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by Anonymous

Sable picked up the last remnants of her WWF days from her locker room,
and sat down on the floor. A part of her would miss the fans, but her
dominant part didn't give a shit about the fans or the love letters and
gifts. She was gonna sue the pants off of McMahon, milk him dry, and move
on to WCW.

She knew it would be boring, but looked forward to her $1 million
agreement with Eric Bischoff. She threw the items in her duffel bag-- the
one that she had claimed had feces smeared on it (when, in fact, she simply
had a hacker friend of hers super-impose smeared shit on the bag via the
internet, and then printed out a photo quality picture), zipped it up, and
stood up.

She ran her hands over her breasts, trying to soothe her hard nipples.
She had been thinking of her first time with Marc, and for a brief second
considered giving him a rare mercy-fuck... but, in the end, she decided
against it. Maybe she could stop by a strip club for a quickie...

She fumbled in her purse for her keys to the locker room, planning on
locking it up before leaving, when she dropped her purse on the ground.
She bent over in her short skirt, picking up the many items on the floor.
She had time to admire her smooth legs, and how great they looked with her
thigh-high leather boots.

She zipped her purse shut, grabbed her keys, and stood up, straightening
her skirt. She was wearing flimsy, black lace panties, and didn't want
anyone to get a show before she got home. She checked her tight t-shirt,
pulling it up slightly to cover her breasts a little more, revealing a very
small stripe of stomach.

When she got to the door, she swore she heard muttering. "Don't be silly,
Rena," she scolded herself.

She opened the door, to see Shane McMahon, Rodney, and Pete Gas outside
her door. So she had heard muttering, after all... "What the hell do you
three stooges want?"

"You, bitch," Pete replied in a gruff tone.

"Yeah! Don't tell me you wouldn't like the three of us to make your
day. I know how you've fantasized about me at nights, baby," Rodney added,
smiling so realisticly that one would think he actually believed what he

"Shane, tell these bozos to back off. I told you, I quit your pansy-ass
organization, now let me go!" Tears were starting to gather in her eyes.
She may have been a plastic bimbo, but even plastic bimbos knew when men
wanted sex.

"No, y'see, Rena, I have an issue with you. Vince told me to let your
ass go, 'good-fuckin' riddance,' as I recall...but every day, someone's
gotta pay, and today is Rena-day. See, skank, you made a whole bunch of
fake allogations against me and Vince, and I don't like that. Neither
does the Possee. Time to pay up, bitch."

With that, Shane lunged forward with all his might, stopping Rena from
closing the door on him. He slapped her, and grabbed her keys. After Pete
Gas and Rodney came in, he locked the door, and slid the key in his left
front pants pocket.

"Well, who's first, boys?" Shane inquired. With that, Pete Gas stepped
forward, and started to strip from the waist down...

As Sable's eyes fixed on Pete Gas fumbling open his belt, Shane and
Rodney moved behind her. Pete unzipped his pants, and pulled them down.
He pulled down his underwear to reveal a semi-erect penis.

Shane pulled a sharp antique letter-opener out of his pocket, and slit
Rena's shirt down the back. He tore it off, freeing her large, silicone-
enhanced breasts. At the mere site of her breasts, Pete's erection reached
its full length. Shane and Rodney each grabbed one shoulder, and pushed
Rena down. Shane held the letter-opener against her neck.

"See, bitch, we're the three biggest fans of your body. You don't
screw us, and you screw the Corporation. And no one screws the

In a relevatory flash, Sable knew that the three of them had been
drinking. None of these three were anything more than annoyingly timid
bastards outside of the ring, and would never try this. But, they were
trying it. She opened her mouth as Pete Gas plunged his hands into her
blonde hair. She finally let silent tears fall down her face, wetting her

For a second or so, Pete Gas just stood there, and Sable thought that
maybe he lost his gall... but then he slammed forward into her mouth. He
was only an inch away from being all the way in her hot mouth, when Shane
smacked the back of her head, forcing her to take all of Pete's throbbing
erection. He held her head in place with brutal force, loving how her
throat spasmed around his cock. He then pulled out a little bit... and
slammed in all the way even harder.

He continued making slow, hard thrusts down her throat, hurting her,
but also humiliating her. He pulled on her hair as he began to pick up
his pace, fucking her mouth. He began to thrust faster and harder,
pulling all the way out until only his cockhead was in her sweet mouth,
and then slamming it down her throat again.

