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VIP (Victoria In Private) Part 1: Doing It The Con-Way
by Revolution

The WWE's decision to start releasing wrestling Divas like Gail Kim and Molly
Holly had an unexpected affect one of their current divas, Victoria. Week by
week, Victoria started to see her social life deteriorate on the road as she
had less women to go out on the town with. Trish hadn't been around much on
the road as she was off injured but even when she was, Victoria didn't hit
the clubs with her much. Lita was involved in her own love triangle with Edge
and Matt Hardy so she wasn't available to hang out with. And Victoria didn't
really care for the non-wrestling divas like Christy or Stacy. So Victoria
started to go back to her hotel room alone more often than not as she had
trouble meeting a decent man on the road. She had made a rule not to get
involved with the wrestlers because she thought it would give her a bad
reputation. She was also at home in Louisville so little that she had trouble
maintaining any sort of serious relationship. The point being, this beautiful
diva was getting very lonely and tired of her assortment of vibrators.

During the August 15, 2005 episode of RAW, Rob Conway got into a verbal spat
with "Super" Stacy Keibler and The Hurricane backstage where Stacy turned
down Conway's advances in favor of The Hurricane. What the cameras didn't
catch was Victoria looking on. She was having her own problems with Stacy but
managed to restrain herself from attacking the long legged blond. Instead,
she waited until Stacy and Hurricane left and approached Rob as he checked
out his chiselled physique in the mirror.

"I hate that skinny bitch," Victoria complained. Rob turned around and
checked out Victoria through his dark sunglasses.

"She couldn't handle me anyways," he smiled.

"I've gotta say, I've never seen you in better shape," Victoria complimented
Rob's body.

"When you're right ... you're right! Now that I've been making some money, I
got a gym put into my place. I never miss a workout now," Rob explained.

"Are you still living in Louisville?" Victoria asked.

"Yeah I am. You're welcome to come use my gym anytime you want," he offered.

"I think I'll take you up on that," Victoria said. Someone called out Rob
Conway's name and said his match was next. Rob promised to go beat Hurricane
just for Victoria and that's what he did.

* * *

The next day, Victoria was back home in Louisville and had some errands to
run during the day. In the late afternoon, she was packing her gym bag when
she remembered Rob's invitation to come use his gym. She looked through her
address book and found that she had his cell phone number. Victoria grabbed
her phone but then paused before dialling the number. She thought about her
strict rule of not getting involved with any wrestlers but she convinced
herself that she was just going over to workout and she'd take things one
step at a time. Victoria called Rob's cell and asked him if the offer was
still open to use his home gym.

"Of course," he said. He invited her to come over around 7PM and workout with
him. She wrote down directions to his place and said goodbye.

It turned out that he didn't even live that far away from her: maybe a thirty
minute drive at most. Victoria put on a red sports bra and matching spandex
shorts and after a light dinner she headed over to Rob's house. His house
wasn't huge but it looked nice. She rang the doorbell but there was no
answer. She rang it a second time and finally Rob answered the door in shorts
and a sleeveless shirt. He welcomed her in and made some small talk before
they headed downstairs to his personal gym.

"You weren't kidding about this being nice," Victoria said as she scanned the
room. There was tons of high quality workout equipment and most of the walls
were either mirrored or had framed photographs of Rob's wrestling career.

"Now I don't fuck around when I workout so just be warned," Rob said.

"Me too, I don't like to waste time either," Victoria said. Rob made sure she
knew where everything as and then they began their workouts. The way that
Victoria's physical assets were on display while she pumped iron, it would
have been difficult for any man not to find himself staring but if Rob was
checking out Victoria, she didn't notice. That made her even hotter and
sweatier as she admired how hard he worked on his body. The intense workouts
lasted about an hour for both of them.

"Now you can see how I got in this type of shape. I can just come down here
and go to work," Rob said.

"This was the best workout I've had in a while," Victoria said.

"Usually after I workout, I go outside and relax in my hot tub. Why don't you
join me?" Rob asked.

"I'd love to ... but I don't a bikini or anything," Victoria replied.

"Just go in your underwear. I'll do it too if it'd make you more
comfortable," he offered.

"Sounds good," Victoria smiled. She followed him upstairs and out onto his
deck where he had a nice sized hot tub.

"Do you want something to drink?" Rob asked.

"Sure, what do you have?" She inquired.

"I've got a great bottle of red wine," he said.

"Hey, why not?" she agreed. When Rob went inside, Victoria stripped down to
a small red thong and black bra. She stepped into the hot tub and took a seat
as Rob came back out with two glasses and a bottle of red wine. He poured
them both a glass and set the bottle down on the edge of the hot tub. He
stripped off his clothes to his white briefs. The contrast of his dark tan
and the bright white briefs brought Victoria's eyes briefly to what looked
to be a sizeable package. The two start chatting about workout habits and
wrestling stuff until the second glass of wine was down.

"So how come I never hear any rumors about you and the boys? Everybody else
I hear stories about but never you," Rob asked.

"There are no stories to tell about me and the boys. I don't date wrestlers,"
Victoria stated.

"So you're dating someone outside of the business?" Rob asked.

"Not for a while," Victoria admitted.

