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Victoria & Chyna
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

Joanie was naked and pinned down to a bed she was also blindfolded she
couldn't see a damn thing.

"You look very sexy this evening Chyna." came a voice.

Joanie couldn't see or tell in which direction the voice was comming from but
she could tell two things 1.) She recognized the voice 2.) The voice was

Joanie then felt a femanine hand brush across one of her nipples and then
the other she then felt soft lips on her mouth and kissed them back she was
feeling very horny and very sexy this was the most amazing feeling Joanie
had ever felt she didn't know who her "lover" was but whoever it was they
knew where and how to touch her and Joanie knew she knew that voice but
couldn't put a face or a name to the voice.

The woman's body could be felt upon her own. It was smaller than her own,
but still well toned, atheletic. Their breasts pressed into one another, and
their sweet pussies grinded.

The mystery woman suddenly broke the kiss, leaving Joanie wondering what was
going to happen next. Without warning, the suprise partner stuck her mouth
right on Joanie's snatch and probed her body with a slippery wet tongue.
After a short while Joanie came like a river came like she never did before
the "lover" of her's then stood up and placed a hand down on Joanie's
tremberling body she was tremberling due to the extent of the orgasam god who
was this woman who had made cum like never before.

"Did you enjoy that Chyna?" the voice asked.

Joanie nodded.

"Would you like to see who i am?" The voice then asked.

Joanie nodded desperate and excitedly.

Joanie's blindfold was quickly removed and it took Joanie a little while to
allow her eyes to adjust to the darkness but then she saw just faintly who it
was and then there was a ringing sound and Joanie's eyes popped open to find
herself alone un pinned and without the blindfold in her bed a hotel room.
Joanie reached over and slammed her alarm off she then sat up the quilt
wrapped around her and then thought back to the face she saw it was

She rubbed her body lightly. Clad in silky lingerie, she was drenched in
sweat from the dream. God she knew it had been awhile since she had a woman,
but the dreams were getting more and more erotic. She honestly didn't know
how she was going to make it through the day. She changed into nothingness
and took a cold shower, trying to plan just what to do with her day. For the
full day, she had promised to spend time with Victoria. They were close
friends, one of the few Joanie really relied on, but even Victoria couldn't
know just how hot Joanie was for her, and had been for so long.

But little did Joanie know that Victoria knew more than she thought. Not
about Joanie's feelings, but about the eroticism of a woman. Right now a
large woman had her naked in her bed, both of them sitting on their knees,
the tall woman behind Victoria, both hands down at her crotch rubbing her
violently. The two rocked back and forth, slow at first then faster and
faster until Victoria reached an absolute mind-blowing orgasm. She laid
down on her bed and kissed the woman. The lady pulled back to reveal herself
as none other than Joanie. She opened her mouth to say something, but all
that came out was a monotonous buzz. Victoria shot up out of bed. Another
dream about her. And today she had hours to spend with the woman she desired

Victoria got into the shower and began to wash herself and tried hard to
think about why she was dreaming about Joanie so often. Joanie and Victoria
had been very close not in sexual way but as close as two friends can be
without going into a sexual relationship. Joanie knew Victoria was a lesbian
and Victoria knew that Joanie was a lesbian they'd never gone too far of
course they flirted and joked and teased each other but it never got physical
after all they where friends but since the dreams about Joanie had started
Victoria began to wonder if she could stay friends with Joanie for much
longer Victoria knew one thing the day out her and Joanie had been planning
for months was gonna be very interesting could Victoria resist temptation or
would she give into it? Victoria didn't know but she knew today was going to
be very very interesting.

Victoria waited patiently in the lobby of her hotel, waiting for Joanie to
pick her up. She always had a habit for showing up early to things that she

She waited a good 25 minutes before Joanie walked in. They smiled happily at
one another and met with a friendly peck on the cheek.

"You ready?" asked Joanie

"Ready and willing!" replied Victoria.

With that they both began their day. It was the first trip for either of them
to Europe, and so they intended to make this vacation one of the best either
of them had. With them being best friends, it was obvious they planned this
out for months to be able to hang out carefree for two whole weeks. They
began by driving around, seeing the sights for a couple hours. They chatted
and laughed a great deal before settling down at a small cafe' for lunch.

"So Vicki tell me what's next for Sycho and sexy Victoria?" Joanie asked as
she took a sip of her drink.

"Well you'll be glad to hear i'm getting rid of Steven Richards." Victoria
said with a smile.

"Cool going out on your own or having a new love interest?"

"A new love intrest," Victoria told Joanie.

"Who?" Joanie asked.

