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Up Close With Francine
by Virt (

My new job as a interviewer for "Pro Wrestling Monthly" was looking up as
I entered the backstage area for the NWA/TNA PPV. I know I had always hated
the monthly wrestling mags, because they were written for the people that
thought it was all real, but getting the chance to go backstage and meet
wrestlers was something I couldn't refuse. Besides, I figured if I made
friends backstage, I could eventually go off on my own and start a legitimate
wrestling news site on the net.

Of course, no one backstage knew who I was, and even less wanted to talk. All
the wrestlers were so big and intimidating, I didn't want to go near them.
The ones I did all said the same thing. Either "Go way" or "Sorry, too busy."
There was a lot going on, but all I wanted was a few comments. But they had
no time at all for me.

Then, the most intimidating of the bunch to me came my way. Not a male, but
a female. It was the Queen of Extreme, Francine. One of the hottest women in
wrestling history, and a new addition to NWA/TNA. Now I was almost in fear,
because this was a women I had fantasized about on so many occasions I
couldn't remember. So putting all fear aside I said.....

"Excuse me, Francine."

She turned and looked."Yeah?"

"I was wondering if i could get a few words with you about the show?"

"Sure, why not?", was her reply.

We talked for a few minutes about her upcoming match. She was so nice while
being so goddamn beautiful, I could barely ask her anything. She knew I was
checking her out, in her leather one piece mini skirt, and her awesome
enhanced cleavage popping out in front of me. Finally, after a few minutes,
we had to stop.

"I have to get ready for my match", Francine said. "Why don't we finish this

"Okay, I'll be here backstage all night!"

"No, I have some promos to cut for next week as soon as my match is over,
then I want to get back to my room........."

"Oh, okay....." I said in disappointment.

"I'm staying in room 415 at the Sheraton downtown. Be there at 11 tonight."

I couldn't believe it. I was going to her hotel room for the interview. I
almost pissed my pants in joy.

After the show, and no interviews from anyone else (As if I cared.), I rushed
to my seedy motel room to change. Then I dashed to her hotel, and right to
room 415.

She answered the door wearing a black see through robe. My jaw almost
dropped. I could see her black bra, panties and garter belt and stockings.
She laughed at the look on my face.

"I guess I gave you a shock, huh?"

"Just to say the least." I stammered.

She invited me inside, and I sat down in a chair across from her bed. I
noticed hse had a bottle of champagne already opened in an ice bucket, and
she asked if I wanted some. I said sure, and she poured me a glass. She sat
down on the bed, just a few feet away, and curled up a bit. I got a great
view of her long sexy legs, in those silky black stockings of hers. I turned
on my tape recorder and asked her some questions about her start in the
business, her time in ECW and her goals for the future. After awhile, I
loosened up a bit, even though the sight of her in her lingere was really
too much.

It was getting late, and so I thanjed her again for being so generous with
her time, I started to get up when she stopped me.

"You mean, that's it? I'm kinda disappointed."

I was confused. "I'm sorry, if you wanted to say any more, I'll be happy to
put it in my story......."

"Well," she started, "I was hoping you would let me say a few things into
the big mike in your pants."

Francine was eying my swollen member, bulging through my pants as it had been
for most of the last hour. I thought in the dim light of the room it hadn't
been noticable, but I could see Frannie had an eye for these things.

At this point I was so fucking horny, I couldn't stand it. I just stood up,
dropped my pants and boxers, and let my schlong spring forth. It was rock
hard at attention, and just a few inches from Francine's lovely lips.

"Cut your best promo, Francine.", I said.

"With fucking pleasure." she smiled as she headed for my cock. She took it in
her mouth like a pro, and in seconds, my dick was covered in her saliva, and
her tongue was tracing my shaft up and down. I moaned in pleasure as she
picked up the pace, occasionally taking it out of her mouth to let her hand
jerk my knob while she talked dirty. "Do you like the way I suck you cock? Do
you like me fucking you with my mouth?" she said as I just enjoyed every
second of it.

I was getting weak in the knees as she continued her relentless bobbing,
but I couldn't resist putting my hand on the back of her head as she deep
throated me. I was truly finding out why she was called the "Head
Cheerleader" of ECW, and I was the one wanting to cheer this five star blow

I wanted to come so bad, but I knew I had to save it. I wanted to fuck her,
but before I could ask, she told me "It's time for me to get a little head."

With that she got up, threw off her robe, and unhooked her bra. Her gigantic
melons fell forth, and I thought I was in heaven. She quickly turned around,
to reveal her thong clad ass. She slowly pulled it down, letting me get a
full view of her dripping pussy and puckering asshole. "Why don't you try the
buffett? Pussy and ass, all you can eat?"

I didn't need to be told twice, and I dropped to my knees and put my nose to
the grindstone. I licked her juicy pussy from behind, her fragrant juices
spilling on my tongue. My nose was buried almost between her ass cheeks, as
I drove deep in her hot cooze. She moaned in pleasure as I tapped her clit.
I got off my knees, and sat on my back side on the floor, while she continued
leaning over the bed. I invited her to sit right on my face, as I contined to
lick her muff. I could feel her thighs quiver in my hands as I slurped away
at her cunt, and she was screaming enough to wake the next three rooms.

After a few more minutes of this, she slid down wards onto the floor. We were
facing each other, and I got to taste her sweet honeydew melons for the first
time. Her nipples were hard as diamonds as I sucked on them. Meanwhile, she
yanked my crank, already hard enough as she prepped it like a master surgeon
for a fuck session. She demanded me to get inside her, and I wanted to please
the goddess so I did. I slid into her warm, moist vagina with easy, and
immediatly rolled my eyes in pleasure. Francine wasted little time bouncing
on my engorged sword, covering it in her pussy juice. I was buried deep
inside her cunt, licking her fantastic tits, and sweating like a bastard. I
didn't know if I could last any longer when she stood up and told me to fuck
her from behind. She leaned over the desk, and I promptly stepped up to bang
away. I thrust deep inside her love canal, grabbing her beautiful sweet ass
the whole time. Then she told me to stop.

"Ever fuck a girl in the ass before?" she asked.

"No, never had the pleasure"

"Well, they don't call me Queen of Extreme for nothing."

Francine grabbed a bottle of lube from under the bed and dabbed some on my
finger. "Lube me up nice and good."

I put my finger in her third hole and slid it in and out. This pleasured her
quite a bit, and then I decided to add my own lube by giving a few licks to
her chocolate blossom. "I like a guy who's not afraid to innovate," she
laughed, as I tongued her boo hole.

Then I stood up, dabbed some lube on my cock, and went right in. Frannie
took it like nothing, as I thrust deep in her ass. She screamed in agonizing
pleasure, telling me "Don't fucking stop.....fuck my goddamn ass!"

I thought for sure everyone in town would hear her demands, as I slammed
away. The suction was enough to cause her to fart a couple times, as I
piledrove deep in her shitter. I was feeling something tighter than I'd ever
felt before, and in a few minutes I announced I was going to blow my load.
My knees buckled as I pulled out my rod, and shot my creamy cum all over her
ravaged ass. She turned around to get a few spurts in her face, then suck
the mixture of come, pussy juice, and her ass that now covered my dick. I
thought she was cleaning up my wad for me, but she kept working like a Hoover
for minutes after, allowing me to get hard enough to shoot of the rest of my
reserves into her mouth. Then we collapsed onto her bed.

"So, how was your first interview?" Francine asked.

"To the extreme........", was all I could reply.

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