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Unforgetable Evening 5: XXX Story Of Triple H, Stephanie & Avril Lavigne
by Nami

The force of her second orgasm was just too much for Stephanie, and as she
collapsed forward onto the floor, she allowed her head to turn to one side
and her mind to drift to some ethereal plane. Dimly, she heard voices
buzzing around her, occasionally punctuated by the growl of an angry-sounding
dog, but she felt so wonderful that nothing mattered to her. She lay on her
heaving belly, panting to catch her breath, totally unaware that her husband
had entered the' room and was followed by a lovely naked woman.

But if Stephanie was completely out of it, Nami was in complete command of
his faculties. Hunter's initial entrance had startled him, but with Siegfried
coming to his aid, the young black-haired man quickly gathered his thoughts.
He could see that every part of his plan had worked perfectly. Avril's lush,
naked body was still carrying the warm afterglow of her recent fucking with
Hunter, and she gave her lover a little wink.

"Well, looks like the husband has finally found out that he can't take his
wife for granted," Nami said, coming to a standing position and reaching down
to pet Siegfried. He smiled as he watched Hunter's anger-filled face stare
at the still growling dog. "Don't tell me you're surprised that your wife
letother guys fuck her to get those things she really wants." Nami winked.

Hunter was having just a little trouble collecting his thoughts. The shock of
seeing his wife being fucked in the ass by a total stranger... the nagging
feeling that he had been set up... played for a patsy by the lovely blonde
girl who had picked him up in the bar... the threatening massive beast that
was in his apartment... everything was making it hard for him to think.

"I, uh, believe you were going to tell me what you ought to do," Nami said,
staring directly into Hunter's eyes and waiting for him to come around.

Hunter was finally able to take his gaze away from the dog when he could tell
that the huge beast was under Nami's control.

"I ought to break your neck," he said in a low, angry voice. "Just who the
hell do you think you are, coming in here and fucking my wife?"

"Will you listen to him," Nami said, smiling at Avril. "He wants to know what
right I have fucking his wife." Then, turning his glance back to Hunter, he
said, "Listen, jerk, don't you stand there next to my naked woman and ask me
about my rights. You're a married man. Suppose you tell your wife just what
you and Avril were doing in my apartment. Playing strip poker?"

Hunter clenched his teeth. He didn't care at that point about the dog. He was
going to wring the kid's neck, and no dog was going to stop him. Then his in
the ring gimmick returned in his heart. Hunter was no more Hunter, He was The
Game and That Damn Good. He jumped in his room which their packed bags were,
Avril came next to Nami and they were confident that as long as Siegfried
Was with them nothing would be dangerous. However they all faint in fear when
They saw a huge ubject in Hunter's hand. He had brought an sledgehammer.
Avril and Nami had never seen something like that live, Even Siegfried backed
Down when stared in Triple H's angry cold eyes.

"No... Please Don't!" Avril screamed.

"Shut up bitch, I am going to knock your head off." The Game shouted.

"Wait please! Just a few moments." Nami begged. He tried to push the dog
in Hunter's view but Siegfried didn't want any part of him.

"Stephanie," Nami said, moving his foot to the moaning brown hair's
cum-smeared buttocks and jiggling her. "I think it's time you woke up. You
have a ... visitor." Nami carefully said, didn't want Hunter to snap or
smashing the Sledge into his head.

"Uuuuummmm?" Stephanie moaned.

"Come on, my good woman. Your husband has come home to say hello."

Hunter attacked Nami but Nami pulled Avril in front of himself instantly.
Seeing her innocent and Scared face brought Hunter Some mercy. He did many
Numbers on wemon in the ring... Trish, Stephanie, Lita and .. But none of
them Had smashed into head with sledgehammer. He just stared at her.

Hearing that brought Stephanie immediately to her senses, and she lifted
Her head, her eyes wide open.

"HUNTER!" she said, her pretty face flushing a bright crimson. How could
she face her husband after all she had been through. Her mouth dropped open
when she saw that he was as naked as well!

"What the hell is going on here?" she asked herself.

"You fucking little slut," Hunter said in a cold, hate-filled voice. "The
minute my back is turned, you put out for this creep here. I never dreamed
that you were nothing but a whore. I'll bet if we lived here long enough,
you'd fuck every man in the building but me."

"Hold on there, big man." Nami said. "She gave you first crack at her pussy.
You didn't want it, so don't go blaming her."

"You shut up." Hunter snapped, Reminding that his Sledgehammer is still
ready. "What happens between my wife and me is none of your fucking

"You two woke us up this morning with your yelling," Nami said carefully. "I
like to get a good night's sleep and you ruined it. That pisses us.. That
hurt our feelings, so We decided to do something about it."

