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Val's Visit To Chyna Town
by Number One (

With the Sacrifice pay-per-view days away, the big buzz all over television
as well as the web was the in-ring return of Chyna. It had been a decade
since the woman dubbed "The Ninth Wonder of the World" had entered the
squared circle in any capacity. Chyna had achieved a lot in her wrestling
career--a former Women's Champion, the only woman to hold the
Intercontinental Championship, and she was the first of two women to have
ever competed in the famous Royal Rumble match.

Chyna was announced as Kurt Angle's mystery partner in his continuing battle
against Karen and Jeff Jarrett. Once she hit the Impact Zone, everyone with
either a microphone or a camera -- or both -- wanted to get an interview with
her. Among those who wanted an exclusive interview with the legendary former
Diva was TNA Knockout So Cal Val. Val had been in TNA for a number of years,
but she had limited roles for most of her tenure. In recent years, Val had
been conducting interviews as well as hosting online segments such as "Pillow

Val had butterflies in her stomach as she looked all over the Impact Zone for
Chyna. She had never encountered a woman like Chyna, yet she already knew how
intimidating and provocative she can be. After a large search, the young
redhead looked in the Knockouts locker room -- the only place she hadn't
browsed. As Val walked in and did a near thorough search, she was suddenly
startled by the voice of Chyna herself.

"Hello, Val," the statuesque beauty greeted from behind. Val turned around
and saw the Ninth Wonder of the World standing across from her in the
doorway. She had on the same sexy, eye-popping outfit: a platinum top showing
off her beautiful breasts, tight black pants, and black leather boots. The
statuesque brunette was also wearing a black leather trenchcoat. Chyna walked
slowly towards an increasingly intimidated Val, all while showing off a bit
of a swagger and brandishing a seemingly evil smirk on her face. "Are you
looking for me?" Chyna asked Val in a coy manner.

"Yes, I was," Val replied, still a bit nervous. "I...I wanted to...get a few
words about your return to the ring."

"You seem a bit edgy, my dear," said Chyna.

"I'm sorry," said Val.

"Don't be," replied Chyna. "I just have that effect on certain people. To
tell the truth, it's a bit of a turn-on." The seductive vixen brought herself
even closer to Val and started stroking her tender face with her finger,
changing the young Knockout's demeanor from apprehensive to lustful. "Tell me
more," Val said softly.

"Not here," said Chyna. "Let's continue this little session someplace more
intimate." An aroused Val closed her eyes as Chyna was about to make her next
move. She was expecting the voluptuous beauty to kiss her, but instead she
placed something in her right hand. Val opened her eyes and saw that in her
hand was a hotel room key. "I'm at Room 304," said Chyna. "We'll finish what
we started there. I promise that it will be one unforgettable interview."
Without a verbal response, Val rushed out of the locker room, smiling in
ecstatic glee with every step she took. As for Chyna, she stood in the
hallway and watched the lovely redhead walk outside the arena. Her sexy smirk
returned, but this time it had a little more bite -- in the form of a pair of
sharp fangs.

Along with being one of the most noteworthy women in professional wrestling,
Chyna is also a villainous vampire vixen, and along with taking part in the
TNA pay-per-view known as Sacrifice, she was also planning on sinking her
fangs into one of TNA's hottest Knockouts -- and Val was the perfect choice.
"Sweet, sweet Val," said Chyna, "you have no idea what I have in store for
you. Before the night is through, you will become my eternal sex slave."
Chyna cackled evilly and faded away from sight with one swoop of her

Val, on the other hand, was on her way to the very hotel where Chyna was
staying. It wasn't too far from the Impact Zone and she knew that other
talent had stayed there, so she got there in no time. Unbeknownst to Val,
Chyna was already in her room, and she watched Val arrive from her window.
"Right on time," the wicked vixen said in amorous glee. While Chyna was
preparing herself, Val had already entered through the front door and was
already in the elevator on her way up to the third floor. The elevator doors
opened and the lovely redhead walked out into the hallway in search of Room
304. In no time, Val was at the front door and let herself in with the key
that Chyna gave her.

"Wow," Val said incredulously as she entered the room. She couldn't help but
notice the number of lit candles all around her -- giving the place a bit of
an erotic and romantic feel. In the midst of Val's admiration of her
surroundings, she spotted Chyna standing in the bathroom doorway. The
statuesque villainess was wearing a frilly black robe -- and nothing else --
and she walked slowly towards Val, whose nerves quickly returned. "I'm glad
you made it, Val," said Chyna. "You look beautiful."

"So do you," Val replied. The two ladies were very close to each other, with
Chyna gently stroking Val's cute face. As the raven-haired beauty stood
behind Val, the red-haired Knockout noticed something a bit odd. Directly in
front of both ladies was a dresser drawer with a mirror -- a mirror that only
had Val's reflection. "Chyna," said Val, "is there something wrong with that

"What are you talking about?" Chyna asked, while showering Val with soft

"Is it fogged up or something?" Val said as she grew a bit apprehensive.
"Because I only see my own reflection. And that means that there's something
wrong with it, or..." Val didn't want to complete that sentence, because the
very thought shook her to the core. "Chyna," she said, "don't tell me that
you are what I think you are." A sinister chuckle came out of the former
Women's Champion, which shook Val even more.

