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If anyone is upset by the reference to blood or killing this story is not for
you, as it contains scenes of vampire attacks.

Vampire Invasion Of The WWE Part 1
by Big Chief (

Many people believe that the creature of the vampire is a made up
creation, most notably from Bram Stoker's Dracula. Damien De Muerte knew
that this was not true and that vampires were very real. The reason he knew
them to be real was because he was one. Damien was bitten more then 1000
years ago by his once wife, who was herself bitten during the night. Through
his life he experienced the fall of Napoleon, The American Revolution, The
American Civil War, and the murders of many powerful leaders.

Among the vampire realm Damien gained a reputation of being a brutal
killer who killed humans and fellow vampires alike. He was also known
however for having a great infatuation for beautiful women. At one point he
had a harem of around 20 women that he had transformed into the living dead.
The one thing however that really set Damien apart from othervampires he was
what they called a "Day walker." He was able to walk while the sun was up,
but he lost all his vampire abilities during this time.

Recently in the year 2002 Damien had returned to the United States after
feeding to Europe to escape a band of vampire hunters. They followed him
into Romania, but he set a trap for them and with agroup of local vampires
he managed to hkll every last one of them. Recently upon his return to the
states, he had taken a special interesting in watching professional
wrestling, especially the beautiful women. One in particular that caught
his eye was Stephanie McMahon, who was recently gone from television. The
thing that he liked the most was she greatly resembled his wife that who
had brought him into this world of darkness.

* * *

The hot sun of the summer was beating down on New York City as the WWE role
in to town for its show in Madison Square Garden. Damien was walking down
the street in a full black trench coat while people around him were nearly
passing out. He couldn't help but laugh at how weak humans really were and
wondered how he ever survived before his wife gave him the special "gift"
of the darkside. The one thing that was pissing him off was he had to wait
until night before he could yank one of these weaklings into an alley and
suck them dry.

As he walked toward the Garden he was the big screen advertising the big
WWE show scheduled for tonight. "This must betoo good to be true," he
thought. Damien decided that he was going to hang around here until nightfall
and begin his search for his new bride. Making his was to the rear of the
arena he saw a solitary guard standingat a side entrance. Damien then picked
up a bottle in the alley and threw it over the guard against a wall. When
the guard turned to see what caused the noise, Damien snuck up behind him,
snapping his neck like a twig.

After dumping the body in a nearby dumpster Damien walked in through the
door, making sure to check for any guards. Seeing the coast was clear, he
snuck into a dark storage closet and planned to wait till nightfall before he

* * *

As night fell over the Big Apple Damien began to gain back all of his
vampire abilities. Minutes later an unlucky custodian opened the room's
door and was pulled into the still dark room. For a few short moments some
muffled screams came from the room and then silence. Seconds later Damien
emerged with a small trickle of blood on his chin. However he was no longer
wearing his all black attire, but the uniform of the janitor he had just
snacked on. With this disguise he could freely roam the buildings halls.

As he walked through the hallways he could hear the sounds of loud
explosions, probably of the pyro to open up the show. After not immediately
finding any divas out in the open he decided he would find a monitor that
usually were scattered around backstage and watch the show. When he found a
monitor he saw a wonderful sight. He didn't recognize either of the men but
one of them was busted open and his face was covered in blood. Even though
he had just feed the sight still made his still blood soaked mouth water.

After watching for a few more minutes he got back up before anyone
questioned why he was just sitting around. Upon further search he still
could not find any of the women anywhere in the back. During his roaming
of the backstage area he came across a woman who looked liked she worked
for the WWE.

"Excuse me miss could you tell me where I could find Stephanie McMahon?"

"Oh she's not here tonight. Is there something I could help you with?"

"No I'm just a big fan of hers and thought maybe I could get her

As he walked away from this woman he cursed under his breath. The woman
he sought wasn't even in the damn building. As he continued to walk he
noticed that he had finally come across the divas locker room. He slowly
began to open the door, making sure to be quiet, and snuck in. He looked
around, but noticed that no one was around. He was about to put his fist
into the wall when he heard the running water coming from the showers. With
the help of his super sensitive hearing, he could hear there was only one
woman in the shower room.

With a smile he closed the door making sure to lock it. He then sat down
at one of the steel chairs in the room and waited for the mystery woman to
emerge from her shower. After around 4 minutes of waiting her heard the
water stop, which meant he would be graced by the woman's presence any
time now. Within moments blonde bombshell Terri Runnels walked out the
shower door with a towel covering her petite body. As soon as she saw Damien
sitting she jumped in shock.

"Hey what the hell are you doing in here? This is the women's locker room
and you're not sup..."

But before she could finish her comment Damien starred directly into her
eyes and got her in his hypnotic trance. With her mind now in his control
Damien's plan could now be put into affect. He ordered the petite blonde to
walk over to where he was sitting and she followed his instructions with no
hesitation. As Terri stood in front of him he grabbed her towel from her
body to expose her tight nude form. After admiring the sight for a few
moments he began to work. He ordered her to sit down in the other chair with
her legs spread.

He then got up from his seat and knelt down in front of his naked slave.
As he leaned his face towards her crotch, he had to admire the sent that was
being emitted from her shave pussy. He took in the smell for a few moments
before he finally brought his snake like tongue to her wet slit. After he
licked up and down its length he buried his tongue into her while rubbing
his left thumb on her clit.

While his mouth was busy at her crotch her brought his right hand up to
her humongous, heaving chest. He rubbed his palm over her tits and then
began to pinch the nipples between his thumb in index finger, alternating
between breasts. The moaning that began to escape from her mouth was like
music to his ears, and he knew she was loving it, causing him to increase
the motions. As Damien continued his actions Terri had her head back with
her eyes closed, while her hands gripped his hair for more encouragement.

