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by Thegr8one

One Monday Night, WWF and WCW were doing T.V. tapings in the same city.
Well, after finishing the Smackdown! tapings, Trish and Stephanie went to a
hotel where they planned to stay the night. Steph was dressed in a tight
leather mini skirt and a tank top on, while Trish was wearing her normal
ring attire. When they got there they ran across Major Gunnz, aka Tylene

Tylene was also wearing her normal ring attire. The catch was that all
three women, although they didn't know it about the other two, weren't
wearing any bras. It appeared that Tylene's reservations got screwed up and
she had no place to stay for the night, she approached Stephanie and Trish
and asked if she could stay with them. Trish was hesitant to answer but
Steph immediately decided to let Tylene stay with them.

When they got to their room, they all decided to have some drinks. Steph
ended up having a little too many and passed out on the bed. Trish and Tylene
decided to pick up Steph and lay her down on the couch. Trish took the arms
while Tylene took the legs. While Trish was leaning over to put her down,
Tylene caught a glimpse of Trish's tits. Trish had no idea that Tylene saw
them, and then she sat on the bed. Tylene decided to make a move. She told
Trish that she had to get changed, so she locked the doors and shut the
blinds. Then she faced toward the wall and took off her shirt, with her bare
back facing Trish. Then she turned around and Trish could see her bare chest.
Trish, taken back by all of this started saying things under her breath about
that she never should have allowed Tylene in with them. Tylene slowly paced
over to Trish and put her hand on Trish's shoulder. "There is nothing to be
afraid of" she said. At this point, Stephanie woke up, but continued to act
as if she was knocked out and just listened in, also peeking at Tylene every
few minutes. Trish, still feeling very awkward stood up in an attempt to get
out, but as she got up Tylene just grabbed her head and began to french
Trish. Trish then pushed Tylene off of her and onto the other bed. She said
that she had to shower and she went into the bathroom and locked the door.
Tylene then sat on the bed and thought about what she did wrong and what made
Trish so angry.

Steph decided to take advantage of the moment by sitting up on the couch
and saying "Don't worry Tylene, she isn't into stuff like that, but if you
really want someone, look no further than me." Tylene, suprised at this,
looked up at Steph who had a grin on her face. Steph stood up and went over
to Tylene and sat down next to her. Then Steph and Tylene engaged in a long,
passionate kiss which involved major tougne action. The two ended up tipping
over on the bed which ended up having Tylene on top of Steph. Tylene took
Steph's shirt off of her and began to caress her tits. Then she moved her
head down and began to suck on them. Steph used her hands to rub Tylene's
bare back, but then decided to take it a little further. Steph sent her hands
down to discover the Tylene was wearing a thong, and then began to squeeze
her ass. Tylene, who was sucking Steph's tits noticed that her nipples were
rock hard. As Steph bent her head back and moaned in pleasure, Tylene took
advantage and bit down on Steph's rock hard nipples. This caused a scream of
shock from Steph, who then went on to enjoy it as Tylene bit down harder and
harder, and then did the same to the other nipple. Steph then slid off
Tylene's shorts and turned her over. Steph then proceeded to spread Tylene's
legs apart and take off her thong. Steph then licked the inside of Tylene's
thighs as she moved closer and closer to her pussy. Steph then put each of
her hands on each one of Tylene's tits and caressed them as she began to
stick her toung up Tylene's pussy. Tylene was moaning in pleasure as Steph
continued to move her further and further up Tylene's pussy. Tylene couldn't
control herself any longer as she cummed all over Steph's face. Tylene
apologized and then went on to say "let me clean you all up". She went and
licked up all of her cum off of Steph's face as Steph took off her mini skirt
revealing that she had no panties on.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Trish walked out just wearing a
towel. Because she went in so quickly she forgot to bring clean clothes with
her. She payed no attention to Steph or Tylene as she opened her drawer and
began to look for some clothes. Then Steph got an idea, she crept up behind
Trish and quickly ripped the towel off of her. Trish turned around and was
completely embarrassed, she used one arm to cover her t!ts as she used the
other to cover her pussy. Tylene said "as I said before, there is nothing to
worry about". Steph grabbed a hold of Trish and brought her over to the bed.
Then, Tylene and Steph both went to their bags. Each one pulled out a strap
on which they put on. Steph then whispered something in the ear of Tylene
which Tylene nodded to in agreement. Then both walked over to Trish. Tylene
got up infront of Trish and stuck the strap on straigh up Trish's pussy,
while Steph got behind Trish and stuck the strap on straight up her ass. Then
both proceeded to fuck Trish as hard as they possibly could, after Steph
would do it once, Tylene would, followed by Steph again, ect ect. Trish, to
her suprise began to enjoy this.

Tylene decided to take off her strap on and play with herself as she
watched the other two. Then Steph proceeded to fuck Trish's ass like it has
never been fucked before. With every couple of seconds Steph would increase
the pace and the power behind her pushing. Trish got so hot over this that
she felt as if she had to bite down on something. She grabbed Tylene and took
as much of her tits as she possible could and bit the hell out of them. But
this didn't stop Steph, she continued to go at, harder and harder, faster and
faster. While Trish took a moment to moan, Tylene got her tits out of Trish's
mouth and went to eat out Trish. With the pleasure of Tylene's tounge going
further and further up Trish's pussy and Stephanie fucking Trish's ass harder
than ever, Trish exploded. She cummed so much over Tylene that went from her
face down to her stomach. Steph then stopped and took off the strap on, she
placed Trish's head on the lower part of Tylene's cum filled body and told
her to lick it all off. Then Stephanie got the upper half. Steph worked from
top to bottom, licking Tylene clean as Trish did the same but from bottom to
top. Eventually both women met at Tylene's chest. They decided to each take
one tit and make it as clean as possible. While Trish took her time licking
up Tylene, being that this was her first experience, Steph on the other hand
licked her clean in under a minute. She then proceeded bite Tylene's nipple
harder than Tylene did to her before. Then Steph sat ontop of Tylene's face
and rode it for as long and as hard as she could. Tylene also enjoyed this
but Trish began to feel left out. Suddenly she got an idea. She also got
ontop of Tylene's face and had her pussy right next to Steph's. While Tylene
ate both of them out to her best ability, Steph and Trish engaged in a long
french kiss while rubbing each others tits against one another. Finally all
three passed out for the night. But when they woke up in the morning they all
promised that they would meet each other again when both WWF and WCW were in
the same town and they went on their seperate ways.

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