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VIP (Victoria In Private) Part 2: Doing It The Victoria Way
by Revolution

The next morning, Rob Conway woke up in his hot tub. He was startled awake by
the bright sunlight and wasn't sure for a moment where he was. He rubbed his
eyes and realized he had fallen asleep in his hot tub after his late night
romp with Victoria. His heart rate declined and a big smile came across his
face as the vivid memories of the previous night filled his head. Rob stepped
out of hot tub buck naked and towelled himself off. All he could think about
was calling Victoria and getting it on with her again. In his mind, he had
only scratched the surface of what he could do to that woman. However, he
didn't want to call right away because he thought that might seem too pushy.
He decided to go do his usual routine of eating, training, and tanning and he
would call her later.

Meanwhile, Victoria woke up in her own bed with a great sense of relief. It
had been too long since she had been with a man and she was hard pressed to
remember having such an incredible orgasm during sex before. She would often
give herself multiple o's with her assortment of toys but last night was
different, it was something special. Victoria rolled out of bed and picked
up the phone to call Rob but stopped herself and put it down. She didn't want
to seem desperate. Victoria chose to go have her morning shower and she would
let Rob call her if he wanted to see her again.

Later that afternoon, around 4 o'clock, Rob couldn't wait any longer so he
made the call to Victoria. It rang twice before Victoria picked up and Rob to
contain his anxiousness. He peppered her with compliments about last night
before he went in for the big question.

"Why don't you come over here later tonight?" Rob asked.

"Why don't you come over here instead this time?" Victoria countered.

"What time?"

"Be here around nine, you stud."

"Oh I'll be there, you can count on that," Rob answered and hung up the
phone. Rob pumped his fist in the air like he had won a match. Victoria
started to tidy up her place and keep her mind busy so she didn't get too
excited. Later on, Victoria was trying to pick out what she was going to
wear and must have gone through twenty different outfits. Victoria settled
on a tiny pink g-string underneath her tight little light pink booty shorts
and a tight baby blue tank top with no bra. She wanted to show off her
goods but look like she was just lounging around at home and this was the
perfect outfit.

** 9:00PM **

Rob walked up the pathway of Victoria's house to the front door, carrying
some roses. He was still feeling anxious and that was rare for someone as
self-centered as Conway. Rob, in his nice pair of jeans and a black button
shirt, rang the doorbell. A minute later, Victoria opened the door and Rob
dropped the roses as the two jumped on each other. Victoria pulled Rob
into the house while kissing him. He kicked the door shut and then pressed
Victoria up against it.

"You make me crazy," Victoria said in between kisses. Their trembling excited
lips pressed together as their tongues danced. As they kissed, Victoria was
unbuttoning Rob's shirt and he pulled it off. She rubbed her hands over his
body as they passionately kissed. Victoria finally pulled away and wiped her

"Let's take this upstairs," she insisted. Rob followed Victoria up the stairs
getting a perfect view of her huge round ass that made his knees weak. Her
ass cheeks were so big that they were bulging out of her little pink shorts
that were being eaten by deep ass crack. There wasn't a bit of cellulite on
that butt, just smooth rounded overflowing buns. When they got to the top of
the stairs and started walking down the hall, Victoria glanced over her

"I love it when guys stare at my junk," she stated and then gave it a little
jiggle. Victoria stopped at her bedroom door, turned around and stuck her
tongue back in Rob's mouth. Rob backed her into the room while moving his
hands down onto her ass. He gave it a good squeeze then slid his hands back
up to Victoria's face and broke their long liplock.

"I want to ... ummm ... I want to fuck your ass and fuck it all night long,"
Rob confessed.

"I know you do. I don't blame you, every guy wants to. They all want to see
if they can handle all this ass. But I can't just let them all in the
backdoor," Victoria explained.

"We have something here, I'm not just any guy, and that's part of doing it
the Con-Way."

"I didn't say no. What I'm saying is, if you really, REALLY, want me to turn
this big luscious fat ass over to you, you have to prove it."

"How can I prove it? Tell me what I have to do and I'll do it," Rob said
eagerly. Victoria walked towards her night stand and opened the drawer.

"If you want me to let you fuck my ass then I get to fuck yours first,"
Victoria said as she pulled a big strap-on dildo out of the drawer.

"I don't know about that."

"Let your guard down, Rob, it's just us here. I know you'll like it,
actually, I guarantee that you will like all that I can do to you tonight."

"Now why do you say that?"

"Don't think I haven't been listening and watching you. You said you were
tired of the skinny chicks and that I've got what you're looking for. You
ache for my strong body. I notice the way you touching feeling my muscular
arms and toned abs. You would kill for me to squeeze your head between my
powerful thighs. Oh and not mention the way you talk about and touch my
face. I know people say my face can look manly and rough but you love it
like that. I'm the perfect combination of buff and beautiful. For a man to
appreciate all of this, you can't not enjoy me pleasing your man ass,"
Victoria explained as Rob sat and listened.

