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Up Close With Debra
by Virt (

Seeing as my first interview with Francine had gone so well, for both me
and the magazine (especially ME), Pro Wrestling Monthly sent me out on my
next big mission. An interview with the soon to be ex-Mrs Steve Austin, the
amazing Debra.

My editor called me in his office to tell me he had a contact in Dallas that
said the recently seperated buxom bombshell was housesitting for a friend in
the suburbs there. I was skeptical, thinking there was no way Debra was going
to want to talk to any reporter, especially a wrestling reporter. My editor
told me to make the attempt anyway, and that he had a ticket to Dallas
waiting on my desk.

Next day, I caught an early morning flight and landed just after 10AM. I took
the address provided, and after a quick stop at my hotel, took the twenty
minute drive to the address given. After checking house, numbers, I found the
place, a medium size house, which the owner obviously kept immaculate as far
as the lawn and garden. I walked up the path to the front door and rang the
bell. I got no answer and after a few minutes, headed to the back of the

As I came around the fence, I saw a woman on all fours from behind. Long
blonde hair flowed down from under a wide straw hat and her butt wiggled in
the cutoff jean shorts she was wearing as she obviously was taking a spade
to some flowers. I knew it was Debra.

I cleared my throat to get her attention, and she was obviously startled.
She jumped up quick, her little daisy dukes exposing her ass cheeks. As she
turned to face me, I could see the giant, fleshy mounds barely being held
in by a white tank top. The best proof of a Debra sighting, those magnificent

"Oh my God, you scared the hell out of me!" she screeched in that high
pitched Southern twang. "I thought you were coming tomorrow!"

"Um, well I......."

"Now listen, I know Betty told me not to screw around with the flowers but
I couldn't help it and.......wait a second, if your the gardener while are
you all dressed in those nice clothes?" she asked.

I was quick on my feet, realizing the situation.

"I'm the landscaper. I own the company that takes care of Betty's lawn. I
came buy to see if we could accomodate some of the modifications she wanted
us to make."

"Oh, I see.....she didn't tell me about that...."

"Well, I wanted to come buy and just take some, er... (looking at Debra's
melons) measurements. That way we can get started tomorrow first thing." I

"Alright, you do what you have to do.......I'm just watching the house while
she's away and I look for another place to stay."

"Really?" I started. "I can't believe YOU would have a hard time finding a
place to live!"

Debra smiled. "Aren't you so sweet. Well, I'm actually in the middle of a
messy don't you know who I am?"

I chose my next words carefully. "Um, aside from one of the most striking
women I've ever laid eyes on, I'm afraid I don't."

Debra bubbled again, "Aww, you are a gentleman! I'm Debra....Stone Cold
Steve Austin's wife!"

"Oh, the wreslter? I don't really watch that stuff, but I beleive I may have
seen you once flipping the channels......don't worry, I stopped to get a good

Debra laughed, "Thank you sweetie, come here sit down for a bit." She
motioned me over to the patio.

"No Debra, I should get to work....." I said halfheartedly.

"You hush up and sit down while I make you some lemonade."

I sat down as I watched her little butt wiggle into the house. A minute later
she was out with a tray of lemonade and some sandwiches. We sat and ate. She
opened up all about Steve Austin.

"You know things just didn't work out at all. It's not an easy life on the
road together. Plus the beatings he would take, he'd be so tired after he
would just roll over and go to sleep. I was glad when he walked out of the
WWF, but then he just became so angry. I thought being home would be good
for us, but he just took out his anger on me." Debra said.

"That's too bad. I can't see how anyone wouldn't be happy with you...." I

"Well" Debra started as she leaned towards me in her seat, "I have some very
high demands. You know, not a lot of men can keep up with me."

"Really?" My pants started to shift.

"I am a very sexual woman. I like to have sex whenever, and wherever I can."

I was hard now.

"And with Steve," Debra went on, "sometimes he couldn't even get it up."

"No could.....with you?"