She felt his hands lock in place, and knew what time it was: Orgasm
for Pete Gas. He spewed his load down her throat, forcing her to swallow
his sticky semen. As his orgasm hit, he squeezed her bare breasts hard,
loving the feel of her titflesh in his hands, marveling at how perfectly
round and firm her implants made her breasts. Before leaving, he tweaked
each one of her nipples, sending bolts of agony through her. The rape of
her mouth was over, but the rape of Rena Mero wasn't.

Pete grabbed her shoulder, and Rodney got up. He tickled her bare
breasts and stomach, and then moved down between her legs, hoping to find
some wetness. She was bone-dry, which made him happy. She wasn't gonna
come, but all of her openings would fill with cum, that was for damn sure.
He unbuckled his belt and pulled his khakis and underwear at the same time.
As this happened, Rena felt Pete Gas's semi-erect cock become completely
erect again as it poked painfully against her shoulder blade.

She wondered if Rodney and Pete... or at least Pete, was/were gay.
She'd think later, if they left her able to think. Rodney grabbed her by
the nipples, and laid her down on her stomach. He then ran his hands over
the leather boots. Rena knew what was about to come, and gave a light sob.
None of them heard it. That was good. She feared that if she didn't take
it like a bitch, they'd stop treating her like one, and kill her.

"On all fours, beautiful bitch!" Shane cried that one-- Rodney still
marvelling at how smooth and long her legs were, and how great the boots
made her feel. "Earth to fucking Rodney!" Shane said again.

Rodney knew that Shane wanted his turn. Rodney, this time: "Okay,
bitch, get ready for pain."

"Please, don't do this... at least use lube, please--"

Rodney smacked her hard across the face, and for a second, the world
swam. It then solidified, and she felt the tip of Rodney's penis pushing
against her puckered anus. He grabbed her hips hard enough to send sparks
through her nerves, and then shoved himself in to the hilt in Sable's ass.

He had trouble not shooting his load the second he saw her naked, but
it took all the control he had not to come in her tight back-passage. He
waited for her to adjust to his size, and then realized that she'd never
taken it in this hole, and he wouldn't have time for that right now.
Besides, she was the bitch.

He pulled all the way out, and Rena, never having been ass-fucked,
thought he had come without her feeling it. She knew how tighthe was.
Then she felt it go all the way in again, only possibly, farther this

Rena Mero's anal channel clamped down on Rodney's cock, but he held
off orgasm. He planned to fuck her until his cock was black and blue.
It was purple, anyway, from the lack of circulation. He pulled out a
little, and then slammed in harder. He pulled out a few inches, and then
slammed in again. He was testing her for a rhythm that worked, and found
that a few inches at a time worked nice on this bitch's backside.

He continued with his rhythm, feeling her milk his pre-cum. He then
let go of her hips, and grabbed onto her breasts, massaging the gorgeous
orbs of flesh from behind her. Her nipples, surprisingly, were not hard.
Fear, he figured, and started pounding her again. When he felt that he
would come any second, he put his hands on her outer thighs, and moved
them slowly up and down over her legs.

He loved the feel of the boots, and if he had waited to be last, he
could probably spend the time to run his tongue over her boot-covered
legs. But, Shane was the boss, and he was next. He squeezed her
mid-thighs and then came, feeling her anal muscles drain his cock of all
come. He pulled out, and gently bit her left ass cheek. He could see
that his come was already making its grand exit out of her tightest

He looked at Shane, and received a nod. He knew what that meant--
he'd get a second come. He decided to innovate. He had been amazed at
how much strength it took to spread her ass cheeks wide enough to fit
his cock up her ass.

She remained on all fours, but saw his shadow on the floor beneath
her. He spread her ass cheeks, and she had to bite her lip to stifle a
sob. She couldn't take any more of the rape, but especially not the
anal raping. That was *too* much.

But instead of plunging into her puckered ass again, Rodney shoved
his erection between her ass cheeks, but not into her anus. He was on
her, flattening her to her belly (which was more demeaning then being on
all fours), and straddling the small of her back/top of her ass.

"Clamp down, bitch," he ordered. She complied, squeezing her ass
cheeks around his cock.

"Harder," he ordered gruffly. She complied again.

"I said harder, bitch! Try to close your damn cheeks!" He was insane
with lust, as well as drunk with liquor. This was a dangerous man.

