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Vampire Invasion Of The WWE Part 4
by Big Chief (

Damien and his newest vampire beauty Dawn Marie opened up the door to
Terri's locker room and they were greeted to Torrie and Terri locked in the
famous 69. The two blondes were wildly licking away at each other's pussies,
until they noticed their visitors. The two got off each other and looked up

"Hey Dawn, welcome to the group hon." Replied the grinning Torrie.

"Now Dawn didn't I tell you that he was an amazing experience."

"Oh I never doubted you Terri. You didn't tell me though how great it
feels to suck someone dry of that precious red liquid." Terri then got to her
feet and kissed the newest vampire. As Terri and Dawn kissed, Torrie got up
and made her way to Damien and gave him the same attention the others were
giving each other. The four fanged creatures kissed for minutes, not making a
sound. The two couples then seemed to break their kisses simultaneously and
the three women sat down in front of Damien.

"So what is the next task master?" the four women asked at once.

"Well my dears I think it's about time that I put my plans into action to
get my queen Stephanie McMahon. I am still not sure when I will make my move,
but with in the span of this week she will finally become my queen." The
three sitting diva vampires just smiled at their master and couldn't wait
till they had a queen as well.

"Now why don't you three girls go take a shower together, while I go do
some more planning for getting Stephanie." The three then quickly got onto
their feet and rushed for the shower. As Damien left the room he laughed at
their enthusiasm of being with each other. The hallways were still a little
busy as the show was still going on, so he thought someone could have
information about his queen.

He eventually came across a WWE security guard and thought that this guy
could be a little helpful. He asked the man if Stephanie was in the building
tonight, but to his dismay got a response that she was, but left a few
minutes ago. The guard then told him that she was going to be at the house
show on Saturday in St. Louis. When he heard this he didn't say another word
and walked away. As he left he heard the guard call him an asshole under his
breath. After noticing not many people were around, Damien spun around and
slammed him fist into the guards face, knocking him against the wall and
rendering him unconscious.

Since he found out when he could get his queen, Damien decided to return
to the locker room and watch the show that was taking place in the shower
room. As he walked back to the locker room, he had images of Stephanie
floating through his mind and couldn't wait until Saturday. He made it back
to the room and let him self in as he was greeted with the sound of female
moaning. After grabbing a chair he made his way towards the shower.

When he entered the doorway he saw the three women locked in a daisy
chain. All three had their mouths in each other's pussy licking wildly. He
had noticed that Terri was also using her left hand to gently rub Dawn
Marie's tight asshole to increase her pleasure. Soon he heard the three
women begin to moan into each other's pussies and he knew that they were all
on the verge of cumming. Slowly the muffled screams began to increase in
volume and soon he noticed that their bodies began to shake and spasm as they
all had simultaneous orgasms. Through it all Damien just stayed sitting with
a big grin across his face, loving the show being put on in front of him.
After their orgasms finished Damien stood up and began to clap his hands,
which caught the attention of the ladies.

"Bravo ladies. I must say that was quite an entertaining show. I have some
news that you three might like to hear. It looks like you will finally have
your queen come this Saturday."

The three smiled back at their master and gave comments of delight that
Stephanie McMahon would soon come to the darkness as their new queen. Damien
then ordered his three girls to get dressed and the four of them would go to
the street and get a snack as the show in the arena came to an end. Only
minutes after the vampires hit the street they found a few homeless people
in an alley and soon they had a nice little feast. After feeding for around
five minutes they exited the alley and noticed that people were exiting the
arena, meaning the show had just finished. They soon made their way back into
the arena and got set to move onto the next city.

* * * *

Now that Damien had three women in his group they were able to travel
without any of the petty mortals that made up the WWE. Through out the trip
to Dallas Terri was in the backset with Dawn, properly welcoming her to new
life as a vampire, under Damien's control. As those two had fun in the
backset Torrie made her master's ride an enjoyable as well, giving him "road
head" many times over. When they arrived in Dallas they checked into their
hotel rooms, which were both right next to each other. Dawn Marie and Damien
had one room, while Terri and Torrie shared the other one.

Since the Dallas show wasn't until Thursday they would have a whole fee
day to do what ever they pleased. It was know around four o'clock in the
morning and they decided to see if any clubs were left open in the city. They
managed to find a bar that was open till sunrise and had a feeling they would
find some great "food" inside. After they entered the bar they spread through
out it to find their own meals. Within a matter of minutes all four of them
were able to find perfect specimens, pulled them into a secluded part of the
bar and had their last meals of the night.

