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VIP (Victoria In Private) Part 3: Worship
by Revolution

Both Victoria and especially Rob Conway were counting down the days until he
would get his well earned "date" with Victoria's spectacular ass. They had
agreed to meet at Victoria's house on the night of Tuesday, August 23rd. The
night before at RAW, Victoria learned that Christy Hemme and Stacy Keibler
had been traded to Smackdown for Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle. Victoria
was happy about this because she had been friends with Torrie back in there
fitness modelling days. She also wasn't friendly at all with Christy or


Victoria took an early morning flight home to Louisville and when she got to
her house, she crashed and took a nice long nap. In the afternoon she went
for a hard workout, doing lots of squats and legwork to make sure her
backside was in prime condition for later that night. Victoria went into her
closet to pick the perfect outfit. Leather pants? Daisy dukes? Nothing?
Victoria considered many possibilities before deciding on one of her ring
outfits. Little neon green booty shorts with a matching bra top. She made
sure that some of her favorite toys were out in the open in her bedroom in
case Rob wanted to make use of them. Rob Conway arrived right on time wearing
blue jeans and a black muscle shirt. Victoria opened the door, greeting Rob
in her bright green outfit.

"Excuse me, handsome, what are you here for?" Victoria asked him a slight

"I understand you have a lot of junk in your trunk and I'm here to take care
of that," Rob played along. Victoria laughed and pulled Rob inside.

"It's all yours," she said, turning around.

"Oh baby, that's what I'm here for! Walk around for me, I wanna see this big
butt in motion," Rob insisted. Victoria slowly walked around her house with
Rob trailing behind her. His eyes were fixated on Victoria's incredible ass
as it bounced, jiggled and shook with each step. He couldn't believe how
perfect those plump smooth buns were sitting on top of Victoria's muscular

"Let's go upstairs," Rob said. He let Victoria go a few steps ahead of him
before he started going up.

"Nice and slow, baby, stick that ass out," he said. Victoria took her steps
very slowing, making sure to push her booty out and make it as round as
possible in Rob's face. He cursed out in approval with each step she took.
He was sweating when Victoria got to the top step and started walking to her
bedroom. He also had his fly down and his cock out, all nice and hard from
getting an eye full of Victoria's large ass. Rob took off all his clothes
once he got into her room and he took a seat on the edge of the bed.

"Do that booty shake that you do," he said. Victoria stood in front of him
and bent forward. She slowly straightened up and did her booty shake.

"Ahh yeah shake that ass! Do it more! Shake that fat ass! Ahh yeah!" Rob
moaned. He was rubbing his big dick like mad while watching Victoria's buns
jiggle from side to side. Victoria wedged her shorts up even more, showing
off more of her jiggly buns. Rob stood up behind her and placed his hands
on her ass. He started squeezing her buns, feeling all that muscle and flesh
between his fingers. He kept grabbing at it, trying to fit more of it in his

"Fuck! So much fucking ass!" He exclaimed. Rob stood up and pulled the back
of Victoria's booty shorts out with his thumb and pushed his dick underneath.
He let go so that his cock was held against Victoria's left ass cheek with
her shorts.

"Rub that big cock against my ass. That must feel so good," Victoria said.
Rob pulled Victoria's black hair away from her muscular neck and kissed it.
He kept his hips moving and his eight inch cock rubbing against her ass. He
slipped his right hand in between his chest and Victoria's back and undid
her top. Victoria pulled it off and tossed it on the floor, letting her big
full breasts out. Rob moved his hands around Victoria and held both of her
tits while he rubbed his cock against her ass.

"Goddamn this is the perfect body," he moaned.

"Why don't you get down and see my ass in all its glory?" she suggested. Rob
lifted Victoria's booty shorts and let his cock free, leaving some precum on
her cheek. He dropped down to his knees so he was face to ass with Victoria.
He kissed the bottoms of her exposed buns and told Victoria to stand with her
knees together.

