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by Cjr101203

"Oh god I'm so so so sorry. I should have knocked its just that my CD player
was on and I never heard the shower," I pleaded with my sister. "Its just
that, well, I really need the toilet and was wondering if I could borrow
yours because your friends are using mine."

By this time I was beginning to blush because I could see the accusing look
beaming from my sisters eyes. Standing there in her towel I could see what
all the guys loved about her and why so many fans had chanted for her.
Glistening from the shower her brown hair still damp. When this wet no man
is would be able to resist her as proved in the latest issue of my favorite
magazine where my sister posed drenched by a waterfall. Although her most
private parts were covered everything else was on show and I must admit she
looked almost irresistible.

The fact that our father was a self-made billionaire who gave my dear sister
and myself our own house to live in when I was 15 helped us bond. We had only
each other for company most of the time, as, when we weren't on tour with my
father's business, we didn't enjoy the company of the other uptight kids on
our "block". However I had always known my sister to be attractive I began to
find her sexy when I found out she was sneaking her boyfriends into the house
and I went on to begin to listen and peek at her. Through the crack of the
door I could usually see her brown hair waving in the moonlight as groans of
pleasure oozed from her room.

Now she was 21 and, for the TV audiences, had breast implants that not only
made her look amazing, it helped out her career a whole heap as she now got
more airtime and better storylines. My father, who was always in business
mode, nearly dropped to the floor when she walked in to his office after the
surgery. He was so happy that his daughter had done this for him as he had
so many new angles and storylines, which were all, made do able with the two
giant mountains resting on her chest. Sorry back to the story.

"Yeah right you little perv" she whined at me in her high pitched voice, "you
were just trying to see your sister in the nude, weren"t you?"

"No! No honestly Stephanie I wasn't. I just needed the toilet and your stupid
friends wouldn't let me in and well I'm really bursting to use it."

It may have just been the fact that I was bursting for the toilet and
therefore indirectly stroking my penis but the longer I talked to my sister,
wrapped in her towel that hardly covered her, I began to feel my erection
grow. "Please, please let me in. just for about ten seconds. I would really
appreciate it Steph."

"No," she replied resolutely.

"Please. Look I will do anything for you. I'll make you orange juice every
morning. GOD I am gonna burst!"

"No deal. We have a butler for that." she stood there, arms crossed
underneath her breasts elevating them somewhat.

"He is on holiday just now!" Ha I got her I thought to myself. Although
I did need the toilet what I was more worried about was the fact that my
erection was still growing.

"No." She couldn't help but smile. Then it came to me.

"I will give you back this," I say as I swipe the miniscule towel from around
her. Although my original plan was to enter the bathroom the sight of my
sister's perfect brown nipples hardening from the cold and her brown pubic
hair slightly swaying was a sight for sore eyes.

In the split second of my staring she got the upper hand. She lunged at me to
get back the towel and, as her supple body hit mine, I was able to throw the
towel away. She had not noticed this clever move and I felt her hands roaming
and tickling my body. She must have caught the towel in the corner of her eye
as she got up leaving me wet and very excited in a very wrong way. I took my
opportunity and got in the door. The last thing I saw was my sister's naked
body jumping at the door, her breasts swaying beneath her.

I heard her pleading outside to let her in as she was naked and could hear
her friends coming. My sister and I annoyed each other in fun but I didn't
want her embarrassed so I let her inside. I once again got sight of the
promise land. My erection was now sliding down my leg. As her friends pass
she puts her finger to my mouth and shouts to them she will be right out.
Her finger tasted amazing. I didn't lick it but when she withdrew it I
licked my lips and there was a definite taste of womanly juices on it.

"I think they are gone," she whispered. "Christ think how strange it would
look if I was caught naked in here with my brother."

"Oh god you are naked!" I replied covering my eyes pretending I hadn't

"Shut up. Like you didn't notice. I mean Christ look they aren't exactly
small are they?" She laughed.

I laughed nervously with her. I never heard my sister talk about her breasts.
"Not at all. They aren't the only things big around here." I stopped. Had I
just said that? No I obviously hadn't. I wasn't getting kicked in the groin.
Actually looking at her face she was smiling. I have never seen that look in
here eye. It is a brilliant look for here. She should use it on TV. I was
starting to realise I was now staring at her for what seemed a lifetime but
which was in actual fact about 7 seconds. She broke the silence.

"What you mean?" she asked with slight sarcasm in her voice. "Oh you mean my
eyes? Aren't you sweet." She then gave me a quick smile before sticking her
head around the door and running out leaving me with not only the hardest
erection I ever had but also still trying to understand what she was thinking
as she left.

