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Vampire Invasion Of The WWE Part 3
by Big Chief (

Over the past week Damien de Muerte had slowly began to unleash a horror
over the WWE. He had turned diva Terri into an undead bloodsucker, and she
herself did the same to fellow diva Torrie Wilson. With his vampire harem
slowly growing he started to make his plans on how to get his future queen,
Stephanie McMahon. Even though he greatly desired to be with Stephanie,
Damien wanted bring one more woman into his little group. The one thing that
he had a problem with though was which diva to give his special little "gift"

While he sat in the locker room and thought his two sexy minions were out
finding someone for a little snack for later on. He also had them dispose of
the body of the young girl that he and Terri had feasted on earlier in the
day. The numerous divas flashed through his head. It was then that the door
flung opened and a homeless looking man came flying through, crashing on the
ground with a large thud. His two girls then followed him and in with Terri
closing the door behind her.

With out even saying a word to Damien Torrie jumped on the frightened man
and sunk her fangs into his neck and began draining the life from his body.
His arms and legs were wildly moving as death began to slowly grab at him
with the help of the blond bloodsucker. After a few moments Torrie and
stopped and was replaced by Terri. Torrie then looked up at Damien with blood
stained fangs, "What's the matter master, are you not hungry?"

"Not really my dear. I'm racking my brain trying to think who else I could
give the "gift" that I gave you two beauties."

"You know there is the new girl Dawn Marie. I think she's a hot piece of
ass. Why not try her?"

Terri then lifted her head from the now dead man and added to the
conversation. "I think Torrie's right master, she would be perfect for your
next victim. Plus I wouldn't mind getting a little piece of her."

"You know ladies I think you're right. I saw her on TV and she is pretty
dam sexy. I think that I might bring her over at the Smackdown tapings on

* * * *

It was Tuesday morning and the WWE just rolled into San Antonio Texas
where the Smackdown tapings were set to happen in the Alamo Dome. It would
be here where Damien would bring Dawn Marie into his group of vampire sluts.
Like in LA he had a while to wait for just the sun to set so he and Torrie
went out on the town while Terri stayed at the arena.

Unlike his sight seeing in LA Damien decided to not wear the long black
trench coat, so as not to get too much attention. As the two traveled through
the city Torrie wore a tight white t-shirt with no bra and a pair of daisy
duke shorts and sandals so his plan to try and not draw too much attention
didn't work all that great. The two stopped by the famous Alamo on their trip
and Damien snickered and made a comment to Torrie, "That was a fun experience
at the battle that happened here."

"You mean you were here when the Mexicans killed everyone inside?"

"Yes my dear I was. I posed as a Mexican soldier in the invading force.
Watching all the blood being spilled was like being in paradise. I found one
survivor who made it out before we made it in and before anyone could see him
I dragged him out of sight and completely drained the gutless coward. As a
matter of fact I have witnessed every major war that has occurred in this

Torrie just smiled at his comments and wrapped her arm over his shoulder
as they continued to travel through the city. Through out their sight seeing,
thoughts of Stephanie McMahon still traveled through Damien's mind. It still
boggled his mind how much she resembled his former wife Demona. He just
couldn't wait for when the time came where he would seduce her and turn her
into his new queen with the use of the vile of Demona's blood.

After a few more hours of going around the town, the two began to make
their way back to the arena to meet back up with Terri. As they came up the
block from the arena Damien noticed a middle aged man, who looked like he
was from another country walking towards them. As soon as the man walked
within reaching distance, Damien wrapped his hand around his neck and pulled
him into an alley and knocked him unconscious. Torrie followed knowing
exactly what Damien was thinking.

In the alley Damien had knocked the man out cold and the two waited for
the sun to set so they could have their post sunset meal. As the sun began to
set the pleasure that came along with the transformation traveled through
both of their bodies. As soon as the changes were complete, the two sank
their sharp fangs into the unconscious man's neck. The two emerged from the
alley minutes later, whipping the blood off that covered their mouth.

Damien then turned to Torrie, "We better go find Terri now and then I can
put my plan in affect to get Dawn."

The two then walked into the arena together, heading towards the locker
room where they planned to meet Terri. When they walked through the door of
the locker room they saw Terri on top of what looked like a hooker. When she
heard the door close she looked up with a smile, exposing her blood soaked

"I was wondering when you two would show up."

"So my dear, who is this specimen you have here?" asked Damien

"Oh she is just some hooker I found before the sun set."

"I see you're learning well my dear. No one will care that some hooker is

"Do you either of you want a bite?"

"No we had a little foreign food before we came back."

After he replied, Torrie went over to Terri, with her fangs now retracted
and smiling, "Actually Terr I think I'll have a little bite." And with that
Torrie buried her fangs into the neck of her second victim of the night. When
she got her fill of the hooker's blood, she raised her head and passionately
kissed her companion Terri, with some of the blood being exchanged in between
their mouths. Their cast continued for a while until the two blonds finally

"Terri, do you know if Dawn is in the building yet or not?"

