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Unforgetable Evening Part 3: XXX Story Of Triple H, Stephanie & Avril Lavigne
by Nami

"And that's about what we do here... and what we'll be expecting of you,
Hunter my man."

Hunter listened with only half a mind to his boss, Eric Bishoff. The
middle-aged, the man had been droning on all day about this and that, fully
expecting Hunter to listen to every word. In the beginning, when Triple H
resigned a superstar after Vince McMahon lost his RAW brand to Eric for real,
had first gotten to the arena, he had made every attempt to be attentive.
The fight he had had with Stephanie had bothered him all the way to work,
and he knew that if he could just get it out of his mind and forget about
what had been said, everything would be all right. It was pretty foolish of
him, he could see now. After all, he had come to the arena just a little
early, hoping that he would make a good impression, and J.R. hadn't even
bothered to come in until after four. He could have fucked Stephanie several

While he had been waiting to be "shown the ropes," he ran through several
conversations in his mind, and had come to the conclusion that he should call
Stephanie and apologize. He didn't think that he was in the wrong, but he
believed that his marriage was at stake, and what was a little pride where
your marriage is concerned. He'd started dialing when J.R. & Eric had finally
come in, and, still wanting to make a good impression, he hung up right away.

Things went down hill from there. J.R. was an old windbag. The most powerful
man in the company next to his boss, to be sure, but Hunter found that the
man used a full paragraph where one word would do. Hunter learned, and
quickly, that if he listened to just the beginnings of what J.R. was saying,
he could get the full gist of everything. Still, good manners dictated that
he at least pretend that he heard everything, and J.R. was so lost in his own
explanations of the workings of the company that he forgot Hunter was around
here for many years. Hunter wished that it were the next day. Getting to his
job without having to put up with J.R. would be sheer bliss.

By the end of the day, Hunter was shot. He, Eric and J.R. were finishing the
last of their drinks in the lounge across from the Arena. Eric was being
buoyant and happy, making little jokes that Hunter felt called upon to laugh

"You know... I'm really impressed with your On the mic return." Eric said,
for the umpteenth time. Hunter was getting more than a little tired of
putting on the humble act.

"I was just doing the best I could," he said, forcing a smile.

"I like a man who does the best he can," J.R. said.

"Thank you J.R." Hunter looked around at the lounge wall clock. He hadn't
called Stephanie like he'd wanted, and he could see now that he was going to
be late for dinner. Stephanie was going to be pissed, that was for sure. And
after what had happened this morning... By the way She & Hunter both hate J.R
for backstabbing Vince and Helping Eric Bishoff.

"I think you're going to fit in the company really well," Eric said for the
umpteenth time. Hunter decided that he had had enough.

"Uh... excuse me Eric, but I really should be getting home," he braved.

"Home? Ooooohhh... the little lady doesn't like it when you're late, huh??"
He laughed.

"Ooooooohhh... well, we wouldn't want to get things off on the wrong foot,
now would we. Come on. I'll drive you home." He added.

"Oh, you don't have to bother, Eric" The angry J.R said.

"No bother at all..." He gave Hunter a little wink, and the young husband
could feel his heart sink. He wanted to get away from his boss and Specially
that Son Of The Bitch Jim Ross as soon as he could, and the thought of being
stuck in rush-hour traffic with him really didn't appeal to Hunter one bit.
But how could he refuse? Eric was his boss.

Even though Eric wasn't exactly drunk, he was just enough under the influence
for him to take some rather unnecessary chances. Hunter could consider it a
minor miracle if nothing happened to them on the way home. Eric seemed more
intent on learning about Hunter's private life than he did about the traffic.

"Picked yourself a good little piece of ass, I see," Eric said rather

"Stephanie? Uh... yes. Yes, she's quite pretty." Hunter said tried to hide
his anger.

"Thought so. A man like you would have a wife that could really help him rise
to the top... and fast, like her Scum father was."

"I... I'm not sure I understand," Hunter said, not really wanting to get into

"Well, Maggie and me... Maggie's my missus... we like to think that we're
still 25. You're as young as you feel." Eric said.

"Yes Eric." J.R Agreed.

"We like to have parties at the office. A lot of wives like to attend. Things
can get pretty exciting, if you know what I mean." Eric said.

At first, Hunter didn't know what he meant, but as he tried to think of what
he would say to his wife, it dawned on him what Eric was talking about. There
was a short moment of silence, and then J.R.'s slightly slurred voice broke

"Yeah... a lot of young men just starting out find that the climb to the top
is a lot easier if their wives... uh... like to play ball?"

Hunter's first reaction was one of livid rage. These bastards were all but
coming out and demanding that he let them fuck his wife. Shit. If it weren't
really happening to him, he would think the whole thing was laughable. As a
matter of fact, it was almost laughable. The very thought of Stephanie
allowing another man between her legs was beyond Hunter's comprehension. He
couldn't help himself. He smiled, and the reaction was picked up by his boss.

"Something funny, son?" J.R. asked in a rather stern voice.

"Ooohhh... no Bugger. Not really. It's just that... well... I can't really
picture Stephanie going along with something like that."

Eric gave a little chuckle, a sound that actually made Hunter shiver. "Maybe
you should have a little talk with her," he said, making it sound more like
a command than a suggestion. "Better yet, why don't I have a little talk with

"Uuuuuhhhh... well... uuuhhh... sure. I mean, you and your wife could come
over for dinner some day soon and..."

"What's the. matter with right now?" J.R. asked, making Hunter wonder if he
was actually serious. The last thing he needed at the moment was to have his
problems compounded with a visit by this lecher.

"Uuuuhhh... Stephanie and I were sort of hoping that we could get out
tonight. We've just moved in, and things are a little disorganized. It might
take some time..."

