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This story is not meant as an implication of the sexual orientation of either
Torrie Wilson or Trish Stratus.

Valentina Wesson Meets The WWE Divas
by Eric Golebski

The Wesson Family Estate, Los Angeles, CA

Valentina Wesson picked up her remote control and turned off her TV as the
WWE special WWE Divas Undressed ended. The Los Angeles native was 5' 11",
125 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair just past her shoulders. At age
29, she was a famous international adventurer, fighting some of the world's
most dangerous criminals and terrorists. It was a lifestyle she chose after
her parents were killed when Apollo Airlines Flight 259 was blown out of
the sky over Nebraska by the American Brotherhood. Since putting away the
group's leader, Matthew Hawkins, she has gone up against other enemies
since, including other radical militias, Islamic terrorists, and organized
crime bosses. Sometimes she has worked with adventurers like Black Canary,
Elektra, Black Widow, Huntress, and Silver Sable. Her adventures are well
known to many in the world of international intrigue.

What is not well known to the general public is that she is a lesbian,
having secretly entered into the lifestyle when she was 17 years old, a
result of having some unpleasant experiences with some of the boys and
older male teachers at the exclusive private school she attended. She
would later become attracted to Patricia Helmsley, a 25-year-old blonde
teacher at the school and a closet lesbian.

Over time, they struck up a friendship that led to the two of them becoming
secret lovers, and it was during this relationship that Patricia introduced
Val to the world of BDSM, which Val enjoyed very much.

However, Val's relationship with Patricia ended when some of the faculty
picked up hints of the 25-year-old teacher's lifestyle and decided to
terminate her employment. Neither woman wanted to part with each other, but
they had no choice. To this day, the thought of how the faculty forced
Patricia to leave L.A. made Val's blood boil.

Nevertheless, the two vowed never to forget each other. In fact, Patricia
attended the funeral Val had for her parents, which was a welcome sight for
Val in those dark days.

Today, she was taking a well deserved break following her last mission,
which was rescuing 20 young girls from a Mafia-controlled white slavery
ring based in Atlanta. Part of that break included watching WWE Divas

Val got up and walked over to her computer and logged on to the internet,
feeling happy that one of her favorite WWE Divas, Torrie Wilson, won the
golden thong award. Val typed in the address to and began to browse
the site looking for news, then something caught her eye. It read, Contest!
She clicked the link and was taken to a different section describing the
contest. The contest was called Gonna Meet 2 Superstars. Val was intrigued.
This could be her chance to meet Torrie and Trish her two favorite Divas.
Just the thought sent electricity to her pussy. To be eligible to be entered
in the draw to win the contest, an entrant had to answer one question:

Who won the golden thong award on tonight's Diva's Undressed special?

Some print under the title said that the winner of the contest will be
notified 1 week before the next PPV event, Vengeance. Val quickly typed
inher name, address, age, phone number, the 2 superstars she wanted to
meet - Torrie and Trish Stratus - and the answer to the contest question
and clicked submit.

Valentina Wesson awoke to the sunlight shinning bright into her room though
her open window. Val got out of bed, wearing only a pair of silk pajama
shorts. She liked to sleep with her breasts free. Val reached for her robe,
which was draped over the chair beside her bed. She put it on covering
herself. Val walked through her house toward the front door, opening the
front door and walking down the drive way to the mailbox to retrieve her
mail. Picking up the pile of various letters, junk mail, and fliers, she
turned and head back to her house, lazily leafing through the mail. Halfway
to her door, she stopped suddenly, her jaw dropping, as she read the envelope
in front of her. It read: To Miss Valentina Wesson, WWE Gonna Meet 2
Superstars Contest. Val quickly walked into her house and sat down at the
kitchen table, quickly tearing open the envelope. She began to read the
letter inside. It read:

Dear Valentina Wesson,

Congratulations! You are the winner of the Gonna Meet 2 Superstars contest.
You will meet Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus of the WWE one week from now
after Vengeance. In addition to meeting the Divas, you have received one
ring side ticket to Vengeance. After Vengeance you will meet Torrie Wilson
and Trish Stratus. Also enclosed is a plane ticket to Detroit, Michigan,
where Vengeance is being held.

Sincerely yours,
Vincent K. McMahon
Chairman, World Wrestling Entertainment

Val couldn't believe she actually won the contest. She was going to meet
the 2 sexiest Divas in the WWE.

Valentina awoke on the morning of Sunday, July 21. Val was very excited,
because in just a few hours she would be meeting Torrie and Trish. Val got
out of bed, walking over to her dresser. She searched through the drawers
looking for something sexy to wear.

