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Viciously Dykstra
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown television taping, Kenny Dykstra, wearing black
warm up pants and a white tank top is making out with his hot, psychotic
girlfriend Victoria, "Mmmm... baby you're such a hottie..." Kenny says as
he breaks a kiss with Victoria as she tugs on the neckline of his tank top,
stretching to where a good portion of Kenny's smooth, muscular and toned
chest is visible, so that she can rake her finger nails against his skin.
"You're so much better than that Michelle and Torrie..." Kenny adds as
Victoria locks her psychotically seductive eyes with her 'boy toy'.

Victoria grits her teeth as she narrows her eyes, locking them with her
'boy toy' Kenny Dykstra "Yeah...I'm so much better than those Barbie-bimbo
wanna-bes!" Victoria says with a bit of anger as she continues to graze her
sharp red painted fingernails against the smooth, muscular chest of Kenny
while she's dressed in a pair of black wrestling pants and a red top.

Kenny puts his hands on Victoria's shoulders than slides them down to her
waist to pull her a bit closer to him so that her hands are now flat against
his smooth, tanned chest, "Yeah... them blondes don't have more fun... you
do..." Kenny says with a smirk.

Victoria sinisterly smirks as she deviously licks her lips "Yeah...and don't
you forget it either, Kenny!" Victoria says snapping at her boyfriend while
she slides her hands up against his muscular, smooth chest and guides her
hands against his shoulders to the back of his neck before she pulls firmly
on Kenny's hair with her right hand and jerks his head back slightly "You
know I'm the hottest Diva, DON'T YOU?!" Victoria says with gritted teeth with
a crazed, seductive look in her wickedly psychotic eyes.

Kenny grits his teeth a bit before he licks his lips, "Oh yea... you're
the hottest Diva to ever be in the WWE!" Kenny replies as he looks into the
psychotic, seductive eyes of the multi-time Women's Champion.

Victoria smirks "That's know the right things to say, sweetie!"
Victoria says as she tosses her raven black hair back while placing both of
her hands against the back of Kenny Dykstra's head. Victoria then roughly
pulls his head forward, roughly kissing her boyfriend and 'boy toy' on the
lips, grinding her lips firmly against his, while breathing heavily into his
warm mouth.

Kenny puts his arms around Victoria and starts to lift up her red top from
behind as he shoves his tongue into Victoria's heavy breathing mouth.
"Mmmmmm!" Kenny moans as he starts to wrestle Victoria's tongue with his own
as the psychotic Diva rakes her fingers through his hair. Victoria closes her
eyes and gently bites down on Kenny's lower lip while she deeply kisses her
boy toy of a boyfriend, Kenny Dykstra. Victoria roughly slaps her tongue
against his tongue, while she lowers her hands and puts them on his toned
waist in order to push down his workout pants.

Kenny's thick hardening fourteen inch cock starts to become free as Victoria
pushes down his workout pants. The extremely talented young Superstar shakes
his legs slightly to get his workout pants to fall all the way down to his
feet so that he can step out of them. "Mmmm..." Kenny moans just as Victoria
breaks the kiss with his him and she pulls on his lower lip with her teeth
before allowing Kenny to take off her red top.

Victoria raises an eyebrow as she seductively glares at Kenny "Who's the
boss?!" Victoria asks as she tilts her head a bit, in a psychotic manner,
before roughly pushing Kenny against the left side of the hallway after
placing her hands on his muscular and smooth chest.

"You're the boss..." Kenny answers with a grin as he puts his hands on
Victoria's firm, round tits as Victoria pins him against the hallway wall.

Victoria sinisterly smirks as she raises an eyebrow "That's right! I'm the
boss!" Victoria says with her teeth gritted while she rakes her fingernails
down Kenny's muscular chest before she lowers herself down onto her knees
in front of her boy toy SmackDown Superstar. Victoria locks her naturally
glaring, vicious eyes with Kenny as she roughly wraps her hands around his
thick shaft and begins to sinisterly stroke his cock.

"Mmmm.... ohhhh fuck..." Kenny groans as Victoria tugs and jerks on his huge,
thick cock with both of her sinister hands. Kenny licks his lips as he takes
off his stretched out tank top to reveal his perfect abs as he thrusts his
pelvis forward to push his cock against Victoria's hands.

