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Velvet Love Productions Part 1: A Lesson With Ms. Brooks
by Revolution

The new hot duo in TNA wrestling, Angel "Angelina Love" Williams and Talia
"Velvet Sky" Madison, had spent a few weeks insinuating to the audience that
outside of the ring, they had sex for money. This wasn't exactly the truth
because the two starlets had found out that the money wasn't that great for
an 'escort' or a pornstar but instead the best way to make money was to
produce their own porno films. Angel and Talia figured that with their rising
fanbase in TNA, they could easily make six or maybe even seven figures on the
internet and on DVD's. These weren't your typical dumb pornstars who get
taken advantage of and paid next to nothing. Instead these two were smart
business women who wanted to combine their love of sex with their love of
making big money. Angel and Talia took the next step of creating their own
company called Talia Love Productions and they started brainstorming ideas
for their first release.

"Which one of us will go first? Or should we do one together?" Talia asked.

"Neither of us should go first. We're not big enough stars yet and we need
to make the men wait to see us. We need to make a big impact with our first
shoot and really get people's attention," Angel explained.

"Who could we get? Who would be willing to do this?" Talia pondered.

"I know! There's a certain TNA Knockout that really needs her own money.
Let's go," Angel said. She and Talia Madison left their dressing room and
pulled aside Ms. Brooks!

"What do you two want?" Traci asked.

"We want to help you," Angel said.

"Help me? How could you help me?" Traci wondered.

"We have a great way for you to make a lot of money. Enough money so you can
get away from that jackass you manage," Angel explained.

"Really? What is it?" Traci asked, now very interested.

"Well ... the two of us have started our own company, Velvet Love
Productions, and we want you to star in our first release," Talia said.

"Wait wait wait, what are you talking about exactly?" Traci asked.

"We're talking about a porno, Traci," Angel said.

"Porn? No way. I can't do that!" Traci shook her head.

"Why not? You'll make a LOT of money. Put those giant tits to good use,"
Talia said as she looked down Traci's shirt.

"You think about it, Traci, and get back to us," Angel said. She and Talia
walked off arm in arm, leaving Ms. Brooks to think about their offer.

* * *

Later that night, Angel and Talia were laying in bed together, fooling around
a little bit when the phone rang. Angel answered and it was Ms. Brooks on the
other end.

"I'm in," Traci said.

"Excellent!" Angel exclaimed. The two talked about the details of how the
shoot would work and how much money Ms. Brooks would get. They agreed that
she would get $10,000 plus a percentage of the sales. Ms. Brooks wanted the
money ASAP so they decided to do the shoot a few days later.

* * *

The next day, Talia Madison had to find a man to be in the scene with Ms.
Brooks. She needed a younger guy because the scene was going to be a
teacher/student scenario. Talia and Angel had decided that they didn't want
to pay for experienced and recognizable male pornstars. Instead they wanted
fresh guys to make the scenes a little more realistic looking. Talia decided
to go down to her local gym and look for the right man. She walked around the
gym and checked out some guys but she really couldn't tell if they had a big
enough dick to be in porn. Talia checked the time on her cell phone and felt
that she was wasting too much time so she walked over to the men's changing
rooms, waited until none of the staff could see her, and sneaked inside. A
couple of guys quickly covered up and some told her to get out but she didn't
respond to them. Talia locked her eyes on a younger looking guy who was in
good shape and had a large package.

"You, get dressed, and meet me outside," she bluntly said and walked out.
Talia waited outside and the young man rushed out to see her.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Danny," he answered.

"Ok Danny, my name is Talia Madison and I'm looking for a man to fuck on
camera and get paid for it," she said.

"Um uh, you want me to be in porno?" He nervously asked.

"Yes, I'm impressed with what your appearance and I don't have time to waste.
Will you fuck on camera?" She asked.

"You? Will I fuck you on camera?" He asked.

"No, not me," she answered.

"Then who?" He asked.

Talia took out her iPhone, pulled up a picture of Ms. Brooks and showed it to

"Ummm, I don't know, she's not really my type," Danny said.