"Say no more," Eric said with a flourish. Hunter didn't know how much of this
jovial mood was because of the drinking he had done, or if it was just his
way of kidding around. "I'll have Maggie get in contact with Stephanie.
Better to let the women handle these things anyway, right?"

"Right! Uh... that's my building there," Hunter pointed, more than eager to
get out of the car.

J.R. pulled up right in front. "You won't forget what I told you," he said
with caution in his voice. "Getting to the top can be easy. It looks like a
nice apartment building. You could do better if you wanted. A lot better."
Eric Added.

Hunter thanked him for the ride and walked away, just a little too quickly to
be discrete. The whole day had really been a drain. It would be good just to
be away from Ross and Bishoff. He hoped that Stephanie had done some shopping
and had picked up something to drink. Even though he had had nearly as much
as Eric., the thought of numbing himself just a little more appealed to him.

He took the elevator to his floor and, after fumbling with his keys, unlocked
his door.

"I'm home," he said, making his voice sound as tired as he felt. If there was
anything he didn't want at the moment, it was a recurrence of the argument he
had had with Stephanie in the morning.

"Well... it's about time," Stephanie said, coming, out of the kitchen drying
her hands. "I expected you home almost an hour ago."

"Honey... Eric was really bending my ear. I couldn't get away from him,"
Hunter told her, silently praying for a little understanding.

"Not even to call me and tell me you would be late?" She raised her eye
brows, and Hunter could see that he was headed for a confrontation.

"Come on, Stephanie, have a heart. He's the boss now. His not your daddy's
employee anymore."

"And he's more important than I am, right?" she said. Her voice was cold,
low and almost threatening. Hunter regarded her as though he were looking
at a total stranger. She was staring back at him, looking at him right in
the eyes, her own lovely gray pools seething with an anger she had been
developing all day. "I tried to call you at arena, You were hard to find.
I tried to call your cell phone but Victoria kept telling me that you were
busy. Why she was picking your phone??"

Victoria's Room was next to him and Eric had asked her to help him around
until he get used to his old job, Hunter thought. An efficient lady, and all
business, just like Eric. Hunter didn't even remember her face.

"How about a drink before we have dinner?" Hunter suggested, hoping that by
changing the subject he could calm her down.

But Stephanie was pissed. She had been sleeping all day. The way Hunter had
just walked out on her like that had really set her off, and she was not
about to be appeased by the fact that he had such an old hat excuse as a hard
day at the arena.

"Dinner is ruined," she said, never taking her eyes off his. "And we don't
have anything to drink in the house. Besides, you smell as though you've had
plenty to drink all ready."

"Just a little. Honest honey. Eric and J.R. was really putting them down. I
was just pretending to hold my own against him."

"You mean... you mean you were spending the entire day drinking?" Stephanie
shrieked. "I don't believe it. You were drinking all day, and you couldn't
even slip away to give me a call. That's all I wanted. Just a phone call to
let me know you remembered I'm alive."

"I told you... I couldn't get away," Hunter said. He was feeling desperate
now. He had never seen Stephanie acting like this. Right from the day he had
met her, she had been warm and understanding. He couldn't believe that one
day after their honeymoon, she was turning into some kind of a whining bitch,
trying to bend him to her own will.

"You could have gotten away if you wanted," Stephanie said, determined that
she would hold her ground. "You just didn't want to get away. Why won't you
admit it? Perhaps pretty Victoria didn't want you missing her body?"

They stared at each other, each thinking that a terrible mistake had been
made in their getting married.

"I don't have to stand here and take this, that's for sure," Hunter said,
picking his coat up from the table next to the door where he had set it
down. "I put up with an incredible amount of shit at RAW. I don't have to
put up with it here."

Just then the phone ranged. Stephanie picked it up.

"Hello Stephanie! Its me Victoria! Miss you so much around." She said.

"Me too, What's up?" Stephanie answered while she was staring at Hunter, then
she put the phone on Speaker.

"Well, You are so lucky, Great husband. He is great at work and I think he
would be best at life. I just called to tell you something, I don't want you
to think wrong about him." Victoria said.

"Okay, Go on!" Steph asked.

"Since it was Hunter's first day, Mr. Bishoff I mean Eric... asked me to help
him out around. When he was in the ring I came to answer his call which was
you. Remember?" Victoria spoke step by step.

"Yeah, I do." That started to piss Stephanie.

"And I missed my bra in his lockeroom, I came after it later but he had
packed and gone. I just wanted to tell you if you find it in his bag don't
be angry!" She said.

"Thanks Victoria! Bye." Stephanie punched the speaker off. She was irate.

After giving him a steely gaze, he spun around and walked out the door,
slamming it behind him in a repeat performance of the morning. Stephanie
opened and closed her fists, staring at the door as though she expected
that Hunter would just come right back in.

She couldn't believe what had happened. She had been pissed all day, and she
was convinced that she was justified at being angry at her husband. All she
wanted was what any normal woman wanted. She had become very aroused in the
morning, and Hunter had failed to even attempt to satisfy her. She had wanted
to finger her vagina all day, but she held off, preferring to wait until
Hunter came home and let him take care of her. As the day had worn on, she
had become more and more frustrated with just thinking about his long thick
cock. And when he hadn't called, she had felt even worse.

And now this, Victoria's bra in his bag? Although she tried to be convinced
But it was impossible. The vision of Victoria sucking on her husband's cock
drove her angrier. She wanted to cry. This wasn't what she had wanted at all,
but the mounting of her sexual passion had put her nerves on edge, until she
had to lash out at someone. Hunter had just been there... the very person she
didn't want to make angry.