"Kane." Victoria said with a laugh and a smile.

"Your kidding!" Joanie said stunned.

"Nope the Big Red Monster and the Sycho bitch are gonna become an item and a
fearsome item to be sure." Victoria said sounding excited.

"Christ they really are trying to make you the next Chyna arn't they."

"What do you mean?" Victoria asked.

"Well, I was in a storyline against Steven you've been in a storyline as
Steven's girl I was woman's champion you've been woman's champion. I've
been in a short romantic storyline with Kane your gonna be in a romantic
kind of storyline with Kane." Joanie said.

"Ah coincidence." Victoria said with a laugh.

"Hey you watch the show Vicky, you know as well as I do they keep redoing
things from the last few years."

Victoria had to agree. "Well I guess if I'm going to be the next you, that
means I'm in for quite a pay raise." she joked. "Well if I'm going to be you,
any advice?"

Joanie sat back and said, "Do Playboy!"

They both laughed long, but Joanie knew deep inside she'd give thousands for
an issue of that.

"Ok then little Miss Questioning what is next in the pipe-line for you?"
Victoria asked turning the spotlight from herself on to Joanie.

"Nothing." Joanie said looking plain faced.

Victoria frowned she was shocked. "Not a damn thing?"

Joanie shook her head. "Not one autograph session not one tv interview or
apperences nothing not for a while at least."

"When is the nearest next big thing to happen in your life happening."

"October 1st." Joanie said.

"I don't belive it." Victoria said stunned and angry

"No big deal." Joanie said with a shrug trying not to let it effect her
infront of Victoria.

"It is a big deal sweetie! I don't want you doing this to yourself! You have
to keep busy, and not think about unemployment. It's just a downtime for you;
it's a downtime for all of wrestling. Trust me, alot of people still want
you. You just have to give it time, ok?"

"How come you always know what to say to cheer me up?" Joanie asked smiling
at Victoria.

"It's in the 'friends resume'" Victoria said with a smile and a laugh.

"So Victoria." Joanie said moving on to a subject that made her a little
nervous. "You have a girlfriend yet or are you still walking the roads
alone?" Joanie asked trying hard to smile but couldn't really pull it off
convincingly due to her .nervousness

"I've dabbled here and there, but nothing but a couple of blind dates that
went nowhere. I've been aching so badly for a relationship. For a good woman
to talk to." She trailed off a bit, quickly fantasizing about being with the
woman that sat right across from her. But she regained composure quickly so
not to show her yearning. She added quickly. "But moreso for some good sex,"
hoping Joanie would realize it was a joke and not serious."

"Victoria a relationship isn't a realationship without good sex in it."
Joanie said taking it as a joke.

"What about you is the 9th Wonder of the World now hooked up with somebody
or is she still going solo?" Victoria asked.

"Solo I'm afraid I've had a few dates nothing ever came from it not even good
sex. I'm looking for a wild type of woman maybe one that's on the verge so to
speak." Joanie said giving Victoria few suttle hints not sure if she'd get
what she was meaning or not but deciding to say it anyway.

"What type of woman are you looking just out of friendly curiosity." Joanie
then asked.

"Is that in the resume?" Victoria asked refering to the "Friends Resume".

"Yes!" Joanie said defencivly

"Where?" Victoria asked with a smirk

"Ok ok I've just put it in alright." Joanie said.

Victoria laughed

Victoria pondered for a moment.

"I guess out of bed, I want someone who I can talk to about anything; I hate
being bored and I need someone who can keep me entertained. I guess that
could apply in a sexual sense to. Someone who isn't afraid to experiment, be
dominant, or submissive. Someone who can be varied if they choose."

"So, the perfect woman then huh?" Joanie commented.

"Yeah, just about," chuckled Victoria.

"Oh, and she's got to have good taste in underwear. Granny panties just won't

Again they laughed. The conversation suddenly stopped, and they stared right
at each other. Suddenly they both realized they wanted one another in the
best and worst ways. Victoria gained composure first, calling for the check
to break the awkward silence.

They split the check 50/50 and thn went out and hailed a cab and both got in.

"What time is it please driver?" Joanie asked.

"5pm exacterly madam," The driver said

"Victoria how would you like us to head back to our hotel have a nice long
soak in the bath or shower and then get dressed in our best and go to this
nightclub I know and dance the night away?" Joanie suggested and asked with
a big smile on her face.

