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Vampire Invasion Of The WWE Part 2
by Big Chief (

Terri Runnels was no longer the regular perky diva she used to be. She was
now a vampire, minion of Damien De Muerte. The powerful vampire had taken
control over he mind in the women's locker room at Madison Square Garden and
after a hot session of sex, he bit her on the neck, bringing her over to the
darkness. Even though the beautiful blonde was now his personal sex slave,
Stephanie McMahon, the woman who he desperately desired, was still part of
the mortal world.

The plan Damien had now was, with the use of Terri, bring more divas into
the darkness and eventually he would take Stephanie and make her his queen.
The one thing that would make her more powerful then the other divas he would
convert, was a vile he carried in his coat. The vile contained the blood of
his lost wife that had turned he himself into a vampire himself. After biting
Stephanie he would pour the vile down her throat and after that he would have
his new queen.

After he and Terri disposed of the guards body that she feed on the two
talked of his plan. During this time he told her the powers she now possessed
and how she too had the gift of being a day walker vampire. In the coarse of
their planning, Terri mentioned that she had the perfect woman to add to the
fold. She told him how she had been having a secret sexual relationship with
fellow diva, Torrie Wilson. The two agreed since she would be the easiest to
get to she would be the next to come to the darkness. She also mentioned the
next time the two planned to get together again was during a house show on
Friday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

* * * *

The WWE rolled into Los Angeles on Friday morning at 10 a.m., to set up
for the nights show. With the group of employees were the two vampires, who
were set to bring another victim into their little group. The plan was for
Terri to have her scheduled "meeting" with Torrie and after they finished
their business Terri would sink her fangs into the beauty. However since the
two blondes didn't plan to meet until 8:30 that night, Damien and Terri
decided to have some fun on the town.

As they walked through the hot city Damien couldn't figure if they stares
they were getting was because he had his heavy black trench coat on in the
scorching heat, or if it was because Terri was wearing daisy duke shorts with
a almost transparent bikini top. During their sight seeing Damien remembered
that the strongest hunger for blood always came right after the sun set and
they should get a victim for a snack later. Upon looking around the area
Damien noticed a young woman in her early 20s who would be perfect for that
snack. Being as generous as he was, Damien gave Terri the opportunity to get
the girl into an area where they could knock her out. The woman was at an
outside caf‚ and Terri walked over to the area while Damien stood from a
distance until the two women moved. After about 10 minutes of talking the two
women left the caf‚ with Damien in tow. He saw Terri lead the woman into an
ally way and waited a few moments to enter after them. When he reached the
end of the ally way he saw Terri against the wall, making out with the
mystery girl. With out her even know he was there he snuck up behind her and
administered a nerve hold on her neck, rendering her unconscious. "Hey you
couldn't have given me five more minutes with her."

"Sorry dear, but I'll make sure you have a nice long time with Torrie
later tonight. Now go get a cab while I take our snack."

They then took a cab back to the arena, telling the driver that the woman
was a friend who had a little too much to drink. When the got to the arena
Terri distracted a guard at the back entrance as Damien carried their snack
into the arena. For the next few hours they waited in the locker room with
the unconscious girl, waiting for nightfall.

* * * *

Just before the sun was about to set Damien told Terri that she was about
to experience a feeling like nothing she had ever felt. Within minutes of
hearing him say thing, Terri began to feel a sensational feeling begin at the
pit of her stomach. Soon Terri was experiencing what felt like 5 orgasms at
the same time. The sensations traveled through her body for a little more
than two minutes, and with every second she felt the amazing strength come to
her. Through out the entire time she was moaning out load and when it finally
subsided she sat on the ground panting.

After she regained herself she noticed Damien had already begun to dine on
the "snack" they acquired earlier in the day. She could see the young woman's
limbs moving wildly as she noticed the look of complete fear and pain on her
face. Damien then stopped his feeding and looked up at his fellow vampire.
With blood around his mouth he smiled at Terri, "Where are my manners? Would
you like something to eat my dear?" He then brushed the girls hair away to
expose her neck to Terri. With out any hesitation Terri sunk her fangs into
the defenseless woman's neck, draining her of more blood. As Terri continued
to feed Damien slit one of the girl's wrists and began to collect the blood
that flowed from the wound. Within half a minute her body went limp as the
life finally left her, following the sever blood loss. Despite the girl being
dead the two bloodsuckers continued to feed for a few more moments.

When they were finally satisfied the two removed their mouths from her
body, with blood all around their mouths.

"Oh master, you defiantly picked a perfect victim for our meal. She was
absolutely delicious. So what should we do with her body?"

"Don't worry about that, I'll find somewhere to hide it for now. Just
remember when you bite Torrie later, you must make her ingest just a drop of
your blood in order to bring her to the darkness. Now I think you better get
going, your match is on first remember." With that Terri grabbed a towel and
cleaned the blood from around her mouth.