They then all met behind the bar where they disposed of the four bodies
into a dumpster. As they walked back to the hotel the sun began to rise and
their powers quickly left them for the day. When the four dead bodies were
finally covered inside the dumpster, Damien asked his girls what they wanted
to do with this free day. Torrie and Terri wanted to go out to the store
(obviously some things don't change) while Dawn just wanted to be with
Damien. The group decided to slip up, with Terri and Torrie going back to the
hotel to get money and wait for the stores to open, while Damien and Dawn
walked through the town.

Even though Damien was part of the dark evil side of life he could still
appreciate the beauty of a sunset, which many vampires couldn't experience.
Upon walking down the street the two came across a strip club that was open
twenty fours a day, and decided to go inside and see what it had to offer in
entertainment. They walked into a lightly lit room with dance music blaring
out of speakers on the wall. There were two stages set up in the club with
two beautiful women dancing on both. Since it was early morning the place was
relatively empty, with some men passed out at the tables.

Dawn and Damien then went over to a table and after he dumped a drunk out
of the seat, Damien pulled the chair out for Dawn to sit on. A young girl
then came up to them wearing a very short and tight mini skirt, and white
tank top.

"Hi, welcome to the Foxy Feline. Would either of you like anything from
our breakfast menu?" Even though neither of them actually needed food to
survive they decided to get some food from the menu. As they ate their meal,
they watched the women dancing on the stage. When they finished their meals,
Dawn even got a lap dance from a twenty something girl with blond hair, 36-Cs
and a nice ass. When the girl finished and left Damien leaned over and
whispered into Dawn's ear, "Dawn, do you think that you would like to have
her for your post sunset meal later?"

"Definitely master, I think she would taste absolutely delicious." The two
then agreed that they would come back to this club later in the day so Dawn
would be able to get her meal. The two remained in the club till around nine
a.m. and then returned to the hot streets of Dallas. Both were clad in all
black clothing, Damien with a t-shirt, jeans and boots, while Dawn had a tank
top, short shorts, and knee high, heeled boots. They walked down the street
with their arms around each other's necks and as they did, Damien eyed
everyone they passed, checking for someone to feed on before he went for
Stephanie tonight.

* * * *

It was about five minutes before nightfall as Damien and Dawn made their
way back to the Foxy Feline strip club, so Dawn could get the stripper she
wanted to have for her post sunset meal. Dawn found her alone in the
bathroom, putting on some makeup. As the girl had her back to the door Dawn
entered, locking it after she closed it. When the girl heard the door closed
she looked up and recognized Dawn from earlier in the day.

"Hey you're the girl that was here this morning with that guy. So did you
enjoy your lap dance?" she asked with a smile.

"Oh it really made my day." Replied Dawn with a smile of her own. After
she replied she realized the sunset, as the feelings Damien told her about
hit her. She grabbed her stomach and leaned forward, with her face completely
hidden from the other woman.

"Hey are you alright there?" asked the concerned stripper.

"Oh yeah I'm fine," and then Dawn raised he head, with a smile that
exposed her retracted fangs, "I just need a little something to eat!" When
the woman saw the fangs she screamed, and ran past Dawn to the door. As she
tried to open the door, Dawn came up from behind her and bit right down on
her exposed neck. She screamed out in pain as the life was drained from her,
but unfortunately the music in the club covered her screams. When Dawn had
finished feeding she put the woman's body in one of the toilet stalls and
closed the door. Before she left she got a paper towel and whipped the blood
from her mouth.

When she exited the bathroom she saw Damien waiting outside, leaning
against a wall, "So Dawn did you enjoy your first meal after the sunset."

"Well it looks like what I said earlier was right; she was delicious."
They then left the club arm and arm and returned to the hotel, to see if
Terri and Torrie fished their shopping spree.