"This is fucking incredible," he said as he moved his hands up and down
Victoria's powerful thighs. He gave them a little smack which made her ass
cheeks shake. He told her to bend forward a little, popping her round ass
out even more. He slowly pulled down her green booty shorts, revealing more
and more of Victoria's big butt. He stopped close to the bottom of her ass,
which made her incredibly full buns hang over the shorts.

"Fucking thank you Victoria! Fucking thank you for having the greatest ass in
the world! Shake it for me now," Rob exclaimed. He sat down, leaning his back
against the foot of the bed as Victoria looked over her shoulder and down at

"That's it stud, stroke that big dick while I shake my fat ass," Victoria
said. Victoria started doing her booty shake, making that ass jiggle, jiggle,
and jiggle some more. She kept shaking it until it made her shorts fall off.
Rob was stroking his cock like mad staring at it.

"Back it up into my face," Rob demanded. Victoria took a few steps back and
smothered Rob's face with her big ass. His nose and mouth were deep into her
ass crack while those big soft buns pressed against his face. He reached
around front and pulled her in even tighter, burying his face in Victoria's
ass. He moved his face down until his tongue found Victoria's asshole.

"Oohh ahhhh yes taste it! Taste it all!" She moaned. Rob was using his whole
tongue, taking big long licks of her ass and her asshole. Rob held his face
deep in Victoria's ass until he was on the verge of passing out from lack of
oxygen. He finally had to push her away and get some air.

"Oh wow ... oh my god what a fucking tasty ass!"

"I know it's tough getting your tongue in there with all of this ass in the
way. Let me make it easier, stud," Victoria said. She reached back and spread
her ass cheeks open then bent forward as far as she could, opening up her
asshole. Rob scurried over on his knees and grabbed Victoria's butt, helping
her spread those fat ass cheeks apart. He then went to work with his tongue
deep inside her asshole. He was going so wild with his tongue in her ass that
it was like a starving man eating his first meal in weeks.

"Ahhhhh yeahh lick my ass! Oh god! Work your tongue in there, ahhh that's the
spot, ohhh fuck you lick my ass good!" Victoria moaned in approval. When Rob
finally managed to pull his face out of Victoria's ass, he had a dazed look
in his eyes like he'd just been in another world.

"Mmmm mmm woman ass mmmm," he licked his lips. Rob went and laid down on the
bed with the back of his head flat on the mattress.

"Bring that big juicy ass over here and fuck my face with it!" He demanded.
Victoria got on the bed and straddled Rob's face. She leaned forward a
little, resting her hands on Rob's midsection. She lowered her ass down onto
his face and started grinding in back and forth. Rob held out his tongue,
rimming Victoria's asshole as it passed over his tongue. Victoria slowed
down, holding her ass on Rob's mouth and moving her hips around in circles,
letting him get deeper in her asshole.

"YES! You're so good with your tongue! Ah yeah motherfucker take this!"
Victoria said loudly. She started riding Rob's face, bouncing her ass up and
down off his face. There was so much cushion on her ass that it felt soft on
Rob's face. She'd bring those juicy buns up and squish them back down on his
face over and over again. When she got tired of this, Rob sat up and got
Victoria to lay down on her stomach with her knees together.

"Good lord, it's still fucking huge! Look at the way your ass just rounds up,

"You're never going to find another woman that's got what I've got."

"That's for fucking sure!"

Rob sat over Victoria's thighs and slapped his cock against them, letting out
a bit of precum. He inched up towards that bulbous mountain of ass that made
him mental. Rob spanked Victoria's ass with his cock. Slap! Slap! Slap! His
cock slapped against her rump, making it jiggle. There was no possible
position where Victoria's ass didn't make him want to explode. He started
massaging Victoria's ass, deeply kneading her tanned flesh with his fingers.