But if Stephanie was angry, both Avril and Nami were feeling on the top
of the world. Nami had explained as much as he could to Avril, and he was
pleasantly surprised to learn that she shared in his excitement for
adventure. Things had been getting pretty dull, she told him. Maybe what
he had in mind would liven things up. When Hunter finally came home, they
had their ears pressed to the wall that separated their apartment from the
Helmsley's. They were all ready when Hunter stormed out of the apartment.

"Okay babe," Nami said, putting the leash on Siegfried. "I think he's about
as ready for you as he'll ever be. Go out and get him. Just play it cool."

"Don't worry about me," Avril said as she slipped into a light jacket. "I
just hope he doesn't wander all over town."

"He won't. I've seen things like this before. He'll head straight to the
nearest bar. He should be easy pickings for you."

He gave her a little wink as she opened the door. Giving her a little time
to leave the hall, he looked at Siegfried.

"Well, friend, looks like you and me are going for a little walk. Would you
like that?"

Siegfried perked up his ears. He had been a little confused when Avril walked
out of the apartment without him, and while he liked Nami, he wasn't sure
what was happening.

Taking the dog's leash, Nami led him to the door of the apartment next to
his. He knocked on the door and waited patiently, not certain about what
would happen, but knowing that as long as he played things by ear, everything
would turn out. Siegfried was his ace of trump!

Stephanie opened the door with a beaming face, hoping that it was Hunter.
When she saw that it wasn't, her expression fell.

"Ooohhh... hello," she said, gazing long and hard into Nami's dark black
eyes. Then, feeling something rubbing against her leg, she looked down to
see the huge German shepherd.

"Hi," Nami said, smiling in as friendly a manner as he could. "I live in the
apartment next to yours. I've been walking Siegfried here, and I thought I
would be a friendly neighbor and drop in. I'm Nami Varasteh."

At first Stephanie thought of telling him that she just wanted to be alone,
but she thought the better of that. She really didn't want to be alone, and
getting to know the people in the building might be an interesting diversion.

"Come in," she said, smiling sweetly... innocently. "I'm Stephanie Helmsley,
by the way."

She almost told him that she was married and her husband was out, but for
some reason, she decided against it.

Nami entered the apartment and looked around automatically. Siegfried found
a place in the middle of the floor and sat there, eyeing this woman. His keen
nose told him something that even Nami, with all his experience in dealing
with women, didn't notice. This woman was aroused, He liked her right away
for that, but he knew that he would have to wait until he was told he could
sniff her cunt.

"I'd offer you something to drink, but... I've just moved in, and I haven't
had time to get anything but Coke."

"Coke is fine," Nami said casually, watching her as she entered the kitchen.
He knew right away that he had hit gold with this one. She was being really
friendly, and she was actually acting as though she didn't want him to think
she was married. She had never mentioned her husband. That was encouraging!

And the way she walked was also encouraging. She was deliberately swaying her
lush, firm ass back and forth, the tight skirt she was wearing clinging to
the fleshy orbs of her buttocks, showing him the outline of her ass. She was
really a lovely woman... more so than hearing her voice through the wall
would have indicated, and he could feel his cock growing in his pants. As she
stood in front of the refrigerator, she offered him a profile of her ripe
body, and Nami's eyes went from the graceful swell of her hips to the
generous out-thrusting of her breasts. He could tell that she was not wearing
a bra, and her breasts were both large and firm, their nipples strangely
swollen and straining against the thin cloth of her white cotton blouse. He
loved the way her brown hair fell lushly to her softly rounded shoulders and
bounced as she walked from the kitchen back to the dining room. Her breasts
jiggled as she walked as well, and she took a seat at the other end of the
couch from him, turning full to him as she offered him an opened can of Coke.

"I like to think that someone has to make the first move when a new person
comes into the building," Nami said casually, taking a drink from the can and
resting his eyes on her melon-shaped breasts. Uuuummmm... they were really
nice looking, and it was all the young man could do to keep from reaching out
and squeezing them right then and there. He knew that if he just held off a
little, he would be getting his cock into her soon enough. No point in
rushing things. He'd learned long ago that playing a hand too early can be
worse than disastrous.

"I think that's a very nice idea," she told him, her eyes sparkling. As she
took a sip of her own drink, she caught herself doing something she never
thought she would ever do in her life. She was actually flirting with this
total stranger. She couldn't believe it, but as she thought about it, she
was puzzled by the fact that it really didn't bother her. She hadn't told
him that she was married, and since he didn't ask about her husband, she
assumed that he didn't know. But what really startled her was that she was
all but going out of her way to let him think she was single! This thought
really confused her, and she turned away from him to face front, looking at
the dog still sitting in the middle of the room.

There was something about that dog... something strange and exciting. If she
didn't know better, she would have sworn that the dog... Siegfried, she
reminded herself, was actually trying to look up her skirt. Even though she
believed that was silly, she automatically pressed her legs together.

"So tell me," she said, once again facing the rather handsome young man
sitting on the other end of the couch. "What do you do for a living?"

"Me? Oooohhh... I'm what you call independently wealthy," Nami said in an
off-handed manner. "I sort of come and go. I have a great deal of freedom,
and I meet some interesting people. I learn a great deal from people. More
than I ever did from books."

"Were you a student?"

"Uh huh. Columbia. I was a very good student too, but the whole thing really
bored me. After I got my degree, I decided that I would take off and see as
many things as I could, instead of reading about them."

"You're something of a romantic," Stephanie remarked, smiling and making her
pale hazel eyes twinkle. She had heard a lot about people who just left their
homes and traveled about, but she had never met one of them. To her, the
whole idea sounded very nice.