"Hunter... why are you naked?" Stephanie asked, seeing that there were four
people in the room, and all of them were naked. She didn't like the idea that
Hunter was accusing her of being a slut when he himself looked like he had
just fucked another woman.

And that thought really hit Stephanie! How could he refuse to fuck her, his
wife, and still find the time to fuck... fuck a child, for God's sake. That
blonde girl didn't look a day over seventeen!

"That's none of your business," Hunter snapped.

"It's every bit my business," Stephanie snapped back, pulling herself up and
glaring at her husband. "You wouldn't fuck me this morning because you said
you didn't have any time. You were soooooo tired this afternoon. All you
wanted to do was have a drink and forget about the day. So tell me... Why are
you naked now?"

"Fuck off!!!" His voice scared everybody even the brave dog.

All the tension in the room was really getting to Siegfried. He couldn't
tell who he should be protecting from whom. He recognized his lovely mistress
standing naked in front of some man who was yelling at the woman whose
cunt he had just licked, and the great dog decided that the strange man was
the enemy of everyone else. He sat down next to Nami and kept his eyes fixed
on Hunter.

"Well... come on, love," Avril said softy as she thought she might calm him
down. Nor her Nor Nami thought the would be dealing with a dangerous Sledge.
"Why don't you tell her where your clothes are? Why don't you tell her how
you just ripped them off because you couldn't wait to get into my hot little
pussy? Why don't you tell her how you fucked me with that big cock of yours."

"Hunter!" Nami taunted softly. "It's been so long for her that I'm sure she's

And then Stephanie took a position next to Avril, and the three of them, plus
Siegfried, were all staring at him. Hunter couldn't believe that he was all
alone. Was there no sanity in the world? Was everyone against him? Didn't
anybody understand?

"I'll tell you something, Avril," Nami said after a moment of silence. "I've
never seen such children as these two, and I've seen some pretty stupid
people doing some pretty stupid things."

"And I'll tell you something" Avril said almost absentmindedly. "Hunter
really fucks pretty good. I would think that Stephanie could hold off for his
cock. I really can't blame her for weakening to Siegfried. She did weaken, I

"Are you kidding? All he did was touch his tongue to her cunt and she was off
and running." Nami smirked.

"NAMI!" Stephanie was shocked. Up to this point, she had been feeling very
self-righteous. Twice her husband had walked out on her after she had tried
her best, and seeing him naked with another woman had made the young wife
feel totally justified that she had let Nami fuck her in the ass. But now
her husband knew about how she had let Siegfried lick her to orgasm.

"You mean... you and... and that dog..." Hunter couldn't believe that his
wife would actually do something like that. What had happened to that meek,
almost shy woman he had married? That was enough for him to concentrate on
hitting Stephanie before them.

"Oh, wait, will you?" Nami said, his voice betraying a great deal of boredom.
"You and that wife of yours love each other. Otherwise, the two of you
wouldn't be so shocked by what the other did. Avril and I set this whole
thing up. I figured that the two of you needed a little outside help, for
God's sake. I was right. Now don't go pissing everything away by worrying
about what happened less than an hour ago. The time has come for the two of
you to make up."

"After what she did..." Hunter started.

"After what he did..." Stephanie said at the same time.

"Hunter... why don't you just suck your wife's cunt?" Nami suggested. "I have
a sneaking suspicion that if you gave her what she really wants, you won't
have anything to worry about with her fucking all the men in the building."

Both husband and wife were shocked by the blatancy of his words. "You mean...
right here... now...? Suck her pussy... with everyone watching?"

"That's exactly what I mean," Nami said." I set this whole thing up because
I wanted to see the two of you get back together, and I'm not going to leave
until that happens. Of course, if you don't want to supply your wife with the
fucking she needs, I'd be more than willing to stand in for you."

Nami meant every word of that. He never bluffed, and to prove it, he reached
out and ran his hand lightly over Stephanie's right breast, letting his
fingers open and close around the succulent flesh of her passion-swelling

"You keep your hands off her," Hunter said quickly. "I... I can take care of
my own wife."

"Then prove it," Nami said. "Get down and suck her. This I have to see."

Stephanie and Hunter looked at each other, not exactly knowing how to start.
Hunter had licked Stephanie's cunt before, on the honeymoon. But that had
been when they were all alone in the hotel room. Doing something like that
with so many people watching...

"Get down on the floor, Stephanie," Nami instructed. "Make it a little easier
for him. Shit, woman, you were complaining that he didn't fuck you. What the
hell are you waiting for?"

"Well... there's you and..."