"I won't tell you, Val," said Chyna. "I'll show you!" Val turned around and
stared in shock as Chyna's sharp fangs elongated and her eyes glowed a bright
red color. The fiendish vixen grabbed Val by the throat, lifted her up with
her supernatual power, and tossed her on to the king-sized bed. As Val laid
there scared out of her mind, the evil Chyna stood tall and proud, laughing
wickedly at her intended lover. "My dear Val," the sexy vampiress said, "you
wanted to know why I have popped up in TNA? I'll be glad to tell you. Other
than competing at Sacrifice, I also plan on grabbing a little bite of
something sweet--in the form of a sexy TNA Knockout! And you are just
perfect. Look at you. The way you are just trembling at my presence. You will
make an excellent sex slave." Chyna removed her robe and joined Val in bed
with her. She slowly crawled over her and started making out with the
voluptuous redhead, who got more and more into it as the session continued.
After a while, Val stopped the embrace to take off her pink dress--revealing
her sexy, nude body.

"Take me, Chyna," Val said softly. "I want to be yours." The pair of lovely
ladies continued their make-out session, with more intensity and passion than
before. While gently caressing Val's gorgeous body, Chyna started licking and
kissing her red-haired lover's soft and ample breasts. "Ahhhh...aaahhh...,"
Val softly moaned in sheer ecstasy, while Chyna was playing with her breasts.
"Oh yes! Oh yes!" Chyna gave a quick glance at an aroused Val with wicked
glee, and then continued her sensual act. The dominating vixen moved down
from Val's breasts all the way down to her shaved pussy. Chyna gently stroked
Val's luscious snatch with her finger, and that small action aroused the
lovely redhead.

"Ooh, Chyna," Val said softly as she clutched her own breasts in ecstasy. The
fiendish beauty later turned it up a notch and simply went from stroking
Val's pussy to licking and tasting it. "OHHHHH!!! AAAAHHHH!!!" the sexy
Knockout screamed loudly as her villainous lover continued voraciously
sampling her sexual fluids. All the while, Chyna was turned on herself--not
just by tasting her lover's pussy, but by Val's erotic screams as well.


As much as Chyna wanted to keep making Val scream even longer, she finally
stopped her act and slowly crawled towards her still orgasmic lover. "Val,"
the devilish siren said, "it's your turn." Val stared longingly and in deep
adoration at Chyna's glowing red eyes, right before the two ladies made out
with each other. Their session came to an abrupt halt, when Val
surreptitiously inserted her fingers into the vampire vixen's sexy snatch. A
wicked smile flashed on Val's face as she began finger-fucking her powerful
and dominant lover.

"Ohhhh...YEAAAHHH!!!" Chyna shouted orgasmically as Val continued toying with
her wet pussy. "Oh baby, that's good!"

"You like that, Chyna?" Val asked in a coy manner.

"OH YES!!!" screamed Chyna. "This is why I picked you, Val. Because you're
such a dirty little slut, and more importantly, you know your place."

"Well, at the moment, dear Chyna," said Val, "my place is making you scream
-- and I'm doing quite a good job of it." Val was suddenly brimming with
confidence, something that did not set well with Chyna. "Oh, you hot little
bitch!" she snarled. "You seem to be forgetting who you're dealing with,
sweetie." The evil vampiress closed her eyes as her fangs slowly elongated.
She looked directly at Val and said, "Let me give you a swift reminder,"
right before she inserted her fangs into her lover's throat. Pleasure and
ecstasy were felt by both women --Chyna as she was siphoning her lover's
blood, and Val as her humanity was slipping away. The raven-haired vampire
beauty finally released herself from Val and lustily licked her blood-
drenched lips. All the while, Val simply laid there -- semi-conscious and as
pale as a ghost. Chyna laughed wickedly as she looked down at her lover --
while gently stroking her cute face.

"Chyna...," Val said softly as she extended her hand out to her.

"What is it, my pet?" the Ninth Wonder of the World inquired as she brought
herself closer to her mate. Once she was within reach, Val placed her hand on
the back of Chyna's head -- and sank her newly grown fangs into her jugular.
"AHHHH!!! Ahhhh!" Chyna moaned as Val continued feeding off of her. The
usually dominant Diva actually found herself on the bottom in their current
position, while Val was over her. Finally, Chyna forcibly shoved her lover
off her person, but Val got right back up -- standing tall and proud. Chyna
also stood up, but she walked of to Val and delivered a backhand slap on her

"What's wrong, Chyna?" Val said smugly. "I thought this was what you wanted."
The vampiric redhead saw that Chyna was still fuming from what recently took
place, but she walked closer to her anyway. In an attempt to appease her, Val
got down on her knees, placed her hands on Chyna's legs, and started French-
kissing her evil lover's pussy -- resuming the act that was abruptly
interrupted. "OHHHH! OHHHH!!" Chyna moaned as she was being pleasured orally
by Val. The vivacious Knockout put a little more intensity into the act as
far as tongue play--swishing her tongue in many directions, trying to consume
as much of Chyna's sexual fluids as possible.

"OH YEAH!!! Ohhhh...BABY!!!" the fiendish vixen passionately screamed loudly.
Obviously, Val's hedonistic method managed to change Chyna's demeanor from
furious to simply aroused. "AAAHHH!!! That's enough!" With that command, Val
stopped her act of oral pleasure and faced her lover eye to eye. "Well, Val,"
said Chyna, "I told you that this 'interview' would be unforgettable. Did I
make good on my promise?"

"You certainly did," replied Val.

"You are quite the feisty vixen, my dear," said Chyna. "But just remember.
You belong to me -- plain and simple. And you will be at my beck and call at
all times."

"I understand," Val said softly. Both ladies extended their fangs at each
other and then kissed each other in a romantic manner. Val and Chyna
continued their romantic relationship, even after Chyna's performance at
Sacrifice -- which was her only one for TNA. Chyna was very elated to have a
sex servant of her own, and Val was actually enjoying eternity as a vampire
under the seductive spell of the Ninth Wonder of the World.

The End

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