"That I am," Nami said, noting that she had turned herself in a rather
seductive manner. The young man was pretty certain that what she was doing
was purely sub-conscious, but she was definitely coming on him. "And you?
What do you do?"

"Oooohhh... uh... nothing at the moment. I'm looking for a job." Stephanie

"Is that so?" Nami said, raising his eye brows. He noticed that she still
hadn't said she was married, and he took his cue from that omission.

"A pretty girl like you should find herself a good husband," he said, giving
her a side long glance. "These days, you could find someone who wouldn't mind
you having a job."

"That's a thought," Stephanie said, still smiling. God!, she thought. What
the hell am I doing? I'm all but throwing myself at this man, and Hunter
could come home at any moment. What's the matter with me?

She decided that she was playing the game just a little too seriously, but
after the way Hunter had walked out on her twice in the same day and with
Victoria situation, she really didn't feel all that guilty. The tingling she
had felt in her vagina ever since the morning was really getting to her, and
she found that every time she moved, the tingling increased. Occasionally,
as she and Nami made small talk, she dropped her eyes to his loins. She
noticed that he had an erection there, and she began to feel a little bad
that she was leading him on like she was. She should come right out and tell
him that she was already married, but something prevented her.

The anger Hunter had infused in her was being turned out against Nami. She
would make this young man feel as frustrated as Hunter had made her feel.

As they continued to make small talk, Stephanie trying to not be quite so
seductive, Siegfried moved back and forth, padding his great forepaws on the
rug. His keen sense of smell noticed an increasing of the woman's arousal,
and he wondered why he was being made to sit and submit himself to this
torture. Her feminine odor was wafting against his nostrils, and he wanted
nothing more than to press his long nose tightly against her aromatic pussy.
He made a little impatient whine, which went unnoticed by both Nami and
Stephanie, and his ears drooped. He knew he had to wait for the signal before
he did anything, but there was an aching in his animal loins that would not
go away. In fact, it was getting stronger. For some reason, his master was
just talking to this pretty woman. At least if her clothes were off, he would
know that sooner or later, he would get a chance to drive his long thick
tongue deeply into the seething sluice of her cunt. But neither one appeared
to notice him.

Finally, he could stand it no longer. He knew that he might be punished for
what he was about to do, but all his discipline and training was fast fading.
He had to act and act fast!

Getting to his feet, he slowly walked over to where Stephanie was sitting on
the couch and stood up on his hind legs, his strong forepaws pressing tightly
against her swollen breasts for support. Then he lashed out with his tongue,
swiping it in a friendly manner.

"Ooooooohhhhh..." Stephanie said, at first startled, and then, realizing that
the dog was just being friendly, relieved and suddenly playful. Siegfried
gave her smooth, flawless face several laps with his thick, damp tongue, and
Stephanie set her can of Coke down on the small end table. She took his
great, furry head between her hands and scratched him behind his ears.

"Siegfried!" Nami said in a mock scolding voice. He knew that the amazing dog
had been going through sheer hell, and that it was only a matter of time
before he would finally make his move. He had been counting on something like
this, and he made only a feeble effort to pull the huge dog away from her.
Having the weight of the dog pressing against her caused Stephanie to sit
back, and her legs reflexively opened to maintain her balance. The aroused
dog was not going to be stopped merely by the voice of his master now. He
lowered himself to the floor and, seeing that the pretty woman's legs were
now spread, he inched his face forward.

Everything seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. His long tongue shot out
as far as he could make it go at the heat he could sense emanating from the
crevice between her thighs. He felt some relief, but also some frustration as
the fleshy, wet organ pressed tightly up against her panties. He tasted that
they were soaked with the flowing juices of the desire he had noticed rising
from her, and he stabbed at the cloth covering her crotch as though his life
depended on it.

The effect on Stephanie was as if she had been touched there by a live wire.
Every thought in her mind seemed to come to a sudden halt. She couldn't have
been more surprised if Nami had just lunged for her, but she also couldn't
have been more aroused if her own husband had placed his hand there, against
the cum-soaked nylon of her skimpy panties. She stiffened in amazement and
drew in a sharp, hissing breath, momentarily forgetting that Nami was sitting
in the room with her as the dog's insistent tongue, in its desperate desire
to enter her cunt, actually slipped up under one elastic leg band and came
into direct contact with her passion-flushed vaginal lips.

Her hazel eyes wide open in complete shock, she looked down, stunned at the
intensity of her reaction to this strange mind. Her own control over her body
was slipping away from her as she felt Siegfried's tongue again slip under a
panty leg-band and slither hotly, wetly, into her cuntal sluice!

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH..." she breathed as all her breath left her body in one
mighty rush, and she tried to clamp her legs shut to prevent the dog from
continuing. "SIEGFRIED... NAMI...!!" She turned a passion-flushed face to
the man who was sitting on the other end of the couch, wanting him to pull
the great dog away from her, and actually wishing that he wouldn't. The
thought of having Siegfried lick her there, between her legs, was not as
bad to her as actually having another man watch him doing it.

"No... no... no..." she gasped, trying to find the strength to do what she
knew she had to do.

She was further shocked to see that Nami was merely smiling at her, and as
he spoke to her, his voice sounded as though he were a million miles away.
"Siegfried really likes you, Stephanie. And it looks like you really like

She couldn't believe he'd said that, but again, Siegfried made a stab with
his tongue against her wet, seething pussy under her skirt, and her mind was
completely washed clean of any rational thought.

"I... I... I" she stammered, trying to think of something to say, and failing
completely. Her shame was that of having someone watching her while this dog
licked desperately at her vagina. She wanted to scream... to simply reach
down and remove his head from between her thighs. But she couldn't! Each
keening stab he made with his hot, damp tongue against her needing cunt
drained her strength and will, and she was helpless to move.