"Scroll down," Talia said. Danny scrolled down and saw Traci's enormous

"Whoa! Now those I could definitely get into," he smiled.

"So you're in?" Talia asked.

"I don't know, people are going to see this and it might not be worth it for
me," he replied.

Talia grabbed Danny by the hand and pulled him around the corner and into the
back alley. She quickly unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out of fly.

"If you do it, I'll blow you," she said, holding her mouth inches away from
Danny's cock.

"Where do I sign? There's no way I'm turning down a blowjob from you!" Danny
excitingly said.

Talia stood up and handed Danny a piece of paper with all the details.

"You'll get your blowjob AFTER you finish filming," Talia said.

Danny was disappointed that Talia wasn't blowing him right then but he was
100% on board to be in the porno with Ms. Brooks.

* * *

The scene was titled 'A Lesson with Ms. Brooks' and took place in an empty
classroom. Talia Madison worked the camera and once she gave her command, the
scene began. Ms. Brooks sat behind her desk wearing a conservative black suit
and her trademark glasses. The classroom was empty except for a younger man
alone at his desk.

"I'm really upset with you, Danny. I'm a very busy woman and I take time out
of my day to come in and be a substitute teacher and you totally disrespected
me in front of the class," Ms. Brooks said as she got up and walked over to
the student.

"I was just joking around," he said.

"You think it's a joke to pass a note to your friend asking how big my
boobs are? Do you know how much trouble you will be in when I go tell the
principal?" Ms. Brooks asked.

"Oh please don't do that! I might lose my spot on the football team if I get
in trouble again," Danny pleaded with her.

"I'm trying to be taken seriously as a teacher and you embarrassed me in
front of the whole class. What if I made you get up in front of the whole
class and I asked you how big your dick is? How embarrassed would you be?"
Ms. Brooks asked.

"Actually, I really wouldn't be embarrassed at all," he answered.

"Why not?" she asked.

"I have nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to that and you have
nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to your boobs," Danny said.

"Prove it," Ms. Brooks said.

"Prove what?" he asked.

"That you have nothing to be embarrassed about," Ms. Brooks said.

"Hold on, now who's being inappropriate?"

"I knew it! You're full of shit!"

"I am not!"

"Then prove it right now or I'm going directly to the principal and filing a
sexual harassment complaint against you!" Ms. Brooks insisted.

"Ok Ok fine!" Danny agreed and stood up at the front of the classroom. He
undid his belt buckle and pulled down his jeans and boxer shorts. He wasn't
hard but Ms. Brooks could tell that he might not be lying.

"I'm not convinced yet. Get it hard," she said.

"What?!" Danny asked. "Get it hard! I need to see how big it is," Ms. Brooks
reiterated. Danny pulled at his cock a bit but wasn't getting it going.

"Here you go," Ms. Brooks said, taking off her jacket and unbuttoning her
shirt, giving Danny a look at her massive cleavage.

"Oh wow! They're even bigger than I imagined!" He reacted.

"Just get that fucking dick hard," she replied. With his eyes locked on Ms.
Brooks' massive cleavage, it only took a few seconds for Danny to get fully

"See Ms. Brooks! I told you I had nothing to be embarrassed about!" He
proclaimed, holding his big hard dick in his hand.

"You can call me Traci now," she said, walking over to him.

"Oh Traci, you do have nice tits," he said, helping Traci take her shirt off.
With Traci's shirt off, he kissed the back of her neck.

"That feels good," she sighed, pulling at her bra strap.

"What else do you like?" He asked, feeling Traci's tits through her bra.

"I have very sensitive nipples," Traci answered.

"Do you?"

"Mmmmhmmmm you don't have to do much to them, just play with the nipples
lightly," she said, rubbing her nipples through her bra. Danny pulled down
the front of her bra and held that huge right breast in his hand. He circled
his tongue gently around Traci's hard nipple.

"Mmmm ohhh that feels good," she sighed and reached down and rubbed Danny's
cock. He moved his mouth over onto her left breast and sucked on that nipple
making Traci moan a little louder.

