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Forgetable Evening Part 4: XXX Story Of Triple H, Stephanie & Avril Lavigne
by Nami

If there was one thing about Nami, Avril reflected as she followed Hunter
down the hall, it was that he really seemed to know people. Hunter took the
elevator and Avril, not wanting to appear too obvious, took the stairs. She,
like Nami, was getting caught up in the adventure of the thing, and she
playfully stalked Hunter as though she were a spy and he were a counter spy.

Something good was going to come out of this, she realized as soon as she
caught her first glimpse of the man. Through the walls of the apartment, his
voice had sounded rich and masculine, and he looked every bit as handsome as
he sounded. Just following him made her vagina tingle, and she was really
glad that she had met up with a person like Nami. Who else would include her
in a plan where all she had to do was what she did best... fuck a man? Nami
had instructed her to lay it on Hunter thick and heavy, and she knew right
off that she wasn't going to hold back.

True to Nami's suspicions, Hunter went straight to the bar across the street
from the apartment building. Avril had been there several times herself, just
to get out of the apartment. She was hardly bothered at all by the "21 years
or older" sign in the window. She had learned that as long as she acted as
though she knew what to do, no one suspected that she was well under age. Her
mannerisms and attitudes made people believe that she was a good deal older
than seventeen, and she wasn't about to set them any wiser.

It was the dinner hour, and as such, the bar was nearly empty. Two men were
sitting at a window table, sipping on their glasses of beer, and two other
men were busy at the pool table near the back. None of them paid any
attention to Hunter or Avril as they entered.

Still unaware that he was being followed, Hunter took a stool right at the
bar. His mind was reeling with thousands of thoughts, none of which made any
sense or had any connection. He couldn't believe what had happened in his
apartment. He would have thought Stephanie could at least listen to him. His
day on RAW wasn't so pleasant and with Eric and J.R, Victoria's call had been
sheer hell, and all he had wanted to do was just sit down and not have to
hear anyone talking for a good long time.

Instead, Stephanie had lit into him right away, complaining that he hadn't
called, complaining that he had caused her to ruin dinner. If the rest of his
marriage was going to be like this, he knew that he had better end it right
away, before he lost his mind all together. The honeymoon had been one thing,
but he could see now that Stephanie was not the woman he had thought her to
be. Fucking her during a vacation was one thing, but trying to make a life
with her...

"Whew! She was really a child in so many ways!" Hunter thought.

"What'll it be, Buddy?" the bartender asked.

"Scotch, straight up. Make it a double," Hunter answered in a tired voice.
He knew he was already drunk, and the only thought on his mind was that he
wanted to get more drunk. Damn Stephanie anyway.

"I'll have a gin and tonic," Avril said as she took a stool on the right side
of Hunter. The bar tender looked at her carefully. She didn't quite look the
legal age, but he shrugged his shoulders. Hell, a buck was a buck, and things
were tight without turning away someone who was buying. The sign in the
window affected him about as much as a sunny day in California.

Avril took her drink and turned to face Hunter fully. She smiled when she saw
that he was so wrapped up in his drink that he didn't even notice that she
had sat next to him.

"You look pretty down in the dumps, friend," she said teasingly, sipping
lightly on her drink.

Hunter looked up and around, first to left then to right, his head stopping
when his eyes met hers. Then he narrowed his eyes and gazed deeply at the
total sensuality that seemed to drip from every pore of this girl.

"I'm Avril Lavigne," she told him, feeling a little giddy at her ability to
be straight forward. "You look like you could use a friend right now, and the
bar tender doesn't look like your type."

Hunter managed to keep his face bland and expressionless, though inside, he
was shocked. Since he had started dating Stephanie in college, he had pretty
much stayed away from other women. He could tell a pick-up when he saw one,
though, and this nice looking piece was really coming on strong. She was
arching her back in such a way as to nearly brush her full, rounded breasts
against his arm, and he dropped his eyes away from her pretty face to gaze
at her sensuous spheres. She looked as though she were dressed to kill. She
was wearing a short jacket over her faded work-shirt, and both the jacket
and shirt were open just enough for him to see half her delightful-looking
cleavage. Her shirt was tucked into old, soft jeans, so tight that, as she
sat, the material followed the roundness of her slim thighs all the way up
to her cunt. A fast glance, even in his slightly drunken condition, revealed
that the cloth was creased along her pussy slit. Uuuummmm... this is one hot
little cunt!

"Yeah... well... things got a little rough on the job." he said, not exactly
wanting to talk to her, but not wanting to offend her either. Just looking at
her was really nice, and if he weren't a married man, he would have said
something different.

"Things are tough all over," Avril said, leaning forward a little and
inwardly smiling as she noticed that his eyes were blatantly resting on her
breasts, dwelling in this increased view of her deep-fleshed cleavage.