She wished desperately that the room wasn't sound-proofed. She clamped
down completely, feeling her firm, rounded cheeks touch. She knew men
loved her ass, but never imagined anyone would want to stick her there.

Rodney ferociously slid his cock in and out of her clamped cheeks.
This was the weirdest position for sex he'd ever had, but was also the
tightest-- tighter, even, than the puckered ass he just shot his semen

Throughout his thrusts, he continued licking her legs and boots like
a cat licks itself. He came, feeling his penis spasm, shoot it's load,
and then deflate. His cock started to ooze out of her ass crack, and
wanted another go-at-it, but decided to let Shane come first.

He rolled her over on her back, and saw the tears covering her face.
He felt no sympathy, however. If she thought this was bad, just wait
until she felt Luna and Sunny's wrath.

Shane, unlike Pete Gas and Rodney, took off all of his clothes. He
straddled Sable, the woman he had fantasized about fucking, and felt
insane with lust.

"Well, bitch, every day, someone's gotta pay. How do you like payday?"

She tried to answer-- to say something tough, but all she did was
utter a few choked gasps and sobs.

Shane roared with thunderous, raspy laughter, and covered her lips
with his. If she wasn't wearing lipstick, her lips would've been bruised
by his force. He shoved his tongue in her mouth, fastidiously running it
over everything it came in contact. He pulled back, pressed his lips
against her forehead, and then worked on her ear. He nibbled gently at
first, and Rena thought she felt some wetness inside her core, but then
he bit down, drying her with fear again.

He moved down to her neck, licking her throat and placing bites on
her collarbone. He then moved down to the valley between her breasts,
licking her until she moaned in pleasure. He did the same to her left
breast, and actually coaxed the nipple to hardness, but when he felt it
harden, he bit her breast, making her cry out in pain.

He repeated the process with her other breast, and then moved down,
planting light nibbles all the way down to her navel. He bit her navel
ring, and then pulled on it gently. Shane ran his hands up and down the
beautifully firm legs, he and Rodney were, after all, very alike.

He found himself wishing she still had the short skirt on, but it had
been torn off sometime during the evening's escapades. His cock was now
fully erect from foreplay, and he decided it was time to come.

He entered the bitch, *his* bitch, in one thrust, burying himself to
the hilt in her used pussy. He rammed her cuct with enough force to lift
her off the ground each time he thrust. He felt his orgasm building, and
after a couple more thrusts, shot his load inside her. He pulled her
nearly limp form on top of him, and kept on thrusting.

He then grabbed her underneath the knees, and said "Come on, guys,
time for the gangbang...remember?"

All three men were drunk, but they remembered. Rodney resumed his
place on top of Sable, and with one thrust, buried himself to the hilt in
her semen-filled ass. He pumped in and out again, rubbing the sides of
her thighs while Shane held onto her boot-clad legs.

Pete Gas yanked her head up by pulling her hair, and kissed her hard
and deep. He used his tongue to pry open her mouth, which she had
determined to keep shut. He then ran his tongue over her teeth, broke the
kiss, and, before she could stop him, rammed his cock back into her throat.

All three men fucked her, gangbanged her, raped her. Her body was
worn, and she would faint soon, and she knew that they'd rape her until
none of them had so much as half an ounce of cum left. They ravaged her

Pete Gas yanked on her hair while filling her mouth; Rodney filled her
tight and tired asshole while he rubbed her well-muscled legs, and Shane
pumped into her pink pussy while pushing up and holding onto her breasts.
And the worst part of all is that, in the whole ordeal, she didn't come

Within a matter of minutes, all three men spent the last of their
spunk, and pulled out of her, one at a time. Rodney pulled out last,
loving the feel of her ass around his cock.

As she drifted out of consciousness, she managed to catch Pete Gas
ask Shane one last question:

"So, Shane, who do we take her to next? Luna and Tammy? Your old
man? Or all those other chicks that wanted her?"

* * *

Sable woke up in a bed that wasn't hers and Marc's. She was in a
dark room, but she could see that the bedroom she was in was huge, and
that the bed was king-sized. She was somewhat groggy until she tried to
move her arms to get up. They were tied down.

Her mind went back to the morning's events. She wanted to scream, but
nothing came out. She did, however, hear two people talking. One was
Shane. The other sounded like Luna Vachon, when she wasn't doing her
pretend voice.

"So, no one will wonder where she is?" the woman asked.