"Yes master, she showed up about an hour ago, but I have no idea where she
is right now." After she said this Damien heard the explosions of the pyro to
open up the tapings for the night.

"I want you two to stay here and when I return you two will have a new
companion to spend some time with."

"Yes master." Replied the two beauties, simultaneously. He then left the
two women to themselves as he went to search for the WWE's newest diva Dawn
Marie. As he searched through the halls he passed the big Canadian Test,
accidentally bumping shoulders with him.

"Hey watch were you're going punk!" shouted an angry looking Test.

"Excuse me? Oh did I bump into you buck tooth?"

"What the fuck did you just say you little shit!?"

"What you didn't hear me the first time you goofy looking bean stalk?"
With that final comment Test swung a hard right hand but Damien ducked down
and delivered his own punch right to the jaw of the big Canadian. Test then
dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes, as Damien walked off to
continue his search for Dawn. Every now and then he would hear the screams
of the fans, signifying that something big just happened.

After around ten more minutes of searching he saw Dawn walking towards
him. She was wearing a white blouse with the top buttons undone to show her
cleavage and a short black skirt. When she saw him she changed her direction,
walking towards him.

"Um, Excuse me is your name Dan?"

"Yes it is, but have we ever met?" Damien was trying to figure out how
Dawn knew him by the name he was using to keep undercover, but his questions
were shortly answered.

"Oh I was talking with Terri before and she was telling me about the fun
you two had. After hearing all the praises she gave, I knew I'd have to
experience this for myself. So what do you say, do you want to go somewhere
a little more private?"

"Well I don't know I don't know if Terri would be to happy with me being
with another woman." After being around women for hundreds of years, Damien
knew the way to really tease them.

"Well I didn't say anything about Terri knowing about the two of us being
together. The only two that would know about it would be you and me and I
won't tell anyone."

"Well I guess what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Led the way beauty."

Dawn then took Damien by the hand and began to led him down the hallway.
They finally came to a door and Dawn opened it up, bring him in with her.
After she closed the door, Damien realized they were in her dressing room.
Dawn spun him around and after she pushed him against the wall, they began
making out. She had her arms wrapped around his neck while his hands rested
on her hips. Their tongues probed into each other's mouths like two wild

Eventually Damien's hands drifted down off her hips and cupped her tight
round ass. He then picked her up and carried her over to a table in the room
and sat her down on it while still kissing her. As they kissed he hiked up
her skirt and went to pull off her panties, but to his surprise she wasn't
wearing any. Since he didn't need to take anything off from below her skirt
he brought his hands up and began to unbutton the rest of the buttons on her
white blouse. After he opened up the shirt he found that she wasn't wearing
a bra either.

Damien finally broke the kiss and as Dawn caught her breath, Damien
brought his mouth to one of her erect nipples. As he sucked on the little nub
he brought one of his hands to her exposed crotch while the other one found a
home on her other nipple. As Damien began to rub and suck, Dawn let own a low
moan, loving the attention that she was being given. Slowly Dawn's hands
found a new home, rubbing the top of Damien's head, letting him know how much
she loved what he was doing. Soon his hand at her crotch began to advance the
work it was doing. His index and middle finger began to slowly push their way
into her tight pussy, going every so slowly. When the fingers made it all the
way in, he began to move his hand in a circular motion.

"Oh my god this feels so god dam good. Ooohh yeaa, Dan you really know how
to give a girl some fucking pleasure!"

He then stopped the circular motion with his hand and began to move his
two fingers in and out of the hot brunette. While his one hand worked at
her crotch, the other stayed busy at her breast as well. He was rolling her
nipple in between his index finger and thumb. He then let go of the nipple
and placed his palm over it and moved it around. As his hand worked on her
left nipple his tongue was flicking around her right one. These motions went
on for at least five minutes and then Dawn's body began to shake as an orgasm
washed over her tight toned body,


Even though her body was jumping around from the climax, Damien kept to
what he was doing to make sure the young woman got all the pleasure from this
experience. When he sensed her orgasm leaving her body her let go of her and
back away. The second Damien released her Dawn feel backwards on to the
table. As she laid there, Damien took off his shirt and pants, leaving him

"Now Dawn it think that it's your turn." When she heard him speak she
looked up and a smile came to her face as she saw his nine-inch dick standing
at attention. She raised her body off the table leaving the shirt behind and
got down on her knees in front of Damien. She then wrapped her right hand
around the base of his cock and covered the head with her plump red lips.
With just the head in her mouth she began to lightly suck on it like a
pacifier while her hand gently jerked him off. Making sure to keep her left
hand busy as well, she brought it up to massage his balls.

By the way Dawn was working at his pecker Damien knew that she had to have
had a lot of experience doing this. When Damien let out a low groan she knew
it was time to move forward in her efforts. She began to slowly engulf his
dick into her mouth inch by inch. As his dick traveled farther into her
mouth, her tongue rubbed the underside, sending a great shiver up his spine.
She then moved her right hand so she could fit his entire length into her wet
warm mouth.