"I know!" Debra continued. "I could have any man I want make love to me three
times a day, and he just wants to drink beer and hunt? He's an asshole."

"A woman with your appetite should be cherished....." I said.

"You know, just today I had to pleasure myself in the shower, and I was just
about to head in after lunch for a session with my vibrator..." Debra cooed.
"But now it looks like I've got some real live action!" she smiled

I smiled as she stood up and came over to sit on my lap. Since my encounter
with Francine in the hotel, I was very confident in my abilities as a lover.
I knew Debra would be a sweet challenge.

We started kissing deeply, with full tongue involved. I could feel her huge
breasts pushing against me, as I grabbed her tight little ass. I ran my hands
down her long silky legs, and could smell the mixture of body lotion and a
light formation of sweat from the morning sun on her skin. I slipped my hand
up the front of her tank top, and attempted to cusp the basketballs on her
chest. It was impossible to do, but I loved ever second of it, kneading her
assets. I slipped my hand down to her shorts, and started to undo them when
she stopped me.

"Shit, honey. I need to give you the full Debra experience. And seeing as I
haven't gotten a decent lay in awhile, let's go the comfort of the bed." I
followed her to the bedroom. "I'll be right back, lover."

I unbuckled my pants and took off my shirt. I realized I still had my mini
recorder in my pocket. I tried to ditch it so as not to blow my cover, when
she returned from the bathroom wearing a white lace bra and matching thong
panties. I was mesmerized as she came at me, golden globes holstered
(barely). She saw my little tape recorder.

"What is this?"

More quick thinking. "When I measure the surroundings, I need to make notes
to myself, this helps....."

She took it from my hand and hit the record button "Note to self......Debra's
about to fuck your brains out."

She reached down the front of my boxers and grabbed my dick.

"Ooh......forget the rattlesnake. I prefer this anaconda." she whispered.

She took firm hold of my penis, and as my shorts dropped to my ankles, she
dropped to her knees and began sucking my cock. She licked the head with her
tongue, slowly twirling in loops and driving me wild. Meanwhile, she used
one hand to fondle my balls, and the other to steady my shaft in her mouth,
jerking the cylinder a bit each time to harden it up more. She stopped
stroking my sac, and put her hand down the front of her panties, so she could
finger and rub her moist snatch. I groaned with ecstasy when she swallowed
my sword, deep throating me. She was so far down on me, her tonsils were
masterbating my rod. I put my hand on her head, urging her to take as much
of my dong as possible. I felt no gag reflex as she continued to pleasure me

Weak in the knees, I staggered back a bit, and she took the chance to stand
up and ask if I wanted to titty fuck her. I could barely gasp a yes, when the
thin fabric holding her mammeries in place came off, and her funbags spilled
into my hands. She contined to finger herself, and I could see a wet spot
formed in her panties, as I sucked the big round areolas on her cans. I
licked the nipples lightly, causing her to moan, while pushing together her

We moved over to bed, which she sat on the edge of. I then used my rod to
thrust in between her titties. Now rock hard, my penis was a sensitive as it
had ever been. The sensation was amazing, and the fact I hadn't had a climax
in two weeks since my night with Francine only hightened the tension. As I
pushed hard on her melons, I could feel her nips like tic tacs rubbing
against my thighs. She talked dirty to me, and occasionally put my dick up
to her mouth for a quick slurp of the precome that was steadily dripping from
my johnson. My eyes rolled back into my head as I thrust harder, and she
begged me to fuck her tits.

Within seconds, I was at fever pace, until I was screaming that I needed
release. I told her I was going to come, and she told me to go right ahead.
I proceeded to shoot a huge load of milky white cum all over her tits,
drenching her amazing chest in my hot spurting loads. It seemed to go on
for at least 15 seconds, some shooting off into her chin and mouth, but most
blasting her breasts in orgasm. Spent, I sank to my knees, while she used
her ample bra that was previously discarded on the floor to wipe up her

"Now..." Debra said. "Time to satisfy me."

