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Velvet Love Productions Part 2: An Angel's Ass
by Revolution

With their first release starring Ms. Brooks filmed and getting ready to be
released to the public, Velvet Love Productions started thinking about their
second scene. TNA's Angel "Angelina Love" Williams and Talia "Velvet Sky"
Madison debated over which TNA Knockout they could approach next to shoot.
They dropped some hints to the knockouts and weren't getting a good response.
Gail Kim told them that she was concentrating on wrestling and didn't want to
do it. Christy Hemme seemed interested but the Rock'n'Rave Infection would
never let her do it. They didn't even dare approach Karen Angle with the
idea. After some long nights of debate over who should be in the next Velvet
Love Production, Angel pitched an idea.

"All the guys who love big tits are going to go crazy over Traci's scene,
right?" Angel asked.

"Yeah, guys love big tits and those are some of the biggest," Talia answered.

"Well we should go after another section of guys. Some guys love big tits and
some guys love big, what?" Angel asked.

"Big butts!" Talia replied.

"That's right and that means I should go next," Angel stated.

"Are you sure?" Talia asked.

"Yes, it makes the most business sense. We get all the guys that love big
boobs with Traci then we get all the guys that love big butts with my fat
ass," Angel said.

"You're so smart," Talia said.

"Now we just need to find a guy," Angel said.

"Don't you worry about it, I know someone that would be perfect for this,"
Talia stated.

* * *

The scene opened up with the camera focused in on a blond haired athletic
looking guy in his late 20's sitting on a couch. "Welcome Jack," Talia's
voice could be heard from behind the camera.

"I've known you for a few years now and I know what type of girls you like.
Why don't you tell everyone what type of girls you like?" Talia asked.

"I like girls with big butts," Jack answered.

"Now I know it's not just a preference but it's a mandatory thing with you.
You'll only fuck girls with big butts," Talia said.

"If you don't have a big ass, don't even talk to me," Jack said.

"Well do I have a girl for you. Angel, come in here," Talia said. Angel
walked into the room wearing a pair of tight black pants and a pink bra top.

"What do you think?" Talia asked.

"She's hot, I won't deny that. She's in amazing shape, very toned and
muscular, but that means she's got a tight ass and I told you that's not what
I want," Jack said.

"That's what you think," Angel said. She turned around and pulled down her
pants just passed her ass.

"Whoa whoa WHOA! Now that is a big ass! WHOA!" Jack exclaimed. Angel jiggled
her big ass and slapped it, looking back at Jack and smiling.

"Is that big enough for you?" She asked.

"Goddamn yes! I can't believe how much ass you've got! Get those pants off
and get over here," Jack said.

"You almost turned me down. Why should I let you have my fat ass?" Angel

"How does twelve inches sound?" Jack replied.

"Sounds like my ass is yours," Angel said. She pulled off her pants so she
was down to a black string thong and a pink bra. She laid down on her stomach
on the rug while Jack got naked and knelt down next to her ass.

"Oh yeah Angel, shake that ass," he said and Angel moved her hips back and
forth, shaking her big ass and making it jiggle.

"I've had a lot of big asses, Angel, but are you going to prove that yours is
the best?" Jack asked.

"I'm gonna try to," Angel answered, looking back at Jack who was getting his
big dick hard looking at her jiggling ass.

"Will it suffocate me?"

"Yeah I'm gonna suffocate you!"

"Are you going to smother my face?"

"I'm gonna smother you with my big ass and you won't be able to breathe!"


"Fuck yeah, what do you think?"

"I think that thing looks like it's gonna do some serious damage to me!"

"You'll be ok, I won't hurt you too bad," Angel smiled.

"Ohhh Angel, that thing is out of control!" Jack exclaimed.

"Go ahead and touch it," she said. Jack grabbed at Angel's ass, squeezing her
soft jelly filled buns.

"Gawd ... that ass is HUGE and you're lying on your stomach!" Jack said in

"Mmmmhmmmm you like it?" "I love it!" Jack said as he started jiggling
Angel's butt with his hands.

"Oh my god! That ass is humongous! Flip over onto your side for me," Jack
instructed. Angel rolled over onto her side, crossing her legs and pushing
out her ass.