Who knows what could happen tonight? she thought to herself.

The outfit she was going to wear would be a simple black thong, a matching
black bra, with a black mini skirt, and white short sleeve blouse. Val
watched herself in the mirror as she took off her silk pajama shorts,
sliding the shorts down her legs, then kicking them off when they got to
her feet. Val then slid her hands over her breasts, paying special attention
to her now erect nipples which she began to pinch, sliding her hands further
down toward her moist pussy. When she reached her pussy, Val slid 2 fingers
through the entire length of her slit, getting them wet with juice, bringing
her fingers up to her mouth and sliding them in tasting her own juices.

"Mmmmmmmm, I taste good," Val said out loud.

After Val was dressed, she grabbed her purse and 2 strap-on dildos that she
knew she was going to need because she was determined to seduce the two
Divas. As Val dropped the 2 dildos into her purse, a horn beeped, letting
Val know her cab had arrived to take her to the airport.

* * *

Detroit, Michigan

Near the end of Vengeance, Val was getting very anxious. As the Rock won the
WWE Undisputed championship, Vengeance came to an end. Val saw Vince McMahon
coming towards her.

Vince extended his hand to Val and introduced himself. "Hello, I am Vince
McMahon, and you must be Valentina Wesson."

"Yes, I am, Mr. McMahon," Val responded.

"Congratulations on winning our Gonna Meet 2 Superstars contest. Follow me
and I will take you to meet Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus."

Val stood up and followed Vince behind the curtain and into the back. As Val
followed Vince through the back, she saw several wrestlers she recognized,
like Triple H, The Rock, Booker T, and some others all of which gave her a
friendly wave. Turning a corner, Val and Vince stopped at a locker room. The
WWE chairman proceeded to knock on the door, when the door suddenly opened
and standing there was none other than Trish Stratus, still dressed in her
wrestling attire.

Vince said, "I'll leave the 3 of you alone now." With that, the WWE chairman

Trish extended her hand and took Val's hand in hers. As soon as Trish touched
Val's hand it sent a bolt of electricity straight to Val's pussy. She was so

Trish said, "Hey, I'm Trish."

Val said, "Hi, Trish, nice to meet you. I'm Valentina, but you can call me

"Hi, Val, come on in and meet Torrie." With that, Trish took hold of Val's
hand and pulled her into the locker room.

"Hey, Torrie come here, the contest winner is here," Trish called out.

"Coming," answered a voice that Val recognized immediately.

Val heard footsteps approaching from around the corner where the showers
were, Torrie came up to Val with a big smile and wearing only a towel. Val
felt her mouth water as she watched drops of water beading on the upper part
of Torrie's breasts.

"Hi, I'm Torrie Wilson," Torrie said with a smile, extending her hand to Val.

The 29-year-old adventurer stood up and willingly accepted Torrie's hand with
a smile. "Nice to meet you, I'm Valentina, but you can call me Val."

"Nice to meet you, Val. Now, if you two will excuse me for a second, I have
to get dressed," said Torrie. With that, she got up and started to walk
toward the change room, but little did Torrie know but Val had sat down on
the corner of her towel by accident, which caused Torrie to walk right out
of her towel, becoming completely naked, Val's mouthed dropped open for
about a second then she stood up with Torrie's towel in her hand, dropping
her purse on the locker room floor, which caused both strap-on dildos to
fall out.

Val felt her face turn a very deep shade of red. She wasn't expecting this
to happen. Torrie bent down and picked up the two dildos, looked at Val and
said, "What did you think you were gonna do with these?"

All Val could do was stare with her mouth open.

"That's what I thought," said Torrie, leaning down and covering Val's mouth
with hers, sliding her tongue into the open mouthed girl. Taking her mouth
off Val's, Torrie said with a smile, "Why don't we find a use for those fake

Still smiling, Torrie walked over to the locker room door and locked it.

Val felt a pair of hands slide over breasts from behind, squeezing them
through her blouse. Val glanced back and saw that it was Trish. Val's nipples
became very hard as a moan escaped her lips. As Val's lips parted, Torrie's
tongue slid into Val's mouth, flicking over her tongue. Val closed her eyes
as she felt Trish's hands move under her shirt and bra and over her firm
breasts. Val sucked Torrie's tongue into her mouth tasting her minty saliva.
Trish began to unbutton Val's blouse as her sexy co-worker and new friend
continued kissing. Trish pulled Val's blouse off and threw it aside, quickly
following up by taking her bra off, leaving Val's tits exposed.