Taking his can of Coke with him, Nami came to a standing position. "I think
you'll just have to let Siegfried have his way," he said in a calm rational
voice. Inwardly, he was jumping for glee. In no time, Stephanie would be
ripping her clothes off and letting Siegfried get at her cunt with no sweat.
And after Siegfried was done with her, he was going to take his turn! Things
were working out pretty nicely.

Stephanie pulled her hips back, breaking the contact the dog's tongue made
with her cunt. She felt a bit of her strength returning to her, and she tried
to regain her sense of composure.

"You mean... I... I should... I should just strip and let... let this dog...
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH...!" she wailed out again as Siegfried moved into position
and again shot his tongue out against Stephanie's passion-flooded pussy lips.
That was the final straw. The frustration caused by her husband had finally
reached a breaking point, and, as Siegfried's long thick tongue shot out,
this time to bury itself up inside her soft vaginal opening, seeming to send
a million tiny fire-tipped needles searing through her aroused body, she knew
that she couldn't help herself. It would serve Hunter right if he came home
and found her being licked by a dog while their neighbor watched. In fact,
the whole idea of Hunter actually seeing her like that would probably teach
him a lesson.

Somehow, with her mind now made up, she found the strength to tear her blouse
from her chest, popping all the buttons in her haste to get naked. She didn't
care that a near stranger was watching her doing this. She didn't care that a
dog was giving her such incredible pleasure. All that mattered was the
pleasure itself, and she was going to take full advantage of it, come what

Her full, sensuous breasts spilled to either side as they were freed from
their confining garment, and before she could find the side zipper of her
skirt the dog's darting pink tongue flickered over her still-covered loins
once again, taking the breath from her lungs. She drew her legs up and
spread them, letting the bottom hem of her skirt ride all the way up to her
waist, completely exposing her panty-covered pussy to the dog's skillfully
lashing tongue. Was this actually happening? she thought to herself. Could
this be real, and not just a strange dream? Again and again she thought that
the very least she could do was ask Nami to leave. No one but her parents
and Hunter had ever seen her naked!

But her body would not listen to the reasoning of her mind. This was the
pleasure that had been denied her all day... the pleasure she had so
desperately wanted, that had been so cruelly withheld from her by Hunter.
What difference did it make that Nami would see her??

By the time these thoughts had sorted themselves out in her mind, she had
already found the zipper of her skirt, and she pulled it down, spreading the
garment out beneath her, panting as though she had just broken the world
record for running the mile. And even though Siegfried's body was in the way,
she still managed to hoist her firm buttocks up off the couch cushions.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh..." she moaned in soul-satisfying relief as she stretched her
now completely naked body out on the couch, letting the curling, dipping,
thrusting tongue take total control over her body, lapping molten fire into
her pussy with each loving stroke. Yes! Yes! Why bother to fight it? She
finally thought. She had wanted something like this all day. She had even
prevented herself from fingering her body so that she would be all the more
ready for Hunter, and he had just walked out. And Nami certainly didn't seem
like the kind of person who would think this was wrong or depraved.

"Oooohhhh... ooohhh..." she heard her voice moan. "Do it do me! Lick me! Lick
my cunt... my cunt... Oooohhh... make me cum...!" The last of her resistance
gone, Stephanie's hips started a slow grinding up toward the dog's
pleasure-giving tongue, thrusting her steaming cunt tightly against his long
snout, her heels digging into the couch beneath to give her more leverage.
Out and in, out and in, the long thick tongue flashed wetly. Stephanie lifted
her head and watched with passion-glazed eyes as Siegfried licked her
skillfully, starting down at her tiny little anus, gliding hotly over the
quivering mouth of her vagina, splaying aside her fever-pink cunt-lips and
slicing through the soft moist flesh to finally rasp maddeningly across her
erect, budding clitoris.

Nami smiled and watched as Siegfried licked tirelessly, happily at the soft,
brown hair-fringed treasures spread so wantonly before him. He knew that
Siegfried was savoring the hot musky taste and odors, and was trying to slip
his tongue as far as he could up into Stephanie's fluttering pussy mouth. The
handsome animal looked and acted happy, and even though he had broken
training, Nami would forgive him this one transgression.

Stephanie seemed to have gone crazy beneath the slavering animal. Continuous
choking mewls of abandoned pleasure streamed from her half-parted lips and
her buttocks churned wildly on the couch, lashed into a frenzy by the long
tongue slicing deep into her most secret parts. Flailing, thrashing, moaning,
the completely conquered woman twisted beneath the animal-lover in wanton
acceptance, welcoming his long pink tongue in her innermost depths, totally
lost in the ecstasy which was washing away the frustration Hunter had caused

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh... aaaaaaaahhhhhhaaahhhhh..." she chanted mindlessly, each
moaning utterance matching a burning swipe of Siegfried's wildly flicking
tongue. She knew that she was going to cum, that nothing could hold her back
now. A throbbing force had taken possession of her belly, just waiting for
the moment when it would sweep over her entire body, making her a helpless
puppet, pulled by the age-old strings of culminating passion. She had never
known anything like this... not even with her husband! This was so
wonderful... so totally, wickedly wonderful...!

The gasping Stephanie's eyes opened to stare at the ceiling, and she felt as
though she were floating up to it. The force inside her belly was growing
relentlessly, stretching itself thinner and thinner with each wonderful swipe
Siegfried made with his glorious tongue, seeming to fill her belly with a
shuddering tension that would have to burst or split her wide open.