"Ahh yeah, stick it out. Ohhh Angel, you are packin some serious ass!" Jack
said giving her butt a good spank. Angel grabbed it and jiggled it while Jack
stroked away at his massive cock.

"Holy shit! Are you gonna give up that ass for me today?" He asked.

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna give up the booty today, big guy," Angel replied.

"Mmmm that's what I wanted to hear. Fuck! That ass is so big and you're so
fucking beautiful!"

"Thanks," Angel smiled, still rubbing her ass.

"Yeah that's nice, spank it for me," Jack said and Angel gave her butt a nice
firm spank.

"You know what I wanna do? I wanna fuck that ass crack," Jack said.

"What do you mean?" Angel asked.

"Lay on your stomach for me and I'm gonna stick my dick between those big fat
cheeks and fuck that ass crack," Jack explained.

"Ohh yeah that sounds hot! Go ahead and fuck my ass crack," Angel said,
rolling back over onto her stomach.

"Yeah? You want it?" Jack asked.

"Stick it right between those cheeks," Angel said.

"It might get lost in there!" Jack laughed.

"Right in there," Angel said as she ran her finger between her ass cheeks.

"I'm gonna lose my dick! That's so deep!"

"I'm gonna swallow it all up with my fat ass!"

"Today is my lucky day," Jack said, sticking his big cock between Angel's ass
cheeks and pumping it in and out.

"Ohhh yeah that feels so good, Angel. Your booty is out of control!"

"Mmmm its so warm. Bury it in there," Angel said. She reached back and
squeezed her ass cheeks together around Jack's cock.

"Ohh yeah make it disappear!" Jack said with his cock buried between Angel's
big ass cheeks.

"You like that big booty?"

"Ohhh yeah sooo big. Shake it against my cock, yeeah shake it baby!"

"Mmmmm spank it! I love getting spanked!"


"Yeeah that's it, spank my fat ass!"

"Ohhh fuuck look at that ass! Look at that big ass!" Jack exclaimed as he
started spanking Angel's ass with his hard cock.

"Yeah! Spank me with your big dick! Ohh that thing is fucking huge and heavy!
Spank me with it!" Angel encouraged him.

"A big fuckin' dick for a big fuckin' booty!" Jack said, smacking her ass
around with his 12" cock.

"Stick it back between my cheeks. Fuck my ass crack some more!" Angel
demanded. Jack buried his cock in her deep ass crack, squeezed those fat
cheeks together with both hands and started fucking.

"Ohhh ya fuck that ass crack! Fuck my fat butt cheeks!"

"Ohh damn Angel, you're swallowin' my big dick again!"

"It's gone now! My ass is eating up your big dick, isn't it?"

"Ahhh fuck yeah baby I don't believe your ass is this fat!"

"Ohhh yeah I know you wanna eat it up! Get your face in there!" Angel said.
Jack spread Angel's ass cheeks open and planted his face between them. He
pushed her fat buns against his face and started licking her asshole.

"Oohhh is it deep enough for you? Ohhh am I smothering you?" Angel asked. She
started bouncing and shaking her ass against his face.

"Yeah you love it smackin' you in the face. It feels so good for you!" She
said as she started bucking her hips up and hitting Jack in the face with her
ass. He grabbed ahold of one ass cheek with both hands and sucked on it so
tightly that he left a red mark.

"Look at that!" He said.

"You like that fat ass, don't you?" She asked.

"Ohh yeah its so fat," he groaned, diving back in with his tongue.

"Ahhh there you go, bury your face in that ass ahhhh yeah you horny ass lover
bury your face in my ass," Angel moaned. Jack pulled her up from her stomach
and onto his knees, spreading her cheeks apart and getting deeper inside with
his tongue.

"Mmmmm ohhh ohhh yeah you're so deep, ohhh I bet that tastes good," she

"Mmmm fuck it tastes so good and it's so wet now," Jack moaned.

"I'm ready for that big dick!" Angel said. Jack got right behind Angel and
started working his 12" cock into her wet asshole.

"Ohhh god damn your cock is so big," Angel groaned.