She leaned back on the bed, and spread her legs to let me view her soaking
white panties. I gladly stood over her, regaining my strength, and pulling
off the undergarments. After pulling them off, I took a quick sniff of the
panties, like a wine taster smelling the cork, so I could get a quick
preview of the pussy I was about to taste. I went right down, tongue
darting in and out, tasting the sweet love canal of a mature woman. Debra
hadn't been given oral this could in a long time, I could tell. She moaned
as I slowly moved up and down her clit, dancing across the fleshy promised
land, and mving in to make her quake with pleasure.

I spent a good twenty minutes servicing her vagina with my tongue, while
she groaned and squealed in that sexy southern way. I became aroused at the
thought of pleasuring her so, to the point I stiffened up again. I began to
stroke my cock, while using my mouth and one or two of my fingers to explore
her dripping wet muff. Finally, after feeling her climax twice in a five
minute span, she said the magic words.

"Fuck me.......I need that cock in me now."

I wasted no time rising, my memeber engorged and ready to enter her hot honey
pot. I eased right in, her moistness covering my cunt starved dick. I started
fucking, and she started screaming....

"Jesus.....fucking.....christ......fuck my god damn pussy....your making me
feel like a virgin with your huge dick in my horny hole! Oooohhhhhh!!!!!
Awwwwwww God damn!"

It was a hot day in Texas, the windows were open, and I was sure everyone
on the block was hearing the sounds of me blasting the beauty queen with
everything I had. Not that I gave a shit. Sweat poured off our bodies as
we fucked like rabbits, her tits bouncing and swaying to the rhythm of my
piston driving deep into her. Debra told me to stop.......saying she wanted
to be finished in her favorite position.....

"Which one is that?" I asked, gasping for breath.....

"From behind........doggy style. Just like the puppies would like it."

I climbed off, and she stood up turning her back to me. I got a look at her
skinny tight butt, as I stepped up and entered the poon from behind. While
inside her, I turned her to face the full length mirror in the corner of the
room, so I could watch her knockers bounce while I bagged her snatch and
tapped her ass. I could also see her face, as her eyes rolled back into her
head from the oncoming climax between her legs.

"Oooohhhhhh.........fuck yes........bang my hungry pussy......I want to feel
it all over my body!"

I reached around, and started to juggle and rub her big jugs as I slammed the
pink hard. Finally she shuddered and screamed in pleasure as I reched my full
driving force.


I could feel her pussy juices pouring over my member as I finished her off,
with her almost collapsing against me. I was also ready to blast again, and
I pulled out to shoot a healthy load all over her ass. The wad trickled into
her asshole and down to her cunt, and she wiped it off to lick it off her
fingers, before we both fell to the bed, totally exhausted.

After a little nap, I found out that Debra truly was insastiable, even for
a horny red blooded guy like me. We spent the afternoon and into the night
sucking and fucking, taking brief detours to the kitchen for rations.
(Including me enjoying a Debra sundae with plenty of whipped cream and a
cherry in a very special place while she enjoyed my banana split). If they
were ever going to do Tough Enough for porn stars, Debra would have to run
the camp, as she totally broke me down until well after midnight, when I
shot the final bit of semen in my balls right into her awaiting mouth. I
collapsed on the bed, totally spent, my nuts completely drained of all my
sperm. I fell fast asleep with her draped on top of me. Of course, I was
given a wake up call the next morning, with Debra taking down my morning
wood in her mouth before mounting me for one last ride.

After a quick shower, and gathering up my things, I headed for the door. I
kissed Debra full on the lips, and promised I'd drop by again soon.

"Oh, didn't even take those measurements!" she said as I walked

I turned and smiled. "You're measurements were all I needed."

Debra laughed. "Yeah, and while that thing in you pants maybe long, I don't
know if it's a very good tape measure, Mr. Landscaper."

I walked out the gate, just as a guy pulled up in a pickup truck. He was the
gardener from the landscaping company. He asked me if the lady of the house
was at home as I opened my car door.

"Yes she is...........have fun." I replied.

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