"I will let you do what you want because the reward of me getting all of
your big ass is worth it. I don't know if I'll enjoy it but it's a small
price to pay to get backdoor access to you," Rob agreed to Victoria's
demands. Victoria grabbed Rob's wrist and pulled him up to his feet. She
rubbed his broad shoulders and wrapped her lips around his left nipple,
softly biting it then kissing it. Her mouth traveled right and did the
same to his right nipple. Victoria took a quick glance up at Rob then
moved her mouth down, rubbing her tender lips against his rippling abs.
She finally got down to his crotch and felt Rob's stiff dick through his
jeans with her mouth. Victoria undid his jeans and pulled them down to his
ankles. She could see Rob's hard cock through his tight white briefs. She
kissed it, leaving some lipstick on his briefs. Victoria used her strength
to turn Rob around and bend him over the bed.

"That's what I want," Victoria said as she pulled down Rob's briefs from
behind. The first thing she noticed was that he had no tan lines and then
she noticed that he must have shaved and waxed his entire body except for
some neatly groomed hair on his balls and pubic area. She kissed each of
his rock hard cheeks and then gently brushed her right index finger over
his anus. Victoria wrapped her left hand around Rob's eight inch cock and
stood up. She turned him around and got a good look at his big dick. She
had felt it in the hot tub but she never got a good look at it under the

"Lay down on the bed," she directed him. He did what she said, lying down
on his back on her bed. Victoria crawled onto the bed and then laid down
on her stomach, with her head between Rob's legs.

"Spread those legs, stud," she told him. Rob spread open his legs as
Victoria gently rubbed his nuts. His balls were a little tight from the
steroids but were still pretty big compared to a normal person. Victoria
licked up Rob's taint and then wrapped her mouth around his balls. She
used her right hand to lightly stroke Rob's cock while her left hand was
busy rubbing his anus.

"Mmm lick those balls, Victoria," Rob moaned. Victoria lifted her head up
and pulled her hair back out of her face and held it with her right hand.
She licked up Rob's taint and stopped before his balls.

"You like looking at this face sucking on your balls, don't you?" She asked.
Rob just moaned and nodded his head in approval. Victoria gave his balls a
little more tonguing before moving her mouth down to his asshole. Rob was so
lean that Victoria barely had to move any flesh to start licking his asshole.
She used her right hand to keep rubbing his balls while her tongue went to
work on his ass. Victoria took some big licks of Rob's man ass, getting it
nice and wet. She then used the tip of her tongue to rim and enter Rob's
asshole. She heard him starting to moan and enjoy her tongue up his ass.

"Mmmmm yeah mmmmm you taste good mmmm," Victoria moaned.

"Ohh you look so good licking my ass," Rob said. Victoria sensed that Rob
was starting to loosen up so she licked up his taint and started sucking his
balls again. She then used pushed her left index finger inside of Rob's ass.
She looked up and saw him close his eyes and moan under his breath. Victoria
pulled her index finger out of Rob's ass, sucked on it and then put her index
and middle finger inside of his asshole. Rob grimaced a little but then
relaxed and accepted the two fingers in his ass.

"Good stud, yeah, those feel good in there don't they?" Victoria asked and
Rob again just nodded in approval.

"You deserve a reward for being a good little anal boy so far," she said.
Victoria pulled down her tank top, letting her big tits fall out. She moved
up the bed a little and held Rob's cock at the base with one hand. Victoria
opened her mouth wide over top of it and slowly moved her head down, taking
Rob's thick cock deep in the back of her throat. Even more amazing then
having nearly eight inches of cock in her mouth, Victoria held it there for
a good five seconds before coming up for air. A huge stream of saliva ran
down the sides of Rob's cock and was still attached to Victoria's lips. She
sat up on her knees and wiped it off her mouth.

"No skinny model bitch is going to do that, is she?" Victoria triumphed.

"Ohh I can't believe you just did that," Rob said.

"Get up on your knees, you rock hard man, you. I need better access," she
said. Rob got up on his knees on the bed and Victoria shoved him down on all

"Move those knees out, spread your ass," she instructed. Rob did as she said,
spreading his ass open for her. Victoria grabbed onto Rob's big cock that was
dangling between his thighs and stroked it. She made sure to work two fingers
back into his ass, just to keep that going. She pulled his cock back and
licked the sensitive underside, tasting her own saliva. Victoria pulled her
fingers out of his butt and lifted her head up so she was looking right at
Rob's muscular ass and exposed asshole. She gave his tanned backside a light

"Nice ass, Rob, nice ... hard ... ass," she complimented.

