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Valentines' Confession
by God's Last Gift

Stephanie McMahon, the principal owner of the WWE, strutted down the halls of the US airways centre, the host of Raw that week. She made her way down to the Diva's locker room to make an announcement to the workers who had ignored her last warning. After Seth Rollins' nude pictures had been leaked, there had been a lot of buzz about him, especially amongst the women of WWE. She finally arrived and walked towards Summer Rae and Layla who were giggling in the corner, looking at their phones. "Excuse me ladies?" Steph spoke out.

"Ooh Stephanie!" Summer said, hurriedly hiding her phone by sneaking it into her bra "What's up?"

"I believe you got my email, I was just checking you were clear that Seth's... issue is not to be discussed at work."

"Oh of course Steph!" Layla exclaimed sarcastically "We haven't even seen Seth's dick pics!"

"Ahem... yes well, make sure that you keep it to yourself..." Steph said, spinning on her heels and walking the opposite way as Summer and Layla continued their giggling. As she continued her busy schedule, her mind became hazed with images of Seth. She spent a lot of time with Mr Money in the Bank, and had found herself getting quite attracted to him, this leak of his nude pictures was a perfect coincidence. She hadn't had a chance to view them in private however, maybe she'd find a place to quietly enjoy herself with her phone... Her mind being elsewhere caused her to walk straight into someone hurrying the other way.

"Ouch! Hey watch where you're walking you- oh! Hey Steph!" It was Seth Rollins himself who bumped into Steph, of course, Steph being as well endowed as she is, it was her huge breasts that collided with Seth's bear chest.

"OW!" She clutched them in pain "S-sorry Seth, I was deep in thought."

"No problem" Seth said, a blush appearing across his face "I uh, wanted to speak with you actually, is there any chance we can meet up, Saturday this week?"

"Of course Seth, hmm..." She produced her personal planner "Well I'm busy with Triple H most afternoon and evening so... you wouldn't mind meeting up early?" They finished planning, and went separate ways, only later did Steph realise, Seth wanted to meet up on Valentine's Day...

Later that week, Saturday, 8:45 in the Morning

Seth Rollins drove up to the McMahon-Levesque residence, parking next to a VERY expensive car outside. Steph answered the door with a smile and welcomed him in. "C'mon in Seth! Triple H just left! Oh and, happy Valentines Day!" She said, keeping casual. She was wearing a tight fitting dress that made her tits look superb. Not only that, but her ass was only just concealed, was she wearing this for her Valentines outing with Triple H, or was it for Seth?

"Thanks for meeting me here Steph" Seth said, laying his MitB briefcase at the doorway and following Stephanie in, watching her ass jiggle playfully "And happy Valentines Day to you too, in fact, that's what I came to talk about."

"Oh... go on..."Steph sat on her sofa and gestured for Seth to take a seat also.

"Well Steph, I have a bit of a problem" Seth said, still standing "I... like you Steph."

"Well I like you too Seth, you have a great future in the WWE-"

"That isn't what I mean, I mean that... I love you, and I know you feel the same!"

"Why, Seth... I dunno..."

"C'mon, I know you do! Anyway, that's my confession, fitting for Valentines Day, right?" Seth approached her on the sofa "Give it a go, try me, I think you'll find I'm quite passionate."

Stephanie was confused, but very turned on, and in these situations, she often let her pussy make the decisions. She had fantasized about Seth in the past, sure, but she felt so shocked that he felt the same.

"Ok Seth. I'll have some fun with you, but only this once! And not for long, I have to meet Triple H."

"Screw Triple H" Seth said, undoing his belt buckle and dropping his trousers to the ground. Seth got completely naked in front of an amazed Steph, gasping at the length of his dick, just like she'd seen in the pictures online.

"Wow, what a package..." She said dreamily, she noticed it far surpassed her husband's, but she was too embarrassed to admit it "Alright big boy, come help me with my dress."