"No, nobody. See, we used one of those vocal enhancers to make a call
from Playboy. It sounded like some buffed-up steroid user's voice. You
should've heard it." Shane chuckled.

"Well, what about Marc and her daughter?" Luna-- she was sure it was
Luna, asked.

"Her daughter is with her grandparents. Marc is gonna be hitting the
local bordellos and strip clubs. He always does when he's away from that

"Then what are we waiting for?" This voice, a third, was also a
woman's. She couldn't put a face with the name, but she had a very, very
bad premonition that what happened earlier was only the beginning.

The lights flickered on in the bedroom, forcing her to blink her eyes
repeatedly as her pupils contracted to the right size. She was still
dressed in her thigh-high black boots, but nothing else-- not even a bra
or panties. She saw who the other woman was. It was Tammy Lynn Sytch.

Luna crawled onto her bed, and sat on Sable's stomach. "Well, bitch,
you made our lives hell, and got both of us in trouble with the boss. But
Shane decided to take measures to see to it that we got even."

"Please...don't hurt me...sorry..." tears flowed down Rena's cheeks,
but Luna's demeanor didn't change.

"You make another sound and I'll fill your mouth with something to shut
you up. Get it?"

"Yes, I-"

Luna unloaded one on Sable, nearly knocking her out from the strength
and fury of the punch.

"Tammy, looks like we need the ballgag."

Tammy got the ballgag and put it in Sable's mouth, stretching her jaw.

She didn't know what had happened to Rodney and Pete Gas, but had a
second premonition-- one of them setting up a Sable tour with all of the
people she'd pissed off. If the call she got had been fake, then that
meant that she was gonna be trapped for a week. This was only her first

Tammy unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled them down, leaving herself in a
t-shirt and pair of white panties. She then tore off the shirt, revealing
her round, bra-less orbs. She bent down in Sable's face and.. whispered to
her, "Suck my tits, bitch. If you don't do what we say tonight, you'll
have both of us beating the shit out of you."

Sable reluctantly obliged, taking one of the soft nipples in her mouth,
running her tongue over it, and then sucking until she heard moans of
pleasure. When she felt that the nipple was hard, she worked on the other
one, repeating the process.

She had expected to get wet herself, but that didn't happen. She hoped
that there wouldn't be any cocks, real or fake, in her pussy. She knew it
would tear without lube on this night.

Luna undressed, and then went to Sable's side. She licked at her nipples
until they were hard as erasers, and then stopped the ministrations. She sat
down on Sable's face, and started to suck on Tammy's nipples, replacing
Sable. She ran her tongue up and down Tammy Sytch's body. She soon trapped
Tammy's mouth in a kiss, allowing her tongue to duel with the other woman's.
Luna then used her hands to play with Tammy's breasts. The ballgag in
Sable's mouth put pressure on Luna's clit, making her moan into Tammy's

Knowing what Luna wanted, Tammy put one hand down by Luna's clit, and
began fingering her. Luna came on Tammy's hand, the ballgag, and Sable's
face. She then let one hand leave the younger woman's chest to repay the
favor, playing with Tammy's pleasure button, until she came on Sable's

The breathing of both Luna and Tammy was labored, but Rena knew that
they still had some pep in them. Enough pep to cause her a lot of pain.

"You think we can take the ballgag out now?" That was Tammy.

"I guess, but before she's ready to suck some pussy, I think she should
suck some cock, don't you?"

"Of course."

Luna looked at Shane, and motioned for him to come over. He had been
idly playing pocket-pool, enjoying the show. He took off his shirt and
pants, and then pulled down his underwear. As he walked by Tammy, he
received a pat on the ass. He looked back at her, and decided that before
Sable made her next stop, he'd get some from the ECW employee.

Shane took out the ballgag, but replaced it with his hard cock before
Sable could close her mouth. She licked the underside of his shaft, and
then swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. Shane grunted in
pleasure, grabbed each one of her tits, and squeezed hard on the soft
flesh as the first spurts of his semen came out. He thrusted with all of
his might for a couple more minutes, until his thick, ropy cum shot into
Rena's mouth. He pulled out, and wiped his erection on her face.

He was about to play with her fake tits when he looked back at Luna
and Tammy. They were on the floor, lapping at each other's cunts in a
69 position. Shane got off of Rena, and walked over to Tammy, who was on
top. Shane mounted Tammy from behind, and slid his cock into her pussy.