When they entered the room they didn't see either women, and guessed that
they were either still shopping or enjoying a meal. Since their companions
were not there, Damien and Dawn decided to just watch some television. They
found an old episode of RAW on, that had Stephanie McMahon, just before she
was taken off TV. As he watched the program Damien just dreamt what it would
be like to stick his fangs into her young neck and turn her into his new

When he realized that watching Stephanie on TV got him hard he decided to
do something about it. After he removed his pants he motioned for Dawn to
come over and she knew exactly what her master wanted. She got down on her
knees in front of him and took his entire length into her mouth with no
trouble. Knowing he wanted release, she didn't bother to tease him, and just
went to bobbing her head up and down on his cock. As his slave gave him this
oral pleasure, Damien placed his hands on her brunette head.

After close to five minutes of being blown Damien felt his balls tingle
and soon he was shooting stream after stream of his demon seed into Dawn's
mouth. As she continued to suck on his dick, Dawn was able to keep every last
drop of cum in her mouth. Damien then pulled his dick from her mouth and shot
his final load into her mouth. The vampire slut then swallowed his entire
load and looked up at him with a smile, "Mmm master that was so good. It
almost tastes as good as blood."

* * * *

It was finally here. Tonight would be the night that Damien planned to
take Stephanie McMahon as his new bride in the world of darkness. He and his
three vampires sluts sat in the locker room, after having just feed on some
unsuspecting tourists. Through out the day he had his women talk with
Stephanie, telling her that he was an indy wrestler who wanted to have a
meeting with her to possible get a work out match. He was supposed to met her
at eight o'clock, an hour after the show began.

It was now seven forty five and Damien began to walk towards Stephanie's
locker room. The whole time, images of Stephanie were racing though his mind
and just couldn't wait to be with her. He came up to her door and even though
he was a few minutes early knocked on it. He heard a voice tell him it was
open and he walked in. There, sitting on a chair was Stephanie talking on her
cell phone.

"Hi, you must be Dan that the girls have been telling me so much about.
Could you wait a few minutes while finish up this call."

"Sure that's no problem." Stephanie then went back to her conversation
while Damien stood there and admired her beautiful form. She was wearing a
pair of tight black leather pants, and a sleeveless blouse with the top few
buttons undone. As she continued to talk on the phone she motioned for him
to take a seat in the steel chair in front of her.

After a few more minutes he heard her say goodbye and hung up the phone.
She then looked over towards Damien again to finally talk with him, "So
Danny, I've been hearing a lot about you from some of the divas. They have
been telling me that they've seen you on some indy shows, and that you're
quit good. Now we cannot just give wrestlers, tryouts without actually seeing
tapes of matches and promos, so this little meeting here is to talk about
that. Now would you happen to have any tapes of your work with you?"

"Well, Stephanie, I am not really here to talk about getting a tryout
match. I came here for something completely different then that." And with
that Damien put his hand on Stephanie's leg and began to rub it. The sudden
action caused Stephanie to jump from her seat with a pissed off look on her
face, "Hey what the fuck do you think you're doing? I had you come down here
to talk about wrestling, not to be felt up by you, you fucking pervert!" Just
as she was about to storm out of the locker room, she glanced into Damien's
eyes, and was caught in his hypnotic trance.

"Now Stephanie you're going to sit back down in your chair and calm down,
do you understand me dear?"

"Yes sir." Replied the billion-dollar princess, with a blank look on her
face, as she sat back down in the chair. The next instruction he sent into
Stephanie's head was to remove her blouse, which she began to do without any
hesitation. When she opened it up he was greeted with her huge exposed
breasts. He just sat there and admired her beautiful big mounds, standing at
attention. The next command he sent to Steph was for her to get up and stand
right in front of him. Lucky for him she was a perfect height, where he could
lick her nipples while still sitting in the chair.

He gently moved his slippery tongue over her hard right nipple while
tweaking her left one with his hand. As he licked at her little nub, he heard
her let small moans escape from her lips, but since she was in his trance her
hands stayed right at her side, with no signs of moving. When he got tired of
licking her right nipple he switched over to her left, giving it the same
attention. Eventually he decided to stop his work on her nipples and move to
a different task.

To make the whole experience more enjoyable he decided to give her another

"Ok Stephanie, I know some where in your mind there is a slutty
personality and what I want you to do is let that persona take over right
now." Upon receiving the command, her eyes blinked twice and she looked
around the room. She then looked down at Damien with her famous smile, "So
big boy, are you just going to sit there or are you going to give me some
more pleasure?"