For the first time in his life, Hunter found that he didn't know what to say
to a woman... especially one who was really coming on to him like this. His
first thought that he should just tell her he was married really seemed like
the wrong thing. Besides, he doubted that it would make any difference to
her. Women who pick men up in bars really didn't give a shit if they were
married or not.

"Hey, handsome," Avril said, smiling sweetly, "you gonna let me talk to a
stranger? I mean, I don't even know your name."

"Uuuummmmm? Oooohhh... excuse me. It's Hunter... Hunter Helmsley."

"Hunter huh? That's a good strong name... for a very strong man."

She gave a little wink that made Hunter flush from under his collar. At the
other end of the bar, the bar tender was taking a great interest in what was
happening. This chick didn't waste any time, he thought. Hell, it would be
really nice to have her come into the place more often. Someone like her
would really bring in a lot of frustrated husbands. RATINGS!!!!!

Avril was having the time of her life. Hunter was almost like putty in her
hands, and she could tell that he was really starting to come apart at the
seams. She finished her drink in one gulp and set her glass down on the
counter. Hunter was rolling his own drink nervously in one hand, wondering
if he should continue along with this little game or just forget the whole
thing. He reminded himself that he was married, and even though Stephanie
had caused him to leave the apartment, he had to take her into consideration.
Avril in the other hand almost forgot that she was playing game with The
Game. She started to like this good looking monster for more.

"Gonna buy me a drink, handsome?" Avril asked in a low, throaty voice.

Hunter felt his penis spasm for the first time... then spasm again!

What the hell? he thought to himself. Stephanie was really being a child
about life. Maybe she deserved to see that she couldn't take him for granted.
After the way she had treated him, she deserved to have him at least toy with
the idea of fucking another woman. That would show her good.

"Sure," Hunter told her. He signaled the tender to re-fill Avril's glass.

"Suppose you tell about how tough things get at the office," Avril said,
seeing that Hunter was a little too flushed to say much of anything.

Hunter smiled, feeling more and more comfortable. He took a healthy pull of
his own drink, gazing at the lovely woman sitting next to him over the top
of his glass. The warmth of his Scotch filtered through his whole body, and
his mental image of Stephanie vanished from his mind.

"Oooohhh... its not office job. But the usual story. Boss thinks I'm not as
intelligent as my carrier says. Hovered over me all day like a mother hen.
And of course, he's a complete Jackass."

"Of course," Avril agreed sweetly, making her eyes sparkle as she turned up
one corner of her mouth. She dropped her eyes away from Hunter's rugged
looking face to see that his cock had swollen and was tenting the cloth of
his pants. For a moment, she lost her composure at the massive size of it.
God! No wonder Stephanie wanted it so badly! Avril wanted it as bad as
Stephanie Wanted. It looked huge, and in a flash, she pictured herself with
her legs spread wide, Hunter's thick penis fucking in and out of her like a
hard driving machine. She could feel her vagina tingle, and she knew that
she had to have that cock in her. Shit, she didn't care anymore about Nami's
plan. Getting Hunter to fuck her was all that mattered to her now.

"You know," Avril said, holding her glass on the counter, taking her hands
away from her chest and offering Hunter a totally unhindered view of her
shirt-covered breast mounds. "Talking here is really not as much fun as it
could be."

"Hmmmmmm?" Hunter was still lost in the trance her totally shameless beauty
cast over his slightly liquor dimmed mind.

"Well... I don't live too far from here. Right across the street, as a matter
of fact. Suppose we take a little walk and get to know each other a little

"Across the street?" Hunter said, blinking his eyes several times to clear
his head. That was really nice. There was only one apartment building on the
whole block, and it would be nice to have this cunt living right in his own
building. That would really give Stephanie something to think about.

"Sure. Come on," Avril said, slipping from her stool. "I feel a lot more
comfortable in my own place."

She started to walk out the door, and Hunter, after finishing his drink,
hurried after her. The bar tender watched them with increasing interest. That
blonde pussy really knew how to get what she wanted, almost as though she had
been planning this. If there was anything the bartender liked, it was women
who knew what they wanted and weren't afraid to go out and get it. Women's
Lib had done some pretty stupid things, but thank God for things like that!

Hunter followed behind Avril, watching her ass sway from side to side. Her
hips moved with incredible grace, and her jeans, so tight that they looked
as though they were painted on, moved with her. He focused on the
delightful-looking crack of her firm-fleshed buttocks, seeing that they were
firm and hard. In the back of his mind he remembered that he was a married
man and should just tell this cunt that. With all the problems he was having
with Stephanie, he sensed that the last thing he needed to do was add to
them. He even toyed with the idea that he would just go to Avril's apartment
and talk. In fact, as they entered the building, he had convinced himself
that that was exactly what was going to happen. He would just talk to her.
She seemed like the kind of person who would understand what had happened to
him. He wondered if he had told her that he was married, but he couldn't
remember. Well, he would just start off the conversation by telling her that
his wife didn't understand him. At least then, she would see that he was
married, and would know why he wouldn't fuck her.