Tammy used every ounce of strength she had, trying not to come, but
it was no use. She exploded from having a tongue and a cock inside her
pussy at once.

Luna rolled out from beneath her, and Tammy rested on her elbows to
let Shane continue doing her doggy style. Luna, meanwhile, walked over
to Sable, and, without warning, sat on her face.

Sable, wanting the night to be over, licked and sucked on every
centimeter of Luna's pussy that she could find. Luna started bucking
her hips wildly, fucking Rena Mero's pretty face. She came, letting her
juices flow into Sable's mouth.

She looked over her shoulder, and saw Shane pounding his penis into
Tammy's pussy. Tammy threw her head back, her eyes closed, and groaned
a sound that seemed to much like that of an animal to have come from the
little woman. She came for the third time that night, and Shane had time
to think that after her, if he wanted to come again, his best bet was
fucking Sable again.

Seconds later, Shane came, filling her pussy with his semen. She
collapsed to the floor, out of breath, and didn't even try to get up.
Shane walked over to Sable, and turned her over in her bonds.

Luna got a switch, and proceeded to slap Sable's firm ass until her
arm was tired. She thought that it may have been as much as 30 swats,
but probably closer to 25 or 26.

Shane spread Sable's ass cheeks, and buried himself to the hilt with
one thrust.

Luna watched in ecstasy, fingering herself until she felt her own
orgasm approaching. She withdrew her fingers from her needing pussy, and
watched as Shane rammed himself into Sable's tightest hole. She got an

Shane did not relent from his anal rape until every drop of semen he
had was in her ass. He felt like an animal, but was finally out of energy
and cum. He pulled his cock out of her ass very slowly, and went over to
where Tammy was. He kissed the back of her neck, and began to dress again.

Luna, on the other hand, felt like she could come all night. She
rubbed her pussy over Sable's firm cheeks, and then started to hump the
cheeks like a dog in heat. She felt the pressure on her pussy increase,
and after a few more humps, she came on Sable's ass, her wetness flowing
down the curve of Sable's backside and down her boot-covered legs.

Sable drifted off, and as she did so, she felt herself being carried
off the bed. She thought she heard Luna moan in protest, but that was
probably her masturbating again.

* * *

Sable awoke once during her trip, and saw that Pete Gas and Rodney
were in the car with her. She voluntarily went back to sleep.

Sable finally awoke from her night's sleep as Rodney carried her,
still naked except for her boots, down a long corridor. She instinctively
looked over her shoulder for her picture, but it had been moved. She
knew this place.

Rodney was taking her to Vince McMahon. She weakly beat at his shoulder,
but from mal-nourishment and from continuous fucking, her body was weaker
than usual. Rodney opened the door, and immediately dropped Sable on
the floor. Vince looked up from his desk, and smiled.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't my little plastic slut. How've the
boys been? Take care of you, did they?"

Rodney locked the door, and started to undress. He removed his sweater
-vest, t-shirt, pants, socks, and boots, leaving himself only in his boxer-

"Rodney, you look ready. Why don't you take her first? I think she's
hungry, so you better feed her."

Rodney grinned, and pressed his lips against Rena, smothering her. He
inserted his tongue, and then, while her mouth was open, slid a finger in
to stop her jaws from clamping shut. He pulled off his boxer shorts, when
she bit down hard on his finger.

He kept his finger in her mouth, just the same. He slapped her hard
across the face, bringing tears to her mouth. He then shoved his erection
between her moist lips, and began to hump her face. She cried against his
cock, but dared not bite down. Vince would kill her. She knew it. She
didn't even bother sucking or licking, knowing that it would just be giving
in to him.

He grabbed her ears in a vice grip, and continued his oral rape. He
fucked her mouth, purposely ramming his cock down her spasming throat,
allowing her teeth to scrape his cock. His swollen balls slapped her chin,
and then he felt orgasm approaching. He swirled his hands in her silky
blond hair, and came in her mouth, leaving his cock in to make her swallow
his load.

When she looked up, she noticed that Vince was naked, and had slipped
a condom over his penis. He shoved her hard in the stomach, sending her
on her back. He kissed her as roughly as he could, and slid a hand down
to cup her right breast.

He licked and nibbled his way down her neck to her other breast, and
began licking with furious abandon. Her nipples were hard, and her
traitor-pussy was starting to leak. Her fear had subsided, and she hoped
that she could come, even if it was to the monster assaulting her. Vince
pinched one nipple and bit the other at the same time, making her moan.