I quickly flushed all these thoughts out of my mind and turned around to
relieve myself. The only problem was that I was hard as a rock and rocks
aren't great at pissing.

I didn't see Stephanie for the rest of that day as, when she got dressed, her
friends had taken her out for a few drinks. It was at around midnight when I
heard the gates of our house open and when I looked out the window saw my
sisters white limo pull up. I watched as she stepped out of the limo. I could
see the bronzed skin of her legs as they edged out and then an amazing
cleavage and panty shot at the same time. Although I had seen my sister naked
a few hours earlier (and used the image already for a helping hand) I still
got an amazing thrill from watching her exit her limo.

To my surprise however Stephanie was alone. Usually she would take home some
stud and all I would hear for hours was the lustful moaning of two people
having passionate sex. However I watched her climb out of her limo, thank the
driver and then straighten her dress. She seemed unbalanced and was obviously
tipsy so I made my way to the door to help her. The second I opened the door
she fell into my arms and, I presumed, fell asleep. Now starring in quite a
number of my father's shows meant that I was strong enough to lift my sister
off the ground and carry her up the stairs and into her gigantic bedroom. All
the way there I saw the outline of my sisters hard nipple and was amazingly
tempted to just lower my head but fought the temptation until I finally
entered the destination room. I carried her to the bed and lay her gently on
the bed.

During the trip her dress had ridden up to give me a partial view of her
panties. I then looked at her heavenly face. Her brown hair was in a mess
much like it had usually was in the morning. Her eyes were shut, her nose
still amazingly cute and her ruby red lips partially open. I leaned down
and kissed them lightly for no more than 2 seconds and made my way to the
door. I stopped however and turned. I knew how much she liked that dress
and also knew she was a restless sleeper. I had to get it off her. I walked
to the bedside and leaned over her. I pulled her close to me as I reached
behind and pulled down the zipper. Still holding her with one hand my other
was able to peel the straps off her shoulders and then leaving the whole of
the top part of her dress around her waist.

The magnificent breasts worked their magic on my pulsating cock again. I laid
her back down and then began to pull the whole thing off of her body. Inch by
inch revealing her silky red thong. Being so close to her was more of a turn
on and as I drew the dress off, her feminine smell began to drive me crazy. I
eventually pulled the whole thing off and in triumph began to celebrate.
However my pride turned to horror when my sister began to stir. I turned to
leaved but heard the cries to come and sleep with her. I suspected she meant
in a brotherly sisterly way not in a "fill my hot cunt with your incestuous
sperm" way. So I slowly walked over to her and get behind her. I put my arm
on her shoulder and rested it. I myself began to tire so I removed my shirt
and pants and socks leaving me in my boxers. I then felt her hand grab me
and pull me towards her. I didn't resist and then put my arm around her as I
drifted to sleep.

At 3 am a shifting on the bed awaked me. My eyes opened and I saw my sister
now facing me with our bodies entwined in a sleepy hug. I looked directly
at her face and saw her eyes still closed. My eyes moved down her body and
settled on her magnificent breasts, which caused another reaction in my
boxers. This time however we were so close my erection actually stuck into
her pubic mound. I tried to think of unsexy thoughts but to no avail. I was
actually growing harder and pushing further into her. I had to leave so
began to roll away but hesitated. I turned back and saw she was still
asleep. Her I lay in bed with my sister, Stephanie McMahon, and she is
topless. I must have been tired because I then moved in closer and slightly
parted her legs. I then slid my still covered cock between them and pulled
her again closer. I felt her pussy lips warmth against my cock. I held her
and drifted.

2 hours later I was once again woken by a shake. I could feel my cock still
amazingly hard but also felt a little wetness and friction on it. I opened
my eyes and was greeted by the sight of my sisters amazing tits bouncing in
front of me. She looked down at me still bouncing on my cock sweat pouring
off her.

"Hi big boy. I know you have wanted this for years and I'm just so damn
horny." I was in shock as I lay there looking up at my sister fucking and
grinding into me. I moved my hands slowly towards her breasts and took a
grab off them, tweaking the nipples. As I do this, her face turns into that
of an orgasmic expression, which gives me the impression she is nearly

I feel her pussy clamp around my cock as she screams. Grabbing my sisters
tits, hearing her scream in pleasure and the pressure that her pussy had put
on the base of my cock proved too much as my hot come began to shoot hard
and deep inside her. With each hot shot, she jerked and continued to milk me
with her pussy. With the last of it drained she climbed of me and leant in
tongue first to kiss me on the lips. It was the most erotic and passionate
kiss I had ever had.


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