God! His cock was spasming again. He stood next to her in the elevator, not
noticing which button she had pushed. While she didn't have her arm around
him, she was still standing so close to him that she seemed to want to blend
into his body. The softness and warmth of her flesh was clearly transmitted
to him through her several layers of clothing, making him wish that he wasn't
married. Yes, fucking her would be really something. Avril too was in heaven,
she could feel his breath on the back of her head and in spasm her neck

Hunter was shocked when the elevator doors opened and he found that he was on
his own floor. A wave of guilt washed over him, and he nervously looked down
both ends of the halls, checking to see if his wife was out. She wasn't, but
he could almost feel her presence as he walked past his apartment door.

His shock and guilt increased when he noticed that Avril had stopped at the
door right next to his own. Having her live in the same building was nice...
but right next door? For a moment he thought that perhaps he should just tell
her to forget the whole thing. He was about to when she opened up her door
and motioned him in.

"Just make yourself at home," she said, setting her keys down on a small
table. "Can I get you something to drink? It's cheaper here than across the
street, and a lot nicer."

"Avril..." Hunter said, smiling, trying to say something that would make her
realize that things had gone a little too far already. If he weren't so close
to his own apartment, he wouldn't have felt so jumpy, but this was too much
of a coincidence. Having a nice looking ready to fuck woman like Avril just
on the other side of his walls was really asking for trouble, and while
Hunter didn't mind excitement, this was really stretching things far.
Stephanie would definitely find out about Avril. There was no way he would be
able to hide anything he did. Better to cut it off right here and now.

But Avril either didn't hear him or didn't want to. Hunter took a seat on her
couch and watched her as she went into the kitchen to pour the both of them
a drink. Just looking at her move in her cat-like way weakened his resolve,
and he decided that he would just play the thing out. After all, she could
come on to him all she wanted, but he was certain that he could resist.

His cock was really painfully swollen in his pants, and he knew that once he
had bowed out gracefully from this situation, he would swallow all his pride
and fuck the living daylights out of Stephanie. At least then, maybe things
would work out between them. That had been the cause of their problems... his
thinking that he didn't have enough time to fuck her this morning. He almost
laughed as he thought of what his wife would say if she caught him fucking
another woman after what had happened today.

"What's so funny, love?" Avril said as she took a seat next to him on the
couch. Hunter was pleasantly drunk, and thinking about his wife had occupied
his mind enough so that he hadn't really paid too much attention to Avril's
leaning forward.

"Oooohhh... nothing," he told her as he took the drink she offered.

Avril sipped on hers and decided that things were moving just a little too
slow. Nami had told her that being the least bit subtle was totally
unnecessary. He had told her to pull all the stops and not worry about the
consequences. Up to this point she had been keeping to the form and playing
the game, but Hunter was in her apartment now, and he appeared to be just a
little apprehensive. She sensed that he was also slightly uncomfortable being
so close to his own apartment, even though for some reason he hadn't told
her that he lived right next door. There was no way he could know that she
already knew that, so she assumed that he was just waiting for a good time
to tell her.

And she wasn't going to let him do that. She had been on the attack ever
since she had sat next to him in the bar, and she wasn't going to let up now.

The slightly drunk Triple H drank from his glass, feeling as though he were
regaining control of himself. Now that he was so close to his own apartment,
he could tell Avril that this little game had to come to an end. Damn, he
thought to himself. If only she lived on another street. Having the
proverbial "other woman" not only living in the same building but living in
the next apartment was really asking for trouble. The time had come to level
with Avril here and now.

But as this thought flashed to his mind, he found himself staring at the
beaming face of Avril, at the all-encompassing sex that seemed to drip from
every inch of her luscious skin, the full rich softness of her firm, high
breasts. Shit! He'd like to tweak her nipples into erection, take each one
in his mouth and roll it around and around with his tongue.

Again he felt his cock jerk into sudden, instant hardness, as though it were
alive, straining for release from its cloth prison. He sighed deeply, taking
a deep breath to tell Avril that she was really a nice person, but that he
didn't want to do anything... well, tell her that he couldn't do anything.
His eyes went to Avril's face.

She was looking directly at the bulge in his pants.

"Uuuuuummmmmm... I like a man who has an erection like that," she said,
knowing that she would shock him so much that he wouldn't have a chance to

She was right. Hunter's mouth fell nearly to the floor!

"I... I... I..." he stammered, feeling his face turning a beet red.