He ran his hands up and down her smooth, shapely legs, finally resting
them on her hips. Vince slammed his cock into her pussy in one monster
stroke. He rammed her body as though she were nothing more than a piece
of meat. His peace of meat.

He slammed in and out of her body, not caring that she wasn't wet
enough to eliminate the pain. He was loving it. Vince continued to pound
her pussy until he felt her nearing orgasm. He then reduced to a very
slow, almost sensual rhythm, calming her body down. Once he felt that the
danger of her climaxing was gone, he continued his powerful, hard thrusts
into her vagina until he came.

Even after his erection had started to recede, he continued to pound
her channel, making himself hard again. He allowed her pussy to contract
around his penis, filling his balls again. Then he pulled out, without
letting her come.

Tears of frustation replaced Rena's tears of pain, and traveled down
her face to the boles of her ears.

"Oh, don't worry, bitch. You'll have cock in you again *real* soon.
I guaran-damn-tee that, little missy."

Vince sat on her breasts, crushing her. She just hoped the implants
wouldn't rupture. Vince then kneeled over her tits, keeping some pressure
on her, but alleviating the crushing pain. He pulled of his condom, and
let the last of his come cover her pretty face. He then rubbed his cock
on her cheek.

Vince rolled her on her stomach, and then signalled for Rodney to come
over. Vince placed his hard prick into her mouth, and rammed in to the
hilt. "Suck, bitch."

Rena accomodated, sucking on his cockhead and shaft with little

Meanwhile, while she was occupied with Vince, Rodney mounted her
backside, and slammed his penis into her puckered anus. There was nowhere
near as much pressure as the first time, but she had been frequently used
in that hole, so it had naturally stretched. It was still, however, more
than tight enough to make Rodney grunt with pleasure. He rammed into her
ass hole, allowing it to stretch even further, as Vince rammed into her

Vince pulled her head forward via her hair, and began to thrust with
the sucking. Rodney increased the strength, ferocity, and speed of his
anal thrusts, pleasuring every time his balls slapped against her pussy.
While Rodney anally raped Sable, Vince had just finished cuming in her
mouth. He pulled out, and ran a tongue up her face. He then sat on his
leather couch and watched Rodney do his little fucktoy. He was no spring
rooster, and his sperm was spent.

Rodney was no longer merely fucking Sable; he was hammering her. His
cock was pounding in and out of her tight, dry channel, sending waves of
pain through her body. He grunted one last time, and came, filling her
asshole with semen. He kept his cock in a little longer, allowing Sable's
anus to deflate it. He then pulled out and got dressed.

He yanked Sable's hair, pulling her up. He then punched her in the
stomach, doubling her over. As she coughed and gasped for air, Rodney
blind-folded her, picked her up, and carried her back to the car. She
could only wonder where her next stop would be.

* * *

Sable opened her eyes as she felt a collar being attached to her neck.
She was then being dragged by a leash towards a door. After the door
opened, she was thrown in. She was followed by Shane, and before the door
was closed, she saw Pete Gas and Rodney returning to the car.

"Happy birthday, Debra. We'll be back to pick her up later. And
remember: you owe me for this." Without waiting for a response, Shane
opened the door and left, leaving Rena alone with Debra, Chyna, and the
sexually ravenous Terri Runnels.

She blinked, trying to concentrate, and saw the snowscreen on a
television, meaning that a movie had just ended. Before she had a chance
to think again, Terri Runnels pulled down her panties and sat on her face.

"Lick me, bitch."

Used to the procedure, Sable flicked her tongue over Terri's vulva in
a rapid, lizard-like movement, wetting the woman's sex. She pushed her
tongue up, putting pressure on the other blonde's clit. Terri started to
pant, and began slightly bucking her hips, pushing her pubic hair against
Rena's nose. Terri sped up her bucking as she approached orgasm. She
came, wetting Sable's face with a combination of her feminine juices as
well as Sable's saliva.

She dismounted Rena's head and pulled off her top and bra, leaving her
naked. She crawled over to Debra, a blush appearing on her cheek. "Sorry,
but I just couldn't resist. You should have had first pick."

"Oh, it's okay," Debra replied. "But you can make it up to me if it's
got you that down."

Debra rolled from her side onto her back and allowed Terri to remove
her clothing, leaving her nude. She looked over, worried that Sable might
get away, but saw Chyna take care of the problem by putting a hand on
Rena's stomach to secure her.

