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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Val Venis Presents: She's Got Legs
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Standing in the middle of an empty strip club, Val Venis smirks at the
camera, "Hello ladies... and oh yeah guys too..." Val smirks and he's wearing
jeans and a tan colored polo shirt. "Welcome to another Big Valbowski
Production..." Val chuckles, "This time around, we're on location here on the
Sunset Strip where I have been invited for a private show..." Val smirks just
as Kid Rock's version of 'She's Got Legs' starts to play. The stunning, long-
legged beauty, Stacy Keibler dressed in a short black skirt and a white top
begins to seductively sway her gorgeously rounded hips from side to side as
she locks her beautiful eyes with Val Venis. Stacy Keibler licks her lips as
she raises her hands and slides her hands through her gorgeous blond hair.

Val slyly licks his lips as he watches Stacy move to the music on the stage,
"And there she is... the long legged beauty Stacy Keibler... just look at
them legs..." Val says as Stacy keeps moving to the music. Stacy Keibler
seductively bites down on her bottom lip as she turns around, swaying her
juicy and perfectly shaped ass, before she places her hands down onto her
hips before she lowers her black skirt down from her waist to expose her
incredibly hot black thong.

"My... my...." Val chuckles, "She sure loves to put on a show doesn't she..."
Val says with a grin as he continues to watch the blond haired Diva as she
kicks her skirt off the stage after she steps out of it. Stacy Keibler turns
around with an angelic smile on her face as she slides her hands against her
exposed, tanned and smoothly toned stomach before she moves her hands to her
white top and proceeds to lift the top to reveal her nicely tanned and perky

"Mmmmm.... now those are a winning pair..." Val smirks as he checks out
Stacy's firm and perky tits as tosses her top towards him. Val catches it and
sets it on a table as Stacy slides her hands against her tits before moving
them down towards her thong. Stacy Keibler licks her lips and narrows her
eyes at Val Venis as she sways her gorgeous hips and teasingly pulls at the
straps of her black thong before she starts to teasingly lower the thong to
expose her smoothly shaved, incredibly desirable pussy.

As Stacy Keibler lowers her thong down her long, smooth legs, the music fades
out and Val begins to clap, "Incredible Stacy.... simply incredible..." Val
says with a smirk.

Stacy bites down on her bottom lip and raises an eyebrow "I'm glad you liked
it...I was a bit nervous..." Stacy says as she steps off of the stage and
starts to approach Val Venis.

"You didn't look at all nervous... what inspired you to do that?" Val asks as
the long legged blond walks towards him.

Stacy Keibler presses her lips together and seductively glances at Val Venis
"Well...I was just getting free from some muscle headed jerks...they didn't
let me do anything like this..." Stacy says with a smirk before she lowers
her eyes to glance at the crotch of his jeans. "You're looking pretty yummy
to me Val..."

Val Venis smirks, "Well... if I'm looking yummy to you... I'm wondering what
will that inspire you to do..." Val says. Stacy Keibler licks her lips and
places her hands onto the waist of Val's jeans and begins to push them down
his muscular waist, forcing his button to snap open. "I like where this is
going..." Val says as Stacy pushes his jeans down his muscular legs,
revealing his long, thick and hardening cock. The Big Valbowski lifts up
his shirt, revealing his muscular and tanned upper body to Stacy Keibler.

Stacy nods her approvingly and smiles at Val Venis before she lowers herself
down onto her knees in front of Val Venis, becoming leveled with his
impressive cock. "You have no idea how much I've wanted this..." Stacy
comments as she locks her angelic eyes with him and places her left hand
around his shaft as she begins to stroke his cock.

Val chuckles as Stacy kneels in front of him while she strokes his hardening
cock, "I think I have a real good idea of how much you want it..." Val
replies. Stacy Keibler laughs before she lowers her blond haired head and
delicately slides her wet tongue around the swollen head of Val's impressive
cock, while she continues to stroke his shaft.

"Mmmm..." Val moans before he looks at the camera that's filming him and
Stacy, "Don't miss anything... this is going to be classic..." Val says with
a grin as he looks down at Stacy while she twirls her tongue around his dick.
Stacy keeps her beautiful eyes seductively locked with Val Venis as she slaps
her wet, soothing tongue against the head of his cock, occasionally circling
her tongue before she parts her lips and lowers her head to swallow his
impressive cock.

"Ahhh..." Val groans as Stacy slaps her tongue gently against his thick cock
as she tilts her head in order to get her tongue to go over more areas of
Val's shaft.

"Mmmmmmm...." Stacy moans lustfully as she presses her pouty and luscious
lips around his cock as she starts to perfectly move her blond haired head
back and forth on his thick cock, sliding her tongue over his cock, coating
it with her saliva.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmm..." Val moans as he steps out of his jeans while Stacy
Keibler slides her tongue all over his shaft until he's dripping with her
warm saliva.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmm..." Stacy moans as she places her right hand onto his
muscular waist, while keeping her left hand on his shaft as she bobs her head
at a smooth, brisk pace. Val places his hands on his waist as Stacy Keibler
holds his dick steady with her left hand while she bobs her head up and down
on his cock. Stacy turns her blond haired head gently on Val's cock, grinding
her pouty lips on his shaft before she leans her head further down and forces
his cock deeper into her incredibly skilled mouth.

"Mmmm ahhhh yeah..." Val groans as Stacy opens her mouth wider to fit more of
his huge cock inside of her warm and wet mouth.

Stacy's teeth lightly press against Val's cock as she continues to bob her
head back and forth on his cock, soothingly coating his shaft with her saliva
as she expertly sucks on his cock. "Mmmmmm...mmmmmmm...." Stacy moans.