"Just do it and quit bitching," Avril said, looking at Hunter for a moment
and then returning her attention to Siegfried, who was watching the
proceedings attentively. There were two naked women in the room, and his
sense of smell could tell that both of them were aroused. He wondered which
one he would get a chance to fuck!

Seeing that there was really nothing to stop her, Stephanie took the
incentive. She lowered herself and stretched out languorously on the floor,
her soft round buttocks digging into the rug, her arms stretched high above
her head. Hunter fell to his knees beside her, and after regarding her for a
moment, he let his hands begin to roam hotly over her exposed body. He felt
like such a fool for running out on her like he had. The more he thought
about it, the more sense Nami made. Why shouldn't he lick his wife's cunt
with other people watching? It was pretty obvious that there were no secrets
among the little gathering, not after all he had seen. In a moment, he
managed to mold his wife's body into twitching desire.

Stephanie felt spasmodic jolts of pleasure ripple through her as the air of
the room played over her feverish flesh. She felt Hunter's strong hands close
over her buttocks from underneath, then slip up to her thighs, drawing them
apart, lifting up the plane of her pubis like a lascivious chalice. His
fingertips slid freely into the red jungle of her cuntal mound, and he wormed
them into her willing vagina, sending her into further spasms of delight. She
was responding to him, her whole body twisting and jerking as he teased her
lovingly between her wide-spread thighs. It suddenly made no difference that
there were two other people in the room. She had her husband back, and that
was all that mattered.

Changing his approach, Hunter withdrew his hands, then slowly, gently, drew
them over the flat plane of her abdomen, kneading the smoothly pliant flesh
as though he were exploring her for the first time, before descending once
more into the ever-moistening red curls of her pubic fleece. He stretched out
his middle finger and teased it along the length of her moistly welcoming
cuntal furrow.

"Oooooohhhhh... aaaaahhhh..." Stephanie moaned in a long, soft abandoned
manner. She groaned again, her body slowly jackknifing under his caressing.
Pinwheels of light flashed in the backs of her eyes.

Hunter looked for a moment away from the glistening slit of his wife's cunt,
his eyes pleading with Nami to leave, so he could be alone with his wife.
There were so many things that had to be said. He could fuck her later, he
reasoned, after the air between them had been cleared.

Nami seemed to know what was running through Hunter's mind, though, and he
merely smiled, his own penis getting larger and swollen. Absent mindedly, he
reached out and circled his arm around Avril, pulling her blonde nakedness
tight against his powerful frame.

Seeing that Nami and Avril were going to be staying around until he
finished with his wife, he returned his attention to Stephanie. He gazed at
her nakedness as though he were in deep meditation. His thumbs moved against
the swollen outer lips of her pussy and slowly pressed the soft, hair-fringed
lips apart. He studied the ragged delicate edges of the moist pink flesh as
though he were seeing it for the first time as they trembled to the
pulse-beat of her aroused desire. He could see the burgeoning knob of her
clitoris, palpitating to an anxious rhythm between the fleshy protective
lips. Below it was the pale star guarding the entrance to her seething velvet
passage. His mouth hung loose as he gazed with increasing interest at his
wife's eagerly awaiting pussy. How could he have been such a fool, he
wondered? Not even Avril's sweet pussy, with all its blonde beauty and
experience, could match the delightfulness of the vagina of the woman he had

Then he rose up and suddenly enclosed one delicate bud of her breast in his
mouth, licking and savoring its passionate hardness and swirling it around
and around with his tongue, bringing moan after moan from Stephanie. He
removed his mouth and smiled lovingly at her, wanting her to know that he
would forgive her if she would forgive him. She was not looking at him
though. She was already letting her body become lost in the glowing pleasures
her husband was finally bringing her. Seeing that she had already forgotten
about his one transgression, he enclosed the other breast nipple in his mouth
and teased it to the same hardness as the first before trailing his lips down
along the flat stretch of her torso between the deep-clefted valley of her
luscious mounds. He stopped for a lingering moment at her navel to probe and
stab the tiny aperture with his darting tongue. Then he moved lower still
until he was poised over her moist, quivering cuntal mound.

Stephanie was tense with excitement. This is what she had wanted him to do
this morning... and this evening when he had come home from work. Even though
she knew she was being watched, she didn't care. She was going to have her
husband back, and that was all that mattered to her. Even the wonderful
cunt-licking Siegfried had given her vanished from her mind as she closed her
eyes and gritted her teeth with ecstatic anticipation.