When she brought the towel away she gave Damien a fangless smile and left
the room.

After hiding the girl's body in the closet of the locker room Damien went
out into the arena and watched the opening of the show. The first match was
Terri fighting Molly Holly. He got a laugh when Terri applied a chin lock,
obviously forgetting her newfound strength, and Molly's eyes looked like they
were going to pop out of their head. Lucky for Molly Terri released the hold
before rendering her unconscious or killing her. Damien left back into the
bowels of the building before the match ended after he realized that it was
close to the planned meeting time of Terri and Torrie.

Minutes after he re-entered the locker room the door swung open and a
sweating Terri walked in. "You know dear you have to remember you have super
strength now. For a minute there I thought you were going to pop Molly's head
off of her shoulders."

"I know, but I won't do anything to her yet. You better hide now because
Torrie should be here any minute." With that Damien went into the closet
where he had stored their earlier "snack". He wanted to be around to witness
Torrie being taken from the light and into the darkness.

While Terri waited for her friend she stripped out of her gold bikini like
wrestling gear and put on a black rob to cover her naked body. As she
finished removing her thigh high boots Terri heard a knock at the door. After
throwing the second boot in the corner of the room she went to answer the
door. Terri was then greeted with a passionate kiss by none other than Torrie
Wilson. As the two women kissed the wrapped their arms around each other.
While still in the embrace Terri began to back up, pulling Torrie into the
locker room with her. When they were both in the room Torrie kicked the door
closed with her left leg.

When the two women finally broke their kiss Torrie looked into her lover's
eyes with a big smile on her face, "God Terri, I've been waiting for this
since Monday. I've had dreams about every night since then."

"Oh me too. Every time I thought of you I got extremely wet. You have no
idea how much pleasure I'm going to give you tonight. So what do you say we
do tonight."

"You know I'm feeling a little dirty, so how bought we take a shower
together?" asked the still smiling Torrie.

"Oh I think you've been reading my mind." She responded with her own
smile. She then opened up her robe and let it fall to the ground to expose
her naked body. It was at that point Terri noticed Torrie was also wearing a
robe, as she exposed her naked body as well.

"Ok Torr, let's get clean." The two naked women went to the shower room
hand in hand making girlish giggles.

When they reached the room Terri was quick to turn on the water, and
making sure it was just right. As she turned around, Torrie once again
embraced her in another passionate kiss. This time however their hands began
to roam over each other's bodies to add to the pleasure. Torrie's hands
drifted behind the smaller Terri and began to massage her tight round ass,
while Terri's hands made their way to Torrie's massive breasts, tweaking her
fully erect nipples.

While the two women continued to grope and kiss each other, their bodies
became soaked by the warm water shooting from the shower nozzle. As her right
hand continued to rub on Terri's ass Torrie's left one began to creep its way
in between the two cheeks. Slowly her finger began to gently rub against the
she-devil's tight asshole to help get it relaxed. Following several moments
of this, she began to slowly push her index finger into the tight hole. As
the finger began to penetrate her ass Terri let out a light moan into her
lover's mouth.

From the moment Torrie's finger began probing her asshole, Terri had
dropped her hands from the other woman's breasts, and rested them on her
shoulders. When Torrie got her finger pushed in as far as she could get it,
she began to slowly move it in and out. As Torrie continued this motion,
Terri continued to moan while still in the kiss. After a few moments more
of this Terri signaled for Torrie to stop, which she graciously did. With
out saying a word Terri began to slowly lower herself to the ground.

When she was finally face to face with the other woman's pussy, she wasted
no time to bury her face in between her legs. She quickly began to move her
tongue over Torrie's slick bald pussy, making sure not to penetrate her, yet.
Since Terri only used her tongue in a gentle matter, Torrie just gave light
moans, which were more of anticipation, then anything. As she waited for
Terri to really go to work, she placed her hands on top of the petite woman's
head. With all these signs Torrie was giving, Terri decided to forget the
teasing and get right down to business.

After grabbing a hold of Torrie's hips, Terri stuck her tongue out as far
as it would go and began to move it into the pussy. With her tongue now
buried in her lover, she began to move it up and down, inside of the tight

Now the slight moans that Torrie was emitting before were turning into
long high pitched moans, "Oh yeah Terri that feels so good! God you know how
to work your tongue, ooooohhhhhh!"

Now Terri brought it up another notch as she covered the area around
Torrie's clit with her mouth and began to lightly suck, while still tonguing
her pussy. As she did this, she got the great taste of the sweat pussy, which
was almost as good of a taste as human blood. When Torrie's moans increased,
so did the motions of Terri's mouth. It seemed the more Terri's mouth worked
over Torrie's pussy, the more "juices" escaped it and into Terri's mouth.