Then suddenly, the orgasm that had been denied her by Hunter exploded
through her like fireworks, searing her insides with white-hot bolts of pure
energy... pure and unfettered passion! A long low wailing moan hissed from
her throat and her screaming loins thrust upward one last time as her legs
held her whole body rigid in an attitude of shuddering tension.

She couldn't move beyond that. She just held there, the cords in her
slender neck standing out sharply against the translucent white skin while
the incredible explosion went on deep up inside her spasming body. It was
an endless moment of climaxing for the young babe, without time or special
reference, just going on and on in a kind of silent explosion that swept
away every thought from her mind.

When it was finally over, Stephanie's whole body went limp as if someone had
cut her strings, and she rolled off the couch onto the floor in a gasping
heap. She lay on her belly for what seemed like an eternity, letting the
pleasant little after-shocks of her orgasm ripple through her. It was a long
time before she could even begin to think.

Still on the couch, Siegfried looked at her. He liked licking her seething
little pussy. It had been moist and hot and very, very sweet, and he wondered
if something was wrong with the woman as she lay moaning softly on the floor.
He lowered his furry head and sniffed the air, trying to pick up the scent of
something wrong. There was nothing but the heady aroma of her passion fluids
still dripping from her quivering vaginal flanges. He whined once, and then
looked to Nami, waiting for further instructions. While he had been licking
Stephanie, his long animal penis had emerged from its furry sheath, and he
could feel a dull ache in his dog-balls, letting him know that, if everything
was all right, he wanted to fuck the lovely billion Dollar Princess.

But at this point, Nami was hardly concerned with what Siegfried wanted. In
the back of his mind, he knew that Siegfried would be disappointed, but he
also knew that his chance to relieve the ache in his animal loins would come
a little later, when he was alone with Avril. 'Let him think that this is
some sort of punishment for not waiting for the signal,' Nami thought. At
least then, he won't be doing something like that without being told again.
Secretly, he was glad that Siegfried had not waited, for now Nami had
Stephanie right where he wanted her... naked and still weak from her orgasm.
The young man knew there was probably nothing Stephanie wouldn't do now, and
that was very much to his liking. Helping her was one thing, but he might
just as well help himself as well. And that was just what he was going to do.

Taking several steps to the quivering naked young Stephanie, he bent down,
His eyes fixed on the luscious flesh of her firm ass-cheeks. His cock was
really throbbing, as it had been ever since Stephanie had completely lost
control of herself and ripped her blouse from her. Even though she was
laying on her belly, flattening out the roundness of her full, eye-pleasing
breasts, she still looked lovely, and Nami was damned if he was going to
leave without getting a piece of her.

Slowly, lightly, his hands reached out and rested on the warm softness of her
left buttock. He opened his hand and spread his fingers, caressingly kneading
the dough-like skin there, delighting in its satiny smoothness. Again he
opened his hand, closed his fingers, squeezing and kneading the resilient
flesh of her ass.

At first, Stephanie seemed to be oblivious to what he was doing there. Still
lost in the throes of her orgasm, his light massaging seemed to merely in
crease the strength of the aftershocks, prolonging the delightful ripples
waving through her passion-spent belly. Then, as Nami placed his other hand
on her other ass-cheek and inserted his thumbs in the cum-moistened hairless
crevice, Stephanie began to come back to life.

"Uuuuuuuuuummmm..." she moaned as she felt her buttocks spread almost
lovingly, allowing the cool air of the room to blast against her tight brown

"How do you feel?" Nami asked, almost as an after thought.

"Uuuuuummmm... love it..." Stephanie moaned, still caught in the soothing
grip of her cunt-licking. She felt wonderful... blissful... peaceful... more
so than she could ever remember feeling on her honeymoon, and it was the
totality of the feeling that made it impossible for her to try and put the
feeling into words.

"Thought so," Nami said, grinning broadly to himself. "That Siegfried is
really something, isn't he?"

"Uuuuummmmm hhhuuuuuummmmm..." He was doing something to her behind there,
working his fingers on her buttocks, and she liked it. She wasn't sure what
he was doing, but she hoped that he kept it up. The feeling of his fingers
in her rear crevice. This was something new to her, a feeling so totally new
that she was caught up in the spell of the act, moving gracefully from the
orgasm she had experienced from the cunt licking she had received to a
strange and exciting re-arousal. Everything was happening so quickly that
she had no time to think that this was not her husband who was working his
fingers into the nakedness of her ass.

"Tell me something," Nami said, his voice totally devoid of emotion. "Have
you ever been fucked in the ass?"

Stephanie wasn't certain that she had heard him correctly. She would have
sworn that he'd just asked her if she had ever been fucked in the ass. That
was ridiculous. She had never even heard of something like that. It sounded
like it would really hurt.

Rather than try and think of what he was asking her though, she allowed
herself to wallow in the delightfulness that his buttock-caressing was
bringing her.

"Uuuuuuummmmm..." she moaned, as though she were in a half sleep and didn't
want to wake up fully.

Nami smiled. He would have broken out into a laugh, but he knew that would
break the spell he was bringing her.

"Does that mean yes or no?" he asked playfully.

"Uuuuuuuuuummmmmmm..." Stephanie moaned again. She was only vaguely aware
that someone was speaking to her, and she wished the annoying voice would
stop so she could fully enjoy the ass-squeezing she was getting.

"Well!!... I wouldn't worry about it," Nami said, pressing down just a little
harder with his hands into the warm, dough-like flesh of her ass. "I think
it's about time someone did fuck you in the ass, and as I look around, I
don't see anyone fit for the job but me."