"Gladly" Seth spun Steph around and unzipped the back of her dress, revealing that Steph was wearing no underwear, and was completely nude. "That explains why your hard nipples were so visible..." Seth rubbed his hard dick up against Steph's plumb ass as her dress fell to the floor, and her features bounced out of confinement.

"Mmm, not just yet Seth, I know you're eager, but you're not putting it in just yet" Steph grabbed hold of his cock and bent down on her knees to give him a blowjob. Steph started slowly, licked around the tip of Seth's dick, teasing him, drawing him in, until finally... she began to go down on his whole shaft. She slowly bobbed down on Seth, steadily stroking his shaft and caressing his balls in rhythm. She sped up, sucking Seth so fast he began to moan and he thrust his head back in satisfaction.

"Oh God, you're so good" Seth said "But please... use your beautiful breasts."

"Oh? I've noticed you admiring them" Steph replied, taking a brief break from sucking "Now you'll be one of the lucky ones to feel your cock between them!". She raised her breasts to Seth's dick, and wrapped her giant melons around it. Steph's breasts were fantastic, there wasn't a man backstage that hadn't fantasized about seeing them out in the open. Seth thrusted his cock between them, faster and faster as Steph licked the end of it at every opportunity.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum Steph! I'm gonna cum on your tits!" Seth yelled hornily.

"Not yet you're not! I'm not done with you!" Steph continued giving the titty fuck, albeit at a slower pace to calm Mr Money in the Bank down.

Then Steph stood up, and beckoned Seth upstairs, practically pulling him by his erection into her bedroom. Laying on her queen bed was a bunch of flowers left by Triple H, Seth stomped them as he made his way through, and Steph laughed, getting on the bed.

"He doesn't have the slightest clue you're fucking me behind his back, and he never will" Steph smiled, feeling aroused by the excitement of an affair. "Now come here and make me scream!" Stephanie lay on the bed with her ass up and facing Seth, ready to do it 'doggystyle'. Seth took a moment to appreciate Stephanie's perfect body. Her ass was huge and she had a pussy clean shaved to perfection. Her breasts were hypnotically alluring, and of course: giant. Seth's cock roared into life and he jumped on his boss, sliding flawlessly into her pussy. Steph was surprised it even fit, considering its monstrous size. Seth continued to ease in and out with his cock that was lubricated by Steph's blowjob. Seth pounded her ass hard with no sign of stopping, years of crossfit training had made him an incredible performer in the ring, and in the bed.

"OH FUCK YES SETH!" Stephanie was screaming from the ecstasy "GO HARDER!", and Seth obeyed her lust filled commands. He tugged on her hair, pulling her hair back as her jaw dropped and she moaned even more. Her body swayed with every thrust of Seth's dick and her giant breasts rapidly bounced out of control. Eventually, Steph gestured to swap position and Seth pulled out, lay on his back and let Steph mount him. She laid her hands on his chest and let her breasts hang down in front of him. Seth went to town on those tits, groping, squeezing, sucking and all the while, Steph bounced up and down of his shaft. "Oh fuck Seth, I think I'm going to cum!"

"Me too Steph!" Seth pulled out after bring himself to the brink of ejaculation "Get on your knees" Steph, despite being his boss, did what she was told. Seth stood over her at the foot of the bed, stroking his cock at an immense pace until he shot his load all over Steph.

"Ah!" Steph yelled in surprise "There's so much!". She became absolutely drenched in thick cum, her face and tits were covered, she licked her lips to taste as much of it as possible. "MMM, Seth, that was so good! I'm gonna be late to meet Triple H but... we should do this way more often! I might even put in some good words to some of the divas, anyone you had your eye on?" Steph said, wiping off her breasts with a towel and picking out a dress as Seth lay back on the bed, admiring Stephanie's perfect body.

"Well I always did like Sasha Banks..." Seth murmured.

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