Hunter settled down on his knees between her smooth widespread thighs, His
fingers opening and closing in the flesh of her trim, shapely legs, his
eyes fixed on the dripping pink blossom of her cunt. He was smiling in

And then he darted out with his tongue, giving her a clean, searing swipe all
along the quivering slit of her shivering vagina.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH...!" she moaned as his long tongue slapped at her, probed
and searched in her trembling slit. There was no doubt in her mind. Even with
two total strangers watching, her husband's tongue on her cunt was wildly
exciting. Visions of the time they had spent together in their honeymoon room
flashed through her brain, and she knew that she was going to relive those

Hunter's lingual assault gathered in intensity as he sensed that she no
longer cared about the audience. His tongue began long, slow sweeping strokes
along the juicy split of her greedily pulsating cunt. His lips were nipping
and pulling at the stray wisps of her flaming pubic hair, bringing moan after
passionate moan from her parted lips. He thrust his tongue into the smooth
membrane of her deepest secret folds, teasing at the soft, fleece-rimmed lips
that guarded the burning channel of her cunt. His teeth inserted themselves
through the swollen pussy lips and bit at the warm wet layers inside while he
inhaled the deep heady aromas of her flowering womanhood.

He continued to slaver ecstatically at Stephanie's hungering pussy, wringing
A delirium of incredible sensations from the electrified zone of her loins.
This was no cheap pick up, as Avril had been. This was his wife... the woman
he loved, and he could see now that he had been acting like a child that

His mouth dived into her cunt, making loud sucking noises that seemed to fill
the entire apartment. Stephanie's hands were already clutching at his hair,
the way she clutched there when he had first done this to her. She was
pulling his head tighter and tighter against her pulsing, throbbing clitoris
as she shrieked out in unabashed joy as he surrounded the tiny knob with his
teeth, holding it delicately. He ran the tip of his agile tongue round and
round, over and under the near bursting organ, causing her to shake and flail
her legs with the massive tremors sweeping through her body.

This was better than she could have hoped. Even though there were no words
passing between them, Stephanie knew what her husband was thinking. This was
his way of telling her that he forgave her for letting Nami fuck her in the
ass. He was bringing her so much pleasure now that he couldn't be telling her
anything else. And he was also telling her how sorry he was for leaving her
alone when she wanted him... needed him.

Hunter stretched his mouth down, sticking his tongue along the smooth
lubricated furrow to the throbbing delicate opening of her vagina. He began
to orally fuck her in earnest, harder and faster, slipping the hot stiffness
of his tongue into her voraciously clasping hole, relishing the excitedly
flowing pussy juices, hearing her whimpering as he swirled his tongue labial
member around the velvet-lined chamber of her cuntal orifice. His hands
slipped beneath her desperately pumping thighs and pulled them farther apart
until they were flung high over his hunched down shoulders. Her entire pubic
area was leaning towards his churning face, a soft, seething offering to his
passion. Kneading the doughy white buttocks, he strained them apart as he
thrust his invading tongue once more in the melted flesh of her cunt.

Stephanie's demented screams of animal joy echoed through the room, Blasting
at the ears of Nami, Avril and Siegfried, who was certain that any moment now
he would get a chance to mount the passionately squirming woman.

"GOD! OOOOHHH GOD!" she wailed again and again as her husband's lashing
tongue whipped and seared like a hungry child's between her open thighs.

Stephanie's body danced and shook uncontrollably now under his lascivious
assault. Torrent after torrent of wild unleashed sensual joy ran riot through
her entire being.

Hunter drooled and licked and sucked, worming his saliva-slicked tongue far
up into her now rhythmically flexing cunt, reveling in the gyrations of her
lust-contorted body. He knew that she had passed beyond caring that there
were people watching, just as he had. She was drawing near a mind bending
climax, and he was proud that he was the one bringing it to her.

"Oooohhh... HUNTER! HUNTER! Your tongue... it's driving me crazy. I love it
licking my cunt and shoved up into my asshole!"

He began to establish an insistent rhythm, driving his tongue deeper and
harder... deeper and harder into the tiny clenched lips of her pussy, and
then suddenly pulled it away and again returned to her glistening, soaking
vaginal slit and the wispy soft hairs around her pulsating cunt lips.

Looking up momentarily, he saw her sweat-drenched breasts framing her
beautifully grimacing face, her mouth flung open in distorted passion.
Dropping his head, he returned his tongue to its task, and he knew that
he was driving her out of her mind from the oral fucking he was giving

Still standing and watching them, Nami and Avril were also aroused by the
sights and sounds of the cunt sucking Hunter was giving his lovely wife.

"I think it's about time you taught the two of them just a little more, don't
you?" Nami said, looking at Avril's lovely nakedness. He could see that her
breast nipples had become hard and distended, and his cock was jutting out
from his dark haired loins at a painfully acute angle. His heavy balls were
aching from the load of semen forming there, and he knew that he would have
to do something about that... and fast!