Victoria happily aggreed and they both went to their respective rooms.
Instantly their thoughts were on one another. They each soaked in their
bathtubs. Both Victoria and Joanie couldn't help but fantasize about one
another coming into the tub with them. Feeling their slippery bodies
beneath the wetness. Joanie and Victoria both had plenty of time to
masturbate in their tubs, which they happily did, thinking of nothing but
one another. Victoria imagined them in the tub, while Joanie preferred
the shower. Victoria and Joanie both put on their clothes, Victoria opting
for a black leather number, while Joanie chose denim. Both suits were
skintight, leaving room only for miniscule g-strings and no bras. Victoria
called Joanie on her cell phone when she was ready and they both drove off
to the nightclub.

As they arrived and got out of the taxi Victoria let out a moan.

"Oh no!" Victoria sighed.

"What!?" Joanie said looking at Victoria a little worried.

"Look at the queue we're never gonna get in." Victoria moaned.

Joanie raised her eyebrows and smiled. "Come with me."

An with that Joanie took Victoria by the hand trying to ignore what she'd
just done but deep down she couldn't belive she had the guts to do it anyway
she led Victoria to the front of the queue.

"Alexandrea." Joanie said

A security woman turned and smiled. "Hey there Sexy." Alexandrea said as she
emrbaced Joanie annoying Victoria who tried to act naterual but inside her
blood was already boiling.

"What brings you here girl?"

"Ah just wanted my friend Victoria and me to have a good night out."

"Well I hope you do. Listen I get off work at 9:30 fancy a bit of a dance?"
Alexandrea asked.

Joanie gave Victoria a breif glance and then decided what the heck. "Sure I'd
love too."

Alexandrea then opened the doors to the nightclub and let Joanie and Victoria
in Joanie led Victoria to a table and ordered them both a glass of wine and
then looked at Victoria who looked like she was gonna blow any second.

"You alright?" Joanie asked acting inoccent.

"Oh yeah, I'm just wonderful." said Victoria, obviously perturbed.

"Hey, what did I do?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe it's just that you looked like you were going to rip
Alexandra's clothes off any minute. Christ why didn't you just fuck her

Joanie was shocked, and let Victoria sit there, arms crossed for a couple

"Listen, I'm not really going to dance with her. I just did that so we could
get in. She's just a connection, nothing more. I did it for you and me. I...I
just wanted to show you a good time."

Victoria sighed. "Sweetie, I know. I know you just want to have fun, but it's
just I'm close to you, and I don't want to be placed behind you like that, as
if I were some appendage. I'm your friend."

Joanie smiled. "Hey, you'll always be closer to me than any man or woman, now
let me make it up to you. Let's go dance."

Victoria smiled, and was lead by the hand to the floor.

And with that Joanie and Victoria began to dance together and Joanie smiled
at Victoria who smiled back. Joanie was smiling because she'd found out what
she wanted to find out and that was how Victoria felt about her Victoria was
smiling because she had also found out what she wanted to find out and that
was how Joanie felt about her as they continued to dance they're minds began
to drift back into fantesy land as they imagined themselves alone together
on the dance floor dancing rather "dirtily" together.

Victoria, the lighter of the two, took the aggressor's position and began to
grind herself right into Chyna, who gripped her around the waste. Victoria
arched her back so she was looking straight up at the ceiling before slamming
back, pushing their breasts together. Each woman could feel one another's
nipples poking through their outfits. Joanie then switched positions, turning
around and rubbing her desirable ass into Victoria. Both woman was getting
hot both from the physical exertion and from the fantasies running through
their minds. And then who should interupt them both dancing and fantesising
but Alexandra.

"Hey Joanie." Alexandra said walking inbetween Victoria and Joanie and
blocking Joanie from seeing Victoria and visa versa. "You ready for that
dance now?" Alexandra asked

Joanie had to act quickly. "Um, actually, I didn't want to cut it short,
but Victoria here has been drinking a little too much."

Victoria realized what was happening, and played along, pretending to stumble
a bit.

"So I'm gonna drive her home. Though maybe some other time, I'll be here for
another week or so." Alexandra understood and bade them good-bye."

Joanie and Victoria walked out of the club laughing heartily. Victoria
stopped suddenly looking Joanie right in the eyes.

"That was real nice, what you did in there. Thank you."

Joanie just smiled, and the two drove off to Victoria's hotel.

They then got out of the taxi and walked into the hotel and walked to the
lift they got in and Victoria pressed her floor button and then a nervous
silence seemed to envelope the lift and seround both Joanie and Victoria it
was weird really because they both knew they wanted each other they both
knew how they felt about one and other and yet they where as nervous as hell
still the lift doors finally opened and Victoria turned to Joanie and the
two just stared at each other both in they're own way asking the other "what
happens now?"