"Ahh that feels good," Victoria sighed. The tempo had been brought down a
few notches as Rob carefully massaged her butt. All the while his cock was
resting against her thick thighs and his balls were feeling tighter by the
moment. One thing that Rob's eyes were fixated on was how deep Victoria's
ass was. There was just so much space between those two rounded mounds of
flesh. He inched up closer, spread her buns apart and laid his cock between
them. He pushed them back together and was holding onto his thick eight inch
dick with two handfuls of Victoria's ass.

"Oh fuck! Oh Victoria! So much ass on my cock!"

"Yeah baby fuck those cheeks! Fuck my fat buns!" Victoria encouraged. Rob
leaned forward a little and was really starting to get a good pace going of
moving his cock back and forth between Victoria's big ass cheeks. He felt the
cum building and getting ready to explode at any moment. There was no holding
back now, he had to blow!

"Ahhh shit! I'm gonna fucking cum all over your big ass! YES VICTORIA YES!"
He groaned as he pulled back and with a few strokes of his overly sensitive
cock, he dropped his load all over Victoria's incredible ass. He gave his
cock a few more hard tugs, dripping out some more cum onto her already
splattered butt. Rob sat back on Victoria's thighs and wiped the sweat from
his brow.

"Now doesn't that look delicious," Victoria said, looking back at all the cum
on her backside.

"Yes it does," Rob agreed. He inched backwards down Victoria's body but it
was only so he could go face first over her butt. Rob held Victoria's slender
waist and started making long licks up her ass, tasting and swallowing his
own work.

"That's fucking kinky. I love it!" Victoria smiled. With his tongue on her
ass, Rob glanced up and winked at Victoria then kept cleaning all of his
cum off her ass. He swallowed his warm load and sat back up to see that
Victoria's backside looked as clean as before he jizzed on it.

"You naughty boy you."

"Anything to get my tongue on your ass," Rob said. Rob stood up and
stretched. He wasn't close to being finished with Victoria and the wheels
were spinning in his head about what to do next while he waited for his cock
to reload. Rob grabbed a chair and pulled it out into an open space in the

"Come and sit," he said. Victoria walked over and went to sit down but Rob
told her to sit the other way with her legs spread and her chest against the
back of the chair. Rob grabbed Victoria's jaw and looked her in the eyes.

"I love this face, you're the greatest, Victoria," he said as she moved his
hand around the back of her head and started making out with her. Victoria
could still taste the cum inside of Rob's mouth as she devoured it with her
tongue. Rob broke the kiss, sucking on Victoria's bottom lip for a few
seconds before letting go. He walked around back of the chair and saw
Victoria's ass pushed out and spread on that chair. Her ass was so big that
it was literally hanging off the chair and this position made it look even

"Take a look over your shoulder. Take a look at how good your ass looks."

"Wow. Look at that big thing. It looks so plump and juicy," she admired
herself. Rob looked over at Victoria's 'toys' and grabbed a bottle of baby
oil and nice sized butt plug. He started squeezing the oil onto Victoria's
ass, letting it run down her cheeks. He squirted a lot of oil into the palms
of his hands and began to spread it all over Victoria's tanned ass. Rob
dropped the oil and buried his tongue deep in her asshole.

"Mmmm I could just fucking eat this ass all night long! Mmm fuck yeah!"

"Stick that plug in my ass, get me ready for that big cock of yours,"
Victoria asked. Rob made a few more circles of her tasty anus with his
tongue before picking up the clear plastic butt plug. He worked in nice
and slowly into her asshole until it was all in. He walked around to the
front of Victoria and got down to eye level with her.

"You like that big butt plug in your ass? I bet that feels good cause it
looks damn good."

"Ohh yeah I love it when my ass is filled up," she sighed. Rob moved back
around and slapped his hard cock against Victoria's fat ass a few times
and then pulled the butt plug out. He put it near Victoria's mouth and she
started to suck on it.

"Yeah taste your ass, Victoria, lick it all up."

