiny jerking bud of her clitoris. His skillful thick tongue cut
moistly through the soft, sparsely fleeced pussy lips like a keen blade. It
laved relentlessly between her quivering thighs, pausing occasionally to dart
and plunge deeply into her.

Avril knew that this was definitely the proper way to start the day, and if
that ass-hole next door was too simple-minded to understand that, than he
deserved the worst that could happen to him. Damn! He was actually punishing
his wife by leaving her alone like that... just running out of the house
without fucking her when she wanted him to. If Nami ever did something like

But suddenly all coherent thought faded in a blinding flash of excitement
as Siegfried's ceaselessly exploring tongue shot out and up into the moist
channel of her naked cunt, deeper than any human tongue... even Nami's...
could possibly go! As her whole body tensed and quivered wildly from the
glorious sensation, she sucked harder on the huge fleshy penis in her mouth,
reaching up with one hand to cradle the sperm-heavy testicles that slapped
against her saliva-coated chin.

Nami sat back, feeling completely at ease as Avril began to put her heart
and soul into the sucking of his cock, running her Pink tongue around and
around the swollen head, flicking her tongue-tip inquisitively into the tiny
open slit of the moist cock-head to taste the sweet lubricating fluids that
were oozing out there. As Siegfried's thick wet tongue lashed teasingly up
through the open furrow of her tight wet cunt all the way to her clenching
rectum, Avril knew that she was fast losing all her reason. She began to
lick and suck madly like a demon at the thick, hardened shaft imbedded in
her mouth, her lips slimy from the mixture of his pre-cum and her saliva.
The thin tensile rim of her mouth clung to his shaft as though held there by
some unseen force as he fucked with long deep strokes. The mere thought of
his huge cock in her mouth suddenly exploding, squirting its white, thick
sperm into her throat had already begun to make her wild with anticipation.

Then suddenly, she heard Nami's passion-rasped voice command, "Fuck,
Siegfried. Let's fuck her together!"

Again, both Avril and the powerful dog shivered with ecstasy. The three of
them had become a team... like three perfectly working parts of a machine.
Avril loved the thought of being fucked from behind by her amazing dog while
she sucked and slavered on the cock of her lover. She felt the great animal
move forward at the command.

Immediately the huge German shepherd raised up on his hindlegs, mounting
Avril with his forepaws wrapped around her full, undulating hips. His
powerful hindquarters moved in close between her soft, spread thighs, at
the same time shoving forward with his long tapering cock.

Avril jerked forward as a reflex, and sensing that she would, Nami thrust up
again, impaling her mouth deeper on his tremendously hard cock. She gagged
slightly at the choking entry, struggling to keep her breath. It came as a
great rasping sound as she sucked in a gulp of air from the sensation of her
loving dog's scarlet penis jabbing out from its furry sheath and slipping
wetly into the hot damp slit of her inflamed pussy lips. Avril groaned
blissfully as she realized that she had to have as much cock as possible. She
wanted the totality of Nami's penis in her mouth, while at that same time
taking as much of Siegfried's long, beveled penis into the seething chamber
of her cunt as she could. Knowing that her dog would need help, she reached
behind her and circled her fingers down through her wide-spread,
ivory-fleshed thighs to grasp the slippery length of the rigid animal cock.

Siegfried half growled and half whimpered as her fingers gripped on the
throbbing length of his flesh, trying desperately to place the pointed red
tip at the mouth of her passion-saturated vaginal opening. In her bewildered,
passion-distorted daze, she didn't know if she would be successful or not
until the great beast shot up into her steaming passage, his muscular rump
driving forward in rapid, jack-hammer thrusts, spreading her moist, burning
pussy open wider and wider with every jolting lunge he made into her.

"Uuuuuuuhhhhhh... uuuuuuummmmm... uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm...!" Avril
moaned sensually around the big fleshy cock fucking ceaselessly into her
mouth as she felt her naked cunt being filled by the long, hard dog penis
spearing into the depths of her belly. She could feel her beloved dog's
silky hair brushing lightly against her writhing, milky white buttocks as
he pistoned his enormous tapered shaft into her tightly contracting cunt.
She was impaled to the fullest on the German shepherd's wonderful
animal-cock and her mouth was filled completely by her lover's immense
human penis.