"What did you have in mind?" Avril asked.

"Something that can take care of the both of us," he told her. "Suppose you
get that cunt of yours over Stephanie's face. There's no reason why she and
her husband should have all the fun, now is there?"

"No reason that I can think of," Avril grinned. She took the several steps
toward Stephanie's face, followed closely by Siegfried.

"You stay out of this one," she cautioned her dog. "There's more going on
here than you'll ever understand."

Avril glanced at Nami and shrugged her softly rounded shoulders. He indicated
that she should get on with it.

Stephanie writhed on the rug, mewling incessantly, tossing beneath Hunter's
insanely slobbering tongue until she was certain she would lose her mind from
the sheer sexual pleasure. Her hungry, greedy cunt lips crawled and nibbled
over his liquid-smeared face. Her thighs clamped tight on his wet skin,
holding his head in her vise of hotly demanding flesh.

Suddenly, Stephanie's perspiring, lust-contorted face was enveloped by a
soft, wet tickling mass of flesh pressing down on her, covering her nose and
mouth and rubbing insistently against her. For a moment confusion reigned and
then with a sudden dawning she realized...

That woman her husband had fucked was straddling her face! She had planted
her wet open pussy on her mouth! It was grasping, eager, demanding to be
licked, just as Stephanie's own vagina was being caressed orally by her

For a moment, Stephanie didn't know what to do, and then, suddenly,
instinctively, her tongue shot out and she tasted, for the first time in
her life, the flowing cuntal fluids of another woman. It tasted like his
husband's cum. Her hands slid up, reaching under the girl's slender thighs
and digging into her wet, golden fleece. She's a real blonde all right,
Stephanie thought in the back of her mind as her tongue set to work
diligently on the throbbing pink flesh rimming her nose and mouth.

Hunter was still swirling his tongue maddeningly around inside her own cunt,
shooting tidal waves of pleasure up the length of her body, and she in turn
began to transmit the mad licking from below to a new goal, to the searing
demanding flesh of another woman's cunt.

Nami let Avril get herself settled for a moment, and then he walked up to
her, holding his massively swollen penis with one hand.

"How's she doing, cunty love?" he asked, smiling when he saw that Avril was
already swept up in the throes of rapture. "Suppose you take care of this
cock of mine while your pussy is being licked."

Avril opened her eyes and stared at the thickly veined cock being held up
to her face. She reached out with her hands to caress the huge pulsating
hardness, low crooning sounds of animal pleasure emerging from her throat
as she felt it jerk and throb. She was delighted that she was going to get
a chance to suck his penis again. He had been so busy planning everything
that the whole day had gone by without her fucking her after the morning.

The young blonde shifted her weight so she was kneeling comfortable, Then
lowered her face toward Nami's long erect cock. Her golden hair brushed
against his legs as her little pink tongue darted out to lick the small
pearl of moisture from the glans of his stiffened penis, and to swirl in
quick wet circles around the exposed red cockhead.

"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh..." Nami groaned, starting to undulate his hips
up against her face. "Yeah... suck it good... suck my cock real good," he

The young blonde girl began to lick over the entire length of his pungent
tasting cock. The distinctive male odor rising to meet her face filled her
with abandoned delight, and she lowered her face to gently mouth the
lust-bloated hairy sac of his testicles.

Then a blissful moan escaped Avril's lips as she ovalled her mouth and
enclosed Nami's swollen penis in her warm, wet cavern. Hungrily, she sucked
at the stiffened length of his cock, drawing it as deep as it would go until
her whole throat was stuffed with he hard male flesh. She ran her tongue
teasingly around the warm, bloated glans, delighting in the way his wild
jerks were pressing the head of his cock against the back of her throat. Her
lips were painfully strained... Nami must have been really aroused to have
his cock so swollen this time, and she was glad for the subtle drawn out
agony which only served to heighten her own passion. Grinding her eagerly
quivering vagina tighter against Stephanie's sucking mouth, she began to
tease her lover's pulsing penis by nibbling gently up and down the entire
length of the blood-engorged shaft.

So much was happening that Stephanie couldn't comprehend it all. She looked
up and around Avril's thighs to see that the young girl had taken into her
mouth the whole of Nami's thick, hard cock, and the sight aroused her more
than she would have thought possible. She licked and sucked blindly at the
tightly grinding pussy above her, tasting the flowing lubrication, slapping
and darting her tongue in a new-found ecstasy of oral stimulation. She
shifted her gaze so she could see the swelling tip of the young girl's
clitoris as it nestled between the thin protective lips. She discovered the
small star-like hole guarding the cuntal entrance and plunged her tongue
into it, making the other woman moan with delight around the mouth filling
cock she was sucking. She swept her tongue along the full length of Avril's
crotch, diving into her wet folds, traveling into her softly waving pubic

Nami couldn't see what Stephanie was doing to Avril, but he could tell what
effect it was having on the blonde girl. She was sucking his penis with an
intensity he had never known from her before.

"Shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt... like that... like that... you suck my
cock so gooooooooood..." he groaned, driven almost out of his mind by the
shuddering waves of pleasure that shot through his body as Avril's sharp
little teeth sank into his aching, throbbing penis.

Avril locked her ovalled lips as tight as she could around the huge rod of
male flesh plunging up into her mouth. Her tongue felt the urgent pulsing
of the swollen veins on the underside of his excitedly thrusting penis, and
she knew his orgasm was only moments away. She wanted him to hurry. She
could feel her own climax coming on with the force of an earthquake, and she
desperately wanted to cum when he did.

Down below, though she was only vaguely aware that she was bringing it about,
Stephanie was doing her best to make Avril cum at the same time as Nami.
Lingering over the tiny red tip of the young girl's wildly excited clitoris,
she grasped it expertly between her teeth and teased it, swirling it around
and around with her wanton tongue. She was reveling in her new power, the
strange unexpected pleasure of giving excitement to another woman. She heard
Avril sighing and moaning around the cock that was deeply implanted in her
mouth and she continued to lick and suck at the tender flesh. It tasted
wonderfully delightful. It was incredible, the feelings that were engendered
in her by being sucked between her legs by her husband while she herself
slavered at another woman's cunt.

And that woman was sucking on a man's cock!

She was part of a wild foursome of nakedly writhing bodies, and she loved it.

As she heard Nami's animalistic groans well above her head, she kissed and
slathered in Avril's warmly scented pussy, feeling the soft quivering fringes
of her cunt flesh ring her nose and mouth, feeling the excited throbbing of
her vaginal walls close around her probing tongue, feeling her smooth thighs
encase her bobbing head, clamping it there, making her tongue go deeper into
the elastic chamber, while below, Hunter was showering demonic frenzied
lashes of his tongue on her own agonized cunt.

Both women were panting heavily, each of their groans muffled by the genitals
filling their faces. They were madly increasing their momentum, a frenzied,
headlong velocity charged their fierce movements...

Avril sucked furiously on the long thick penis fucking into her face. Hot
flames of lust rose from her moisture and saliva-drenched pussy, and with
each passing second, the heated waves of her desire grew more and more

Desperation controlling her now, she reached behind Nami to grasp his
sperm-bloated balls with one hand and stick her middle finger up his
puckering anus.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the guttural cry rose deep from Nami's
throat as he felt the first spurt of hot thick cum shoot from his aching
testicles and begin its seething rush along the length of his jerking cock.
An instant later, the lust-heated fluid squirted into Avril's madly sucking
mouth, and every muscle and nerve in his orgasming young body exploded as
wave after wave of the mind-shattering climax swept over him.

The heated flow of his semen in her mouth was just the thing that triggered
the impending orgasm in Avril's own heated loins. His ear-piercing cry
blasted at Avril's mind and seemed to echo again and again inside her head.

"Shhhhhhhhiiiiiiitttt... I'm cumming... CUUUUUUMMMMIINNGG!"

"Oooohhhhhhhh! Yes... yes..." Avril chanted, her voice matching Nami's
perfectly. "I'm cumming too... aaaaaaaaggggghhhhh..."

And her hips were grinding tighter and tighter into Stephanie's face. It was
getting hard for the young wife to breathe, and her face was covered with the
copious flow of Avril's internal juices. The wanton blonde continued to suck
with a mindless passion at Nami's huge jerking penis, trying to swallow every
last drop of his acrid-tasting sperm, while at the same time pounding her
hips and loins against Stephanie's trapped mouth, her breasts jiggling and
bobbing like buoys at sea, until finally, her cumming was over, and she
slipped from Stephanie's tangled head and sprawled to one side, her lips
still locked tightly of Nami's shrinking penis.

Stephanie could now breathe freely, and her first reaction was to take a
deep, shuddering breath.

"Oooooohhhhh... keep licking my cunt... keep licking my cunt..." she begged
her husband, opening and closing her thighs around his tightly pressing face.
"I'm nearly there... keeeeep suckinggggggg..."

Her whole body was distorted with lust and passion, her voice hoarse with the
emotions of her abandoness.

"Keep licking my cunt!" she screamed, "I'm going to... to...