Victoria smirks "You like that, don't you Kenny?!" Victoria says as she
starts to breath a bit heavy while jerking her sinisterly smooth hands up and
down against his fourteen inch shaft. Victoria leans forward on her knees and
wickedly slaps her wet tongue against the head of Kenny's cock before she
opens her hot mouth and takes Kenny's rock hard cock into her wickedly wet
and hot mouth.

"Ohhhh yea Victoria... I love it!" Kenny moans as Victoria closes her
sinister lips around his thick, meaty cock. The talented young Superstar
grits his teeth as Victoria just sucks on the head of his cock and he can
feel her teeth ranking right against the piss-slit of his dick.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" The vicious SmackDown Diva roughly moans around Kenny's
shaft as she starts to bob her head at a quicker pace, causing her rough but
sweet lips to rub against the skin of his rock hard shaft. Victoria viciously
slaps her wet tongue against his shaft while she twists her head on his cock
before lowering her head further down on his cock.

Kenny grabs two handfuls of Victoria's raven black hair and pulls on it as
she bobs her head viciously on his huge shaft, "Mmmmm fuck.... ohhh god...
shit!" Kenny moans as Victoria gives him the sugar and spice treatment as she
continues to suck his cock. Victoria's sinisterly wet saliva drips down his
rock hard shaft and out of her mouth, onto his ball sack, while she deeply
sucks on her boy toy's cock. Victoria opens her mouth a bit, keeping Kenny's
cock inside of her wicked mouth, before she places her hands onto his toned
waist. The Vicious Vixen then begins to force her boyfriend to fuck her
wicked mouth with his rock hard cock, by making him thrust his hips

"Ahhhh... mmmm fuck Victoria you're the best!" Kenny moans loudly as he pumps
his large cock in and out of Victoria's mouth. The young Superstar licks his
lips as he slams his cock all the way into Victoria's mouth, causing the head
of his shaft to smash against the back of her mouth and his balls to slap
right on her chin.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Victoria moans before she jerks her head away from Kenny's cock
as his fourteen inches drip with her sinister saliva. Victoria grits her
teeth and wickedly smirks "You like that!?"

"Oh hell yeah!" Kenny nods his head and licks his lips as Victoria grabs his
cock to slap it against her wicked lips, "You're so fucking hot!" Kenny adds
as Victoria lets go of his dick.

Victoria raises an eyebrow and locks her sinister eyes with Kenny "You wanna
fuck me!?"

"Oh yea... I totally want to fuck you raw!" Kenny says with an eager look on
his handsome face.

"Good!" Victoria says as she stands up from the floor of the hallway and
turns away from Kenny, to bend forward over one of the equipment trunks
"Because I want you to fuck me as rough as you can! GOT IT?!" Victoria
snaps at her boy toy.

Kenny Dykstra nods his head, "Oh I got it!" Kenny says as he gets behind
Victoria so that he can rip down her black wrestling pants, exposing her
firm, hot and round ass, gorgeously smooth legs and also her smoothly shaved
pussy. Kenny grabs Victoria firmly by her waist and just slams every inch of
his fourteen inch long shaft into her wickedly tight pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah!" Victoria loudly moans and grits her teeth as her
hot, rounded ass roughly slams back against his muscular waist as she starts
to immediately push herself back against Kenny's cock aggressively.

Kenny grits his teeth as he starts to roughly pump his cock in and out of
Victoria's hot pussy and his balls slap against her smooth skin, "Ohhhh mmm
fuck... is that good baby?!" Kenny groans as he reaches forward to grab a
handful of Victoria's black hair to jerk her head back as he sharply and
repeatedly impales his cock into her cunt.

Victoria turns her head and glances back at Kenny, locking her glaring eyes
with him "Ohhhh yeah!" Victoria moans as she roughly pushes back against his
cock, grinding her pussy against his rock hard, thrusting shaft "You know I
love it rough"! Victoria moans as she grits her teeth and tosses her raven
black hair back.

Kenny smacks Victoria's ass with his free hand as he drives his cock as hard
as he can into Victoria's hot pussy, "Mmmmm shit.... you're so fucking hot!
Mmmm shit!" Kenny grunts as he smacks Victoria's ass so hard that it leaves
a faint imprint of his hand on her skin.

"Ahhhhh! You fucking love it rough, don't you!?" Victoria moans as her hot,
rounded and toned ass smacks against his muscular waist as his cock deeply
slams into her warm, sinisterly tight pussy.