Nami looked down, savoring the sight of his towering thickly veined shaft
buried in his beautiful lover's lust-contorted face. He felt the young girl's
hands greedily massaging the skin of his balls as she sucked rhythmically up
and down the rock-hard flesh of his cock all the way from the smooth rubbery
head to the velvety flesh at its thick base. Her whole supple satiny body
quivered from the powerful jolts of Siegfried's plunging cock smashing into
her tight clinging cunt from behind. At the same time, the warm softness of
her tongue twirled maddeningly over Nami's throbbing cock-head at the apex of
each withdrawal. He flexed his buttocks fiendishly up and down, following his
every movement while she simultaneously worked her naked globular buttocks in
little gyrating circles to match the machine-like hammering of the dog's
still swelling cock up inside her seething vagina.

Avril was a writhing mass of sweating, lust-deranged female flesh that begged
to have the cocks in her fill her to the brim with their sperm. She ground
her buttocks hard back against Siegfried's hairy battering body and felt the
tiny rivulets of moisture building up in the crevice between her ass-cheeks,
trailing down the backs of her straining white thighs while the mounting
pressure in her belly and loins signaled that her rising climax was close to
exploding throughout her sharpened nerves.

Oh God! She inwardly moaned, relishing every deep fuck of the two rigid cocks
in her stretched mouth and cunt. This was heaven. This had to be heaven, to
be getting all the cock she could handle. Her whole life had been empty and
hollow before she had bumped into Nami and started living with him. Even
though she had been fucked by two men before this, neither one of them had
allowed her to be totally free... and it was that freedom that made this
fucking all the more enjoyable. God only knew how long it would last, but she
was going to make the most of it while she had it.

She closed her eyes in utter abandon as Nami and Siegfried pressured her back
and forth between them, using her willing, lust-weakened body an exciting
receptacle into which they would pump their hot, sticky sperm. Her mind began
to whirl in a maze of delicious blending colors, flashing on and off with the
galvanic shocks that were jolting like lightening through her lush white body
to the very center of her being. Siegfried's tongue hung loosely from his
mouth as he pounded into her waving buttocks, and saliva dribbled from his
long, narrow mouth onto the light film of sweat coating her arching back.

Nami heard his own strangling noises forcing their way up from his lungs
through the lust-constricted passage of his throat. Shit! He was going to
cum! He didn't want to. He wanted to hold back the scalding flood of his
semen as long as he could, but there is a point beyond which no human can
endure, and Nami had reached it. His body strained to bury the pulsing rod
of his penis deep into the hot narrow throat of his girlfriend!

"Oooohhh... suck it! Suck it, Avril! I'm cumming!" he rasped down at her as
his hips jerked up tightly into her face. His fingers, completely devoid of
his control as waves of passion spilled over him, tangled tightly in her
hair, pressing her head down harder onto his long, thick penis'.

Avril fought frantically for breath as the creamy hot fluid suddenly flowed
into the warm wet interior of her desperately sucking mouth, rushing into her
throat like a river of boiling water. Her cheeks expanded like a balloon as
she gulped on the nectar washing into her, determined that she would swallow
every precious drop. As she sucked and swallowed in lust-crazed hunger, she
fastened her lips like a tight elastic ring around the jerking penis, fearful
that she would lose some of the fluid pumping into her. It was no use,
though. Some thin white droplets dribbled from the corners of her lips as
his slowly deflating penis oozed from between her still-sucking lips. Thin
viscous strings of cum hanging from her moist chin connected her with the
long limp organ as Nami's sinewy hips collapsed back on the chair.

As her lover's hands managed to untangle themselves from her hair, Avril's
trembling shoulders dropped to the floor so that her firm sleek buttocks were
sticking even higher into the air. The great rutting animal behind her could
now fuck her at will. She felt completely adrift in her mounting passion, and
nothing mattered to her at all, save the great animal penis hammering and
fucking her from behind, filling her cunt to near-bursting. She ground her
blazing loins back mindlessly against Siegfried's forward-jerking flanks as
she felt the scarlet pointed cock throb into a hugeness that could only mean
one thing.

He was going to cum!

She suddenly felt her pale thighs and buttocks being swept wider apart in
one last crushing lunge as the dog's powerful haunches smashed against her
up-thrust ass-cheeks, shoving his cock's fully expanded length up into her
wide-stretched cunt. In her mind, she could see it sinking still deeper
into the pink gaping mouth of her clasping pussy from behind, a relentless
steaming shaft of glistening red flesh tunneling ceaselessly into her. She
felt the great beast's furry forepaws tightening around her heaving ribs
and his body jerking convulsively over her arching back. Then Avril
screamed, gasping confused incoherent sounds that blended with the dog's
panting whines as she felt the first hot waves of scalding dog-sperm
spewing into the deepest reaches of her vagina.