Then her body was thrashing and flailing like a belly dancer, completely out
of control, her naked cunt pounding up against her laboring husband's face.
Her head was tossing from side to side, her eyes open and glazed with
passion. Her fingers were clutching at his brown hair, pulling strands out as
she wailed again and again, and an orgasmic stream of her cum fluid cascaded
against Hunter's face.

"Oh... GOD... it's soooooooo... good...!" she gasped again and again, her
body controlled completely by paroxysms of pleasure which jolted her like an
electric prod.

Hunter pulled his face from between her loosening thighs and looked down at
her. She was laying completely still, a broad grin of total satisfaction
creasing her lovely face. Hunter cast his eyes about the room and saw that
Nami and Avril were also lost in the after-bliss of their orgasms.

Only Siegfried was still aware of reality, and as Hunter looked at the great
beast, he had to smile.

"Looks like it's just you and me, fellow," he said softly. "And you look like
you could use a good cunt same as me."

While he had been sucking his wife, his own penis had swollen painfully, and
he had hoped that Stephanie would still be somewhat conscious so he could
relieve himself the way he had relieved her. Even Avril looked as though she
would take quite some time to come around.

Hunter knelt straight up on his knees, his massive penis sticking out from
his loins like a giant pink tree. The more he looked at the near-sleeping
nakedness of his wife, the more excited he became, but he decided that it
would be well worth the wait for her to come around.

When she finally did open her eyes, it was at the same time as Nami and
Avril. For a long time, no one could say anything. Then Nami pulled himself
to a standing position.

"Well... I hope the two of you can see just how foolish you've been."

Stephanie lowered her eyes and smiled. Hunter did indeed feel foolish, and
he resolved then and there that he would never leave his wife alone when she
wanted him. Hell... life was too short not to take all he could. His marriage
was more important than his job, and being a little late wouldn't make any
difference at all.

Siegfried began to grow more and more impatient. With the scent of two naked
women filling the room, it was all he could do to control himself, and he was
certain that everyone had forgotten him. He leaped down from the couch where
he had been patiently waiting and snuggled up tight against Avril.

"Well... looks like we have someone here who would like another round," the
young blonde girl said with glee.

"He's such an amazing little cunt licker... Did you train him yourself?"
Stephanie asked with admiration.

"Uh huh," Avril answered. She told Stephanie how she had run away from home
and was picked up by the police. Since her parents didn't want her back, she
had been put in a home for runaways, and one of the women there had a dog.
"So when Nami found me, I had him get me Siegfried."

"Ooooooohhhhhh... you've really had a bad time of it," Stephanie said,
feeling sorry. "I really wish there was something we could do for you."

"I'll second that," Hunter said. "Stephanie and I... we owe you our

"I think something could be worked out," Nami said.

"And you would be the person to come up with something," Hunter said
pleasantly. "You're quite a bright young man."

Nami beamed. He had known all along what he was going to do at this point.
"I Suppose you two ladies go into the bedroom and take care of Hunter's big
cock. I'm certain Avril will have some pretty interesting ideas in that

"But what about you?" Hunter said.

"I have to go to the apartment for something, I'll join you a little later,"
he answered.

Avril squealed her delight and brought her arms around Stephanie and Hunter.
The three of them went into the bedroom, followed by Siegfried. Avril was
already suggesting things that three of them could do.

Nami waited until they were out of sight, and then he gathered his clothes.
Slipping into his pants, he slinked through the hall to pack those things
he really wanted. All the rest could be left behind. He really didn't need
anything that he couldn't buy later, and he still had more than enough money
to buy what he had to...


The morning sunlight streamed in through the bedroom window of the Helmsley's
apartment. Siegfried who had fallen asleep off the bed opened his eyes and
looked around. It smelled like early morning to him, but he was eager and
ready to get started on another day. He couldn't remember a time when he had
had so much fun as the night before. He was totally exhausted from licking
Stephanie and fucking Avril in the morning. He liked the new people and he
Could sense he would be spending a lot more time with them. His animal mind
noticed that a strong bond had been formed between the young blonde girl who
was his mistress and the two people who lived in the apartment next to his.
And The new man didn't mind at all sharing either of the women with him.

He got to his feet and went over to sniff at the blonde girl, his actions
waking her. When Avril stirred, she woke Stephanie and Hunter.

"Uuuuuuummmmm... good morning," Stephanie said in a sleepy voice, looking at
the clock and noticing that there was a good hour before Hunter had to get up
and go to work.

"Good morning, love," the husband said, slipping his arm around his wife's
naked waist. "Shit, I don't think I'll ever recover from last night."

"Where's Nami?" Avril asked, a slight panic giving an edge to her voice.

"I don't see him," Stephanie said, lifting her head and looking around.
"Didn't he come back at all last night?"