The 29-year-old adventurer felt Trish's breasts pressed against her back as
the beautiful Canadian cupped Val's now naked flesh. Trish began to pinch
Val's nipples, tugging on them. Val slid her hands up Torrie's legs and
thighs up to her ass. Feeling the luscious ass cheeks in her hands, Val
massaged them, and spread them, before sliding one hand down over Torrie's
inner thigh and back up to Torrie's moist pussy. As soon as Val's fingers
made contact with Torrie's pussy, she felt and heard Torrie moan inside her
mouth, which sent electricity from Val's brain right to her clit.

Trish pulled her hands away from Val's breasts and got up. Val pulled her
fingers from Torrie's pussy and put two fingers to Torrie's lips. Torrie
parted her lips and sucked Val's fingers into her mouth, tasting her own
sweet juices. Val's turns around to face Trish. Taking a second to look at
her, Trish is still dressed in her wrestling attire which consists of a
black skin tight tank top with black bra and shiny pink spandex pants. Val
marveled at Trish's huge breasts.

Val put her hands on the big globes and began to massage them through the
fabric of her top, then Val bent her head down and began sliding her tongue
over Trish's exposed cleavage, letting her tongue slide down between the
gorgeous mounds.

Meanwhile Torrie was kneeling behind Val, tossing her skirt aside and was
now sliding Val's panties down her legs, revealing her neatly shaved pussy
lips. Torrie wasted little letting her tongue slide over the juicy slit in
front of her. Torrie's tongue slid up the entire length of Val's slit,
tasting the sweet juice Val's pussy was leaking. Torrie then let her tongue
slide between Val's firm ass cheeks and up to her asshole, circling her
tongue around the tight hole, letting the tip penetrate it. Val closed her
eyes and moaned as she felt Torrie's tongue playing with her.

When Val reopened her eyes she saw that Trish had removed her own top and
bra, her nipples standing erect in front of Val's mouth. Val eagerly took
the right nipple in her mouth. Trish closed her eyes and put her hands on
Val's head. Val sucked on the nipple hungrily letting her tongue flick over
the erect flesh, then Val switched to the left breast quickly taking the
nipple into her mouth. This time she began to nibble it gently. Val's legs
couldn't take the pleasure from Torrie's tongue and thumb. Torrie was
licking around Val's pussy hole letting her tongue slip in and out while
her thumb rubbed Val's hard clit. Val fell to her knees, her face right in
front of Trish's spandex-covered pussy. Val looked up into Trish's eyes,
Trish looked back. With a sexy smile, Trish reached down to the waistband
of her pants and instead of pulling them down she tugged them up hard making
the fabric wedge into her pussy, showing off a clear outline of her pussy
to Val.

Val licked her lips and then slid her tongue from the top of Trish's slit to
the bottom and back up again. Even through the fabric, Val could feel Trish's
clit become erect. Val took it between her lips and squeezed it, hearing
Trish moan out loud. Trish gently pushed Val's head away so she could push
her pants down to her knees, where Val took a hold of them and pulled them
the rest of the way down and off, tossing them aside.

Val smiled as she realized Trish wasn't wearing any panties tonight. Trish
had only a small tuft of light blonde hair above her pussy.

That is so cute, Val thought to herself. Trish's pussy lips were cleanly
shaven and begging to be licked.

Val got her face close and let her tongue snake until the tip rested against
the hard clit in front of her, Val moved her tongue up and down over the nub
of flesh, sending a series of shivers through Trish's body. Val left the clit
alone and began sliding her tongue up and down the wet slit, savoring the
sweet flowing juices only a woman could possess, moving back up to Trish's
clit. Taking it between her lips once more, Val began vibrating her lips over
the clit, making Trish buck her hips uncontrollably into Val's face while
letting short high pitched moans escape her lips.

Val was loving this. She couldn't believe she was sucking Trish Stratus'
pussy while being eaten out by Torrie Wilson. Val felt Torrie's tongue leave
her pussy, then she heard Torrie say, "Let's find a use for these now."