"Let me see you do it," he said. Traci pushed her tits up to her mouth and
licked her nipples. "Ohh ya that's nice," Danny said.

"Mmmmm I'm good with my tongue," Traci said and got down on her knees. She
wrapped her mouth around Danny's cock and started sucking the first few
inches. He reached down and rubbed Traci's nipples while she blew him.

"Ohhhh fuuck Traci ... ohhhh fuck you're good, ohhh damn," he moaned.

"Mmmmmm mmmmmm it's called experience mmmm mmmm," Traci said, only taking her
mouth of that big cock for a few seconds. She cupped his balls and moved her
mouth down deep on Danny's cock with ease. She slid her mouth off, smacked
his cock against her tits while she took a few breaths then went deep on that
big dick again.

"Mmmmm ohhh my god nobody has ever sucked my dick this good before," Danny
moaned loudly. Traci took it out of her mouth and spat on it then wrapped her
giant fake tits around it.

"I bet you've never had tits this big on your dick before," Traci smiled.

"No fucking way!" He said. Traci squeezed her tits around his big cock,
making it disappear. She slid them up and down around his cock, fucking it
with her tits.

"Ohhhh those tits! Ohhhh fuck yes Traci! Ohhhh those fucking huge tits!" He
groaned and started thrusting with his hips and really fucking Traci's
enormously fake breasts.

"Yeah fuck my tits! There's no cock my tits can't handle! Ohhh that's it,
really fuck my big titties!" Traci moaned. She tucked her chin down and
sucked on the head of Danny's cock when it poked up between her tits. Danny
pulled his cock out from between Traci's tits and slapped them with it. He
rubbed it around her sensitive nipples then shoved it back between her tits,
fucking them harder.

"There you go, don't stop fucking my tits. No cock can resist my big fake
titties! Keep fucking them," Traci encouraged. Danny kept his big dick buried
between Traci's massive breasts and fucked away. Traci let Danny handle her
tits so she could feverishly start fingering her pussy.

"Are you getting yourself wet?" Danny asked.

"Ooohhh yeah, fuck me now," Traci answered. She laid down on the desk and
spread her thick legs apart. Danny took his raging hard-on that he had gotten
from fucking Traci's gigantic breasts and drove it deep into her soaking wet

"Ooohhhh ohhhh yeah god damn that dick feels good inside me," Traci moaned.
"Oh yeah Traci, take it deep," he moaned. He started fucking her harder,
making those huge fake titties bounce. Traci was playing with them and saw
Danny's eyes glued to them.

"Mmmm damn you're fucking me so good ... Focus on my big tits if you have to,
just keep fucking me like this!" Traci moaned.

"Ohhh god, ohhh those fucking tits, ohhhh god," Danny moaned as he kept on
pounding away at Traci's pussy and staring at her tits. He started to slow
down as he glanced up at Traci's face then moved his eyes back down onto
those tits and started hammering her so fucking hard.

"Unhhh yeah fuck me! Ohhhh ohhhh yes! YESS FUCK ME HARD! OHHHHH YES! GIVE IT
TO ME!" Traci screamed.

"Ohhh yeah you like that dick, don't you? You like it hard! Ohhhh fuck those
fucking tits are so fucking big! Ohhh fuck I love them!" Danny exclaimed.

"I want it from behind! Fuck me from behind!" Traci demanded. Danny pulled
his cock out of her and she bent over the side of the desk. Danny slid his
hard dick back inside of her and started fucking away. He wasn't going at
nearly the same pace so Traci grabbed his hands and put them on her tits.

"Come on! I know you can fuck me harder than that! Feel my big fake tits and
fuck me from behind!" Traci demanded. Danny fondled her giant tits and picked
up the tempo, fucking Ms. Brooks much harder.

"Mmmm yeah Traci, your tits feel so good, ohhh fuck they're big," he groaned.

"Oh yeah use them! Use my big tits! That's what they're there for! Use them
to fuck me!" Traci said. She felt that even with two handfuls of her tits,
Danny's pace was slowing again but she loved being fucked and wanted to feel
every last thrust inside of her. Traci took a few more pumps then pushed
Danny back and got down, wrapping her huge tits around his cock again.