With Damien's entire length now buried in her mouth, Dawn began to slowly,
pull her mouth away, with her tongue still rubbing the underside. As she
backed her head up, she now had both hands gently rubbing on his balls. When
she got her mouth to just the head she moved her head back forward, this
time a little faster then before. She kept this pace up until her head was
violently bobbing forward and back on his dick. Soon he could feel that he
was close to cumming so he stopped Dawn and had her lie back down on the
table. She then removed her skirt and spread her legs to expose her nearly
bald pussy.

He lent his head down and gave her pussy a few licks and then rubbed it a
little bit with his fingers.

"Oh please Dan I need your throbbing cock inside me! Come on baby fuck me
with that big cock!"

Not wanting to disappoint, Damien stood back up and wrapped his hand
around the base of his cock. He slowly pushed the head of his cock into the
opening of her tight pussy, causing her to slowly moan out. When the head was
completely inside he removed his hand and moved his hips forward until he had
his entire length inside her.

Before he made any more movements he grabbed her legs that were sticking
up in the air. He then grabbed the high heels on her shoes, like handle bars
and began to move his hips back in forth.

When he got his cock moving at a real fast pace, Dawn brought her hands
down to her crotch and began rubbing her clit while Damien fucked her. As
this stud pistoned his huge cock in and out of her tight pussy, Dawn had her
eyes clenched tight, loving the pleasure he was giving her. As her hands
rubbed at her clit she could feel his dick moving at its lightning speed and
it turned her on even more. Damien then began to slow his pace and picked her
up yet again while still inside her. He then turned he body around and laid
back on to the table, so Dawn was now on top of him.

The second Damien's back hit the table, Dawn began to jump up and down on
his cock. Not being able to hold on to Dawn's heels any more, he decided to
put his hands onto her ass as it moved with such enthusiasm. As he laid their
he marveled at her big firm breasts bouncing up and down and decided they
needed some attention yet again. He raised his head and brought his mouth to
her left nipple and began sucking like a little baby. When he sucked on it
for a few seconds he switched to the other, sucked on it for a few seconds
and switched back. This nipple attention continued while her pussy kept
bouncing on his cock.


Damien then pushed down on her ass, preventing her from moving any more
and told her to spin around so she was still on top of him, but had her back
facing him. She obeyed his command and now had her legs on either side of
his legs and leaned back until she held herself with her hands. When she got
comfortable she began to move her hips again, just as Damien began to move
his as well. Within a matter of minutes the two got a rhythm going that sent
bolts of pleasure through both their bodies.

Damien now grabbed onto her hips to help support her body in the position
that she was in. In this position he had the back of her head right over her
face and couldn't help but love the smell of her hair. Soon he felt her pussy
clamp down on his moving member and knew her climax was about to hit her,

With her pussy squeezing his cock her request was soon meet as he evil
seed began to fill her pussy. When she felt him begin to cum inside her she
let her body fall back with his cock still in her. Seizing this opportunity
Damien moved her hair, retracted his fangs and sank them into her neck.
Surprising to Damien was she didn't scream at all, but in fact seemed to be
encouraging him in his attack. Nonetheless he kept his fangs in her neck
until his dick stopped pumping his cum.

When he finished the ritual, he released her and her body rolled off of
him and onto the floor with a load thud. When Damien regained his composure
he got up and looked down at the nude woman. She then began to stir and when
she sat up Damien could have sworn he heard her thank him.

"What did you just say Dawn?"

"I said thank you for bringing me to the darkness."

"Wait a minute, how do you know that I'm a vampire and why are you
thanking me?"

"I told you Terri told me about her experience with you and I had to see
it for myself. I thanking you for giving me internal life silly."

"Well I must say you are the first person I have ever turned, that
actually thank me for doing so right after I did it. Why don't you get your
clothes back on and I'll give you your first meal as a vampire."

The two then got their clothes back on and went into the hallway looking
for a meal for the newly turned Dawn Marie. They entered the building's
boiler room where they found a janitor moving some things. The man never
noticed the company that had just entered the room so Damien just motioned
toward him and Dawn quickly grabbed the man from behind and buried her new
fangs into his neck. The poor victim screamed out in both pain and shock as
Dawn fed on his blood. Eventually his body went limp as death finally took
him off. When she couldn't feed anymore she let him go and his body dropped
to the ground.

"Very good Dawn, I see you're a real quick learner." She just flashed the
smile that he had seen a lot lately; the blood stained fangs sticking out.
She then kissed him passionately and he was able to get some of the janitor's
blood in his mouth.

"Now I think we better go back to the locker rooms. Terri and Torrie will
be waiting for us back there." She then took his hand as the two left the
boiler room and headed back to join the other two bloodsucking beauties.

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