"I'll bet you want to put that big hard cock in me, don't you," she breathed.
"You want to put that cock of yours right between my legs and fuck me,

"Jesus," Hunter hissed, feeling his strength leave him. Her timing was
perfect. He could hear his mental voice telling her that something like that
was out of the question, but he couldn't make the words form in his mouth. He
could have handled her if she had just made the suggestion that they go to
bed or something, but the graphic blatantness of her words took all the wind
out of him. He had never been seduced like that, and her words threw him
completely off balance. His balls began to ache from the presence of quickly
gathering sperm. He needed to do something. He needed to fuck, and even
though his wife was so close to him, he couldn't find the strength to just
get up and leave. Avril's lovely round face held him to his seat as securely
as if he had been chained.

The young blonde girl leaned close to him, and he could feel her hot breath
on his cheek, like the scorching air from a branding iron. She touched his
knee lightly, and her fingers seemed to burn him through the cloth. "Well,
love?" she asked with raised eye-brows. "Wouldn't you like to fuck me?"

"Avril... there 's something... something..." he tried to tell her that he
was married, but she broke in.

"My cunt's on fire right this minute, and the only thing that will make it
feel better is a big, hard cock. A big hard cock like this one."

And with that she reached out and touched his pulsating, cloth-encased penis!

Hunter nearly leapt off the couch to the electric reaction of her fingers on
his swollen, throbbing member. Avril cooed softly as she lightly traced her
fingers along its searing length. She inched her hips closer to his, pressing
her breasts lightly against his arm. Then she leaned over and found his jaw
line with her lips, tracing a pattern upward along her cheek. Her fiery
pointed tongue lashed out like a whip against his skin, freezing Hunter in
his sitting position while her hand pressed harder down in his greatly
swollen penis.

"Avril... I... we... this... you don't understand..."

His words were barely audible, and Avril ignored them completely. Obviously
Hunter didn't suspect that, in not fucking his wife when he had the chance,
he too was more ready and eager to relieve himself.

"You want to fuck me, don't you?" Avril asked in a mesmeric voice. "You want
to fuck me, and I want to fuck you too. Why do you think you're here?"

Hunter thought quickly. He really hadn't wanted to fuck her, he decided. He
had just wanted someone to be with, and she had made herself available. He
wanted to tell her that, hoping that she would believe it.

"You want to lick me... you want to bang me... you want to fuck me..." she
droned on, moving her hand over and over along his painfully throbbing cock,
punctuating her words.

"No... no... I can't... I... Christ, .. yes..."

Hunter couldn't help himself. In the back of his mind, he could see his wife
watching him, but he put her out of his thoughts as he twisted his head and
found Avril's lips with his own. The young blonde squealed her delight as
her hand moved faster and faster along his turgid shaft, and she sucked and
nibbled at his tongue, swirling her own around and around in his mouth,
keeping up her attack by darting her tongue into his mouth and them
withdrawing it in the rhythm of fucking with her remaining the aggressor.
Without thinking, Hunter's hand moved slowly up along the smooth side of
Avril's body and pressed against her left breast, his fingers squeezing and
kneading the soft, hot pliant flesh, then dipping inside her shirt to
unbutton the garment and draw it away, exposing one naked breast with its
lust-hard nipple and dark pink aureole. He could feel the wetness from the
seminal fluid which had seeped from the gland at the hard tip of his cock as
she continued to massage him through his pants.

Then, suddenly, with his fingers kneading the soft resilient flesh of her
round, firm breast and his massive erect cock jerking nearly out of control,
the full impact of what he was doing blasted into his mind.

Christ! There was no way Stephanie wouldn't know what he had done! She would
find out! She really wasn't all that stupid! Living next to the woman he
Was fucking instead of his wife was just foolishness!

He pulled himself desperately from Avril, yanking his mouth away from hers
and turning his body away from her so that her hand left his bulging cock.
His face was flushed with his desperate attempt to regain control over
himself. He averted his eyes from the lovely blonde woman.

"What's the matter?" she asked coyly. "Don't tell me... let me guess. You're
a married man, and you're worried about what your wife might think."

Hunter opened his mouth. He was going to say something like that, and he
was certain that, now that at least part of the truth was out, she would
understand and just let him leave. He started to add that he was her
next-door neighbor, but she smiled at him the way she had been smiling all
evening... coyly, seductively, teasingly.

"I'd say you don't have much of a wife if you were sitting all alone in a bar
after a hard day at the job," she observed. "Besides, I've felt enough of
that nice penis of yours to know that there's plenty of you to go around."

"No..." he said, his throat dry and rasping, "I can't. Stephanie would... I

"I don't care about your wife, and neither should you. I just want you to
lick me... bang me... fuck me..."

"NO!" he shouted, a surge of strength rushing through him, enabling him to
jump from the couch. His heart was hammering in his chest, and he was aware

that his cock was still seeping hot droplets of pre-cum into his pants. He
started walking to the door, seeing that he had to get away. There was no way
he could make this woman understand everything. Not now! Maybe tomorrow he
would be able to talk to her.

He was half-way across the room when he heard the low, throaty voice of Avril
calling him.

"Where are you going, Big Fellow?"