Yet again, Terri decided to increase the pleasure she was administering to
her blonde lover. While still assaulting the pussy, Terri began to move her
right hand, and as Torrie did before, she began to push her finger on
Torrie's tight asshole. However, where Torrie had just used one finger, Terri
was invading with two, while rubbing the left cheek with her other hand.
After she penetrated Torrie's ass with both fingers, she got a rhythm going
between her fingering, rubbing, sucking and tongue fucking. Within seconds
Terri was moving her body at top speed, driving Torrie wild with pleasure,


Within seconds Terri could feel Torrie's holes tighten up around her
fingers and her tongue, and she knew she was on the verge of cumming. The
horny vampires waited for her handiwork to cause the busty blonde to explode

Torrie's body was now convulsing wildly as her orgasm ripped through every
inch of her body. Through it all Terri was able to keep her motions going,
which helped make the orgasm all that more pleasurable. The climax ripped
through Torrie's body for what had to be a few minutes, and when it finally
began to subside, her body slouched down to the floor, as Terri finally
released her pleasure spots. As Torrie lied their with water showering down
on her body, Terri was thinking about sinking her fangs into her, but Torrie
looked up at her and motioned for her to come over.

With the look Torrie had in her eyes, Terri knew what she wanted so she
could put off sucking her blood for a little while longer. She got up off the
floor and walked over to the lying woman's head and began to slowly lower her
pussy towards her mouth. The second her knees hit the floor she felt Torrie's
tongue moving across her pussy, which caused her to purr almost like a cat.
When she was comfortable with the position she was in she leaned forward to
get another face full of Torrie's pussy and the two were now in a 69. Terri
didn't even touch her pussy right away. She just stood still enjoying the
feeling of Torrie's tongue, while loving the sent in front of her nose.

As Terri lied on top of her, Torrie had her arms wrapped around her waist,
with her face buried in her wet crotch.

As always Torrie was in paradise at being able to eat out her petite lover
in her favorite position. On the other end Terri held herself up with her
hands on either side of Torrie's legs, while still not making a move for the
pussy. The once purring that came from Terri's mouth had now changed into a
low moans. "Ohhhhhhh Torrie, work that tongue against my tight little pussy.
Mmmmmmmm mmmm!!!!"

When Torrie began to add s few fingers to the mix, Terri decided it was
time to go back into action, and buried her face back into her pussy. With
in minutes the room was filled with muffled moans and screams as the women
assaulted each other's pussies. It wasn't long before Terri could feel that
familiar feeling begin to start around her crotch, moving outward through
out her body. Her head shot up from in between Torrie's legs, moaning from
the fierce orgasm that took her over, "YEEEEAAAAAA TTTTTOOOOORRRRIIIIEEEEEE

As Torrie's body did before, Terri's was convulsing, due to the extreme
jolts of pleasure that shot through it. When the climax began to subside she
rolled off of Torrie onto the floor of the shower. When she regained her
composure she sat up against the wall and Torrie sat in front of her, resting
her head back on Terri's massive breasts. It was then that Terri realized was
the chance she was waiting for. As Torrie had her eyes closed, Terri smiled
to reveal her retraced fangs, and then cut her wrist with one of her nails.

After moving Torrie's wet hair to the side Terri sank her fangs into her
throat, which immediately caused her eyes to shoot open and cause her to cry
out in pain, "Oh my god Terri what are you doing?! Please Terri stop,

However the cries fell on death ears as Terri took her bleeding wrist and
covered Torrie's open mouth with it. Following a few more moments Terri
released her pray and stood up, leaving her lying on the floor. She looked
down at Torrie, watching the blood that made it to the floor get washed down
the drain. In a matter of seconds the bite wound on her neck healed up, as
Terri noticed her wrist was also healed. Upon hearing a noise Terri turned to
see Damien standing in the door way smiling. Terri smiled back, flashing her
blood stained fangs, "We now have another girl to help us master." It was
then that the unconscious Torrie began to stir and awaken for the short
"conversion" coma,

"W-what happened? I feel so strange? Terri did I pass out or something? My
neck feels so weird."

"Torrie, what happened is I gave you an amazing gift. I gave you eternal
life and youth: you're now a vampire. Damien here brought me into this
amazing world and now I have brought you over as well."

"What? Oh I get it, you're joking, ha ha."

"You think I'm joking do you. Well why don't you feel your front teeth."
As Torrie followed the suggestion, she felt to pointed teeth sticking out.
Torrie looked back up at Terri with a shocked looked.

"Yeah those are your new fangs baby." After Terri said this the shocked
looked disappeared from Torrie's face, and as Terri did when she was changed,
she began to give a wicked laugh.

"Well then I guess your wish is my command Terri."

To Be Continued

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