Val looked at Trish and saw a big smile on her face. Val then looked back
and saw Torrie with a dildo in each hand. Torrie tied a dildo around her
waist and handed the other one to Val, who also tied it around her waist,
Trish then got down on her knees between Val and Torrie, and taking a
plastic cock in each hand she bent her head down and took Val's thick fake
cock between her lips taking the whole thing into her mouth and throat,
bringing her lips back over the shaft and off leaving the cock slick with
saliva. Turning her head Trish swallowed the other fake cock, while letting
her hand feel its way back to Val and under her strap-on. Trish let her
fingers begin to massage Val's wet pussy, sliding two fingers into her
slick, deep hole, sliding them in and out while she sucked Torrie's plastic

Trish got up after both cocks were slick and ready. Torrie told Trish to
lie on her back on the floor and spread her legs, Trish did as she was
told, then spread her legs. Torrie got down between them and immediately
began running her tongue over the wet lips getting them nice and juicy
for the dildo.

Meanwhile, Val was behind Torrie, sliding her tongue up and down her slit,
making her pussy slick for entry. Trish took a hold of her own breasts as
Torrie used two fingers to spread the lips of her pussy with one hand and
with the other pressed the head of the cock to Trish's opening and slowly
but firmly began to push it in. Trish moaned and squeezed her tits together,
as Torrie got 8 inches of the hard cock into her and began sliding it in
and out.

Val began to rub the head of her dildo up and down Torrie's slit, watching
the head disappear inside and working the shaft up Torrie's love tunnel,
and began to thrust it in and out in time with Torrie's thrusts.

Val reached around Torrie, taking her big tits in her hands and began
playing with her hard nipples as she pounded the strap-on in and out of
Torrie. Trish and Torrie began moaning, and Val knew they were cumming
at the same time. The three women decided to switch positions.

Torrie and Trish wanted to make Val cum hard, so they put Val down on her
back on the floor. Trish got between Val's legs and began to give Val's
pussy little butterfly kisses all over, then Trish pulled her face and
looked at Val with that smile she gives, the one you see on WWE Monday
Night Raw. Trish put her face back down and let her tongue snake out and
began to tease Val by just using the tip of her tongue to flick different
sensitive spots around Val's pussy, driving her wild. Finally Trish spread
Val's lips and began long slow licks over her hole, and then Trish began
quickly flicking her tongue over Val's clit before taking it between her
lips and nibbling on it gently.

Val began bucking her hips into Trish's mouth getting ready to cum in
Trish's mouth, but just as she was on edge, Trish pulled away sensing Val
was about to cum. Trish removed her lips from Val's pink flesh.

"You aren't going to cum yet, baby. You need to feel this in you first,"
said Trish, taking Val's dildo and tying it around her waist.

"Turn around and get down on your hands and knees," said Torrie.

Val complied, and then Trish slid underneath her.

"Slide yourself down on this big, thick cock, baby," said Trish.

Val slid her pussy onto the big shaft feeling its inches entering her tight
pussy, Val opened her mouth to moan but it was covered by Trish's mouth,
Val sucked Trish's tongue, Val could still taste some of her juice in
Trish's saliva, Torrie positioned herself at the entrance of Val's ass,
Trish saw what Torrie was going do and stopped so she could put the dildo
in her ass.

Torrie bent down and began licking Val's asshole getting it slick with
saliva so the dildo would go in easier. Torrie took the dick in her hand
and gently pushed the head into Val's ass. Val closed her eyes and bit her
lip as the head of the large plastic shaft entered her tight ass. It was
really painful, at first, but it started to feel really, really good as
more of the cock slid into her ass, then Trish began to fuck her pussy again.
This was extremely pleasurable to Val she began to moan uncontrollably into
Trish's mouth as she felt both her holes being filled at the same time.
Torrie had a hold of Val's waist, thrusting in and out of her ass, while
Trish had a hold of her breast and was thrusting in and out of her pussy.

Val could feel her self beginning to cum, and began to moan, "I'm cumming,
I'm cumming."

Torrie and Trish kept fucking her as she came, then finally pulling out,
Val rolled over on her back, exhausted from that experience, but Trish and
Torrie weren't quite done. They both got down between Val's legs, Trish
leaned down and started sucking on Val's pussy collecting the juices, then
began to kiss Torrie, sharing the sweet tasting juice with each other. Val
watched as she could see the tongues swirling around in each other's mouths,
sharing her cum, a little of which was dripping down the side of Trish's
mouth. Trish and Torrie slid up Val's body and shared a final kiss, with
Val all their tongues dancing together.

* * *

After the 3 had gotten dressed, Val gave them her phone number and address,
and they said one of them would call her if they were near or in her town
with the WWE, to have some more fun. Trish and Torrie also mentioned that
they knew of a few other Divas that would like to get in on the action as
well, if that was all right with Val ... and of course, it was.

The End

Well, that's my story. I hope you liked it. Please feel free to email me
with comments and suggestions at

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