"Not as nice as yours," Rob added. Victoria grabbed at Rob's ass and tried
to spread it even more. She ploughed her head right in and started licking.
Victoria was very aggressive with her rimming of Rob's tight ass. She was
just lapping it up with her warm wet tongue. Every few licks she made sure
the tip of her tongue touched Rob's anus.

"Ohhh fuck, ohhh damn Victoria, ahhh," Rob moaned.

"MMM YEAH! I *LOVE* the taste of man ass on my tongue!" Victoria exclaimed,
licking her lips.

"You're ready for more," she patted him on the butt. Victoria went into her
nightstand drawer and pulled out a small rubber dildo and a little vibrator.

"Oh I don't know," Rob said looking back at Victoria and her toys. Victoria
walked around front of the bed and stood with her back facing Rob. She pulled
off her pink booty shorts, stripping down to her g-string, which wasn't even
visible between her bulbous ass cheeks. Victoria then did her famous booty
shake in front of Rob for a few seconds.

"Do what you want to me," he said. Victoria told him to lay down on his back
again while she knelt between his spread legs. She took the little vibrator
first and clicked it on. She rested it against Rob's anus, letting him feel
the vibrations go up through his body.

"Feels real good doesn't it?" She asked.

"Oh yeah, that's good," he sighed. Victoria rubbed Rob's ripped abs and chest
while keeping the vibrator on his anus. She let the vibrator loosen up his
asshole for a couple minutes before she reached for the rubber dildo. It
couldn't have been more then three or four inches long and not very thick.
Victoria put it in her mouth and got it slick with saliva. She put her head
down and gave Rob's ass a few slurps to make sure it was wet.

"Keep your eyes on me Rob, just look at me," she instructed. Rob kept his
eyes locked on the muscular raven haired beauty that was starting to push a
small rubber dildo up his ass.

"That's it ... there it goes ... yeah take it in your firm ass," Victoria
encouraged as she worked the dildo in.

"Oohhh ohhh man ohhh wow," Rob groaned at getting penetrated by a rubber
dildo. Victoria smiled and got another big mouthful of Rob's balls to suck
on while she worked his ass over with that dildo. The dildo was moving pretty
easily in Rob's ass which was interesting to Victoria since he had been so
adamant about not wanting anything in there. Victoria didn't say anything
about it but instead she pulled the dildo out of Rob's ass and sucked it

"Mmmmm man ass," Victoria smacked her lips. She gave him a little more
penetration with that same dildo to make sure he was nice and loose.

"Ohh I can't wait for your ass," Rob moaned.

"Are you ready to really earn a crack at my fat ass?" Victoria asked.

"How?" Rob asked and Victoria SMACKED him across the face.

"I said are you ready to really earn a crack at my fat ass?" she growled at
him with one of her "psycho" facial expressions.

"Yes ... Yes I am," he grovelled. Victoria looked in her nightstand drawer
and found what she was looking for. Rob wasn't paying attention as he was
rubbing his face, which was red for that hard slap. When he did turn around,
Victoria was wearing a strap-on dildo. The strap-on was "flesh colored" and
six inches long.

"Oh no," Rob said.

"Oh yes. If you wanna touch, fuck, lick, spank or get near my big booty, get
over here muscle man and suck this," Victoria demanded.

"NOW!" She shouted. Rob quickly got off the bed and down on his knees in
front of Victoria and her strap-on.

"You felt me take all of your dick in my mouth. Now I wanna see how you suck
this," she said. Rob wrapped his mouth around the dildo and started sucking
on it. Victoria grabbed the back of his head and thrusted it all in his
mouth, making him pull away and gag horribly.

"Its not so easy, is it?" she smiled. She slapped him in the face with it
then put it back in his mouth, making him suck on it some more.

"Ah yeah suck on that big thing, Rob," she enjoyed the sight of Rob choking
on it. She made him do it some more until she was ready to give him what she
knew he really wanted.

"Bend over the fucking bed and spread your ass," Victoria commanded him. She
felt so powerful wearing that big strap-on. Victoria grabbed a bottle of
lubricant and squirted it all over Rob's asshole so it was just dripping with

"I bet you'd want me in this position, wouldn't you?"

"That's why I'm doing this!"

"You're lying to me again." Victoria turns Rob around so she's face to face
with him.

"You can't want this body and this face and not enjoy taking it up the ass.
Now bend over!" Victoria demanded. Rob bent over the side of the bed and
closed his eyes. Victoria got behind him and started to work the strap-on
into him.