He turned around to tell her that he was her neighbor, his last ditch effort
to make her see how impossible this whole thing was, but when he saw her, his
words froze in his throat.

Avril had quickly shed her clothes, and was presenting him with a totally
shameless view of her naked body.

If Hunter had thought before that she was lovely, he could see that he had
underestimated her. Avril had tossed her shirt to the other side of the room
and was standing in the puddle of her jeans with her legs spread wide apart,
her head and shoulders pulled back, her hands knuckled at him, her mouth
parted and her tiny pink tongue playing a peek-a-boo between her lush, full
lips. The moist, petal-like, golden fringed flanges of her cunt were
presented lustfully, unabashedly, to his eyes, and the yellow triangle of her
cuntal mound glistened with the thick drops of moisture that had seeped out
from between her pussy lips. Her high, smoothly rounded breasts quivered with
an internal vibration, the nipples hard and distended. Her shamelessly slim
thighs were moist with the flowing juices of her passion-flowered vaginal

"Now... why are you standing there? I want you to come here and fuck me as
deep as you can."

"Avril..." was all he could say. His mind, already slowed with his drinking,
refused to form a coherent train of thought, and he could only stare at her.
His cock began its maddening pulsations again.

Slowly, deliberately, Avril lowered her hands, her eyes sparkling with her
seething passion, and pressed her fingertips to her golden curling pubic
mound, slowly inching her hands up along her inner thighs, her fingers
glistening as they became coated with the river of moisture that was washing
from her cuntal sluice. When her hands reached the pink, hotly throbbing slit
between her legs, she placed the thumb and forefinger of one hand on either
side of the soft, shining lips and spread them apart, revealing the fully
hardened bud of her trembling clitoris to Hunter's lust-ridden gaze.

With her other forefinger, she traced up her cuntal slit until she made
contact with the quivering, blood-hard bud. She tweaked at it, increasing the
flow of her cuntal lubrication down her inner thighs, making them sheen as
though they had been carefully polished. Then her middle finger went lower
until it poised at the lips of her vagina, then slipped easily inside all the
way to the palm of her hand. She pulled it out slowly, and re-inserted it.
Pulled it out... slid it in, finger-fucking herself with glazed-eyed abandon.
Her hand moved faster and faster, her finger sliding in and out of her pussy
sheath, causing her hips to roll and twist with the shivers of delight she
was bringing to herself. Then she began to talk to Hunter again, making her
voice as seductive and hypnotic as she could.

"My finger is not as nice as your cock, love. I want to feel your cock in my
cunt. I can feel my fingers anytime, and I know my hand isn't as nice as your
big, hard, hot penis."

Hunter had known some pretty forward women, but no one that was that
blatant. Her words lashed his mind into a swirling frenzy that made thought
impossible. Christ! He didn't know why she was so eager for him, but it was
too late to think about that now. He had to have her. His will to remain
faithful to his wife vanished. He only knew the wild, burning heat in his
pulsing cock and his balls. This seething cunt in front of him... DAMN! He
was going to fuck her all right. There had never been any doubt that she
wanted it, and now she was going to get it!

As though making this decision took all his worries away, Hunter walked to
her, his hands outstretched, his fingers ready to feel the soft smoothness
of her flesh.

When she saw that he was coming to her, she stopped her finger fucking. Nami
had told her that she might have to resort to something drastic like this.
Not that she had minded very much. She moved her cum-soaked hand up to him
and began unbuttoning his shirt as she strained forward, loving the way his
hands were instantly playing with the lust-swollen orbs of her breasts. She
slipped her fingers inside his shirt, then slipped them further down to
unzipper his fly, gasping with delight like a child with a new toy as his
frenzied cock leapt into view, already turgid with arousal and passion.

"Uuuuuummmmmmm... I can hardly wait..." Avril moaned, her body swaying with
ecstasy as she gave herself to Hunter's caresses. She knew she had won over
him, and she was going to reap the harvest of Nami's carefully laid plan.

Hunter couldn't think of anything but the warm succulent body offered to
him... literally thrown at him. Having given in to the demands that his cock
had been making on him made it possible for him to truly enjoy the total sex
she possessed. His boss, his job, and especially his wife... all his worries
slid off his shoulders as he sank to the floor, soft with the thickness of
the wall to wall carpet, the teasing young blonde neighbor clasped securely
in his arms.

He felt himself taking possession of her, and he covered her luscious body
with hot, eager kisses, feeling his cock swell and grow as it bobbed between
his legs. His hands were searching, probing between the slender columns of
her pulsing pussy, caressing the velvety folds with passionate hunger, noting
how moist her vagina was, her lubricants seeping out of her tantalizing
cuntal orifice.

Her hands reached down and circled the thick circumference of his throbbing
cock, pressuring it tightly, sending shudders of raw pleasure searing up and
down the length of his back, exciting him beyond belief. SHIT! He could tell
right away that this woman would know how to fuck!

