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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Val Venis Presents: Lita Cums Up Big
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

With a smirk on his face, Val Venis stands in a cheap hotel room, dressed in a pair of jeans while he looks at a camera, "Hello.... ladies..." Val says with his gravely voice, "Tonight... Lita came up big... becoming the Women's Champion... but you know something ladies... the Big Valbowski always comes up big..."

"Well I certainly hope so..." Lita says from off camera before she joins Val in front of it. The new Women's Champion licks her lips and is dressed in a lime green sports bra and baggy pants that hang loosely from her hips, and her hair is slightly damp, indicating that she just recently took a shower, "Cause I'm not like Trish who is satisfied with just any little thing..." Lita says as she places a hand on Val's chest while she uses the other to unbutton his jeans.

"Someone's eager to be on camera..." Val says as he raises a hand to grope one of Lita's sports-bra covered tits as she undoes his jeans.

"I'm the new Women's Champion..." Lita says, "I have to make sure it's documented properly for prosperity...." The red-headed Diva says as she raises her arms a bit so that Val can lifts up her sports bra, revealing her large, juicy round tits.

"That's why I have no regrets from leaving Adult Entertainment for Sports Entertainment..." Val chuckles as Lita drops to her knees in front of him and begins to pull down his jeans, freeing his thick twelve inch cock.

"I'm sure glad you're still with the WWE... I've waited years to be one of your films..." Lita says as she places her hands on his cock and begins to move them both along the length of his tool, "Mmmmm this is the type of cock that should be reserved for true Divas who bring honor to the Women's Championship.. don't you agree Val?" Lita asks as she feels his cock harden in the grasp of her hands.

"Ahhhh fuck yeah..." Val nods as Lita pumps her hands back and forth on his cock while looking down at her large tits as they jiggle slightly.

Lita looks over the camera and narrows her eyes, "Trish wishes she could've beaten me tonight... but we all know she couldn't do this as well as me..." Lita says before she leans her head towards Val's cock and takes its into her mouth, wrapping her lips around it followed by beginning to bob her head on his fuck stick.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." Val moans as he places a hand on the side of Lita's head, pushing her red-hair back so that it doesn't block her face as she bobs her head on his manhood as she moves one hand away from his tool while keeping the other around its base.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Lita moans as she glances repeatedly towards the camera as she continues to bob her head on Val's cock, taking it further into her oral cavity every few seconds.

"Ahhhh yeah... ahhhh shit..." Val groans with satisfaction as Lita deep throats his cock as she easily deep throats his tool at the same time while her saliva drips off of it.

"Ohhhhh... mmmmm..." Lita moans as she rocks on her knees in rhythm with how she's sucking off the Big Valbowski, with her lips brushing against his cock.

"Ahhh yeah... ahhhh... fuck yeah... way better than Trish..." Val Venis licks his teeth as Lita takes the full length of his tool down her throat while she turns her head a bit to grind her lips around his shaft.

"Mmmmmmm... ohhhh..." Lita moans as she soon lifts her head up from Val's cock and smacks her tongue against the crown before she gets to her feet. Looking at the camera, the new Women's Champion smirks as she begins to push her baggy pants down from her hips, revealing her toned ass and shaved pussy, "So Val... just how loose is Trish's cunt?" Lita asks as she steps out of her pants moves towards the hotel room bed where she leans forward to place her hands on the mattress while showing off her ass to the camera.

"Pretty damn loose... could fit a fucking two-liter soda bottle in her..." Val says with a chuckle as he moves to stand behind Lita where he gives her ass cheeks a firm squeeze.

"Not surprised... that slut probably had Test and Albert fill her fuck hole regularly just to get off..." Lita laughs as she looks at the camera, "Val... get that big fucking cock of yours in me... I want you to feel how tight I am..."

"Don't need to ask twice..." Val says as he proceeds to guide his long, thick spit covered cock into the tight, warm and wet pussy of the new Women's Champion.

"Mmmmm ooooo shit... so fucking bit..." Lita groans and licks her teeth as she moves forward on her feet while she bent forward onto the bed as Val soon begins to thrust his cock in and out of her tight cunt.

"Ahhhh damn... Trish was never this tight..." Val moans as he places his hands on Lita's hips as he pumps his tool deeper and harder into her.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm fuck... ooooo..." Lita moans as she pushes back against Val, causing her ass to smack against his waist while he fucks her from behind.

"Ahhhh... awww..." The Big Valbowski grunts as he plows his cock at a steadily increasing rate into Lita's pussy while watching her ass smack against his lower torso.

"Ohhhh mmmm fuck... ahhh ohhhh!" Lita moans and tosses her red hair back as she feels Val driving the full length of his rod into her love tunnel while they are being filmed.

"Awwww ahhhh... ahhhhh..." Val moans as he hammers Lita's pussy with deep thrusts as she raises one leg so that she can kneel it on the bed, followed by the other.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh fuck! Mmmm yeah! I'm the Women's Champ! All the big cocks around the WWE are gonna me mine Trish! Ohhhh you fucking hear me?!" Lita squeals as she now rocks on her hands and knees on the bed as Val remains behind her drilling her tight wet pussy.

"Ahhhhh awww like the way you think..." Val moans as takes his hands off of Lita's waist as he continues to ram his cock into her cunt.

"Mmmmm ohhh yeah... ohhhh fuck! Ohhhhh shit!" Lita moans as she jolts forward on her knees only to eagerly buck back against Val to meet each one of his deep powerful thrusts.

"Ahhhhh shit... ahhh... awww..." Val grunts with the effort he's using to fuck the latest WWE Diva he has managed to get in front of his camera.

"Mmmm ohhhh... ohhhhh shit... ohhhhhh!" Lita moans as sweat begins to drip down her face as Val rams his cock several more times into her before he chooses to pull out.