"Jesus," Avril said, pulling herself off the bed and wandering out of the
bedroom into the living room. "I thought he did, but there was so much
fucking I couldn't tell which end was up."

Stephanie and Hunter followed her out of the bedroom, both of them slipping
into their bathrobes. Even though they had just spent a passionate,
lust-filled night with her, they still felt a little uncomfortable about
walking around in the nude.

"It doesn't look as though he was here at all last night," Avril said. "All
his clothes are gone. "

As though she were in a panic, she bolted from Stephanie's and Hunter's
apartment through the hall to her own.

Everything was still there, though there was no sign of Nami. A closer, more
careful look revealed that his suitcase and some of his favorite clothes were
gone. Stephanie and Hunter came up behind her, looking around for some sign
of the man who had completely changed their lives. Avril was so distraught
that she looked like she would go all to pieces, and this baffled Hunter. She
had seemed so strong, so confident. He didn't think it was possible for her
to fall apart like this.

Stephanie was in possession of herself a little more than Avril, and she
found an envelope addressed to the three of them, and Siegfried! Opening it,
She quickly read through Nami's poor handwriting, trying to make out what he
Had said. Avril was leaning up against Hunter for support, trying her best
not to cry. It seemed to her as though her whole world had collapsed around
her. She had known that Nami would leave someday, but she had not wanted to
think about it until she had to. Now, the only thing on her mind was that
she was alone, and the possibility that she would have to go back to the
half-way home depressed her terribly.

"It says here that he thanks us all for being such good sports about his
adventure," Stephanie said. "He wishes the four of us the best, and he hopes
that Hunter and I will look after you."

"He what?" Hunter said, still trying to clear the cob-webs from his sleepy

"He mentions something about adopting Avril," Stephanie continued. "He thinks
the two of us will give her the guidance she still needs."

"Adopt...? How old are you, anyway?" Hunter asked the lovely naked blonde

"You mean you can't tell? Really? I'm... I'm seventeen," She said, As though
she were ashamed to admit it.

"I thought you seemed a little young," Stephanie remarked. "You may have
seen a lot of the world, but there are still some things you haven't done...
important things that were pretty obvious to me."

"Nami's gone," Avril said, not wanting to believe it but not really having a

"Hey... come on now," Hunter soothed. "You think that Stephanie and I would
just put you out of our lives? After all we've been through, that could never
happen. I like the idea of having you around. You might be a little young but
there's plenty we could learn from each other."

"You... you mean that?" Avril was beaming. Nami had been the only good thing
that had happened in her life and the thought that something good was going
to happen again was almost too much for her to hope for.

"Sure he means that," Stephanie told her. "And if Nami hadn't suggested it,
I'm sure one of us would have thought of it."

"Tell you what," Hunter said, coming next to his wife and circling his arm
around her. "I'll look into the paper work today at work. There should be
some legal problems, but nothing to serious."

Avril was speechless. She couldn't believe that these two wonderful people
were actually going to take care of her. It was too much! She couldn't hold
back her tears of happiness.

As she laid her head against Hunter's shoulder and cried, Stephanie leaned
over and whispered into his ear. "You think you'll have time for that?"

"Babe, I'll make the time... for that and a lot of other things," He
answered. "We were really lucky. We nipped our problems in the bud. Things
could have gone sour before the marriage was started."

She smiled and gave her husband a light kiss on his ear.

"This calls for a celebration," Hunter said suddenly," and I know just what
we can do about that."

Stephanie was beaming, but Avril had one more thing on her mind.

"Are... are you going to keep Siegfried as well?" she asked.

"Are you kidding?" Hunter said with a false shock. "He's as much a part of
all this as you are. Besides... after what I've seen, I don't think the two
of you could be totally happy without him."

"That's some husband you have there," Avril complimented Stephanie.

"You aren't telling me anything I don't already know," the brown haired wife

Suddenly both women felt something warm and furry pressing against their

"Speak of the devil," Avril said.

"Come on," Hunter called, leaving them and heading toward the bedroom in
Avril's apartment. "Let's get this party started. Something tells me this is
going to be one hell of a day."

Avril and Stephanie looked at each other, not wanting to think about how
wonderful their lives were going to be. For the lovely naked young girl, it
was like the passing of a storm. She was finally going to be with people she
liked... people who would not abuse her, and who could teach her the things
she needed to know. Her day of having to put up with the shit of being
unwanted and used were over.

But Stephanie was certain that, no matter what the young girl felt, it
couldn't match her own happiness. Not only did she have her husband back,
but as she imagined herself looking into the future, she could see that
the honeymoon was never going to end after all.

The End

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