There was the hot, soft invitation of her delectable young cunt, Avril and
fragile, the petal-shaped opening glistening a chiffony rose, surmounted by
the reddish tip of her already excitedly rising little clitoris, and framed
by the shimmering yellow halo of silky, tightly kinked curls. He couldn't
wait much longer. Her finger-fucking had aroused him almost to the point of
cumming, and he wanted more than anything to ram his heavy, blood-laden
penis home in her tight little cunt. Nothing was going to stop him now.

"Oooooohhhhhh... Fuck me from the back," Avril pleaded suddenly, turning
over abruptly on her belly and presenting him the milk-white orbs of her
firm, hard ass-cheeks. Instinctively, his hands went out and kneaded the
pliant flesh, grasping her firmly by the hips and raising her up until she
was on her knees. His eyes stared hypnotized at the tantalizing globes,
smooth and pear-shaped without flaw, and unerringly, he guided the thick
shaft of his cock towards the faint glimmer of moist flesh visible below
the graceful curve of her ass.

In her mind, this was so different that being fucked by Siegfried or Nami,
And all the more thrilling to Avril for that. She reached back and grabbed
his hardened penis in her slender fingers to guide it toward the twitching
entrance of her hungry cunt. Hunter, his hands digging into the soft,
resilient dough of her buttocks, could stand it no longer, and with a heave,
he slammed forward and planted his towering penis half-way up the wet,
slippery channel of her naked, seething pussy.

"Uuuuuuuuuu ggggg hhhhhhh mmmmmm... oooooooo hhhhhhh..." Avril moaned as
she felt her cuntal passage flowering open to accept his deep thrust. He
continued to slide forward, feeling the soft willing walls of her vagina
slip around his engorged penis like a wet, velvet glove, until he finally hit
bottom, the hard rubbery head of his cock touching the sensitive membrane of
her cervix, and his contracting balls wedging neatly beneath the whitely
rounded spheres of her backside.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh... ooooooohhhhh..." Avril sighed again, feeling replete with
his masculinity, completely impaled on his lust-inflated penis. She could
feel that he had sunk every millimeter of his cock in her depths. She knew
she had been right to go through so much trouble to get him to fuck her. The
feeling of his penis in her cunt from behind like this was sheer bliss, and
to think... he lived right next door. She could have him any time she wanted.
The near wicked sordidness of having an affair with a married man who lived
less than twenty feet from here really appealed to her. It was a liberating
feeling, and Avril had liberated herself a long time ago!

Slowly, Hunter began to withdraw, easing his bloated shaft out of her soft
welcoming depths, until just the head was wedged between the resilient moons
of her buttocks, before ramming forward again, almost overturning Avril with
the strength of his thrust.

"... Ooooooo gggggg hhhhhhh nnnn . ." she gasped again, "that's lovely...
ooohhh... that's beautiful... lovely..."

Hunter began to move his heavy penis inside her, rotating it gently, feeling
the responsive throb of her inner pussy walls as she flexed her supple
interior muscles with a clearly practiced ease. Her cuntal muscles began a
milking, rhythmic contraction and squeezing, until he felt that he would
explode in her at any moment from the delicious pressure.

He began to saw in and out of her, loving the way she thrust back against
him as he plunged to enter, and thrilling to the way she tightened as he
pulled out. Not even his own wife, his own sexual creation, had been this
skillful, and Hunter felt himself possessing a new and vibrant vitality.
He had lost none of his own skill... a skill that had made him very popular
with a lot of women and Divas in WWF before he had met Stephanie.

His hands reached forward to squeeze the ripe melons of her breasts hanging
enticingly from her gently undulating body. He rubbed the hardening buds of
her nipples, running them between his fingers, making her shriek with
pleasure. In the back of his mind, something warned him that his wife would
be able to hear her shrieking, and think that something was happening to her,
but he quickly put that thought out of his mind. There was no way his wife
could possibly know that he was fucking Avril. There was no one in the entire
world meant more for the cheating newly married young husband than Avril now.
No one... NO ONE could possibly derive as much pleasure from fucking as Avril
was right now, and her enthusiasm was transmitted to him, making him
experience more pleasure than he would have dreamed possible.

The heated pressure in his body was building up to a fever pitch, and his
furiously deep pumping increased in velocity. Their bodies were bucking
soundly against each other, jerking and twisting and gyrating and merging as

"God... Avril... that's it... fuck back... fuck back hard... move that ass of
yours..." he gasped, his face a sweating mask of lust and passion, his head
flailing from side to side.

"Oooohhh... you .. . feel... soooooooo gooooooooodddd... inside... me...!"
Avril panted, her body cavorting with paroxysms of pleasure. "I'm going to
cum... I'm cumming... cumming... almost there... there... I'm... I 'm...