Inserting his thumbs again into the cum-smeared valley between her buttocks,
he pulled her ass-cheeks apart again, looking intently at the tiny puckered
hole of her tight little anus. He could see it shrivel up against the cool
air, and he knew that there, if no where else, she was still a virgin. Her
rectum looked as cherry as could be, and while he didn't like fucking virgins
all that much, he would make an exception in this case. If things were
working according to plan, Hunter would see him doing that. He wondered what
he would think when he saw his wife being fucked in the ass. He'd probably
blow his stack. That would be a lot of fun.

He held Stephanie's buttocks apart with the fingers of one hand while he
trailed his middle finger of the other lightly up and down her still
palpitating vaginal slit, lubricating it in the remnants of cum that
Siegfried had brought about. Then he rested his finger lightly against the
puckered brown hole, waited a moment.

And pushed against it, letting his finger slide as deeply as he could in one

Stephanie was suddenly wrenched from her dream-like state and cast into the
world of painful reality. She had never expected anything like this, and the
swiftness of it took her completely by surprise. She stiffened her entire
body as a wave of pain engulfed her, and she opened her mouth to scream.

No sound came out, though. The only sound she heard was her own voice crying
out in her mind, making her think that she was screaming. She gasped then,
her breath rasping between her teeth and filling her lungs...

And then the pain was gone! Just as suddenly as it had appeared, making her
think that a red-hot poker had been forced up her ass, her rectal muscles
accommodated themselves to the thick invader of Nami's finger, and she was
left with the strangely wonderful sensation of a man's finger in her ass.

When he began to pull it out, she actually experienced a feeling of regret,
and this time, when he thrust it in again, she relaxed her ass muscles,
letting the finger slide in painlessly. It was... it was something like when
Hunter thrust his finger up her ass while she was being fucked in her cunt,

But this wasn't Hunter doing this to her. This wasn't her husband!!!!! This
was a man she had met only an hour ago!!!!! And his was sticking his finger
into her nakedly squirming ass!!!!!

But what bothered her the most was the fact that she actually liked it! She
enjoyed the fact that she was being caressed and massaged nakedly by a man
who was not her husband. The mere thought that Nami was just a neighbor who
she hardly knew titillated her. For all she knew, he could be a mass murderer
hiding out from the police. Well... If Hunter wasn't going to fuck her when
she wanted him to, then he would just have to expect that that some one else
would step in and take his place. The honeymoon is over, Hunter, she thought
to herself. I wanted you and you didn't want me. You deserve nothing less
than to have some stranger fuck me!

Her thoughts were broken as Nami jammed his finger in further up the tight
crevice of her ass, making it wider, stretching it. This time, Stephanie
couldn't help but scream out in pain.


The shrillness of her yelling actually frightened Nami some. He knew she
would be tight there, but the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. Maybe
he had been wrong to think that he could fuck her there, and he began to pull
his finger out.

"No... no... no... keep it there... keep it there..." Stephanie wailed out.
No matter how much it hurt, she was going to have his finger in her ass. She
knew that once the pain went away, it would feel good. It had before, and it
would again.

And even as she thought this, the pain began to evaporate, leaving her once
more with the delight of having her ass filled and stretched.

Nami shrugged his shoulders and continued. Hell, as long as she didn't seem
to mind, he was going to go through with it, and this time he wasn't going to
stop no matter how much she screamed. He remembered then the first time he
had fucked a woman in the ass... how she had screamed and thrashed for a
little while until her rectum stretched enough to itself to the thickness of
his massive organ. Stephanie's back-passage would do the same. She might not
know what kind of blinding pain she was in for, but he was certain that as
long as he continued fucking her there, she would come around.

He rammed and prodded his finger into her shuddering passage, sending
stinging shafts of pain through Stephanie's body for a moment, which were
followed by the delightful sensation of his finger there. She caught herself,
determined that she would go through with this. Having her cunt licked by the
dog had been something she never thought she would like. Why not go on and
try to learn something new again? Even as she stiffened her body to remain
in place, Nami held her firmly. While his one hand and finger was stretching
her ass, he used his other hand to remove his clothes. He was a master of
getting his clothes off under all sorts of situations, and using one hand was
as easy for him as using two... especially when the hand that was not free
was fingering the ass of a woman as lovely as Stephanie McMahon Helmsley.
That was an added incentive, making his free hand move like a blur.

In no time he had removed his shirt and pants, letting the thick, long shaft
of his painfully erect penis spring free, the head blunt and round, the tiny
slit at the end already seeping a clear drop of thick, heated pre-cum.

While he continued to prepare her ever-widening ass-hole with one hand, he
stroked the loose foreskin of his mammoth penis slowly back and forth, making
his distended, blood-engorged shaft all the harder and anxious for the tight
warmth of Stephanie's anus.

He knelt behind her, his body arching triumphantly. His thick, swollen penis,
throbbing with excitement, stood erect and arched like his body! She's almost
ready, he thought to himself. Just a couple of seconds more.

Stephanie felt the hard rubbery head of his cock exploring her from behind.
It was poised at the head of her anal passage like a hot log, ready to plunge
into her. And then she realized that he had not been joking in the least bit.


"Nami... Nami... please... Nami..." she moaned as the realization finally
dawned on her. She hadn't seen his cock, but judging from what it felt like
nestled between the soft warm cheeks of her quivering ass, it was huge...
massive! She would have a hard time taking it into her cunt, let alone her
ass. Certainly she had bitten off more than she could chew.

But Nami was not going to be stopped now. With a sudden lunge, he plunged the
thick gorged rod of his cock into her tight virgin anus. It drove forward
with a jerk that sent Stephanie's body thrusting forward.

Again her mouth opened to cry, and again nothing came out... just the mental
voice making her think she was screaming. But if screaming itself is a
release, so is its illusion, and as the voice inside her mind died down, so
did the pain in her ass, and she found that she was able to take at least as
much of the lust-engorged shaft as he had already inserted.