"Ready to go for a ride?" Val asks as he moves to lay next to Lita on the hotel room bed.

"Fuck yeah..." Lita nods her head as she tosses her hair back before she eagerly moves to straddle his body and lower her soaking wet pussy down onto his stiff fuck stick.

"Mmmmm ahhhh..." Val moans as Lita takes the full length of his cock into her cunt while he places his hands on her waist before starting to thrust his shaft up into her.

"Ohhhhh ohhh yeah... mmmmm fuck!" Lita licks her lips as she places her hands on Val's chest while she looks at the camera while she begins to bounce on his manhood.

"Ahhh awww yeah..." Val Venis groans as he raises his hips to drive his cock up into Lita's twat as she rises and drops on his shaft.

"Mmmm ahhh... ohhhh yeah... ohhhh fuck yes..." Lita moans as she leans her head back as she grinds her pussy on Val's thick cock each time she drops downward on his tool.

"Awwww ahhhh... ohhhh fuck..." Val moans as he reaches behind Lita to grab her ass with both hands as she bounces on his large thick cock.

"Ohhhh ohhhhh fuck yes.... mmmmm shit... ohhh fuck I love a big dick!" Lita moans as she rises and drops sharply on Val's cock while he gropes her rear end and rams his cock up into her.

"Ahhhh awww... mmm fuck... ride that dick like a champ..." Val moans as Lita continues to rock and bounces on his cock.

"Ohhhh oooooo that's cause I'm the fucking champ! Trish couldn't handle this!" Lita moans as she bucks her hips as she continues to ride the Big Valbowski's massive manhood.

"Awww yeah you're a real fucking slut..." Val moans as he proceeds to turn over on the bed, laying Lita on her back where he grabs her legs and raises them onto his shoulders as he continues to fuck her tight wet pussy.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh yeah! Ohhhhh fuck!" Lita moans as she grabs Val's arms and arches her back as he slams his cock into her cunt while looking over at the camera.

"Ahhhhh... ahhhh fuck... awww... ahhhh..." Val groans as he rams his cock balls deep into Lita's pussy.

"Oooooo! Ohhhhh shit! Mmmmm fuck!" Lita moans as she moves against the bed as Val Venis drills her twat with powerful thrusts.

"Ahhhh ahhh... awwww ahhh..." Val grits his teeth as he watches Lita's large tits bounce as her body trembles following every thrust his delivers into her fuck hole.

"Ohhhhh fuck! Ahhhh ohhh yeah mmmm fuck yes!" Lita gasps with desire as The Big Valbowski continues to fuck her deeply.

"You know Lita for all your big talk... I'd at least take it in the ass by now..." Trish Stratus says from behind the camera as she makes sure its capturing everything.

"Ahhh shut up Trish... you loss... this is my movie!" Lita moans before she looks up at Val while he continues to fuck her, "Mmmmm come on Val... mmmm fuck my ass with that big fucking cock..."

Val smirks, "Mmmmm with pleasure..." The Big Valbowski says before pulling out of Lita's pussy and scooting back on his knees so that Lita can turn over on the bed and raise herself up onto all fours.

"About time..." Trish says with a smirk as she moves the camera to get the best shot of Val spreading Lita's ass cheeks apart followed by him shoving his cock into Lita's tight anal passage.

"Ohhhhh FUCK! Mmmmmm ahhhh!" Lita screams as Val plunges his huge cock into her anal cavity, forcing her asshole to stretch for it to accommodate the firth of his manhood.

"Ahhhhh awww...." Val groans as he begins to thrust his cock in and out of Lita's ass while grabbing hold of her hips to pull her back towards himself.

"Mmmmmm yeah! Ohhhhhhh fuck!" Lita licks her teeth as she looks at the camera as she rocks back and forth on her knees as Val pounds her backside.

"Ahhhh fuck ahhh yeah..." Val moans as he rams his cock deeply into Lita's gorgeous rear end while Trish Stratus, the woman she defeated for the Women's Championship, films the action.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh fuck! Ahhhhh shit! Give me that dick!" Lita squeals as she tosses her sweat dampened red hair back as she bucks back against the Big Valbowski.

"Mmmmmm ahhh yeah take it..." Val grunts as he drives every inch of his cock into Lita's ass, with his balls colliding with the flesh of her backside with every thrust.

"Ohhhh ahhhh... mmmm fuck... ohhhh mmmm yeah ohhh!" Lita moans as her body trembles with the impact from each of Val's thrusts as he continues to hammer her ass with his massive cock.

"Ahhhhh ahhhh shit... ahhhh..." Val groans as his cock begins to throb while rams it repeatedly into Lita's ass.

"He's gonna pop... get ready for the money shot..." Trish says as she sees how The Big Valbowski is laboring as he continues to fuck the ass of the new Women's Champion.

"Mmmmm yes cum on my face!" Lita moans as Val continues to hammer her ass from behind before he pulls out of her deeply fucked ass. The new Women's Champion lays on her back, positioning her face perfectly as Val begins to stroke his cock as he kneels closer to her.

"Ahhhh awwww fuck ahhh..." Val moans as he pumps his hand on his cock until he starts to cum, shooting his load down onto Lita's face.

"Mmmmmmm fuck..." Lita licks her lips as she glances at the camera and smiles as Val continues to spray his jizz onto her face for a few more moments.

Once Val is spent, Trish rolls her eyes and turns off the camera, "You know when I win back MY championship... you're filming MY celebration... and don't you dare get mad at me when I go off script the way you did..." Trish says as she throws the camera on the bed next to Lita and Val.

"Yeah like you'll become Women's Champion any time soon..." Lita says with a smirk.

"I love my job..." Val says wit ha chuckle.


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