"Really? I find that hard to believe," Rob said.

"Seriously! I haven't gotten laid in months," Victoria opened up.

"Again, I find that hard to believe. With that body and those looks, you
should have any man you want," Rob said.

"Yeah yeah yeah. So you've heard about my lack of sex life. Where's your
girl?" Victoria asked.

"I'm sick of these uptight dumb girls. They're so little and prissy and just
want to lay there. They say they want to do it the Con-Way but they're either
not built for it or really don't want it," he fumed.

"What do you mean, not built for it?" Victoria asked.

"Too short or too tall. Too thin. Too flat. They just don't have the total
package like ... like ... like you do. From that face of yours down, you have
everything necessary," Rob explained. Victoria gulped down the last of her
fourth glass of wine and inched closer to Rob.

"Come closer," she said softly. Rob leaned his ear over close to Victoria to
hear what she had to say but Victoria had a different plan as she gently
kissed his ear. The sexual energy was hotter then the hot tub these two
hardbodies were sitting in. Rob turned towards Victoria and she kissed him

"I want you," she said. Rob put his hand through Victoria's long black locks
and pulled her face towards his, initiating a deep tongue kiss. Their tongues
swirled deep in each other's mouths trading fluids. Rob broke the liplock for
a moment to tell Victoria how beautiful she was then went back to tasting her
soft lips. Rob's hands moved from being filled with Victoria's long smooth
hair down her face as he lightly rubbed his fingers on her jaw; it felt nice
and strong. His hands traveled down her rounded shoulders to her muscular
arms and stopped on them.

"Damn you're built," Rob complimented as he felt the musculature of
Victoria's pipes.

"Built for the Con-Way, baby," Victoria grinned. Victoria stood up and turned
around in the water, which was just above her navel. She unclasped her black
bra and flung it over the side of the tub. Victoria turned around and walked
back towards Rob, her large luscious breasts bouncing with each step. Rob
took Victoria by the waist and turned her around, sitting her down. He kissed
her bottom lip then moved down her neck with little kisses until he got to
those big breasts. He dragged his lips across them until he got to her big
hard nipples. Rob focused on Victoria's left tit first, circling her areola
with his tongue before tasting her hardened nipple.

"Ooohhohhhh my," Victoria quivered feeling the Rob's warm tongue on her
sensitive pink tip. Rob really got Victoria going as he would suckle on her
mounds before going back to nibbling on those hard tips. Victoria became more
and more stimulated each time she felt that warm tongue tasting her nipples.
Victoria brought Rob's head up from her chest and gave him one more deep

As their lips parted, Victoria gazed into his eyes and said, "I need you in

Rob didn't say a word as his hands disappeared under the water and came up
holding his water soaked briefs. Victoria put her hands on his sculpted chest
and told him to sit down. She pulled her red thong to the side and straddled
him, accepting his large member deep inside of her.

"Oohhh you feel so big inside of me," Victoria moaned.

"Eight inches of the Con-Man," Rob proclaimed proudly. She rocked back
and forth on his cock with her hips, feeling it all inside of her. She was
pressed right up against Rob, her breasts squished into his chest and her
head over his left shoulder. Rob started bucking his hips up into Victoria
every few seconds. The way Victoria's swollen juicy pussy lips engulfed his
large thick cock made him never want to fuck any other pussy ever again.
Victoria arched backwards, holding onto Rob's shoulder with one hand as she
started to ride his massive pole.

"You're magnificent, you sexy ... SEXY woman," Rob admired Victoria's body
in the moonlight. His eyes moved up her perfectly sculpted body starting with
her toned abs up to her heaving breasts to her muscular arms and rounded
shoulders. Rob had never felt this way before, he was simply in awe of her
body and face; she was the perfect specimen to him. Victoria was steadily
riding Rob's dick until she started breathing heavier and heavier.

"Oohhhmygodohhhh I'm getting close," Victoria trembled, as she got closer to
ecstasy. Rob held onto her waist, supporting her as she still tried to ride
his cock despite her spasms of pleasure. The warm hot tub water was certainly
accelerating their impending orgasms.

"I'm ready to blow!" Rob exclaimed. While quivering in a controllable
fashion, Victoria manged to get out the words "Cum uhhh in ahhhh me, I'm on
the uhhhhh pill!" Rob held onto her waist extra tight as the cum started
spewing from his cock inside of Victoria.

"Unhhhh yes! YES! YES! YES!" Victoria screamed as she rode Rob's cock to an
incredible orgasm. Victoria rolled off Rob's lap and leaned next to him in
the hot tub, worn out.

"So ... amazing ... oh wow," Victoria sighed, still in a daze from her

"Speechless," Rob muttered as he tried to regain his composure. The two new
fuck buddies rested for a good fifteen minutes in that hot tub, unable to
speak after their first time together. Victoria would stand up first and grab
her black bra off the side of the tub and put it back on. She walked back
over to Rob and kissed him on his forehead.

"I have to go now. Thank you for tonight," Victoria said.

"Will we...?" Rob asked.

"Call me," Victoria smiled as she stepped out of the hot tub and wrapped a
towel around herself. Rob just put his head back, closed his eyes, and
thought about how Victoria made him feel like no other woman has ever been
able to.

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