Kenny nods his head, "Ohhhh yea Victoria! I fucking love it... I love fucking
your hot pussy!" Kenny moans loudly as he continues to drill Victoria's
wickedly hot pussy. The young Superstar looks down to watch himself as his
cock as it quickly goes in and out of Victoria's pussy over and over again.

Victoria closes her eyes and tightly grits her teeth as she stands up a bit
and grinds her rounded, hot ass back against his waist, forcing his cock to
grind against her wicked pussy "Ohhhhh awww fuck Kenny!" Victoria moans as
she begins to sweat.

Kenny wraps an arm around Victoria's gorgeous waist and pulls her back away
from the equipment trunk as he continues to fuck Victoria's hot pussy.
"Uhhh... ohhh shit Victoria..." Kenny grunts as he uses his strength to lift
Victoria off the ground a bit to almost bounce her on his cock from behind
while they are both standing.

"Ohhhhh ohhhhh fuck! Fuck yesss!" Victoria wildly shouts as her wickedly hot,
sweat dripping body roughly slams against Kenny's thrusting cock as he deeply
rams himself into her pussy. "Mmmmm fuck!" Victoria viciously moans as she
grits her teeth and reaches back to dig her fingernails into his muscular

"Ooooo fuck yea Victoria... ahhh ohhh yea!" Kenny moans, along with
Victoria's, echoes in the hallway as Kenny slams himself roughly into her hot
pussy. Kenny grits his teeth as Victoria digs her sharp fingernails into his
sweat dripping chest, which distracts the young Superstar enough for him to
lose his balance and fall down to the floor of the hallway with the viciously
hot Diva firmly mounted on his fourteen inch cock. Victoria gets a wicked
smirks on her face as she sits up on Kenny's rock hard cock as it remains
inside of her tight, warm and wet pussy. Victoria leans forward and places
her sinisterly smooth hands onto Kenny's strong, muscular legs and starts to
roughly bounce, up and down, on his shaft with her smooth and tanned back
facing her handsome boy toy.

"Ohhhh.. mmmm fuck... mmm fuck..." Kenny moans as he raises his head a bit
to watch Victoria bounce up and down on his cock, and the young personal boy
toy of the WWE's vicious Diva licks his lips as he looks at Victoria's ass.
Kenny uses his left hand to spread apart Victoria's ass cheeks so that he can
forcefully shove three fingers from his right hand into her asshole.

Victoria grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she feels three of
Kenny's fingers slip into her tight asshole "Mmmmm fuck Kenny!" Victoria
shouts as she rocks back against his thrust fingers while she easily and
roughly bucks her hips in order to slam her hot, impressively toned body
down onto his fourteen inch cock. Kenny grits his teeth as he feels Victoria
squeeze her asshole down against his fingers as he thrusts them in and out
of her asshole while she jerks his cock wildly with tight, vicious pussy with
each of her sharp movements. Kenny arches his back a bit and starts to use
his hips to piston his cock upward into Victoria's cunt as she slams herself
down completely on his fourteen inch shaft.

"Ohhhhhh fuck! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Victoria screams as she slams her sweaty
body down on Kenny's cock as her sinister pussy tightens around his shaft and
the vicious, sinister Diva begins to cum on her boy toy's cock.

"Ohhhh... ohhh fuck Victoria!" Kenny moans as he pulls his fingers out of
Victoria's hot ass as he feels her hot warm cum splash down on his cock as
she continues to ride him wildly. Kenny grits his teeth and his eyes roll
back a bit as Victoria's pussy squeezes the hell out of his fourteen inch
cock, which gets him to begin cumming with so much force it surprises both
him and Victoria.

"Ohhhhh yeah! Fucking cum in my fucking cunt!" Victoria psychotically shouts
as she grits her teeth together and continues to rock back and forth on his
shaft while his thick cum shoots into her sinisterly wet-soaked pussy.

Kenny breathes heavily as Victoria works her pussy over his cum shooting cock
until every drop of cum in shot deep inside of her wickedly soaked cunt,
"Ohhh fuck Victoria... you're the fucking best..." Kenny groans as Victoria
turns around on his cock to face him while she continues to rock back and
forth to keep his cock semi-hard.

Victoria raises an eyebrow and places her hands onto his sweaty, muscular
chest "Now who's the boss!?" Victoria asks with her eyes glaring down at

Kenny licks his lips, "You're the boss Victoria..." Kenny says with a smile
on his face as he looks up into the psychotic, seductive eyes of the vicious


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