In her most secret thoughts, she had never thought that anything like this
could happen to anyone, let alone herself, yet here she was, ready, willing,
and as able as she would ever be to take the penis of a total stranger up
into her rectal passage. The mere thought that Hunter might come home this
very moment and see her like this, totally naked with a naked man behind her,
his hands on her hips and his long thick cock inching slowly but surely up
into her bowels made her feel giddy with wickedness. She began to pray that
her husband would come home... not so he could prevent Nami from sodomizing
her, but so that he could watch. This was a way she should have thought of
to get back at her husband for walking out on her in the morning. It was
the perfect way... the only way, and her only regret was that she had not
actually thought of it herself. She may have been a virgin when she was
married, but Hunter had shown her the pleasures of sex. If he didn't want
to continue giving her those pleasures, she had every right to seek them

Nami was totally unaware of the chain of thoughts running through Stephanie's
mind. He really didn't care very much what she thought actually. If things
worked out, it wouldn't make any difference anyway. He looked down at her
tightly resisting ass-hole, wishing that he had reamed his cock several times
in the seething slit of her cum-soaked vagina to lubricate the towering
tree-like shaft of his penis, but it was too late for that now. He grunted,
pushing his long, hot penis further and further into the tense throbbing

"Relax that ass... come on... Loosen it up," he commanded, making his voice
as harsh as he could, hoping that he could shock her enough to make it a
little easier on her. He felt her trying to comply.

"Oooooohhhhhh... AAAAAAHHHHH..." she moaned, pushing back onto the searing
rod stretching her anal muscles ahead of the blunt head. She felt his fingers
digging into her hips, gripping the tender whiteness of her flesh to keep her
as steady as possible. She reveled in it. She wanted to feel as much of his
cock up her ass as she could. She had never dreamed that it would feel like
this. With each inch he drove into her, she felt another stab of pain, and as
soon as she thought she would never be able to stand it, the pain vanished.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!" she wailed out as the last little bit of his long
thick cock was finally buried up inside her wide-stretched ass, and she
gritted her teeth, determined that she was strong enough to wait out the
rush of pain that went shooting the length of her spine. She could do it!
She could do it! She clenched her eyes shut and gritted her teeth, sweat
forming on her forehead and running down her face.

Nami began to fuck her slowly in and out then, each thrust further widening
the straining elastic channel and easing his entry.

"Getting better... getting better..." Nami said softly, noting that her ass
was now almost as easy to fuck as her cunt would have been... easier, but
tighter, and all the better for that.

He could feel his passion rising as he thought of fucking this naked woman
in the ass. Shit! Hadn't she been teasing him ever since he'd walked in the
apartment? Never once had she said that she was a married woman. If things
got really tight, he could always use that as a defense.

He chuckled to himself. These newly-weds were all alike. No matter who tells
them what, they think the whole world is supposed to be a long honeymoon.

Well, Stephanie could see now that there was reality to live. He moved into
her more quickly now, increasing the speed and depth of his penetrations.
His sperm-heavy, hairy balls dangled freely below his blood-swollen cock,
swinging up in a great arch to slap at the tender moist slit of her recently
dog-licked cuntal slit, increasing the river of cum that had been there
before. His testicles hitting her vaginal slit actually splashed some of her
vaginal lubrication on his penis, making the towering shaft more slippery.

Stephanie was besieged with conflicting emotions and sensations. On one hand,
she felt as if she were being torn to shreds by the hot, poker-like shaft of
his cock. He pumped his hips back and forth... back and forth like a machine,
driving his penis in and out of her like a piston of that machine... fitting
and refitting his loins against the fleshy cheeks of her ass, pressing his
bulbous cock head as far up into her rectal depths as he could.

But on the other hand, as the pain slowly subsided, she found that as
long as she yielded to the sensations streaming through her body, it was
delightful... more than delightful. She could feel the beginnings of a new
orgasm starting in her recently satiated belly, and a new excitement began
to ripple throughout her. She felt as if she were melting, as if her entire
being were being bathed in voluptuous waves of pleasure that replaced the
pain, making her actions seem delicious -- ooooooh so delicious.

Nothing was going to stop Nami now. He rammed and shoved and fucked deeply
into her ass, lust and excitement surging through him. His body was covered
with sweat, and the musky odor of his sweat and her cuntal fluids drove him
on. His straining, battering rod was like the steel piston of a train,
chugging back and forth, deeper and deeper.

Siegfried, noticing the increasing aroma of Stephanie's rising passion,
slowly walked over to where Nami was fucking deeply into her ass. He sniffed
with his nose, hoping that he, too, might get a chance to relieve the ache
that licking her pussy had created in his animal loins.

"Beat it, dog," Nami said harshly. "Get the fuck out of here." Shit!
Siegfried had already has his share. Nami had to share Avril with the great
animal often enough. This time he was going to have a fucking all to himself.

Returning all his attention to Stephanie, Nami grinned almost sadistically.
His body was sweating, tense, alive with excitement. He increased his tempo
and plunged his stalwart penis still deeper into her heaving, shuddering
passage! He rammed back and forth, driven now with wild, unimaginable

Stephanie received his iron-like blows with a gasping ecstasy. Suddenly
it was happening for her. She could feel herself getting caught up in a
swirling, boiling vortex of excitement. She felt extraordinary thrills
surging through her loins, her body steaming with heightened passion and
sensuality. She would have thought that after the orgasm she had received
from Siegfried's licking, she wouldn't be able to cum for a week, but
there was no doubt about it. She was going to cum. She was actually going
to cum... and she could tell this climax would be as great as the last

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