Joanie opened her mouth as if she was about to say something, but Victoria
couldn't contain her lust any longer. She moved up and kissed her full on
the lips. Joanie reciprocated, and the two pushed their tongues into one
another's mouths. Joanie shoved the door of Victoria's room open and flung
her on the bed. No words were needed here, this was pure unbridled passion.

They both tried they're damdest to get out of they're skin tight outfits as
quick as possible they finally did and Joanie leap onto of Victoria and the
two where locked in a passionate lustful french kiss that shattered all
they're fantesises and dreams because nothing felt as good as what they where
both feeling right now neither of them held back anything they gave the other
100% of what they had.

Joanie landed on top of Victoria and happily gave her as much pleasure as she
knew how. She licked up and down her neck suckling gently on her lovely skin.
She tried to continue further, but Victoria rolled her over, taking control
for the time, and similarly kissed and licked Joanie's neck.

However Victoria then went lower to Joanie's beautiful giant breasts and
began to at first play with them with her hands and fingers exacterly as
Joanie had dreamed about that morning with the softest touch ever and then
Victoria stopped teasing and ggot her mouth on one of Joanie's breasts and
began sucking kissing biting gently and licking the nipple untill Joanie
rolled Victoria over again.

Joanie decided it was her turn to get some breast action, as she violently
groped Victoria's breasts simultaneously. She knew how tough Victoria was,
and knew she liked her sex good and rough. She pinched each hard nipple
between her fingers, causing the thong-cladden woman to squirm beneath her.
Joanie leaned down to suckle on Victoria's breasts, and did so in addition
to biting and rolling her tongue slowly over her nipples, alternating every
few seconds. Finally, Victoria mustered the strength to shove Joanie off
her tits and mount her waist. She caressed the hips of her lover, more
importantly her miniscule blue g-string and whispered, "Well this has got
to go," slying smiling.

Victoria decided if Joanie wanted to play rough that was fine with her and
she ripped the thong in to and threw it away away she then had Joanie watched
as Victoria seductivly licked and sucked on her finger making it nice and wet
and then forced it into Joanie's snatch which didn't resist once bit and was
a dam as a river and Victoria began to give Joanie as good a finger fuck as
she could Victoria as soon as she felt Joanie get used to one finger rammed
in a second when Joanie got used to that she rammed in a third untill all
four fingers where working on Joanie's cunt giving her a serious finger
fucking Joanie's moans grew deep and constant as she caressed her enormous
breasts, pleasuring herself further.

"Cum for me, cum for me now Joanie!" whispered Victoria.

Within a minute Joanie moaned back. "Oh it coooooomess!

Victoria then felt her hand get sucked into Joanie's pussy and then forced
out and when it was forced out it was covered with cum Victoria sat up and
had Joanie watched as Victoria seductivly and sexily licked and sucked her
fingers clean of Joanie's cum loving every second of it.

Before finishing her last finger, Joanie stopped her, and beckonced her
forward. Joanie took the finger in her mouth, and sucked it dry herself. This
turned Victoria on so much. Victoria brought her hips forward, encouraging
Joanie to pull off her thong. She did so, but did it by gripping the upper
part with her teeth. Victoria shuddered at the foreplay, and her aching pussy
was begging to be pleased. Rather than sitting up to fingerfuck Victoria,
Joanie pulled her on top of her. Victoria's cunt was hovering just above
Joanie's awaiting mouth.

Joanie dived into Victoria's awaiting cunt and began to go wild licking all
the way around the inside of Victoria and then when she found Victoria's clit
she licked it sucked it kissed it and even bit on it meanwhile Joanie's hands
where playing with Victoria's breasts and Victoria's hands where ontop of
Joanie's making the whole thing all that more erotic.

Joanie's tongue swirled as Victoria's hips bucked, attempting to drive
herself deeper and deeper onto the slithering tongue. The rocking became
harder and harder. Eventually Victoria couldn't even concentrate on her on
breasts any more, and just gripped her hair to gain stability. Joanie though
continued to fondle Victoria as she rode Joanie's mouth harder and harder.
Victoria could sense her climax reaching, as could Joanie. Joanie decided to
please her as much as possible, and sucked directly on her clit. Victoria
yelped and nearly passed out from the pleasure.

Joanie meanwhile was having a hard time taking all of Victoria's cum but
somehow managed to swallow it all and what was left she covered her hands
and just as Victoria had done before sexily and seductively sucked it and
licked it off of her fingers as the two divas lay next to each other gazing
accordingly at one and other and smiling uncontroablly at one and other.

The End

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