"Your ass is even bigger!" Jack said, grabbing at Angel's fat ass while he
worked his cock in deeper. He went super slow because her asshole was so
tight and his cock was so big. He massaged her ass while he gently fucked it.
Angel was doing her best to relax and get used to taking such a massive cock
inside her ass. He finally pushed it all the way in and slowly pulled it all
the way out.

"Ok ok that's good, that's good," Angel said, stopping Jack from sticking it
back in her ass.

"Lay down," Angel told him and Jack got down on his back.

"Oh I see, you're gonna sit on it," he said.

"I'm gonna sit on something alright," Angel remarked as she dropped her ass
down onto Jack's face. She smothered his face with her big ass and started
riding it, making her cheeks slap against his face.

"I bet you like that! You like my big ass beating your face up! You like
being suffocated, don't you?" Angel asked.

"Ohhhohhh yeah," Jack mumbled, his face being humped by Angel's ass. Angel
squished her fat ass down all the way on Jack's face and held it there.

"You can't breathe now, can you? I've got too much ass for your face!" Angel
smirked. Jack tried to respond but he couldn't be heard from underneath that
thick ass. Angel finally lifted her ass up and Jack gasped for air. She
leaned forward into a 69 position and wrapped her pouty lips around Jack's

"Ohhh my god Angel, lick that fuckin' dick," he moaned, feeling Angel's
tongue ring sliding all over his dick.

"Mmmmm mmmmmmhmmmm mmmmhmmm," Angel moaned and now she was the one who
couldn't be heard because her mouth was full of cock.

"Ohhh yeah, suck that big dick, ohhh yeah," he groaned.

"Mmmmmmmhmmm lick that big ass," she moaned.

"Mmmm baby that ass is sweet!"

"Mmmmmmm your cock tastes good!"

"Mmmmmm Angel gimme some more of that ass," Jack said. Angel rolled over onto
her side and Jack slid up next to her in a spoon position. He started working
his cock back in and it went in a little easier this time.

"Unnhhhh its so big in my big ass," Angel groaned.

"Does it feel good?" Jack asked.

"Unhhh ohhhh yeah it feels good," Angel moaned. Jack started fucking her a
little harder and her big ass provided a lot of cushion so his 12" didn't
hurt her too much.

"Ohhh god I love your ass," he moaned.

"Mmmm yeah love that ass," Angel moaned.

"Ohh yeah it's so good, it's so big, mmmm I love it," Jack moaned.

"Oh fuck yeah, you love that ass! Love it deeper and harder!"

"Ohh fuck yeah that fat ass is swallowing up my dick!"

"Ohh yeah taking all of your cock! All of that big cock!"

"Ohhhh fuck Angel your ass is soooo perfect, ohhh fuck!"

"I'm ready for more," Angel said as she got back onto her knees and started
shaking her ass.

"Your ass is really gonna get it now," Jack said as he worked his cock back
inside and started fucking Angel hard from behind.

"Uhhhhunhhhh shit yeah unhhh yeah," Angel screamed. Jack rubbed Angel's toned
muscular arms and held onto them, fucking her ass deeper and harder.

"How the fuck is your body so tight and you have so much ass?!" Jack asked.

"I'm the best! You love that big fucking ass, don't you? You love fuckin' my

"Unhhh yeah baby, so good, so big, just the way it should be!"

"Yeeah fuck my big ass with your big dick!"

"Yeeah you love it too! You love my big cock in your ass!"

"Ohhheah just like that, stick it all in!"

"Mmmmm fuck yeah swallow my dick! Take it all!"


demanded as he pulled his cock out and shoved it in Angel's mouth. She deep
throated his cock, gagging on it and tasting her ass.

"Mmmmmm mmmmmm I taste good mmmmm," Angel moaned.

"Yeeahh taste it! Suck my fuckin' dick!" Jack groaned. Angel tugged on his
balls and deep throated his twelve inch cock. Jack smacked Angel's beautiful
face around with his thick heavy cock then laid down on his back.

"Come on, get that big ass on my dick! Sit on it! Get it inside that ass!" He
said. Angel straddled him and lined up her ass with his cock.

"Mmmm yeah, you want me to ride it?" She asked.

"Yeeeah stick it in there, swallow that big dick up in your ass," He said.
Angel lowered her big ass down onto Jack's massive cock and started riding
it. Jack grabbed onto her ass and held on while she rode away.