He continued his actions until he could tell that Terri was on the brink
of orgasm and halted his work. Since she was under his control, Terri didn't
make any arguments about his sudden halt. As Terri stayed seated, Damien
stood up and stripped off the uniform he had taken from his earlier snack.
He now stood in front of the blond, also naked with his 9-inch dick standing
at full attention.

The next hypnotic order she got was to start sucking, and with out he
sitation she leant forward, engulfing his entire length. All he could think
about as Terri sucked was she would be a perfect vampire after he converted
her. As Terri's bobbing head increased its motions, Damien brought his hands
to the back of her head, just loving the feeling she was giving him. When he
was satisfied that she had gotten him ready enough, Damien commanded her to
stop and lie down on the floor.

As his hypno-slave laid down on the hard floor, the horny vampire got down
on his knees near her open legs.

"Please master, stick your big rigid cock into my tight pussy. My pussy
is hungry for your big dick."

Loving the way his slave was begging him, Damien grabbed his cock by its
base and as he leant over her, began to slowly push it into her tight pussy.
Inch by inch, his rod invaded the tiny divas body, filling her to her max.
With his full length buried deep inside her, he looked into her face, which
had a look of complete ecstacy on it. After giving her a passionate kiss,
he began to slowly move his hips, wanting her pleasure to slowly mount.

While he began to gradually pick up speed, he decided to focus some
attention onto her nipples again. He first took her left nipple into his
mouth, gently biting it, making sure not to draw her blood, yet. After
giving the nipple a few licks with his tongue he moved to the other, doing
the same actions, alternating between the two. This pleasure that was being
directed onto her was making Terri moan out load in pleasure.


Now that she was begging for it, Damien began to slam his dick into her
tight, soaking wet pussy. Terri now had her arms wrapped around her master's
neck, staring into his dark eyes as he continued to slam into her. Damien
loved the was Terri was now biting her lower lip and emitting low moans under
her breath.

After he got tired of this position Damien pulled out of Terri and lied
on his back. Then with out even sending her a command, Terri got off the
floor, quickly climbing onto of him, impaling herself on his cock. It was
then he realized that even though he had control of her mind, part of her
mind, her slutty part, was still controlling her actions. Now Damien just
laid there and enjoyed as this future vampire slut rode his cock like the
pro she was. As she rode him, Damien gripped her ass with both hands,
slightly spreading her tight cheeks. Terri also kept her hands busy as well,
by pinching and twisting her own nipples.

About halfway through Terri's ride, Damien began to thrust his hips up as
well. With her body bouncing up and down and Damien's cock thrusting up,
Terri was in even greater pleasure then before.


Like before, Damien was sensing Terri was close to her orgasm, and ordered
her to get off of him. Like before Terri obeyed his command with out any

His final command was for Terri to get down on her hands and knees and
lean over one of the steel chairs. As she held this position he had to stog
again to admire how tight and round her ass looked. Finally getting back to
is task at hand, he grabbed the base of his cock again, guiding it into the
tight pussy again. Unlike when he first started, he didn't start off slow,
but slamming his cock at a high speed. With his hands on her hips, he gained
more leverage and continued his slam fucking. While Terri was being drilled
from behind she had a death grip on the chair, while her eyes were clenched
closed. Again she was biting on her bottom lip with low moans escaping.

Damien knew that it was now close for Terri to take the change from a
simple mortal into a powerful vampire. In only a few minutes Damien felt
the woman's pussy clench down on his cock and waited for the moans to


It was now that Damien could feel his own orgasm starting to cum. He gave
one final thrust he began to shoot his seedinto her. While he shot into her,
he leaned forward with his fangs now fully out and sunk them into the
blonde'sneck. As he sucked the blood from herneck, his cum continued to pump
into her, bringing her over towards the darkness. As he performed this
ritual Terri's screams increased, but now they had the sound of pain added
tothem. After around a minute Damien removed his mouth and dick from her
body, and she collapsed to the floor unconscious. As she laid there, Damien
got dressed and went to get back his close making sure to lock the door

Terri woke up with a splitting headache, trying to figure out what had
happened. The last thing she remembered was coming out of the shower and
seeing a man sitting in the middle of the locker room. When she looked down
to see her naked body, she thought that guy must have knocked her out and
raped her. These thoughts brought tears to Terri's eyes, when all of a
sudden the locker room door swung openand a security guard came flying
through it landing inches in front ofher. The terrified woman yelled out
and quickly cowered into a corner. It was then she saw the man from before
walk in wearing a long black trench coat, blackpants, black boots and a
black shirt.

"Oh my god who are you. Why did you rape me and what did you do to him?!"

As he was about to answer the guard tried to run out, but Damien retracted
his nails ands lit the man's throat, dropping him instantly.

"My dear I did not rape you, I brought you into a new and wonderful world.
You now are part of the darkness."

Confused and terrified Terri continued to cry, burying her face into her
hands. Soon however her crying turned into an evil laugh and when she looked
back up, she was smiling with her new fangs in clear view.

"Go ahead my dear, I brought him just for you."

With that the new vampire Terri got on her hands and knees and crawled
over to the twitching guard. Upon reaching him she sunk her fangs into his
neck and began to feed on the blood that hadn't escaped from the giant gash.
After she finished feeding she stood up with fresh blood around her mouth
and the smile still present. She then walked up to her master and
passionately kissed him, giving him a little of the guard's blood.

"Oh master I can't thank you enough for this gift. I feel so powerful and

"You don't know how good the gift of the darkness really is my dear. Now
that you are my slave I will need your help to bring some more women to the
darkness. You will also help me get my new queen, Stephanie McMahon."

"Anything you wish my master."

To Be Continued..

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