"Oooohhh... oh... oh... oh... GOD! Fuck me! FUCK MEEEEEE!!
AAMAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH... Fill me with your beautiful dog-cum!" she screamed
in her delirious excitement.

Feeling some of his strength return, Nami inched a little closer to get a
better look at the thick animal semen that was oozing from the wide-spread
lips of his girl-friend's cuntal lips, running in rivulets down the ivory
columns of her soft, inner thighs. He saw her mouth pop open in a muffled
scream as she began to toss her head wildly from side to side, her long
brown hair flailing and whipping around her shoulders as Siegfried fucked
hard into her waving ass from behind. Every muscle in her body contracted
as she rose up and nearly fell to the side in a near epileptic attack of
quivering. Her tiny hairless asshole clenched and relaxed in sympathetic
spasms with the dog's lunging, squirting cock.

Her smooth ivory backside gleamed in the lights of the room as the great
beast's cock began to deflate and gradually lost its strength, finally
slipping out of her with a wet slurping sound.

Avril lay motionless on the floor, too weary to even lift her head. The
panting coming from between her half-parted lips was the only sound in the
kitchen, and as Nami watched her struggling to catch her breath, a thought
implanted itself in his mind... and once planted, would not leave it. To be
sure, it was only the germ of an idea, and it would need a little working
on, but in his imaginative, free-thinking mind, he could see it taking

"Uuuuuuummmmm... oooooohhhhh... that was wonderful, lover," Avril cooed, when
she finally found enough strength to say something.

"Yeah... wonderful," Nami said, his voice revealing that he was lost in

"Something the matter?" Avril asked, afraid that Nami was thinking about
leaving her. She hadn't realized it until just this moment, but she could
feel herself becoming very dependent on him. He had shown her a way of
living that she had never thought she would ever be able to find, and
while she knew that the time would come when he would be moving on, she
wanted to put off that time as long as possible.

"Matter...? ohhh... I was just thinking about the people next door." He
barely spoke.

"Still? You're really serious about helping them, aren't you?" She laughed.

"You bet those nice tits of yours I am. And I have just the thing. I haven't
thought the whole thing through yet? but it will involve Siegfried... and
you." His dark eyes glared.

"Me?" Avril had never thought that she would be included in anything like
this, and she was a little afraid that she was being called upon to do
something that would be beyond her abilities. She knew that she didn't have
the imagination Nami had. He had been to college... he had seen so many
things. There were times when she felt pretty stupid when he talked to her.
Not that he said anything that made her feel that way. It was just her own
feelings of insecurity.

"That's right," Nami said, coming to a standing position. "Like I say, I'm
not sure about the details, and I need just a little more information. We'll
listen to them tonight and see what's coming off with them."

He pulled up his pants and turned around so that he was facing the kitchen

"You know... I'm hungry. Suppose you cover that luscious body and fix me
something to eat."

Avril gave him a little smile, then scurried into the bedroom, followed by
Siegfried. Nami watched her, his face twisted with deep thought. The more he
rolled over his idea in his head, the more he liked it, and he could see a
far-reaching conclusion that he hadn't thought about it before. He would
be helping a young married couple, and he would be having a lot of fun doing
it. He didn't know what Stephanie looked like, but from the sound of her
voice, she was really pretty. And she liked to fuck. Put those two things
together and having fun is a foregone conclusion.

But he would also be helping Avril. He could tell that she needed something,
and while he liked having her take care of his cock, he knew that he would
not want to be hanging around for very much longer. He wanted to move on. He
listened to the pleasing voice of Avril as she talked to Siegfried. She was
really a nice kid. She'd told him about how her mother used to beat her...
how her father used to just stand there and watch... how she had run away
and picked up her education on the streets. Despite that, she was quite
sensitive, though she would surely laugh at him if he told her that. She
liked to think of herself as totally self-sufficient.

No... he would help her as well, If things worked out the way he thought
they might.

"Who would have thought I'd ever turn out to be a fucking romantic," he said
softly. Then he laughed. He began feeling like the Lone Ranger, and that made
him feel very, very good.

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