"Oh god! Oh fuck! Fuck!" Rob said repeatedly as he took it in. Victoria
pulled it out after an inch then pushed it in two inches and so on until she
filled his asshole with six inches of dildo. She leaned forward, pressing her
tits against Rob's back and getting close to his ear.

"How's that feel now?" she whispered.

"Big," he whispered back.

"I'm going to fuck you now."

"Ok I'm ready," he agreed. Victoria stood back up and held onto Rob's torso
for support as she started to fuck him. The strap-on was very snug around her
waist so she didn't have to use her hands to keep the dildo inside of Rob.

"Take it Rob! Take it all up your muscular man ass! Fucking take it!"
Victoria shouted. Anything coming out of Rob's mouth was muffled because he
had his face pressed against the bed. Victoria kept up a good pace fucking
him up his ass. After a steady minute or two of penetration, Rob turned his
head so he could look back at Victoria. When he saw her, he just stared for
what seemed like hours to him but was really only seconds. And then it

IT! FUCK ME HARD!" He screamed.

"Yeah I knew you'd like it in your rock hard ass!" Victoria really started to
fuck him harder and harder as he wanted.

"Ahhh yeah fuck my ass, Victoria, FUUUUCK THAT FEELS FUCKING GOOD! YEAH!"

"You're my good sexy muscle boy aren't you? Yeah! Taking all this in your

"Unhhh it's so big. You like having control of that don't you?"

"I've got control of you now, anal boy!" Victoria shouted as rammed the six
inches of hard rubber up Conway's ass for a couple more minutes before she

"Lay down on the bed," she told him. He did what she said, laying down on the
bed and spreading his legs.

"You want more?"


"You wanna get fucked in the ass some more?"


"Beg me to fuck you in the ass!"

"Please, Victoria, please fuck my ass!" Rob begged. Victoria smiled a
devilish grin as she got on the bed, between Conway's legs. She squirted
some more lube on his asshole and worked the strap-on dildo back inside.
She rested his legs up on her shoulders and started to fuck him again.

"I like this, I can see your hard body when I fuck you now," Victoria
commented. She was looking down at Rob's incredibly ripped upper body that
was deeply tanned and now glistening with sweat.

"And I can see YOUR hard body now while you give it to me," Rob commented.
He was looking up at Victoria's toned body that was also getting sweaty. Her
big tits bounced each time she thrusted into his ass.

"Stroke that big dick for me," Victoria told him. Rob grabbed his semi-hard
cock and jerked it to its full eight inches. Victoria encouraged Rob to keep
jerking his cock while she drilled his tight ass.

"Ahh yeah Victoria! Ohh damn! Ahhh fuck yeah!" Rob groaned. Stroking his big
cock made his ass clench on the dildo, giving him more sensation. Victoria
kept up a steady pace with the butt fucking while rubbing Rob's tightening
balls with her left hand.

"Are you ready to finish earning a piece of the best ass in wrestling?" She

"I'm so ready. I want your ass so bad, Victoria," he pleaded.

"All you have to do is lay back and enjoy," she told him. Rob took his hands
off his cock and put them behind his head. He locked his eyes on the vixen
that is Victoria. She grabbed onto his cock with her right hand while
tickling his balls with her left hand. She kept butt fucking him with the
dildo at a slow pace.

"You're gonna cum a big load for Victoria! Yes you are my jacked up butt
slut!" Victoria said.

"AHHH! Yes I am! Ohhh shit I feel it coming! AHHHHHH FUCKING HELL! OH DAMNIT!
AH GOD YES!" Rob kept grunting as he felt himself getting ready to explode.
Victoria tilted Rob's cock up towards him and gave it five more hard tugs
before it started shooting thick white jizz all over Rob's upper body! Rob
was shouting out in total ecstasy as the cum rained down onto his chiseled
chest and ripped abs.

"Ohhhh Victoria!" Rob laughed in a daze. Victoria let go of Rob's cock and
pulled the strap-on out of his ass. She took it off her body and crawled up
the bed next to Rob.

"Taste it," she demanded. He closed his eyes and held out his tongue as
Victoria rubbed the dildo across it. She then took it all in her own mouth
and held it in there for about forty five seconds!

"Mmmm mmmmm man ass mmmmmm mmmm I love the taste!" she moaned. Victoria
tossed the dildo aside and started to lick the cum off of Conway's upper
body. She looked up at him the whole time as she licked up his cum.

"Victoria ... Victoria ... I have found the perfect woman," Rob complimented.

"Promise me no more lies. No more denial. Ok?"

"I promise."

"Good now you've earned my ass. You have earned the right to do whatever you
want with me and my big jiggly butt. I'm giving you one week to prepare and
get ready. Now what you do with this opportunity that people would kill for
will determine whether or not you ever get another serving of my ass."

"I'll be ready and looking at you, I know you will be too."

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