And Avril was cumming, her buttocks waving like a flag in the wind, the force
of her spasms jerking his penis unbearably. Her mouth was uttering incoherent
mumbles, and her shrieks were as wild and unabashed as the rest of her
vibrant way of thinking, but Hunter didn't have time to consider any of this,
because he was cumming too. A deep, harsh strangled moan escaped his throat
as he pounded his hips against Avril's thrashing buttocks with the power of a
jackhammer, and he moaned again and again as he felt the first rumblings of
his seething sperm escape the darkness of his balls and rush headlong like
molten lava into the depths of her milking vagina. Stream after stream, like
a flooding unending river, entered her cunt from the throbbing tube of his
penis, filling the hot, slippery canal of her thirsting pussy.

"Keep... fucking... back... fuck back... fuck back!" he hissed, his voice
hoarse with the lust he felt. Finally, though, it was all over for him, and
he noticed, with disappointment, the last dregs of his cum-juice being
drained from him. Finally he was satiated, and they lay against each other,
his penis deflated and flaccid, both panting, their commingled juices flowing
from Avril's pussy lips and staining the carpet below her.

As he lay there, Hunter found that he was now able to think clearly... more
clearly than he had been able since he had walked out of his next-door
apartment. All his frustration and lust had been spent, allowing his mind to
dwell on what had just taken place.


Even though he realized that she had all but raped him, he knew that he
should have managed to keep himself under control. When he had made his
marriage vows, he had truly meant them, and here, at the first chance he had
had, he had merely cast them aside in favor of a few moments of pleasure. No
matter how seductive Avril had been, there was no real reason for him to
weaken as he had. He had married his wife because he loved her, and trying
to hide from their problems by running out, getting drunk and fucking another
woman wouldn't solve anything.

In fact, since Avril was his next-door neighbor, it would only make things
worse. Meeting this lovely young blonde woman again was inevitable, and he
wondered how he could look her in the face. She had been nothing but a vent
for his lust. That was all she was to him, and he didn't know how he would
be able to tell her that... not after what they had just done!

He heard Avril stirring next to him, getting her strength back before he did.

"Are you always this quiet after you fuck?" she asked, lifting her naked body
up and looking down at him. There was a playful smile on her face, as though
she didn't take any of this seriously.

Hunter opened his eyes and looked up at her, his face no longer contorted
with conflict or arousal, but wrinkled with worry... and a sense of guilt.

"There... there's something I have to tell you," he said, his voice barely
above a whisper. Now that his mind was cleared, he was actually afraid that
his wife would hear him through the walls.

"Ooohhh... do you have a disease?" she asked, her voice sounding strangely
child-like. For the first time since he had met her, Hunter wasn't certain
about her age. At first, she had acted and carried herself as though she was
college age.

But now he wasn't so sure. She seemed... younger... much younger!

"Uuuuhhh... no. No, Avril, this might come as a shock to you..."

"But you live in this very building?"

Hunter opened his mouth in shock. Avril smiled teasingly, remembering that
Nami had told her to keep Hunter off balance as much as she could without
telling him everything.

"How... how did... how did you know?"

Something wasn't right. It hadn't really occurred to him before, but things
had fallen into place just a little too easily. Avril had come into the bar
right behind him, and she had acted as though he were just more than a casual
pick up for her. There had been other men in the bar, but Avril had singled
him out. This had all the smell of a set up... but who...? Why...?

"Lucky guess, love," she said, enjoying the conflict that was evident in
his face. She came to a standing position and held herself over him as he
remained on the floor. Like most people, Hunter felt a little funny now
about being naked in front of a near stranger, especially since he had just
fucked her. But Avril was prancing around as though she were wearing a nun's
habit. Clothes or no clothes were both the same to her, and it placed her
in the superior position of command, as she had been all evening.

"I could make some other guesses about you that would really turn that nice
blonde hair white," she said teasingly as she picked up her glass from where
she had set it and began sipping on it.

"Like what?" Hunter was getting a little pissed. She was too cock-sure of
herself... knowing something that he didn't.

"Well... I'll bet you live right there," she said, pointing to the wall that
separated his apartment from hers.

Hunter stiffened.

"And I'll guess... you're a newly-wed, and you and your wife have been having
a few problems. Hard day at the job indeed."

She was acting as though she were leading him on to something, and Hunter
finally came to a standing position. He was going to find out what was
happening here. He walked threateningly toward Avril, rage beginning to form
in his eyes. A rage which is femillier in the ring but too scary for Avril.

"And I would guess that your wife isn't alone right now," she said, timing
her information perfectly. Hunter stopped dead in his tracks, his teeth
gritting. She was playing games with him, and he didn't like games. He liked
everything up front so he could deal with it on a rational level.

"Suppose you tell me just what you mean by that," he seethed between his
teeth. His hands were clenching and unclenching in tight little balls, and
Avril's coy, child-like smile wasn't helping him any.