She returned her focus to Terri and plunged her hands into Terri's
silky blonde hair. She pulled her down for a kiss before moving her hands
lower, eventually finding her clit. She played with Terri's clit as Terri
ventured down her body, kissing her neck and breasts. She bit down on one
of Debra's nipples and then circled it with her tongue. She moved lower,
running a flattened tongue over her midsection until she got to her pelvis.
She nipped her right above her pubic hair, and then moved lower to her

Debra kept on playing with Terri's clit until it was out of reach.
Instead of trying to reach her clit, she grabbed Terri's hips and, with
all of her strength, lifted Terri and pulled her hips over her face,
setting them up in a 69 position. The women licked each other furiously,
excited by the musky scent of each other.

Terri's tongue swirled over and around Debra's clit, bringing more
wetness from between her legs. She bit down gently on Debra's clit as
she felt Debra lap at her throbbing pussy. She was further excited by
the addition of one of Debra's fingers, as well as a thumb. They pinched
down on her clit and twisted it, sending shudders up her spine. She came
into Debra's mouth, still feeling the probing tongue inside of her.

Terri picked up her own rhythm, and felt Debra contract before she
came, spilling her own feminity onto her lips and face. She rolled off
of Debra and looked back at Chyna.

A smile crossed her lips as she saw Chyna's nude form bouncing on
Rena's hips, building friction by using her clit. She looked over at
Debra, and seeing that the other woman was moving towards the others,
got up and went herself.

Debra sat knelt down on Sable's face, and without asking received
her present from the bitch. She began to moan in ecstasy as the slut's
skilled tongue explored her core. She began bouncing like Chyna, and
felt Sable whimper against her pussy. She grinned, bent forward, and
took one of Chyna's nipples in her mouth. She squeezed it between her
teeth before letting go.

Terri inched her way between the two women, and laid down on her back
on top of Sable. She rolled her hips up towards Chyna, allowing the
Amazon access to her pussy.

Chyna lifted her hips like a bowl, and began licking Terri's most
private area, eliciting moans from the smaller woman. Terri craned her
neck backward and seized one of Rena's nipples, rolling it on her tongue.
As it grew hard, she released it from her mouth, and put her palms on the
floor. She pushed up, giving her access to Debra's large breasts. She
used her teeth to grab the nipple of one swinging orb, and began to run
her tongue over it.

Debra kept on bouncing on Rena's face, even after Terri distracted her
with pleasurable ministrations. She reached over Terri's hungry mouth and
placed both of her hands on Terri's large breasts. She ran her hands over
the flesh, massaging and squeezing as the smaller woman worked on her
nipples. Debra felt herself reaching climax, and pinched down on Terri's
nipples painfully.

Sable, humiliated and in pain, continued doing as was expected of her,
lapping hungrily on the pussy over her mouth. She bit down on the clit
and almost immediately felt Debra's fluids drench her face. She licked
at what she could without enthusiasm or joy. The pressure on her pussy
built up as she Chyna continued to pound her. She closed her eyes and
waited for it to end.

Chyna continued bouncing on Sable's clit until she knew her own
orgasm was near. She sped up, and threw her head back as she came,
drenching the bitch's pussy with her liquid. She focused completely on
Terri's pussy, pushing her tongue in and out as fast as she could.

Her hands moved lower, cupping Terri's ass. She pried between the
cheeks, found the entrance to her puckered anus, and thrust a thumb
upward, into the tight, dry channel. As the thumb went up her ass, Terri
came, spewing her load into Chyna's hungry mouth. She flicked her tongue
one last time over Debra's nipple as the thumb was removed from her.

She rolled off of Rena, and waited for the other two women to join
her. Chyna did, but Debra made a call to Shane, telling him it was time.
Debra then got dressed, and joined Chyna and Terri, who had just begun
getting redressed. This had to be one of the best presents ever, but she
ouldn't use it much longer. She knew Steve had his own party planned for

* * *

Rena woke up after a short, dreamless sleep, expecting to see Shane or
Terri or Luna, but she didn't. She was in her home, away from her husband
and daughter, and more importantly, away from her tormentors. She bit
down hard on her lip, drawing blood. She then thought back to how her
being a bitch to Vince and the WWF led to her taking it like a bitch. As
she recalled all the bitter details, she cried against her pillow.


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