"Ahhh.... mmm damn.... suck that dick..." Val moans as he feels Stacy's
tongue against the bottom side of his cock as she bobs her head briskly on
his dick. Stacy closes her eyes as she turns her head on Val's impressively
cock before she deep throats his cock in one easy motion, holding him deeply
inside of her skilled mouth.

"Ohhhh damn.... ahhh..." Val grunts as Stacy Keibler easily holds his entire
cock inside of her talented mouth. Stacy slyly and seductively looks up at
Val Venis as she slides her tongue teasingly against the bottom side of his
impressively before she slowly pulls her head back, causing his cock which is
coated with her saliva to fall from her mouth.

"Mmm... safe to say those muscle heads don't know what they lost out on..."
Val says with a grin as Stacy slides her tongue briefly against his dick.
Stacy Keibler laughs as she drags her tongue against the head of his cock
before scooting back on her knees and moving to stand up from the floor. Val
Venis smirks at he watches Stacy turn around to climb back onto the stage
while swaying her firm round ass in his direction. Stacy glances over her
shoulder and seductively smiles back at Val Venis as she kneels on the edge
of the stage with her incredibly juicy, nicely rounded and perfectly tanned
ass swaying back and forth.

"Someone wants the Big Valbowski...' Val says as he gets on the stage and
kneels behind Stacy. He places his right hand on her hip while he uses his
left hand to guide his cock into her hot tight and wet pussy.

"Mmmmmm....ohhhhhh yeah..." Stacy Keibler groans and grits her teeth as she
rocks forward on her knees, feeling his cock entering her tight pussy and
stretching her pussy as he begins to thrust his cock into her pussy.

"Ahhh..." Val grunts as he thrusts his massive cock in and out of Stacy's hot
tight cunt while she pushes back against him.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhh...mmmm..." Stacy Keibler moans as she licks her lips and
smoothly rocks back on her knees, pushing her juicy ass against his muscular
waist as she feels his cock working forward into her pussy.

"Ahhh... ahhh..." Val grunts as he glances at the cameraman who's filming him
fucking Stacy. Val smirks as he increases the pace of his thrusts, causing
Stacy's body to jolt forward slightly.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh yeah! Ohhhhhh fuck!" Stacy Keibler moans and tosses her
blond haired head back as she rapidly rocks back and forth on her knees,
while Val pumps his shaft deeply into her pussy. Val grits his teeth as he
hammers Stacy's tight snatch with quick and hard thrusts. Val's large
ballsack smacks loudly against Stacy's smooth skin each time he rams his cock
into her.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhh yeah....mmmmm Val...Ohhhhh!" Stacy moans loudly as she
rocks back on her knees, eagerly pushing back against his rock hard cock as
she feels his shaft slamming firmly and deeply into her pussy.

"Ahhh.... mmmm yeah... ahhh..." Val groans as he slams his cock repeatedly
into Stacy Keibler's twat while her firm round ass smacks against his waist.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh yeah!" Stacy moans and licks her lips as she feels Val's
hands firmly gripping her hips as he pumps his shaft deeply and steadily into
her pussy at a solidly quick pace.

"Ahhh... ahhh..." Val groans as he starts to turn to lay on his back on the
stage while pulling Stacy Keibler on top of him. Val waits for Stacy to get
herself settled before he thrusts his cock upward into her hot pussy.

Stacy Keibler grits her teeth and glances over her shoulder as she
seductively smirks down at Val Venis as she places her hands onto his
muscular chest behind her as she smoothly bounces up and down on his massive
shaft. "Ohhhhhhh....Ohhhh yeah..." Stacy moans as she smoothly rocks back on
his cock.

"Ahhh... awww.... ahhh..." Val moans as he thrusts his cock upward into
Stacy's pussy as she bounces up and down on his dick.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhh yeah! Ohhhhh fuck that pussy Val!" Stacy lustfully moans as
she grinds her pussy down on his rock hard shaft as she incredibly stunning,
tanned body moves swiftly on his shaft.

"Mmmm ahhh damn... ahhhh..." Val grits his teeth as he drives his cock as the
long legged blond haired Diva bounces and rocks sharply on his large, thick

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhh Val..." Stacy moans licking her lips and leans her blond
haired head back as sweat starts to drip against her gorgeously tanned and
perfectly curved body as she steadily drops and lifts herself on his
impressive cock. Val places his hands on Stacy's hips as she rises and falls
on his big hard cock while he keeps thrusting it upward into her hot wet

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhh yeah...ohhhhhh..." Stacy moans as she continues to rock
back and forth on Val's cock as sweat drips from her body. Stacy seductively
licks her lips as she grinds her juicy ass down on his waist, riding his

"Mmmm ahhh damn... ride that dick Stacy..." Val groans as his large cock
starts to throb inside of Stacy's pussy as she bounces swiftly on his shaft.
Stacy glances over her shoulder and slyly smirks down at Val Venis as she
swiftly lowers herself down onto his shaft as she suddenly feels him rapidly
slamming his cock upward into her pussy, catching her each time she lowers.

"Ahhh.... awww..." Val groans as his cock starts to erupt inside of Stacy
Keibler's snatch as following another firm upward thrusts.

Stacy Keibler slyly smirks and glances at the camera as she rocks back and
forth on Val's cock as his shaft releases its warm cum into her pussy.
"Mmmmmm...nothing like Val blowing his load in your pussy..." Stacy groans as
she grinds back on his cock.

"Ahhh got that right..." Val smirks as he continues to unload his cum inside
of Stacy's pussy.

Stacy Keibler narrows her eyes and presses her lips together as she lustfully
looks at the camera, while remaining on Val's cock. "Aren't you just

"You tell 'em Stacy..." Val laughs slyly, "Cause someone would have to be an
idiot to not have her around..."


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