"Mmmm my ass tastes so good," she moaned. Rob took the butt plug back and
worked it back inside Victoria. He got down on the ground and lowered his
head beneath Victoria's ass. He started rubbing her clit and making her

"Look at this big juicy clit, fuck that's nice," he said. He started rubbing
it, getting it nice and swollen. Victoria started to moan like crazy as her
big clit was super sensitive. Rob moved his mouth over it and started to lick
Victoria's sweet clit.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhh fuck! Ohhh yeah! Ohhh FUCK! FUCK ROB! OH MY GOD!" Victoria
screamed as she climaxed within seconds of Rob tonguing her clit. Rob pulled
his mouth away from that juicy clit and took that butt plug out of Victoria's
ass. He started sucking on it, tasting her ass.

"Mmmm that does taste good. Are you ready for me to fuck your sweet ass now?"

"Mmmmhmmmm stick that big dick in my ass!" She demanded. Rob grabbed a hold
of Victoria's left ass cheek and pulled it to the side while he guided his
big cock into her asshole with his right hand. The butt plug had made her
ass nice and ready for Rob to start fucking it. He couldn't help but to play
with Victoria's juicy ass spread out on that chair while he penetrated deep
inside it.

"Ohhh yeah fuck that big ass! Ohhh make it jiggle! Yeah that's it! Make my
ass jiggle on your cock!"

"Ahhh fuck yeah look at it jiggle, oh fuck that's perfect!" Rob groaned. With
each passing moment, Rob could feel his knees starting to buckle. The feeling
of Victoria's ass on his cock was taking over his body.

"Your ass is too much..." Rob started to say but he momentarily passed out
and caught himself by grabbing onto Victoria's waist.

"Are you ok, baby?" Victoria asked.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm ok, whew, let's take this onto the bed," he said. Victoria
slowly got onto the bed, one knee at a time and crawled forward so she was in
a doggystyle position. Rob stumbled backwards and then moved towards that big

"Come on you stud, suck it up and gimmie some more of that hard cock," she
said. Rob bent forward and kissed Victoria's ass cheeks a few times.

"I love this big booty," he said as he stuck his cock back inside of it.
The bed rocked and the head board banged against the wall as Rob pounded
Victoria's ass HARD!

"Unhhh yeah! Fuck that ass hard! Yeeahhh! You couldn't fuck one of those
skinny bitches asses like this could you?" Victoria moaned.

"Ohh fuck no! This ass is big and its all mine!"

"Oh yeah it's all yours! Unhhh fuck I love getting butt fucked by a big
hard cock!" Victoria exclaimed. Rob reached forward with his right hand and
pulled back on Victoria's black hair. With his left hand, he raised it up and
brought it hard down on Victoria's ass with a loud SMACK! He kept SMACKING
that fat ass, making it jiggle and shake. Victoria's golden tanned ass was
turned a nice shade of pink with Rob's constant spanking. Soon Rob would pull
his big hog out of Victoria's backside which confused her.

"Why'd you stop?"

"I know where the term bootylicious comes from now," Rob said as he buried
his face in Victoria's ass. He rimmed her freshly fucked anus and tasted all
of it. Victoria waved her finger at Rob and motioned for him to come here.
He moved around the bed and Victoria wanted to tongue kiss him and taste what
he was tasting.

"I have an idea, you lay down and let me ride that cock," she said. Rob got
comfortable on his back and held his dick straight up. Victoria straddled him
and worked that big dick into her ass. She looked over her shoulder and could
see her ass in the mirror.

"Yeah that's what I wanted to see. Look at my ass! Wow! I do have a great
ass!" She admired herself. Rob grabbed onto it and moved his hips, pumping
his cock up inside of her.

"Its beyond great! Stare at your fat ass! Look at how it jiggles on my cock!
Fuuuck I can't believe I've held out this long," Rob said. Victoria lifted
her body up and then back down on Rob's cock. She made sure to bring her ass
all the way back down so it smacked against Rob's flesh causing it to shake,
jiggle and vibrate. Victoria kept looking over her shoulder and admired her
perfect ass in the mirror. Rob grabbed two handfuls of Victoria's ass,
massaged it and then started SPANKING her.