"Well maybe I will if you take off those tight pants baby." Stephanie then
unbuckled the belt to her leather pants and after she unbuttoned then, began
to pull them down. After she kicked them aside she turned around to show
Damien her thong encased ass. Damien smiled and hooked his fingers on the
straps of the skimpy underwear, "May I?"

"You bet you can baby." And with that he pulled the thong off to reveal
her bare tight ass. Stephanie then bent forward and Damien buried his face
into her crack and began to lick at her tight, hairless pussy. As he did this
Stephanie grabbed a hold of the chair she sat in before, so she wouldn't fall
forward onto her face. As Damien probed her pussy with his mouth he placed
both of his hands on her big ass checks, spreading them apart, so he could
get better access.

"Oh yeah baby that feels so fucking good! Eat my tight little pussy you
big fucking stud!" As he continued to eat her pussy, he moved his right hand
off her ass and brought it under his mouth, inserting it into her pussy, to
add to her pleasure. After doing this for a few seconds he added a second
finger and he then felt one of Steph's hand on his head, encouraging him to
continue his oral assault.

"Ah yeah, your tongue fells so good on my pussy! It feels so good having
your fingers inside me!" she let Damien keep this up for a few more minutes
and then wanted him to stop, "Baby, I want your big cock in my mouth! Let me
feel your big rob hit the back of my throat!" Upon hearing her request Damien
stopped his motions and stood up out of his chair. As he began to remove his
black pants, Stephanie brought her chair closer and sat down in it. After
having Damien stand right in front of her, she devoured his entire length in
one swift motion.

Not wasting anytime, she quickly began to bob her head back and forth at
a very quick pace. While she worked his cock with her mouth, she moved her
hands to his balls and began to gradually massage them, to add to the
pleasure like he had done before. As his future queen gave him the amazing
blowjob, Damien rested both of his hands on top of her quickly moving head.
Through out the blowjob, she would let her soft tongue rub on the bottom of
his shaft. When Damien felt that he was about to explode in her mouth he
stopped her, wanting this experience to last, just a little longer.

After he got Stephanie to stop he had her lie down on the ground and
spread her legs. When Damien removed the rest of his clothes he knelt down
on the floor in between her spread legs.

"How bad do you want me to fuck you Steph?"

"I want it bad baby, I need your big hard cock! I want to feel you inside
me please!"

Loving the way she begged, Damien decided to give the young woman exactly
what she wanted. As he leaned over her, he used his right hand to slowly
guide his dick into her tight, wet, waiting pussy. When he was completely
inside her he just remained on top of her for a moment looking at her face,
which was racked with pleasure. When she wrapped her arms around his neck
he knew it was time to start. He slowly began to raise his hips and when he
was almost out of her began to lower them again. He kept this pace up,
picking up speed ever so gradually.

As his motions picked up speed, he noticed that the looks of pleasure on
Stephanie's face increase, as soft moans made their way past her soft red
lips. Soon the soft moans began to gain intensity and Stephanie was now
filling the room with moans of pleasure, "Ooooohhhhh yyyyyeeeeeeaaaaa,
bbbbbaaaabbbbyyyyyyy!!!!! You feel so fucking good inside me!

As he listened to her moan from the drilling he was delivering, he was
watching he big beautiful breasts bouncing up and down on her body. After he
had pumped into her for around five minutes Damien wanted a change in the
position so he pulled out of her, and laid down on the ground himself.
Getting what he wanted, Stephanie got up and walked over to him. She stood
over his midsection and crotched down until she felt his member, penetrate
her pussy. When she had all of him inside she began to bounce up and down,
leaning back in the reverse cowgirl position.

While the black haired beauty bounced on top of him, Damien reached his
right hand forward and began to rub the top of her pussy, with his cock
pistoning into it. As he did when she was lying on the ground he watched her
large breasts bounce up and down from her sexual motions. Just by the way
Stephanie was able to keep her balance in this position was enough to tell
Damien that she was quit experience at being in this position. After a few
more minutes of this Damien felt it was about time to make Stephanie his
queen so he had her get off and get on her hands and knees.

Before Damien did anything he just starred at her ass sticking out at him.
When nothing was happening Stephanie looked over her shoulder at him with a
poutty look on her face, "Hey are you just going to stay there or are you
going to get over her and continue fucking me?" Wanting to please her, Damien
walked over to her, while on his knees and guided his throbbing dick into her
from behind. When he got a good pace going her grabbed onto her hips and
really began to drill into her. As Damien pushed his hips forward he noticed
that Stephanie would push hers back in order to get the full penetration.