"I... uh... I don't exactly live alone," Avril said with a flourish of her
hands around the apartment. "I have... shall we say, a friend? Nami, and he's
a really nice boy."

"Yeah... So?"

"So he's not here at the moment, and I don't think he'll be back for a while.
But he's not too far away. Right next door in fact. You really shouldn't go
away and leave your wife without fucking her when she really wants you."

Hunter could feel his blood starting to boil. The innuendoes she was making
her having a powerful effect on him. He reached out to her, but she moved
cat-like away from him, his hands grabbing empty air where her throat had
been. Avril was frightened, but she sensed that she had to top off Nami's
plan fast before Hunter lost all rational control.

"You can't really blame her, after what you just did to me," she said,
calmly, evenly, softly.

Again Hunter stopped. Visions passed through his mind... visions of Avril
sitting next to him in the bar... of him coming to her apartment with her,
trying to make himself believe that nothing was going to happen. He could
see that he had just been fooling himself. If he didn't want anything to
happen... if he hadn't really wanted to fuck her, he would have just told
her to get lost.

And there was another vision in his mind now... his wife, her naked body,
her long legs spread wide, her cunt throbbing and eager...

That vision made him see red before his eyes, and he took a threatening
step toward Avril, who slowly walked to the door of her apartment.

"You're lying, Bitch" he said, hoping that, by saying that, he could believe
it. Even now, he wasn't sure but that he was being teased and led on for some
strange reason.

"Could be," she said, shrugging her naked, softly rounded shoulders. "But
suppose we go take a look."

And with that she opened the door to her apartment and slipped into the hall.
Hunter pulled his boxers and stopped at the door, watching her walk the short
length to his own apartment. She stood at his door and looked at him.

"This is your place, I believe," she said, chuckling when Hunter, uncaring
that he was as naked as she was, moved with determination through the hall.

"Get away from there," he said roughly, pushing her aside. He flung the door
of his apartment open, and stepped inside... She just smashed to the wall on
her back.

Only to halt himself just in the door-way.

There were two people right there in the middle of the floor... two naked


Hunter couldn't believe that Stephanie would actually allow another man to
touch her, let alone fuck her in her rectum. This had to be a dream... some
sort of joke. That couldn't be his wife there! She had to be an impostor...
an actress hired by Avril and that creep behind her for some reason.

"Oooohhh... fuck me in the ass hard... hard," Stephanie moaned, so wrapped
up in her impending orgasm that she failed to notice her husband standing
some three feet from her.

"Looks like I was pretty good on the guessing," Avril chortled into Hunter's

"Shut up, slut," Hunter said, too many things happening all at once for him
to know what to do. He turned around to strike at Avril, more out of
frustration than hatred, but his hand motion was stopped by the high-pitched
wail of his wife crouching on the floor of his apartment.

"Ooooohhhh... I'm cumming... I'm cumming... NOW... NOW... NOW!!! CCCC UUUU

Hunter spun around just in time to see her body flailing and thrashing, and
he was seized by a powerful determination to rush into his apartment and beat
the living shit out of both his wife and that creep behind her.

But he couldn't move, so total was his shock, and he stared with hate-glazed
eyes as the man behind Stephanie increased the speed of his pumping into
her ass, his hips moving so fast that to Hunter's liquor-dimmed mind they
were but a blur.

As she cried out, Nami could feel his own body responding to her orgasm. He
felt the white hot sperm gathering and surging in his throbbing balls,
welling up like a churning seed!

He was cumming too!

"AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!" he cried, feeling himself almost ready to shoot his
mighty load like a canon into her hot steaming anus.


He was seized by convulsive spasms as his bulging, blood-gorged cock shot the
torrent of searing, white hot cum deep into her. She could feel the boiling,
surging river enter her like molten steel, streaming into her loins and
seeming to spread out through her entire exploding body. On and on it came,
a never ending rocket-load of turbulent jism. Nami could feel it streaming
through his long penis and gushing through the rubbery head of his cock.

"Ooooohhhhhh... YYYYYEEEEESSS...!!!" Stephanie moaned. The sensation of
having a man's semen in her ass was strange and exciting, and as it went
stinging through her stretched rectal walls, her throbbing cunt secreted
its own thick fluids as she responded to his wild moans and cries.

Still standing at the door, Hunter could no longer stand the sight of another
man fucking his wife... especially in her ass... a place where he himself had
not placed his cock.

Forgetting that he was naked... that Avril was also naked... Hunter emitted
a low, threatening snarl and stepped into his apartment, walking quickly
toward the man who was sodomizing his wife.

"You fucking asshole," he said, his hands moving up to grip Nami's throat.
"I ought to..."

And the room was shattered by a low animal growl, and Hunter felt the blood
leave his face as he saw the massive German shepherd slowly, but surely,
placing himself within striking range of his naked body.

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