"Come on Victoria, bounce that big ass!" He demanded. Victoria turned her
face towards him and leaned forward, resting her hands on his chest for
support. She started bouncing her ass on his cock as fast as she could. Rob
felt it jiggling between his fingers as Victoria fucked him at a psychotic
pace. Her long black hair was flying all over face and her whole body
glistened with sweat. When Victoria finally slowed down, she was breathing
heavy like she had just wrestled a hard fought match. Rob pulled her hair
back out of her face and told her how hot she looked. She fell forward onto
him and started kissing him deeply. Rob moved his hands around her toned
midsection and held her tightly. "Your ass deserves this you sexy vixen,"
Rob said. He clinched his teeth together and started bucking his hips
upwards and jackhammering his cock into Victoria's ass. Because of his
incredible abdominal strength and overall strength, he was able to really
fuck Victoria's ass hard from this position.

"Unhhhh ohh yeah! Oh god Rob you're fucking my ass so hard! Ohhh god your
cock is so big baby! Ohhhh yesss! Ohhh fuck butt fuck my big fucking ass!
Unhhh god damnit yes!" Victoria screamed. Rob kept holding her tightly and
kept up an incredible pace for a couple of minutes before he ran out of
steam and slowed down. He loosened his grip on Victoria and she gave him
another deep kiss. She reached back with her left hand and slipped Rob's
cock out of her ass.

"What are you doing?" He asked. She smirked and turned around, putting her
ass in Rob's face in a 69 position.

"Taste my freshly fucked fat ass!" She said.

"Taste the luckiest big cock in the world," he responded. He started rimming
out Victoria's ass which had an indescribable taste. Victoria gagged on Rob's
eight inches and swallowed a nice amount of pre-cum that she squeezed out.

"You're getting real close to cumming, aren't you?"

"Very close," he admitted.

"Well you better finish strong and finish hard," she told him. Rob got up and
sat on the edge of the bed. He got Victoria to sit on his cock, facing him.
He wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his body and stood
up, supporting Victoria's weight by holding onto her ass.

"Ohh yeah this is good! It takes a real strong man to fuck me like this!"
she said. Rob lifted Victoria up and down on his cock while she pushed on
his shoulders to make herself go higher and come down deeper on his cock.

"Mmm fuck I got a lot to hold onto!" He groaned.

"Keep going! I love your big thick hard cock in my ass!"

"My cock loves your big ass! Ohh fuck Victoria, I love you and your ass. Ohh
baby ohhh god ohh shiiiit!" Rob groaned, feeling like he was about to blow.
He let Victoria down and she knelt down in front of him.

"Cum all over my face! Spray this face with your hot load!" She demanded. Rob
held the base of his cock with one hand, squeezing it and stroked it with his
other hand.

"Ahhh Victoria! Ahhh fuuck! Ahh god that face ... that fucking face! Ohhh
yes!" He grunted as he sprayed quick thick streams of cum that splattered
all over Victoria's face. Rob kept on cumming an extraordinary load,
covering Victoria's sexy face with sticky cum!

"Oh it feels so hot! Feed it to me," Victoria said. Rob took his very
sensitive cock and rubbed it against Victoria's face, getting the cum onto
it. She licked the cum off his cock a few times and then scooped the rest of
it off her face with two fingers and licked them clean. Victoria stood up and
fell into Rob's arms, kissing him and rubbing his hair. He fell back onto the
bed with Victoria on top of him, still kissing him and making him taste some
of the cum that was still in her mouth. She rolled off him and laid down next
to him on the bed.

"So was it worth going through what you went through to get what you got
today?" She asked.

"For what I got today, Victoria, it was nothing at all," he said.

"Well maybe if you play your cards right, this won't be the last time you get
to experience perfection," she smiled.

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