"Oh yeah baby, you dick feels so good from behind!! Slam that big fucking
cock into my tight wet pussy you fucking stud! AAAAAHHHHHHH GGGGGGODDDDDDD!!!

As he continued to fuck her he removed his right hand from Stephanie's hip
and began to give her round ass some smacks.


"Oh that's it baby, smack my big ass while you fuck me!! You are so
fucking good baby!"

After he smacked her ass for a while, Damien brought his hand to his
mouth and licked his index and middle finger. When he got them pretty wet he
brought his hand down towards her ass and used his other hand to spread her
cheeks. He then began to gradually push his fingers into her tight asshole.
When he got his fingers all the way in her began to move them around, now
giving stimulation to both of her holes. Not long after he penetrated her
ass, Damien felt her pussy clamp down on his dick like a vice and knew what
was about to cum!


As her body began to convulse from the orgasm Damien took his fingers from
her ass and reached over to his pants, where the vile of Demona's blood was.
When Stephanie's orgasm began to leave her, Damien felt his starting, so he
retracted his fangs out and bent forward on top of her. Just as he began to
shoot into her, he sank his fangs into her neck, causing a scream of
surprise, followed by pain. As he sucked her blood he opened the vile and
poured its contents into the poor McMahon's open mouth. After a few more
seconds, Damien pulled his fangs and dick from her and her body fell to the
locker room floor.

As Damien got to his feet he watched Stephanie's body go through a little
seizure and then she went limp. He knew that since she had taken Demona's
blood she would be out for a little while longer. As he got dressed he heard
a knock at the door so he covered Steph up and went to see who it was. When
he opened the door he saw a young man with a cart of food on it. Apparently
Stephanie had ordered some food before, so Damien let the guy in, and lucky
for him he was able to walk out as well.

After a few minutes Damien saw Stephanie's body start to move so he
decided to get ready and welcome her to her new world. The nude young woman
then sat up, letting the blanket Damien put on her fall to the floor. However
when she looked at his face, Damien heard something he wasn't expecting,
"Damien is that really you?" How the hell did you she know he actual name and
why did it sound like she knew him?

"Damien, my dear it's me Demona." That came as an even bigger shock. The
last time he had seen Demona she was about to be killed by a vampire hunter.

"Damien don't you believe me. I was the one that bit you and turned you
into a vampire, remember?"

"Oh my god Demona it really is you. But I thought that vampire hunter had
killed you decades ago."

"Oh he did Damien, but there was something you didn't know about me. The
vampire that turned me put a spell on me, where if I am killed I become
reborn to a random human woman. That hunter had known about it and recited
a spell that would erase my memory when I was reborn, but you must have
broken it, what did you do?" as she had talked to him she had stood up next
to the food cart.

"Well I had a vile of your blood and after I bit you I poured it down you

"Oh Damien I must thank you, but there was always something you never
knew." As she said this Damien did not notice she was moving her towards a
butcher knife on the cart.

"And what is that my love?"

"Well that day I bit you I was not trying to turn you into a vampire. I
was trying to kill you!" And with that she stabbed the unsuspecting Damien
right in the heart with the butcher knife. The wounded vampire fell to his
knees with a shocked look on his face.

"So once again, I must thank you. You gave me a second chance at what I
screwed up at long ago." She then got another knife and with one powerful
swing decapitated her former husband, killing him. However, unlike the
legends, the three other divas would not revert back to humans, they would
stay as vampires, serving their new queen.

After a few minutes Damien's corpse began to turn to dust as
Stephanie/Demona began to get dressed. She had decided she never did like the
name Demona, so she would keep using the name of Stephanie McMahon, and why
the hell not since money came with the name. As she left the locker room she
told a guard that there was a mess in the locker room that needed to be
cleaned up. She then made her way to the divas locker room and opened it up
to see Terri, Torrie and Dawn, licking at each other. When Stephanie closed
the door they all stopped and looked up.

"Ladies, that pathetic excuse for a vampire Damien is dead. Don't worry
though because I am your new queen and this company will not know what hit
it." She said with smile, showing her fangs. The three girls then smiled back
with their fangs out too, looking forward to a rule with their new queen.

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