"Ohhh yeah that's it! Use that big fat ass!" He encouraged.

"Is that what you want, huh?" Angel asked.

"Ohhh fuck yeah, it's all inside you! Fuckin' ride it!"

"Smack my ass! Smack it hard! Make it jiggle!" Jack started smacking Angel's
fat ass with both hands over and over again. With each smack, Angel rode his
cock a little harder.

"Ohhh fuck yeah, now you're using that ass!"

"Mmmm yeah that's what my big ass can do!"

"Fuuuuck your ass is amazing!"

"Listen to it!" Angel said and they both stopped talking so they could hear
her ass slapping against him.

"Goddamn! Are you sure you're a hardbodied blonde white girl?! FUCK! BOUNCE

"Unnhhh unnhhhh yeah that huge cock feels good in my ass!"

"Yeeah feels so good in your booty! Ohhh god that ass is bouncing!"

"Ohhh my ass! Ohhh fuck yeah my ass! Ohhhh my fuckin' ass!"

"Ohhh god you're smackin my balls with it!"

"Ohhh yeah smackin' those balls with my big ass!"

"Ohhh you're too fucking much! I love it bu god damn Angel my fucking balls!"
Jack groaned as Angel slowed down and got off him. She rubbed his balls and
gave them a good sucking.

"There you go, now put that big cock back in my ass," Angel said, laying own
on her back and spreading her legs.

"Ahhh yeah you want it back in? You can't get enough now can you?" Jack
asked, pushing his cock into her ass.

"Ohh just like that, back in my ass," Angel moaned, rubbing her clit.

"Ohhh you love it!"

"Ohhh yeah I do, I love it right there, right in there!"

"Ohhhh good it feels so fucking good!"

"YEAH FUCK MY FAT ASS!" Angel screamed, rubbing her clit and shaking.

"Yeah that's it Angel, let it happen, let it fucking happen!" Jack

"OHHHHHH YEAH! YEAH! FUUUUUUUCK YEAH!" Angel screamed as an intense orgasm
shook her whole body.

"You want me to cum on that big ass?" Jack asked.

"Ooohhh fuck yeah, is my big ass gonna make you cum?" Angel asked.

"I'm gonna fuckin' cum!" Jack exclaimed and Angel flipped over onto her

"Yeeahh cum on my ass!"

"You want me to cum on that fat ass?"


"OHHH FUCK HERE IT CUMS! ALL OVER THAT FAT ASS!" Jack yelled as he shot his
cum onto Angel's big tanned ass, cumming across both cheeks.

"Ohhh fuckin' jiggle it," he said as he kept jerking out more cum.

"Ohhh god dam you covered my fat ass!" Angel said, looking back at her
jiggling ass painted with a coat of sticky cum.

"Ohhh man! Holy fuck! Ohhh fuck your ass is the best! It's the fucking best!"
Jack proclaimed.

"Of course it is," Angel smiled.

".... AND CUT!" Talia shouted and ended filming.

"I ... I ... I can't speak right now," Jack muttered as Angel grabbed for a
towel. Talia stepped on the towel and stopped her. "What are you doing?"
Angel asked.

"I can't help myself," Talia said as she dropped down to her knees and
started licking the cum off of Angel's fat ass.

"Ohhhh Talia honey, ohhh look at you," Angel grinned.

"Good god and you're going to pay me for this?!" Jack said.

"You deserve it and uhhh I may need you for some ummmm private work," Angel
responded while Talia was still cleaning the cum off her big ass.

"I hope this wasn't a dream," Jack laughed.

"Mmmmm mmmmm," Talia said, wiping off her lips, "I've never seen you like
this over a girl and you've had lots with that big dick of yours."

"There's nobody else built like her," Jack said.

"Settle down, big guy," Talia chuckled, patting Jack on the head.

"Come on Talia, let's go get me cleaned off in the shower," Angel said,
standing up.

"I got all hot and sweaty just watching you. I think I'll join you in the
shower," Talia responded.

"Why aren't you filming that?" Jack asked.

"One day we will but people are going to have to wait for that," Talia
replied as she took Angel by the hand and headed off to the shower.

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