"I know what you want. Huh? This is what you want from me?" Traci asked.

"Ohhh yeah right there, right between your tits, that's what I want, ohhh
fuck yes," Danny moaned.

"That's good, isn't it? Does that feel good?" Traci asked.

"Ohhh yeah I love your huge tits, ohh fuck yeah Traci, gimme those tits," he
moaned. Traci squeezed that cock tight with her tits and put all her energy
into giving Danny the most incredible titty fuck of his life.

"Cum for me, cum on my tits, I want your cum all over my tits," Traci said.

"Ahhh yeah Traci! Keep it going, I've got so much fucking cum for your tits!"
Danny moaned.

"Fucking shoot it! I wanna feel it! CUM ON MY TITS NOW!" Traci yelled at him.

"Ohh ohhh ahhh yeah here it cums! Here it fucking cums, all over your huge
fucking tits! Unhhhhhhhhh!" Danny moaned as he shot rope after rope of
thick sticky cum all over Traci's enormous fake breasts. The cum just kept
squirting from his big cock and splattering against Traci's tanned tits.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Danny screamed as he jerked at his ultra
sensitive cock, squirting out even more cum onto her tits. Traci looked down
at her cum covered tits and back up at Danny and said, "I hope you've learned
your lesson!" "Oh I've learned a lot from you, Ms. Brooks," Danny said.

"AND CUT!" Talia Madison shouted, "That's a wrap, great work Traci, that was
one hot session!"

"I hope so, I tried to keep him going as long as I could," Traci said,
grabbing a towel to wipe herself down.

"Oh it was fine, your fans are going to buy this like crazy!" Talia said,
thinking about all the money.

"So Talia, how about that blowjob you owe me?" Danny asked.

"A deal is a deal," Talia said as she got down on her knees in front of

"Why do you owe him a blowjob?" Traci asked.

"It was part of the deal to get him to do the movie," Talia said as she
started tugging on Danny's limp cock.

"I wasn't enough? The money wasn't enough for you?" Traci said, getting a
little angry.

"Well ... I mean ... you've got great tits but damn, look at Talia," Danny

"Whatever," Traci rolled her eyes, grabbed her stuff, and left.

"You idiot, why did you say that?" Talia asked.

"It's the truth," Danny said.

"Yeah maybe but you hurt her feelings. I was going to give you a nice long
blowjob but now I'll have you cumming in no time," Talia said.

"I doubt it, I just emptied a huge load," Danny responded. Talia shook her
head at him and took his big dick in her mouth. Talia sucked it deep and
twisted it with her fingers. She worked over his cock, hitting the most
sensitive parts, and getting him to almost want to push her away. Danny was
clearly trying to hold out but it only took Talia a couple of minutes before
the cum was leaking out of Danny's cock and down her throat.

"Fuuuuck ohhh fuck Talia, ohhh damn girl," Danny groaned as he involuntarily
came in her mouth. Talia sucked down the last bit of cum and pushed Danny

"I told you so," she said.

"Wow, ohhh damn are you good, wow," Danny said in disbelief. Talia went into
her bag and took out an envelope full of cash.

"Here's your money, take it and get the fuck out. You better write a note to
Traci and apologize to her for being such an asshole. I may want to make
another movie with her and you can bet it won't be with you," Talia snapped.

"I'm sorry," Danny tried to apologize again.

"Save it and get out," Talia demanded and Danny scurried out the door with
his cash.

Talia's phone rang and it was Angel the other end.

"So how did it all go?" Angel asked.

"Well I got a damn hot scene but damn girl, these people can be soooooo
difficult," Talia complained.

"I'm sure you handled it great, baby, you're way more patient than I am,"
Angel laughed.

"Thanks honey, I bet you would've kneed this guy in the balls if you had been
here," Talia snickered.

"Get home soon and I'll relieve your tension," Angel said.

"I'm on my way," Talia answered.

To Be Continued...

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